Message from Mist at Sword and Staff

13 January 2001

I have uploaded a new auction to the Sword and Staff web site. There are a lot of great Xena items there, many of them autographed. Some non-Xena items that feature Xena cast members are there as well. You can find the auction at   You may place a bid by contacting me at  

This auction is a bit unusual in that four different charities will benefit from the donations. They are the Richard W. Ellis Foundation, A World Fit For Kids, Caring for Babies with AIDS, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The auction is broken into four parts so that you'll know which charity is benefiting from your donation.

Again, if you would like to bid on any of the items listed, please send me an email at  Place the word AUCTION in the subject line. Be sure to list the item name and number. All bids are in US Dollars. Bidder is responsible for postage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sword and Staff is a fan run organization and has no affiliation with Universal Studios, Studios USA, Renaissance Pictures, Creation Entertainment,, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, or any other person or entity associated with the television program Xena Warrior Princess.

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