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February 7, 2002

Oxygen Goes "Behind the Kiss" to Parody Hollywood's Favorite Love Stories
Sunday, March 10 at 10:00 pm

Oxygen will premiere "Behind The Kiss," a one-hour special by award-winning animator CORKY QUAKENBUSH, Sunday, March 10 at 10:00 p.m.(a) Created in stop-motion animation with claymation figures, this special features a spoof of talk show host Charlie Rose interviewing actors TOM HANKS, JULIA ROBERTS, MEG RYAN, BARBRA STREISAND, RICHARD GERE, ELLEN DEGENERES, and JULIE ANDREWS at the premieres of Hollywood movie parodies, including "Xena, Warrior Princess Diaries," "Romeo and J. Loet," "An Officer and a Yentlman," "Hannibal: You've Got Meal" and "Bitanic." "Behind the Kiss" parodies Hollywood love stories, by warping plotlines of two blockbusters into something entirely new:

"Romeo and J.Loet" stars HOWARD STERN as Romeo, JENNIFER LOPEZ as J.Loet and ROBIN QUIVERS as Mercutio. The star-crossed lovers meet and it's love at first sight . . . of her gargantuan bottom. P.DIDDY bursts onto the scene and naturally, a sword fight ensues.

"Dirty Riverdancing" features an Irish family vacationing at a potato mine in the peat bogs. There Baby (JENNIFER GREY) falls for an IRA terrorist dancer (PATRICK SWAYZE). As he brings her closer to womanhood, he gives her an appreciation for the rhythmic pounding of Irish clog -- "the least sexually suggestive dance known to man."

"Pretty Woman II: Runaway Hooker Bride," reunites Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. In this highly anticipated sequel, Vivian, now married, wants to keep her career.

In "Xena, Warrior Princess Diaries," Xena (LUCY LAWLESS) is saving the world, but what she really wants is to be popular. As Julie Andrews instructs her to be a "real princess," Xena reverts to her ass-kickin', hell-raisin' ways.

"An Officer And A Yentlman" opens with Yentl (Barbra Streisand), in her black hat, packing. Her rabbi warns: "They won't teach a woman! " Undaunted, she rides her motorcycle to navy boot camp, where Yentl faces the abusive training officer (LOU GOSSETT JR.).

In "Hannibal: You've Got Meal," Meg Ryan falls for her mysterious cyber buddy, Hannibal Lechter (ANTHONY HOPKINS).

In "Bitanic," Rose (KATE WINSLET) is attracted to Jack (LEONARDO DICAPRIO), a steerage class lad. But when Kate catches the eye of the ship's comedian, Ellen Degeneres, her eyes are opened to a new form of forbidden love.

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