On Q XenaChat Forum [AOL] Chat with Tyldus (Steve Sears) - 5 April 1999


On Q Gabby: Ewww Tyldus!!

JodiMnstr: LOL Tyldus...thought you might like to try anyway <G>

DaxSJ: I would love to have Perdicus back just for the fun on the internet

AdoresXena: as long as he doesn't say the J word here :)

Tyldus: On Q: No plans at the moment.

Trellopa: You mean Jerkster?

On Q Huggr: okay

Tyldus: Scott (Garrison) was amazed at the response his character got. In a good

On Q Gabby: Smickey, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Tyldus: natured way. In fact, I told him that some people were saying that

Trellopa: Your Between the Lines was so intense--Alti is a formidable foe

Tyldus: Xena's mouth formed the word "thanks" when he was killeed.

Trellopa: I assume we will see more of Alti?

Tyldus: He thought that was hysterical.

AdoresXena: it was clearly one syllable, Tyldus...Jodi and I just talked about that the other week

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Tyldus...there has been a big debate about what she mouthed as Callisto rode away

On Q Gabby: LOL

AdoresXena: Tyldus, I have a friend who can't get into the room

Tyldus: Trellopa: We don't have a script in the works for Alti yet, but we'd like to get her back.

AdoresXena: who wants to know " I wonder how much input the actors have in script changes."

Smickey: Hi kids!

DaxSJ: If you bring Perdicus back, he must be played by yet another actor

On Q Gabby: Hiya Smickey :)

Trellopa: I thought maybe Alti would be tied in with bringing back Callisto?

JodiMnstr: LOL Dax! The incredible changing Perdicus!

AdoresXena: but not the Perdicus in Sins of the Past, please :)

Smickey: Hey Gabby! Trell, Adores, et all

On Q Gabby: Walt, MOwens, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Tyldus: ADores: Not much, really. By the time they even see the scripts, we are ready to start

Trellopa: Smickey, Tyldus ( Sears) is in the room

Tyldus: shooting them. And Renee and Lucy trust what we do and, as far as I can tell,

Tyldus: certainly try to put what we have on paper in front of the camera.

On Q Gabby: Not too much time for rewrites then Tyldus?

AdoresXena: Sorbo talked a lot in one book about how he fights with the writers when he doesn't like the

AdoresXena: storyline

Smickey: Wow!

On Q Gabby: Iphianessa, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

DaxSJ: Ty>At least that's what they tell you

AdoresXena: that makes sense

Tyldus: Adores: Yeah, Kevin does do that. But we are a different show.

Trbl007: Tyldus: How many more eps is Alti in that haven't aired yet?

AdoresXena: OK, I thought maybe you had written for Herc too (not to get off topic)

Tyldus: Trbl: None. You've seen them all.

JodiMnstr: Ty: So for the most part LL and ROC don't battle over the stories then?

Tyldus: Adores: Nopers.

AdoresXena: thanks

Tyldus: Jodi: No! In fact, after doing several different series, I can tell you that Lucy and Renee

Tyldus: are dreams compared to other actors.

Trbl007: I thought Alti was supposed to be in the cliff hanger

Tyldus: Trbl: Haven't heard that one.

On Q Gabby: maybe a "Karma-hanger" ;)

JodiMnstr: Ty: Sounds like you enjoy working with them <G>

OMXena: who wouldn't?

Trellopa: Tyldus, did Hudson actually return to NZ to film an ep?

On Q Gabby: Jkmb, Bambamjeep, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Tyldus: Jodi: Yep. They spoil me. It's going to be hard to move on to another show.

OMXena: <<GASP!!>>

DaxSJ: Speaking of other shows MR T...?

OMXena: another show?!?!

Trbl007: Ty: will you stay with Ren pics?

On Q Gabby: heh heh OM ;)

Tyldus: Trellopa: I can say that Hudson was down in New Zealand, yes.

JodiMnstr: Ty: Hopefully you're not planning that anytime soon!

On Q Gabby: Cool Tyldus! Thanks for that :)

Tyldus: Trbl: Not forever, of course.

Trellopa: Do you know if Hudson will appear in a Xena ep this season?

OMXena: Ty...will there ever be a Xena movie you think?

JodiMnstr: Ty: Are we ever going to see the much discussed Sappho ep?

On Q Gabby: ::::listening::::

Smickey: Is the reason LL and Roc are dreams to work with the more relaxed atmsophere on set in NZ?

Iphianessa: Tyldus: Any spoilers for the Hudson eps??

Tyldus: Eek!

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: :::fanning Tyldus::::::

Iphianessa: <giggle>

JodiMnstr: LOL...Breathe Ty...we'll wait <G>

Trellopa: See, you have to put up with us for at least 2, count em, 2 more seasons

Tyldus: Woof! Okay... let's see.....

