NZ Herald

18 October 2000


Xena confronts last villain


Hades and demon fire! Xena - Warrior Princess is going off the air!

The show - featuring New Zealander Lucy Lawless as the busty, sword-swinging Xena - will finish its six-year run at the end of the 2000-2001 season.

Production will finish early next year for the series' 22-episode sixth season in the United States, which will screen through the northern summer, says Rob Tapert, the series' creator and executive producer - and Lucy Lawless' husband.

Lawless was travelling to the States last night and was unavailable for comment.

Her publicist, Sue May, told the Herald she could not comment on plans Lucy Lawless had now the show was ending.

"I cannot put words into Lucy's mouth. You will have to ask her," she said.

Seen in more than 115 countries, the show features a jumble of myth and history, where the fearless, leather-clad warrior princess is as likely to bump into Julius Caesar as a tribe of Amazons.

The lead role was based on a character introduced in Tapert and Sam Raimi's companion series, Hercules - The Legendary Journeys.

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