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Sydney Morning Herald
28 August 2000

TV Guide

Xena converge

The Sydney based Internet media company Brilliant Digital has inked a ground-breaking deal that bundles internet videostreaming and traditional television program sales. Under the terms of the deal, TV stations that buy new episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess will also have access to animated "webisodes" based on the show, which they can stream through their Web sites. Viewers will be able to download a 700K digital projector to play the seven- to eight minute interactive webisodes. It is believed to be the first "convergence' deal of its kind for syndicated TV programming and revenue from the deal will be split between Studios USA Domestic Television, which owns Xena, and Brilliant Digital, which will produce the webisodes. Brilliant Digital has an established library of online TV-format animation, including KISS Immortals, based on the famous rock band, Ace Ventura, Popeye and Superman. Webisodes of Xena are currently being streamed through, and

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