Illawarra Mercury Newspaper

31 March 2001

Xena for last time

IT was black armbands all round on the Short Orders desk yesterday as a mark of respect for the filming of the final episode of Xena, Warrior Princess. Kiwi amazon Lucy Lawless (who I still refuse to believe is a blonde in real life), pulled on the leather toga for the last time yesterday. After six years on air, Xena's broad sword appeal had finally blunted. Steadily declining ratings convinced producers it was time for the Princess to utter her signature ai-yi-yi-yi war cry for the last time. Yesterday, as final filming wrapped on the series' New Zealand set, even invited media were left guessing what becomes of Lawless' butt-kicking alter ego. The actress herself wasn't giving any hints about whether Xena dies in the finale. ``I can't say ... you're going to have to watch," Lawless said.

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