New Zealand Herald

21 October 2000

Chatterbox: Local warrior

The news that Xena: Warrior Princess is going to end its six-year run got us thinking: Whatever next for Lucy Lawless? No doubt she’ll be trying to translate her profile into a big-screen career stateside. But stop the brain drain, we say. Get her a job on local telly where she can put all that experience to good work. She’d be a heck of a surgeon on Shortland Street (“By Zeus nurse! Scapel NOW! Thwock! Aargh!”). Or how about a sitcom where she’s the tough but fair coach of a women’s rugby team (working title: Lucy’s Loosies). And if all else fails, there’s always a home- renovation show (“Tonight on Xena: Interior Decorator, we knock out a few walls by ululating loudly at them ... Well it’s a thought innit?

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