Many thanks to Carrie Carr for the transcript

Transcript from radio interview
Lucy Lawless talking to Ken Barnett

The morning show on KVIL, Dallas, TX

22 June 2001

K – Let’s say good morning to Lucy Lawless, how are you?

LL – Mmmornin’! Great, thanks.

K – We are, of course, talking with Xena: Warrior Princess, and…that’s about it end, isn’t it?

LL – Yes! In the next 24 hours, I’ll become a has-been warrior princess.

K – I doubt it. (laughing) There’s no such thing as a has-been warrior princess.

LL – Sure there is.

K – I tell you what – I’ve got…this is causing so much talk, I got an email yesterday from somebody in Illinois – wanting to…that was real, umm…passionate about the ending of your show.

LL – (laughs)

K – Are you getting some of those?

LL – (still laughing). Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

K – What are we in store for? I know for anyone who wants to see it, that WGN the cable channel out of Chicago is gonna show it at seven o’clock our time tomorrow night. And they’re gonna do both hour episodes together as one two-hour movie.

LL – Oh, good. Umm…Well, it’s just a roller-coaster ride. Make you laugh, make you cry. It’s still a lot of goofy fun, umm, fights, and they’re awesomely staged. Just feature-film proportions. But, umm… some pretty heavy-duty scenes going on and some, um, ah, some heavy-duty themes. So you’re just going to have to watch, I’m afraid.

K – Is this gonna set the stage for a Xena movie in the future?

LL – Well, I don’t know. I wouldn’t rule it out. But I don’t hear any talk of it at this stage.

K – Yeah? So, you’re gonna go back to being a full-time mom, I guess?

LL – Uh, yeah…I have been for the last couple of months, and it’s been glorious. I love it.

K – I saw in Entertainment Magazine that you are one of the people that were up for the part of Wonder Woman. Are you still looking at that?

LL – Umm, no, that was pure hearsay. I’ve heard it…

K – Was it?

LL – Yeah, I’ve heard it, but…it was just hearsay.

K – I think you’d be very good.

LL – Thanks. Well, I’d sure love to read the script. I’m sure it would be fun, you know? We could make it fun, and slightly perversive. (laughs)

K – Have had any offers…to, you know…With a lot of actors that have done shows similar to yours, I guess sci-fi things, umm, travel around with conventions. Do you have any plans to do that?

LL – Umm, not at this stage. I’ve done a couple, but only a couple in six years. And, no, I probably looking at other work offers and with any luck I’ll be employed and so that rules that out.

K – I saw that you did Rizzo in Grease…

LL – Yeah.

K – When did that happen? That sounds excellent!

LL – Three years ago?

K – Wow! That’s really cool.

LL – Yeah, it was a blast. New York…the theatre scene there is amazing. It’s quite different to LA, and the actors have a whole different ethic. Very welcoming, very inclusive, and it’s like them against the world. And I was honored to be amongst them.

K – Well, we sure do wish good things to you.

LL – Thank you very much.

K – Thank you, we’ll be looking forward to seeing the two-hour season…well, I guess, series ender for Xena: Warrior Princess and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

LL – It’s a killer ending.

K – (laughs)

LL - It really is.

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