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TROSkompas TV Guide

Number 48

tros48.jpg (54548 bytes)Xena's last season

From now on every weekday back on tv with chakram and battle cry: Lucy Lawless as Xena, Princess Warrior. The new episodes are, after six years of battling mythical injustice, also the last ones because the lead actress wanted to quit. "I've been training all these years", says Lawless. "I've been kickboxing as a madman and I now intensely desire a role that doesn't require anything physical. 'Fat neighbour' in the series 'Neighbours' would be good." Xena started as a guest role in the sisterseries Hercules but became popular so fast that she got her own show. A show that equaled Hercules' popularity. "Even though it's time for me to start doing something else, I will always love Xena," says Lucy. "Every woman who gives you the advice to treat everybody as equal until you find out they're an idiot, is 100% okay."

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