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16 December 1999


Xena: Princess Warrior

16.12.1999 - * * *
Electronic Arts
Review: Jon Minifie

Lara Croft has dual pistols with endless ammo but Xena carries a sword and has a lethal frisbee. Is the PlayStation big enough for both of them?

In this latest 3D action game from Electronic Arts, you guide Xena as she slashes her way through a generous 21 levels on seven worlds.

Xena: Princess Warrior's control is fairly good, letting players take on multiple opponents simultaneously. Defeating your foes is much more satisfying when you are outnumbered.

Electronic Arts has managed to recreate Xena's world in painstaking detail. Clashes with the vile Medusa and a colossal Cyclops are just a couple of the highlights. Overall, Xena: Princess Warrior is another pleasing release from America's largest games developer.

Developers will be watching the tube closely for another heroine to make the leap from television to video games.

Alley McBeal just wouldn't work. Holding down L1 to start the sad song, then tapping the X button to pout, is not going to do well.

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