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo Trell!

On Q Gabby: woo hoo Trell!!

OMXena: scary

On Q Gabby: Jodi!! GMTA!!

Trellopa: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL

On Q Gabby: Gosh Jodi..how'd we do that!?

Tyldus: Don't know if there will be a Xena movie. Nothing is in the works.

OMXena: :(

Jkmb39: is this the psychotherapy room?

JodiMnstr: As you said Gabby...great minds <G>

Tyldus: Sappho is not dead, but it keeps moving around due to a majority of reasons.

Trellopa: Jkm--this is the Queer room

On Q Gabby: Jkmb...only for Xena fans :)

Tyldus: At the moment, it is scheduled to be written later this year.

Tyldus: Depends on casting.

Jkmb39: ok now i c

Trellopa: Tyldus--will the major star next year be kd lang?

JodiMnstr: Cool Ty...we're anxiously awaiting it <G>

On Q Gabby: oooh, a hard one Trell ;)

Tyldus: Wait.... This is the QUEER room? But... but I'm a breeder!

Tyldus: What will I do?

DaxSJ: Breed

On Q Gabby: LOL Tyldus...we won't tell ;)

Trellopa: LOL

OMXena: ooooo

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty...

Iphianessa: <laugh>

Peyton01: LOL

Trellopa: Your secret is safe with us, hon

AdoresXena: relax Tyldus, at least most of the folks here are into women, like you :)

BladeMast: <---asks for another hot tub scene as penance.

On Q Gabby: hee hee

Tyldus: Oh, well. Screw the religous right. Maybe I'll date a football player, y'never know.

JodiMnstr: We could make you and honorary Lesbian, Ty <G>

On Q Gabby: good one Blade

Peyton01: LOL Adroes

On Q Huggr: adores..we could always try to convert him :)

Trbl007: lol

Trellopa: Honorary THESPIAN

Trbl007: You can pass, Ty...

OMXena: I've played football..

Jkmb39: how is it that breeders have queer children but queers have breeder children

On Q Gabby: ::::fanning Tyldus AGAIN:::::::

AdoresXena: don't go there, Huggr :)

BladeMast: Thanks, Gabby. ;-)

Peyton01: LOL Trell

On Q Gabby: LOL

Peyton01: I'm into bodybuilding..

Tyldus: heh heh

AdoresXena: do you ever plan to introduce another female to vie for either

Trellopa: Tyldus, why did Ren Pic's pull THe Way from syndication, Mary D is upset

AdoresXena: Gab or Xena's affections, after Najara

On Q Gabby: Yeah Pey...body builders I would think <VEG>

Tyldus: Trellpa: I'm not too thrilled myself, but because of the nature of things,

JodiMnstr: LOL Gabby

Tyldus: I can't comment on it.

Peyton01: LOL Gabby! Bodybuilders on Bikes..LOL

Trellopa: I thought Krishna was accurately portrayed

Iphianessa: <hint> Peyton wants Vicky back on the show

Tyldus: Iph: Yeah, I got that impression.

On Q Gabby: <snicker> Iphianessa...you've got that right ;)

Iphianessa: heheh

JodiMnstr: Ty: I think we're just worried that it sets a bad precedent

Trbl007: Ty: I was so upset with Gab during "Crusader" that I made a music video to "I'm the Only On

Trellopa: I guess if Xena was going to save Joxer instead of Gab, the Hindus wouldnt be upset

Trbl007: One by Melissa Etheridge

Trbl007: should show it at the So. Cal Xena fest in July

Peyton01: LOL Hey we got Hudson back..I'm sure Vicky would give me a hug if I helped get her work HEHE

Tyldus: Oh, that's got to be good.

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo Trbl!

On Q Gabby: Jkmb...wb!

JodiMnstr: LOL Peyton...Now we know what you're aiming for!

Iphianessa: I'd rther see Hudson back in an ep where there are NO stupid rocks on her pretty little head

Trbl007: I would love to see Vicky Pratt again :)

OMXena: Marilyn!! I was listening to that song and thought it was PERFECT for Crisader!!

Trellopa: Najara and Xe have the same weakness--Gabrielle

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Ty...can we come up with another way to detain Callisto besides dumping rocks on her

Trbl007: It came out great, imho

AdoresXena: amen Jodi :)

Trbl007: Very cathartic for the X & G together forever fan

Iphianessa: Why detain her?

On Q Gabby: I"m just wondering who would win the next battle between them.

Iphianessa: Let her run around!!!!

On Q Gabby: Dlk, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

JodiMnstr: LOL Iph!

Trbl007: In fact, the video is titled "The same Weakness"

On Q Gabby: JMAIR, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Trellopa: Would love to see that video, Trb

Tyldus: Well, we could dump water on her, but it might mean seeing through her outfit....

