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27 February 1999


Mardi Gras set to be a Lawless affair

[MaryD: if you want to watch out for Lucy you can see it on the web
The parade starts at 8:00 pm Sydney Time

NEW Zealand actress Lucy Lawless is expected as the surprise addition to tonight’s Mardi Gras parade, bringing her popular alter ego Xena: Warrior Princess to life for her biggest fans.

Thirteen’s TV spies report Lawless, whose character Xena is a popular lesbian icon, will cut a swath through the Oxford St revellers — along withher leather-clad co-star Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle).

It’s a case of second time lucky for the actor, who missed out on earning her Mardi Gras stripes last year after a last-minute emergency left her stranded at Los Angeles airport.

While Lawless didn’t quite make it to last year’s parade, her character was well represented with a 140-strong phalanx of marching Xenas.

The float turned out to be one of the parade’s most popular attractions, despite the absence of the real-life warrior queen.

Lawless was reportedly devastated to have missed her opportunity to join last year’s float, but it’s not clear whether she will appear in the parade tonight or simply as a guest in the highly sought-after VIP viewing area.

In typical Mardi Gras tradition, a spokesman for Channel 10’s Mardi Gras coverage refused to comment, simply saying: "I know nothing."

Meanwhile, the 60-strong cast of Brazilian musical spectacular Oba Oba has just flown into town and is tipped to bring the spirit of Carnivale to the parade.

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