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Skyview Magazine

August 2000
'Immortal Combat': 

"She's bold, she's brassy, she's buxom... and she can hold her own in a fight!  But the many and
varied admirers 
of Xena: Warrior Princess - played by Lucy Lawless - should make the most of her this month as this smash-shit 
sky One favourite reaches the end of its present run. Having buckled more swashes than you could shake a proverbial
stick at and blessed with a new-found ability to kill deities, Xena reaches the climax of this season's journey with an
improbable but irresistible hand-to-hand battle with a vast assortment of Greek gods.  Will Xena wipe out the
entire pantheon?  And can she stop her daughter Eve and friend Gabrielle from killing each other?  You'll have to
tune in to find out...".(Motherhood - Wed 30 - 6pm - Sky One)

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