Message from Ted Raimi:

"To all the TRIFC members and casual Ted fans:

For most of the last six years I played heroes. Brave ones, handsome
ones, poor ones and rich ones. Most of all, as you know, dumb ones.

But I only pretended to be them.

The real heroes are all of the police and firemen of New York city who gave
their lives in the service of their city and country. They posessed in life
what Joxer the Mighty had only in storied character.

To honor them and thier families, I am attending the Mannhattan celebrity
cruise. This is a non profit gig. All the proceeds go to charity and I
damn proud to be a part of it.

For the rest of our finest fireman and policemen (our fearless leader Sheri
for one) they are all on high alert. Maybe for the rest of our generation.
Who can say? Lets support them when we can.

Later gang,

Manhattan Charity Brunch Cruise:

In light of the recent tragedy, we know all the fans who have attended
conventions over the years wish to send their heartfelt thoughts and prayers
to those who have lost loved ones and been effected by these events. Let's
come together to be witness to the aftermath of something extraordinary in
our history.
Anita Ellis from the James B. Ellis Foundation, Tina Giangiacomo from
Creation Entertainment and Mike Ownby of The Hudson Leick fan club, would
like to raise money for The Dean St Heroes Fund which supports Firehouse
Ladder Company #105 and Engine Company #219 in Brooklyn who lost 7 of their
brave firemen.
On November 3rd in Manhattan with the help of Hudson Leick, Ted Raimi,
Claire Stansfield and Alexandra Tydings, we are having a Charity Brunch Boat
Cruise on the World Yacht Cruise Ship.

If you would like to join us please visit
for further information.

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