Tyldus: Lord knows, we don't want to do that.

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: ROFL Tyldus

BladeMast: :::THUD:::

JodiMnstr: Oh yes we do Ty!

OMXena: oh that would be awful, Ty

On Q Gabby: ::fanning Blade::::

Trellopa: Put her in a hot tub

Tyldus: Mercy mercy, heaven forbid!

BladeMast: Unnnnnnn

BladeMast: ::::THUD:::

AdoresXena: Tyldus, I always was surprised her chainmail survived the lava

JodiMnstr: "Oh I'm so wet!" "Me Too!"

On Q Gabby: Yeah...with Minya the "water girl" ;)

Trbl007: "I'm wet"..."me, too"

Iphianessa: <laugh>

OMXena: yeah trell..why haven't we seen calli in a hot tub?

Iphianessa: calli..

Iphianessa: hot tub....

Iphianessa: <whines>

Tyldus: It was a "Cross Your LIfespan" bra.

AdoresXena: she'd steam it up too much OM. the camera wouldn't catch anything

Trellopa: Om--too thin, I think

On Q Gabby: Bathing is too close to "love" ;)

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: DAR nKERRY, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty!

Trellopa: Love Minya, that THESPIAN

Iphianessa: I don't thin I'd need that hot tub scene, though....

Trbl007: Oh, Xena, how I've missed you

OMXena: oh yeah trell

Trellopa: DAR n Kerry, ohmy god

On Q Gabby: WALT...rehi :)

Iphianessa: I'd rather be back in Baltimore friday night...

Tyldus: By the way, there were two takes of Minya saying that. And in the other one...

Trellopa: I love Dar and Kerry

Iphianessa: sitting not two feet away...

On Q Huggr: wonders if velasca will ever be back

Tyldus: ...well, let's say the word Thespian was REALLY lost.

Iphianessa: kissing teh woman, rather than a hot tub

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry are here

DAR nKERRY: thank you

OMXena: LOL cool

AdoresXena: Huggr, the actress isn't available these days

BladeMast: ROFLMAO, Ty!

Trellopa: How's south FL, Dar and Kerry?

OMXena: Dar Williams?

Trbl007: I'd love to see that as a blooper!!!!!

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty! Really? They'll have to put that on the blooper reel!

JMAIR: Dar Roberts ;)

BladeMast: Though the "L" word wouldn't have much meaning, being just a Greek Isle, no?

Tyldus: We kinda looked at each other and said "Did you hear....?"

On Q Huggr: ah .. really.. didn't knwo that she wasn't

OMXena: lol

On Q Gabby: really Tyldus?? ROFL

JodiMnstr: LOL!

Trbl007: Was the actress Xena and G kissing when the hot tub scene opened in The Play?

OMXena: I guess we'll never see Hower again, aye?

Trellopa: Love the way you all play with us, Tyldus ;)

Trellopa: Om, no, for sure, Minya ran off with Paulina

On Q Gabby: hee hee

Trbl007: bye, bye hower

JodiMnstr: More power to Minya! She's got the whip after all <EG>

Dlk1948: okay, where did the run?

OMXena: poor hower... i liked him

Trellopa: Tyldus, will Ares be back next season?

AdoresXena: maybe she said Hestian

On Q Gabby: Yup...and that great leather outfit ;)

OMXena: "You're denying your feelings, Xena"

JodiMnstr: Pwaise Hestia!

Trellopa: LOL

Tyldus: Hower... Somehow I want to say the words "Dyke Daddy", but perhaps I shouldn't...

On Q Gabby: LOL Jodi...I resemble that!

Trbl007: lol

Iphianessa: <laugh>

On Q Gabby: QwnLizardo, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

OMXena: lol..maybe not Ty ;)

JodiMnstr: LOL Gabby...I know <G>

Tyldus: So y'all didn't see that from me.

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: nope!

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty...of course!

QwnLizardo: Thanks, Gabby <smile> ( I wish)

Trbl007: Ty: The ending of Bitter Treat was changed....Gab says to Xena at the end, "We're Homo" and

Trellopa: LOL

Trbl007: Xena says, "At last"

AdoresXena: LOL

Iphianessa: <laugh>

JodiMnstr: LOL Trbl!

On Q Gabby: woo hoo

Tyldus: Trbl: Hah! I have to admit, that's funny!

Trellopa: What did they say at the very end in that surf anyway?

Trbl007: Wait till you see it, it's hysterical

Iphianessa: good question.....

Trellopa: Hard to make it out

Trbl007: I saw it Saturday night in Long Beach

JodiMnstr: "Oh...I'm getting sand in the strangest places Xena...want to help me get it out?"

Tyldus: I think Xena said "Is that you, or am I sitting on an eel?"

Tyldus: Maybe not....

