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The Daily Mail

TV Guide Section

27 January 2001



Age: 32

Style: Statuesque former Miss New Zealand

Attitude: Quirky, strong-willed, but not nearly as scary as her breastplated alter ego

Significant others: Husband Rob Tappert, the show's producer, baby son Julius, and daughter Daisy from a previous marriage

She says: "I never had a star's mentality, Growing up, I did have a picture of Rowan Atkinson on my wall, he was the closest thing up there to a sex symbol."

Finest Hour: Being cult idol Xena, of course

Don't mention: Obsessed fans - one woman has moved to New Zealand, where the show is filmed, and gives unofficial Xena tours.

This weeks synopsis for 30 January;-

"Xena comes to the rescue of a girl by taking her back to be reunited with her father."


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