People Magazine

5 March 2001

Many thanks to Tanya for the transcript

(Caption under picture of Xena)-

Xena's Lawless: Clothes minded


Xena Warrior Princess can get pretty campy, but even Lucy Lawless is amazed by what makes it onto the air. "I watched an (old) episode the other day when a woman got eaten to death by crabs," she says. "Eaten to death by crabs! No wonder people think it's a goofy show." Lawless, 32, has to get her yuks in now because Xena will utter her last battle cry in June, when the show airs its final original episode. "I've had a great time, but boy, it has been hard work," says the actress, who has dibs on her famed Xena costume. "You better believe it! I'm going to walk off that last day wearing my outfit and drive home in it. I've had so many ups and downs over the last six years in it that I earned keeping it."

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