OMXena: eeew

QwnLizardo: lol

Iphianessa: hehehe

Trbl007: Gab says, We're home

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: anyone who wants a chat reminder....please let me know!! :)

AdoresXena: or was it the soap

On Q Gabby: I'll add you to the list :)

Tyldus: Sorry. I'm supposed to show a little more decorum.

On Q Gabby: Nah

Iphianessa: sick humor is good

AdoresXena: well, I won't tell anyone :)

Trellopa: On Q I want a copy of this chat

On Q Gabby: <snicker>

Trbl007: Also in Bitter Treat, Xena tells Gab to say what she is feeling. G says "I have a pea uup m

JodiMnstr: Ah...don't worry Ty...there's no decorum here <G>

On Q Gabby: You've got it Trell :)

Trbl007: up my nose, don't you?

QwnLizardo: The soap was in A Day In The Life

Tyldus: Yeah, that decorum thing is just not happening. Sorry.

On Q Gabby: Scotswmn, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

QwnLizardo: in the bathtub woo hoo

AdoresXena: Tyldus, will we be seeing Caesar again this season?

Smickey: I would like a copy of this chat too, Gabby!

Trellopa: Are Dar and Kerry still here?

JodiMnstr: It's just something about this room, Ty...we evicte decorum long ago

On Q Gabby: Ok Smickey :)

Tyldus: Subtext? Why all this talk about subtext? There's no subtext? Please, people!

QwnLizardo: Xena and Gabby all wet <sigh> How much bettah can you get?

Iphianessa: heh

OMXena: Maintext!

Iphianessa: there is nothing BUT subtext....

Trellopa: Tydus, no subtext, just Maintext

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty! I know what I see...and it's subtext <G>

On Q Gabby: Oh yeah Tyldus...we forgot! ;)

KrisB613: Please send me a copy of this chat as well Gabby.. :-)

On Q Gabby: Ok Kris :)

Tyldus: I mean, you want to talk subtext, let's talk about Joxer....

Trellopa: LOL

Iphianessa: <cough>


Iphianessa: I like Joxer...but.....

On Q Huggr: what about joxer :)

AdoresXena: Tyldus, you might wanna duck

On Q Gabby: Nightgown and all Tyldus? <eg>

JodiMnstr: LOL...

OMXena: Ty...now you're getting nasty

AdoresXena: ---------------------------@

Iphianessa: <shiver> not with subext in mind

AdoresXena: @-------------------------------------

On Q Gabby: LOL Adores

Tyldus: I mean, didn't he try to save her? Didn't he show his true love by protecting her

JodiMnstr: Whoosh!

Tyldus: from Callisto?

Trellopa: Hang him upside down and let him tell his brother--that was funny

Tyldus: Isn't it obvious?

Dlk1948: Joxer has all the right moves -- on the dancefloor

Trellopa: Sam Raimi must be so happy to get an Oscar nomination

OMXena: lol

JodiMnstr: Ty: Just so long as that remains sub...and never becomes main

On Q Gabby: I want to see the third brother of Joxer...could be interesting

Tyldus: I mean, how long is she going to take before she notices his love?

On Q Gabby: Blowdrier, Skshipman, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

QwnLizardo: Okay . . . wow . . . I thought I was a Xena-guru - but y'all know a lot more than me.

JodiMnstr: Hopefully forever, Ty

Tyldus: Of course, Argo IS just a horse, so she's not that observant...

BladeMast: Tyldus: Season XIIIII?


On Q Gabby: LOL Blade

BladeMast: Or XV, if you prefer.

JodiMnstr: ROFL!

Trellopa: Ty--LOL

Trbl007: lol

Blowdrier: mmmm. thanx

Trellopa: Will Gabby get a horse next season?

OMXena: Gab...you can send out copies of this chat? I never knew.

Dlk1948: yeah, the show needs another love interest

Trbl007: she only has eyes for Xena...what a horse!

AdoresXena: oh, that's bad

AdoresXena: Tyldus, will Argo ever date any centaurs?

QwnLizardo: I want to be Argo so Xena can ride me.

Iphianessa: <laughing>

Trellopa: LOL--Adores

AdoresXena: we have had centaur-human couples on both shows

OMXena: lol Lizardo

On Q Gabby: OM, I can ...I keep a chat log weekly :)

Tyldus: Adores: Ugh! That's sick! Centaurs only date women.

On Q Gabby: DaniJo, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

QwnLizardo: :) Hey, why not?

Blowdrier: Until the next time

Iphianessa: I'e always wondered about centaurs and women....can anyone say OUCH!!!!!

AdoresXena: sorry, the mention of the J word brings that out in me

QwnLizardo: lol

JodiMnstr: Argo is a nice bit of horseflesh afterall...but do you think she would want to give up being

AdoresXena: better than Hope

On Q Gabby: ouch!

