*Many thanks to Kym Taborn - the following transcript is from a pre-release of "This Week in Xena News" (http://whoosh.org/xmr/twxn.html).

The Canberra Times February 1, 1999 Part TVG; Page 14

By Megan Reeder


Xena: Warrior Princess, Ten Capital, 7.30pm: Xena is mythical, magical, sexy and disturb ing as she pushes the boundaries travel ling into the land of the dead after the now deceased Gabrielle.

A new look Xena, with production quality similar to a motion picture, combines excel lent cinematography, a complex plot based strongly on mythical themes and a raw sexuality never before defined by Xena.

Amazonian magic allows Xena to once again return to the land of the dead - paral leled by images of her past explaining how she learned the magic of the Amazon and showing her horrid nature before she met Gabrielle. This allows insight into the charac ters merely foreshadowed in previous sea sons. With very definite lesbian undertones, even an I Love You to the dead Gabrielle, the character of Xena is redefined for the new series, with a whole lot more to offer.

The amazon costumes, a poetic script, and realistic fight scenes extends beyond the normal Hollywood schmultz to an at times disturbing, often poignant mythical adventure.

The cinematic exploration of this season's Xena is haunted by blue and orange hues, creating a sense of travelling through life, death, time and space maintaining a sus pense similar to the X-files.

Our rating: Xena comes of age.

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