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Number 48

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Lesbian warrior

Is Xena the warrior princess lesbian or not? That is the big question that keeps the fans of the series with the same name occupied lately. According to these fans the historical action series is more and more getting an undertone of woman's love. Lately the beautiful but deadly warrior Xena seems to be getting along really well with her sidekick Gabriella (note: that's how she's called in the article). They could be seen together in a bath, to the satisfaction of men, and they touch each other everytime they can. Lucy Lawless, the actress that plays Xena, doesn't exactly dislike women either. One of her first roles was in the lesbian pornvideo with the revealing title Peach. But that doesn't say a lot because Lucy got married twice and has two children. That she as Xena will ever get into a relationship with another woman is doubtful, because Gabriella still would have to take on the muscled Hercules. Even though Xena the Warrior Princess has disappeared from the screen in the US (after six years), today a new season (note: season 4) will start here.

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