Dlk1948: When are X and G gonna have a kid, like in fan fic

OMXena: Tyldus knows personally

JodiMnstr: ridden by Xena all day long?

Trellopa: Why aren't there any women centaurs?

Iphianessa: <giggle>

AdoresXena: giving birth to the D, Iph

AdoresXena: there are, Trell...there was a girl centaur in one episode

Trellopa: Really, Adores, I missed that ep

On Q Gabby: There are in other fantasy fiction...female centaurs.

Iphianessa: that isn't possible though...there are no female centaurs

QwnLizardo: Why not?

AdoresXena: I think it was in War Orphan..very brief

Tyldus: Trellopa: Because the gene that determines Cenaturism is a recessive sex related allele.

Iphianessa: <shurg> I don't makie the rules

Trellopa: Orphan of War?

AdoresXena: we have to ask Jodi :)

QwnLizardo: LOL

JodiMnstr: Yep Adores...looked like a female centaur in Orphan of War...

QwnLizardo: Orphan of War in the first season . . .

Tyldus: Only appears on the Y chromosone.

Dlk1948: you'd know, J

Iphianessa: they all have long hair...remember that

Trellopa: I missed that female centaur

JodiMnstr: Second season Qwn

AdoresXena: thank you Jodi. you know Jodi is the reigning trivia champ, Tyldus ?

On Q Gabby: Im gonna have to rewatch that ep

Tyldus: When it does, it can become a dominant.

QwnLizardo: Ah yes, it's in the green box

AdoresXena: dominant...hee hee

Tyldus: So it overrides the allele on the X chromosone.

Trellopa: dominatrix?

AdoresXena: ah

Tyldus: See?

On Q Gabby: :::fanning the whole room:::::: ;)

OMXena: did someone say...dominant?

Dlk1948: hope not

On Q Gabby: LOL

QwnLizardo: Is Xena a dominatrix? <smirk>

JodiMnstr: Dominant on the X eh? LOL

Dlk1948: what do you think

On Q Gabby: oooohh

Trellopa: Yes, Xena has a whip

Trbl007: spank, spank

OMXena: you know it Lizardo!

Tyldus: And that wasn't a female in Orphan, it was actually a child with long hair.

QwnLizardo: Down Gabby . . . down!!!!

On Q Gabby: No, Minya has a whip ;)

AdoresXena: so how come Hope and Ares' child didn't look like either?

Tyldus: So there. Nyah.

OMXena: <<feeling faint>>

Iphianessa: uh oh...this isn't good.....I'm gonna need a shower now.......

JodiMnstr: Sure looked like a female Ty...but you are the expert <G>

Trellopa: On Q Gab--she had a whip in Daughter of Pomira

Trellopa: And she used it quite well

On Q Gabby: Yup, and probably no frying pan again Trell ;)

OMXena: xena likes her whip :)

QwnLizardo: As a dominatrix . . . how would Xena use her charkram?

Trbl007: I still can't believe we won't see Alti again

QwnLizardo: chakram even

JodiMnstr: Yep Trell...Xena must have replaced her whip <G>

Tyldus: Adores: It was the evil of both combined. That's the mythos, anyway

Trellopa: No frying pan, yet

AdoresXena: thanks

Dlk1948: Alti has a sexy voice

Iphianessa: <raises eyebrow at chakram question>

Tyldus: In actuality, it was a neat costume.

QwnLizardo: Alti is freaky . . . but cool.

OMXena: alti is awwwwwesome!

JodiMnstr: Ty: Bet it was hot in that costume though

Trbl007: When will Season 4 finish filming, Ty?

Dlk1948: evil too

OMXena: and she plays golf!

Iphianessa: <-- doesn't like alti

Trellopa: Alti is EVIL--Between the Lines was something else

Dlk1948: who plays golf? alti?

Tyldus: Trbl: We have already finsihed season four and will be beginning season five in a week or so

OMXena: well, the alti actress

QwnLizardo: I didn't like how Alti treated Gabby in India

Trellopa: Claire plays golf in real life

Trbl007: Thanks, Ty

JodiMnstr: LOL DLK...Claire's boyfriend actually...Claire just went with LL to present the cup

On Q Gabby: Wow Tyldus...on paper or start of filming?

OMXena: Ty...does Xena get her bangs back?!?!

Dlk1948: missed that, J

Tyldus: OMX: Is that a subtext question?

OMXena: Jodi..Claire said she goes golfing with Lucy

On Q Gabby: Dwhyna, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Trbl007: Ty: Is the season ender going to be a cliff hanger? Will the opener be a two or three part

Tyldus: Oh, you mean her hair. That kind of bang. I hope so.

AdoresXena: she means the hair on Xena's forehead, Ty

Trellopa: We like Bangs, ty

Scotswmn: Does Gab get her hair back?

