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by Tony Bray 

ex-'Xena' Star Lands On Cutting Edge UPN Sitcom
Adrienne Wilkinson— According to the young actress who played Xena's daughter Eve, the lovely child who turned into the fierce cut throat warlord known as Livia, her new series for the UPN, 'As If,' is a mixture of several popular shows. Wilkinson recently told me that "The show is a cross between 'Friends' and 'Sex and the City,' with a bit of 'The Real World' thrown in. It is shot in the style of Guy Ritchie's 'Snatch' There are 800 cuts per 23 minute episode (shot very much like a music video) and there are tons and tons of cool music inserted all the way through as well... Very different from anything on American network television in that it's cutting edge, fresh and risqué." The thirty-minute sitcom is based on the British TV hit about the lives and loves of six teenagers, with each episode seen through the eyes of one of the characters. Look for this dramedy to air in March in the hot time slot after 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

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