Many thanks to Maria for the transcript

The Globe and Mail
(Toronto, Canada)

23 October 2000

A change of Xena

The last time we saw the heroine of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess, she had just fought off 50 or 60 attackers, paid a call on Hades, turned back an invading army and, if memory serves, protected her closest friends from being turned into zombies, victims of clashes between parallel universes or servants of some bitter Greek or Roman god whose name escapes us at the moment.

Sadly for its fans, the show's syndicator says it will stop producing the series at the end of this season because too many networks are running Xena in the hours outside prime time, which makes the programs less lucrative.

This isn't the denouement one might have expected -- certainly it gives a whole new twist to the perils of time travel -- but viewers had best prepare themselves for the final episode, in which Xena meets her most dangerous foe yet. "Stand back, Gabrielle. The fiend has a computer, a balance sheet and a ratings chart. He's using his delete button to -- aaughh. . ."

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