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New Idea
(New Zealand)

3 March 2001

03032001-New-Idea-Lucy-Lawless-1.jpg (38244 bytes)Lucy’s New Role, From Heroine to Hooker

 Kiwi star Lucy Lawless moves from the sublime to the almost ridiculous

 Kiwi superstar Lucy Lawless has offered her acting skills to the oldest profession - but only on screen.

The statuesque actress is about to make her debut as a high-class hooker on an upcoming episode of TV show Just Shoot Me.

After years as the feisty star of Xena Lucy is tarting up her image, donning high-heeled shoes and a rich red dress to play a professional escort for a guest spot in the top-rating American comedy.

In the episode, which has just screened in the United States, photographer Eliott (Enrico Colantoni) is desperate for a date to the Blush magazine charity auction after finding out that his love interest Maya (Laura San Giacomo) is taking another man along.

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Eliott turns to kooky fashion editor Nina (Wendie Malick) for help.  She hooks him up with a professional escort for the night - and that's where our Lucy steps in.

By the look of these shots, the Kiwi actress gives Eliott a run for his money. 

Just Shoot Me is based on life at a fictional American magazine, Blush, where a nepotistic tycoon has employed his daughter, Maya.

The episode screened in the US this month, but we won't see it on New Zealand screens until towards the end of the current series, which has been screening on TV2 on Wednesdays.

The winding up of her role as mythical classical heroine Xena in the long-running series Xena: Warrior Princess has given Lucy the chance to guest star in other shows.

She has also increased her charity work in New Zealand, lending her support to the campaign against child abuse.

 By Vicky Tyler

 Scans and transcript by Richard K

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