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty...no that's a burning question...we want the bangs back

QwnLizardo: How many more seasons will there be? 10 . . . 20? :)

OMXena: No Ty its a hair question

JodiMnstr: OM...but they don't do that seriously...just a little

Trellopa: I like Gab's hair short, it should be shorter

Dlk1948: what are they gonna do next, give G a buzz

Trellopa: Buzz cut her

AdoresXena: and put her in a flannel sports bra :)

QwnLizardo: But Gab's hair short means we're closer to the end . . . possibly at least

Tyldus: The end of the season will provoke some questions, let's say.

Trellopa: Adores,LOL

On Q Gabby: and give her big earrings ;)

JodiMnstr: Well...they are always taking something away from Gabby...first her clothes now her hair!

Dlk1948: no more hair, no more series

OMXena: its OK Jodi...as long as they DO IT

AdoresXena: rings elsewhere too :)

Trellopa: Yes, Adorea and give her som Doc Martens

On Q Gabby: Another cliffhanger this summer Tyldus?

Iphianessa: Tyldus...how'd they cover up Hudson's hair cute?

JodiMnstr: LOL OM!

Trbl007: Ty: Will the opening ep for Season 5 be a two or three parter?

Iphianessa: ack...cute

Iphianessa: crap

OMXena: hair cute :)

Scotswmn: Did you notice when jealous wife told Xena "He's mine, she's yours"?

Iphianessa: typo again cut

Tyldus: Not planning on any multi parters, any more than the series already depends on continuity.

On Q Gabby: gotcha Iphianessa :)

Tyldus: In story, at least.

JodiMnstr: Scot...that was Minya....Hower and she weren't married...just dating...

JodiMnstr: Now she's a Thespian <G>

Iphianessa: <-- typo queen here

On Q Gabby: hee hee

Dlk1948: yeah, a Thespian

AdoresXena: thank goodness Tyldus...last summer was too much

Scotswmn: Thanks, Jodi

Trellopa: Yes, a thespian with Paulina

On Q Gabby: It was a loooong summer, that's for sure

Dlk1948: I bet they play well together

Trbl007: I hear the new Xena comic will continue the story from the last ep of Season 4..true?

On Q Gabby: Follylujah, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

QwnLizardo: I hate it when I want to cry at the end of a season and have to wait an entire summer to

Tyldus: Hold on... angry, hungry cocker spaniels with zip guns just entered the room...

QwnLizardo: know what's gonna happen

JodiMnstr: Dlk...they sure fight well together at any rate

On Q Gabby: rut ro Tyldus!!

Dlk1948: got that right, J

OMXena: that means Ty wants to sneak out, people...

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry are you still here?

On Q Gabby: Gotcha!

JMAIR: I thought they were going to be crucified

Tyldus: Don't want to sneak out, but I got to take care of this. Be right back.

On Q Gabby: We're so glad you could join us Tyldus! :D

QwnLizardo: Well, that's in Xena's vision . . . I hope it's wrong

OMXena: ok :)

Trellopa: Ciao, Tyld

OMXena: Xena crucifies herself every day

JodiMnstr: Jmair...can't kill that gals off...how would they do the next two seasons?

AdoresXena: thanks for stopping by, Tyldus

On Q Gabby: I'm with you Qwn

Dlk1948: Ya think they are going to be crucified

On Q Huggr: thanks tyldus

Dlk1948: could go on to next life then

QwnLizardo: I don't know that I'll be able to watch THE last episode.

On Q Gabby: I'm still hoping for the drastic change of fate

Iphianessa: i just had a weeeeeeird thought

JMAIR: like people stay dead in the Xenaverse :)

On Q Gabby: yes?

JodiMnstr: I think Tyldus is coming back after he takes care of the demanding dogs <G>

QwnLizardo: < - - - agrees with Gabby

Iphianessa: about that crucifiction.....

Trellopa: Yesss

Iphianessa: gabby has short hair...

Iphianessa: hudson has short hair....

QwnLizardo: Does Ty work on the set?

OMXena: ooooooooo....

Iphianessa: what if it isn't gabby and it's Calli on that cross?

On Q Gabby: Najara has short hair

Trellopa: Najara has short hair

Iphianessa: najara sucks

OMXena: Ty writes in LA

Dlk1948: naw, its G

JodiMnstr: Qwn...Tyldus is Steven Sears...writer

Iphianessa: no offense

On Q Huggr: well folks ..still time for this bear to head out..see ya

On Q Gabby: even Aphrodite has short hair!

AdoresXena: night Huggr

QwnLizardo: hmm . . . that would be interesting, Iph

JodiMnstr: Night Huggr!

