Sword & Staff Donation Drive

Current Donation Total: $153,515
Y-T-D Y2K Donations: $41,153
Rainforest acreage preserved: 463 acres

We're still encouraging donations in honor of the engagement of Renee
O'Connor to Mr. Steve Muir and they can be sent through S&S to the
following organizations:

In the United States the charities are GIRLS, INC.
http://www.girlsinc.org/  and  THE FEMINIST MAJORITY FOUNDATION
http://www.feminist.org/afghan/intro.html  (our donations will be earmarked
for the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan). All checks
should be made payable directly to the appropriate charity and sent to:
Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002.

The Australian fans will be supporting RONALD McDONALD HOUSE. They lend
much needed support to families with sick children. You can learn more by
visiting their website at http://www.mcdonalds.com.au/McRMHC.asp  Donations
should be sent to MaryD, and she'll forward them on to the charity. Please
mail checks to: Mary Draganis, P.O. Box M4, Missenden Road, Camperdown NSW
2050, Australia.

The British fans will once again be supporting two children's hospitals in
this drive. They are ST. THOMAS HOSPITAL and BOOTH HALL. Checks should be
made payable to the appropriate charity and sent to Fuzz and Ian at:
XenaNet, P.O. Box 259, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire EN8 7ZZ England.

Canadian fans can donate to CASEY HOUSE, an AIDS hospice in Toronto. Those
donations should be made payable directly to Casey House in Canadian funds
and mailed to: Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002, USA.


STARSHIP CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL in New Zealand is sponsoring its third annual
drive to raise money for medical research.  As you may recall, we all
donated to the Telemedicine appeal last year to celebrate Julius' birth.
Anyone wishing to contribute to this year's appeal can send a check
payable in US funds through Sword and Staff. If you'd like to contribute,
please send your checks payable to STARSHIP CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL
FOUNDATION.  Please mail donations to Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224,
Floral Park, NY 11002. I'll make certain that the checks are forwarded to
the Foundation in New Zealand.

Recent events:

The DAHX XenaFest held in June raised enough money to sponsor the rescue
and rehabilitation of another baby seal. This one will be a female named

The Merpups held an auction at the Orlando Con. The result was $4,354
being raised for The American Cancer Society.

The Hawaiian fans sponsored an auction at their Fest this year and
proceeds went to support Child and Family Services. 

Renaissance Alliance Publishing has donated the first check from proceeds
of Wishes' Stone Pillars to the Yale Cancer Center, with the funds
earmarked for breast cancer research.


Sorry for any delays in responding to S&S correspondence. I've been
offline for a while. If I've missed answering anyone's inquiries, please
email me again and I'll get back to you with a response as soon as

As always, thanks for your help and support. S&S continues to grow, and
your participation is doing some incredible things in communities around
the world. 

All the best,


Sword and Staff is a fan run organization, and has no official ties to
Universal Studios, StudiosUSA, Renaissance Pictures, Creation
Entertainment, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, or any person or entity
connected with the television show Xena:Warrior Princess. All checks
should be made payable directly to the appropriate charity (not Sword and

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