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New Zealand TV Guide Awards
14 November 1998

New Zealand TV Guide Awards was on NZ Sky TV on our Sky1 channel Below is a list of info on Herc & Xena related stuff at the Awards in the order they happened (my comments in brackets)

The NZ TV Guide Awards was hosted for a second year by Kevin Smith Kevin shows off his comic talents at the start of the show Dean O'Gorman & Jodie Rimmier from Young Herc came on to announce the Awards for "Best Supporting Actor" & "Best Supporting Actress" Allison Wall won "Best Supporting Actress" for her role as Minya in the Xena ep A Day in the Life

Renee O'conner Announced the Award for "Best Comedy Program"
Lucy Lawless Announced the Awards for "Best Entertainment Program" as well as "Best Entertainment Series"

Ngila Dickson won the "Costume Design" Award for Xena series 2

Rob Gillies won the "Best Design" Award for Xena

Ian Mune won the "Auckland City Best Actor" Award (Ian has Directed and acted in Xena & Herc) Xena Series 2 lost to Shortland street for the "Waitakiri City Best Drama Series/Serial"
(I think Xena should have won this award)

That was all the stuff that has any relationship to Herc & Xena that I could see at the awards
A number of times they showed flashes of Lucy & her Daughter Daisy sitting in the crowd along with Rob. Lucy looked like a real princess and not just a Warrior princess in the red dress and diamond neck collar she had on her hair was in a real tight bun & braids at the back of her head I didn't recognize her to they announced her Renee wore a Black dress and was quite unmistakable.

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