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20 September 2000

The Birth of a Princess

PICK OF THE DAY - Friday Xena: Warrior Princess, noon, ADS10

LIFE'S never simple in ancient Greece. One minute Xena's about to give birth to her immaculately conceived baby, next minute Zeus is trying to shish kebab her with his killer lightning bolts. It seems he fears an old myth that Xena's child will herald the death of all the gods. So what's a gal to do? Well, kick some butt between contractions, of course. A woman's work is never done, it seems ... Lucy Lawless (Xena) had just given birth to her son, Julius, when this episode was filmed so little padding was required. Hercules (Kevin Sorbo, whose own show was axed while this spin-off show lives on) makes a guest appearance to help save the day - and provide the shock ending in this action episode. So who's the daddy of Xena's bub? After much rumor, innuendo and the stars being sworn to secrecy, the shock revelation of a few episodes back was that it's actually a woman! Yes, thanks to some divine intervention, one-time evil blonde nemesis, Callisto - turned angel - won the paternal honors. (It must be an ancient gods IVF thing.)

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