Trellopa: Huggr, nice to see you, hon

On Q Gabby: Battle on Huggr

QwnLizardo: I see, Jodi

Iphianessa: just a thought :-)

On Q Huggr: see ya in two weeks

JMAIR: It is Gabrielle and Xena and I heard they are going to be crucified

Iphianessa: we even saw that but you never know

On Q Gabby: That's the vision Jmair

JodiMnstr: Jmair...that's the vision that X&G are trying to avoid coming true

Iphianessa: so, in this Callisto obsesed mind...

On Q Gabby: Najara says it can be avoided

Trellopa: The vision is crucifixion but it could be reversed, no?

JMAIR: I know it's a vision :)

Iphianessa: I ciome up with that...whooooo knows

Dlk1948: why should they avoid? They could just become Dar and Kerry

On Q Gabby: sure...in my way of thinking

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry, yes

Dlk1948: you know, they are unstuck in time now

Trellopa: WOuld Love to see LL and ROC as Dar and Kerry

JodiMnstr: Trell...yes, there has to be some resolution that keeps them from actually dying

QwnLizardo: At least in the past couple of episodes, Jodi

Iphianessa: stupid question....Dar & Kerry?

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Trell...that would be too cool

Trellopa: Don't you think Callisto will figure into the scenario?

Dlk1948: why can't they die?

On Q Gabby: I wonder where Gabby's outfit changes ...she's in rags on the cross

JMAIR: Dar Roberts and Kerry STuart

Iphianessa: calli is always there

QwnLizardo: Cuz they can't!!!!

Iphianessa: who are they though?

JodiMnstr: Iph...they are fanfic characters that Missy Good created in Tropical Storm

Iphianessa: I;m lost

Trellopa: They can't die, they have two more seasons of eps to do

Iphianessa: ahhhhhhhhh

On Q Gabby: ASho, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Iphianessa: thank you

JMAIR: characters in Missy Good's Uber fan fic

QwnLizardo: Just two seasons left? <sniff>

Iphianessa: i don't read too much uber, taht's why

Dlk1948: they can become dar and kerry -- even if they die -- two seasons worth

On Q Gabby: ::::patting Qwn's hand:::::

KrisB613: TS - is going to be published and possibly filmed I believe

JodiMnstr: Qwn...I prefer to think of it as at least two seasons...we don't know if they will extend

Tyldus: Okay, I'm back.

JMAIR: well there is Uber and then there is Missy's Uber ;)

QwnLizardo: No . . .. no no no no I am in denial!!!!

AdoresXena: why not...since they brought in reincarnation in BTL

JodiMnstr: the contracts beyond that, but they might...I hope!

Trellopa: I don;t know about filmed but printed for sure

BladeMast: WB, Tyldus. :)

On Q Gabby: rehi Tyldus :)

Tyldus: <---forgot about time change.

AdoresXena: but I don't think people would like that much of a change

QwnLizardo: WB Ty

Iphianessa: heheh

Iphianessa: silly man

Trbl007: Tyldus: Will the Xena comic book coming out in August continue the story from the last ep

Trellopa: Hiya Tyldus, thanks for returning

QwnLizardo: Ty . . . how many seasons left for Xena?

KrisB613: I mean in another fanfic... they are filming TS

On Q Gabby: cool Kris :)

JodiMnstr: Kris...you're thinking of Tender is the Night...by Llachlan <G>

Trellopa: Kris, yes by Llachlan

JMAIR: what if they go into the future...and do something that allows them to survive the vision?

Tyldus: Trbl: THe comic books are independent, so I doubt it.

Trbl007: thanks

Iphianessa: how can chaging teh future change teh past?

KrisB613: yeah... its a great story

Dlk1948: Is L going to finish Tender

Trellopa: Dark Horse comics

JodiMnstr: Ty: Dark Horse comics said that their first comic would contain a backstory to the

JodiMnstr: cliffhanger

Tyldus: Qwn: I've only heard that the stations have renewed to half of season six.

On Q Gabby: and they've done that Jmair...the future thing...at least their Karma has

Trellopa: It's taking her awhile to write, huh, Dlk?

Tyldus: Jodi: Don't know about that.

Tyldus: Happy cockers in the room!

QwnLizardo: Thanks, Ty . . . we have to get the stations to extend it!

Iphianessa: <laugh>

JodiMnstr: S'okay, Ty...different part of the franchise I'm sure

Dlk1948: I'm reading

On Q Gabby: woo hoo Tyldus!!

OMXena: oh my!

Tyldus: Happy, fat cockers.

Iphianessa: heh

JodiMnstr: Cool Ty!

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: Good doggies

Tyldus: Happy , fat, unarmed cockers.

JMAIR: I have a feeling that vision isn't going to be resolved until season 5

QwnLizardo: How many pups, Ty?

Tyldus: Two.

JodiMnstr: Good, Ty...you took their zip guns away, eh?

