Sci Fi Wire

20 February 2001

Xena Sings Into Sunset

Lucy Lawless--star of Xena: Warrior Princess--told Cinescape Online to expect the unexpected as the long-running syndicated show ends its run in May. "We're doing one of the last four episodes as a musical," she told the site. "I know musicals don't rate particularly well, but we don't care. We always made the show to express our ideas."

Lawless added, "There is no stopping us now. Plus, I think what has made us so successful are the wild ideas. On Xena, you'll have heavy drama and then slapstick comedy. And then every now and then you'll do a musical. We're going to do a takeoff of The Donkey Show, which is a disco version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. There are all sorts of relationship mix-ups and gender-bending. All kinds of crazy stuff."

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