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G. O. P. is proud to sponsor this Summertime contest for all Xenites worldwide!  As of July 2000, G. O. P. celebrates its First Anniversary as a unique Xenaverse Publishing House!  We offer to Xenites completely free subscriptions for a variety of online newsletter publications.  We feature unique, sometimes rare Lucy/X:WP news, images, website reviews, X:WP episode reviews and Xenaverse Bard related publications!


Our Contest is being held as a promotion drive for awareness of our various online, Xenite related newsletter publications and our unique Publishing House.  G. O. P. seeks obtaining many more new readers than we have at present.  We seek to add much knowledge and conversation amongst all Xenites worldwide from having a trial subscription to all of our publications.  By doing so, several of you will win any of our three different, fabulous prizes! 


G. O. P. asks that to be eligible to participate in our contest, a Xenite must be willing to become a new subscriber to its five various online publications for a trial period of at least one-month.   All new subscribers must register with Ms. Arianne Barreto, Co-Editor of G. O. P. by no later than 12:01 PM of July 23, 2000 for eligibility.  Please register by sending her an email to this address:


Arianne Barreto



 Our Contest will be to correctly identify images at a website we created along with one or more Lucy Lawless trivia questions.  Regarding these images, they can be about anyone from our Xenaverse!  They could be images of Lucy Lawless at any age, Renee O’Connor, Robert Tapert or anyone such as Sharon Delaney of Creation, Inc. or even Thomas Simpson of!

For the Lucy trivia question(s), an article or magazine has been found from which one or more  questions will be created.  This article can be found at:

 MaryD’s AUSXIP WEBSITE and visiting her Article and/or Magazine Page.

The severity of these questions was tested amongst several of our staff and advisors.  For those with good knowledge of Lucy's past or present, they will not prove too difficult to answer.

But, just in case, clues will be provided to all G. O. P. readers on a nightly basis till winners for all prizes are determined.  Commencement of our Contest will be the evening of July 23, 2000.  Because of the turn out expected for this contest, only one entry per contestant will be permitted!  Thus, make it your best guess possible!  However, you’ll be permitted to try out for each of three different prize levels with your single entry as each prize will have a separate amount of how many images and how much of the Lucy trivia question(s) are needed to win!  These winner determination contest rules are now being created and will be provided soon!


To view our Prize Display Web Page, visit this URL soon!


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