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Beware: Season Six Spoilers Below

Realms of Fantasy

October 2000 Issue

Picture: Xena holding the half chakram up over a partially laying down
Eve who is on some kind of stone slab tabeltrying to get up. It looks
like Xena is going to cut her throat.

Caption: Eve's destiny will be revealed on Xena: Warrior Princess this season.

Xena returns for a 6th season, once again ranking as the top original drama made for syndicated television. The new season picks up where season 5 left off-Xena and Gabrielle (played by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor), awake after having been asleep for the past 25 years, will now learn what happened to their families during their absense. And now that Xena has wiped out most of the gods of Olympus, new creatures ofwill be arising to fill that void.

The new season will also reveal the destiny of Xena's daughter, Eve (played by Adrienne Wilkinson), as well as the fate of Ares, the god of war. Joxer's son, Virgil (played by William Gregory Lee), also returns. The season promises two elaborate episodes that take place in northern Africa and several episodes with spectacular special effects. Norse mythology lies at the heart of three of these episodes, which feature Valkyries, flying horses, and the Norse god Odin. The lowdown is that issues from Season 5 will be resolved quickly, and Season 6 will swiftly kick up to a pace of exciting stories and effects.


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