TV Week

November 1 - 6, 2000

Byte.This Section

"Xena forever!

Fans of Xena : Warrior Princess will be sad to hear that the recent news that the Network 10 series won't be coming back for a seventh season. So before it fades from our memories, Byte This takes a look at the many Xena (played by Lucy Lawless above) websites. You can see the show's local website (top) at   (then look for Xena in the show listings). It's a good place to read notes on each episode and to find out when the show is screening next. For a more indepth look at Xena, check out the show's official US site. It's at   and has some unique short computer animated Xena episodes that you can watch on the internet. It takes about 10 minutes to download the sof ware to view the episodes , but you will love what you see!! There are also some amazing fan sites that have been set up for followers of the show. The first one to check out is at . Here you'll find trivia on the show's stars and dozens of links to other sites.

Two great fan sites are  and  You might want to stop by at   (above). It's a resource site that has articles, magazine articles and upcoming Xena events listed in great detail"

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