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January 2001

Xena Trading Card Promo

Many thanks to Sheri for the scans


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More on the Xena Trading Cards from Here's a quick note from Rittenhouse on our upcoming Xena: Warrior Princess trading cards. First, the Xena 9-card Preview set is expected to begin shipping at the end of next week (Feb. 2). Second, pre-orders will be accepted online, via fax (215-572-5233), phone (215-884-9410) and snail mail (let us know if you need our address) for Xena: Warrior Princess: Seasons 4 and 5 Trading Cards late next week. This product promises to be the biggest and best Xena set ever, with a 72-card base set and several levels of bonus cards including 9 Enemies, 6 Allies, 9 Gabrielle: The Warrior Bard, 9 Xena: Face of a Warrior, 6 Xena: Undressed, 6 Autograph Cards, 1 Xena: Warrior Princess card and 1 costume card (case topper). Insertion rates and a more complete checklist will be posted to our website,, next week. The list of autographs for this initial product includes Lucy Lawless, Kevin Smith, Ted Raimi, Jennifer Sky and Claire Stansfield. We are expecting to release another Xena series based on the current (and concluding) season 6 later this year (Nov.). That set will include autograph cards from Renee O'Connor, Alexandra Tydings, Hudson Leick, Adrienne Wilkinson, Lucy Lawless (can you ever really get enough of anything she does?) and others. Just thought you'd like to know that we have been hard at work already lining up just about every Xena actor you could ever hope to have sign trading cards.
Many thanks to Karen for the information

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