Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire


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Sisters Are Doin' It
Dancin' In The Moonlight
We Can Work It Out
Gettin' Ready
No Talent To Find
Kick Out The Jams
People Got To Be Free
Throwing Kisses
Always Something There To Remind Me
Xena Feeds Back
Xena Rap
At Long Last Lyre
Tara's Dance
Chertomlik Dance Party
Greiving Dance
Honey And Wine
Amazon Dance Party


The following is from Sharon Delaney

Thought you might enjoy hearing what Renee had to say about her singing in Lyre, Lyre. This is from an interview I did with her for fan club newsletter #11 which just went to the printer.

cdcover3.jpg (20211 bytes)The next item on my list of questions concerned "Lyre, Lyre" and everyone wondering if Renee did any of her own singing. This elicited a very large burst of laughter. "I had to audition for my own singing voice in that episode," Renee finally got out. "And it was the most humbling experience." I wondered how the subject had come up. "I brought it up that I'd like to try and do some of the singing myself. I knew they had brought in the same girl who dubbed me in 'The Bitter Suite.' So I went in and sang for Joe (Lo Duca - Xena composer). He was very kind, but it was the most bizarre experience. I started off completely embarrassed and then ended up just singing as loud as I could and having a good time."

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What parts did you do yourself?" I asked.

"The bit in the marketplace during the 'Telephone Song.' And backup during 'War.' Susan Wood sang the final song, 'Peace In The Valley' and another number that didn't make it into the show, 'We Can Work It Out.'  That was a duet with Xena."

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