On Q Gabby: Jr31x, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Trbl007: I love cockers...great dogs

QwnLizardo: Cockers are quite the handful

On Q Gabby: LOL Jodi

QwnLizardo: cute though

Tyldus: Jodi: They have to drop them to eat.

Trellopa: Cocks, oops, are in the room?

DAR nKERRY: trellopa, you are funny...I am glad that you love dar and kerry

JodiMnstr: LOL...good point, ty!

AdoresXena: LOL Trell

OMXena: fat cockers?

Trellopa: Adore, that was for you

AdoresXena: figures

On Q Gabby: <snicker>

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry, did you scuba dive today?

Jr31x: what kind of chat is this

Trbl007: Are we going to see Vicky Pratt again, Ty?

Tyldus: Now I just have to order pizza for me....

Trellopa: A queer Xena chat

On Q Gabby: Jr, this is a chat about the show Xena warrior Princess

JodiMnstr: Ty: Is Deja Vu All Over Again showing right after the reruns or at the end of the season?

Tyldus: Let's see... toppings... toppings....

QwnLizardo: Gabby . . . I'll have to have you pat my hand for the last epidsode. I'll need support

On Q Gabby: You

On Q Gabby: You've got it Qwn :)

JodiMnstr: Mushrooms, Ty! <G>

Jr31x: ok /

OMXena: anchovies

QwnLizardo: :) thanks

Iphianessa: nighty night all :-)

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry, did you have chocolate chip ice cream?

Tyldus: Mushrooms, yes. Anchovies...too fishy.

JodiMnstr: Night Iph!

QwnLizardo: What is Xena's fave topping?

On Q Gabby: We'll have the support group for the last ep :)

Jr31x: what a bout it

AdoresXena: oysters and snails (Spartacus references, LOL)

On Q Gabby: Battle on Iph!

OMXena: olives?

JMAIR: onions and peppers ;)

Tyldus: Qwn: Gabri... nah, I can't go there.

Trellopa: Adores, LOL

Trbl007: Ty: was it purposely filmed to look like X & G were kissing when the hot tub scene opened i

JodiMnstr: LOL Adores

AdoresXena: mostly Oysters for Xena :)

On Q Gabby: Squid anyone? ;)

Trbl007: in the play?

QwnLizardo: LOL Ty

AdoresXena: snails more of a past thing

Trellopa: Oysters for sure

QwnLizardo: Naturally that would be the answer.

AdoresXena: LOL Leah

BladeMast: PLEASE go there, Tyldus...PLEASE go there. ;-)

Trellopa: Go there, please

Follylujah: well I'm late to the party, Ty, did you start a list for Tyldipops?

QwnLizardo: Xena: "I'll have extra Gabby on my pizza please."

Tyldus: Trbl: No, that was probably something they did on the set for the fun of it. It wasn't

Tyldus: planned.

JodiMnstr: Ty...we go there all the time! <G>

On Q Gabby: yup

Tyldus: Folly: I am SO behind in my Tyldipops list! It annoys me that I let it buried.

On Q Gabby: again and again and again...LOL

Trbl007: Thanks, Tyldus

OMXena: i never go there, myself

Trellopa: So, we are only getting half of a season six?

Tyldus: I also changed computers, so I'm having to compile a list.

JodiMnstr: Ty:...did you see the earlier question about Deja Vu?

On Q Gabby: not alone eh OM? ;)

Dlk1948: okay, Tyldus, what do you have to share?

OMXena: hehe

AdoresXena: we go there so much we have frequent flier miles

Tyldus: Jodi: Nope./ Repeat (excuse the pun) Dejo Vu question.

QwnLizardo: ::::listening intently::::

On Q Gabby: LOL Adores!

AdoresXena: unlike Callisto, who earns frequent dyer miles

QwnLizardo: lol

JodiMnstr: Sure Ty: Is Deja Vu showing after the March reruns or at the end of the season?

OMXena: you know its past my bedtime here

On Q Gabby: hee hee

JodiMnstr: LOL Adores <G>

Follylujah: where is tyldipops list, i definitely want to be on it

Tyldus: Deja Vu is not the season ender.

Trellopa: Om Om, see you soon Om Om

On Q Gabby: and what is the Tyldipops list? :)

Dlk1948: so what is season ender?

On Q Gabby: Battle on OM!! :D

Tyldus: Folly: Missy Goode has that knowledge. :)

OMXena: I didn't say I was leaving...I was just bitching about it

JodiMnstr: Good...Ty...there seems to be some confusion about that, and I was curious <G>

JodiMnstr: Night OM

Trellopa: Om Om , don't bitch, meditate, Om Om

AdoresXena: I thought that looked wrong, too, on Whoosh's episode list

On Q Gabby: LOL OM...I"m with you. The timechange is hard!

JodiMnstr: LOL OM

Follylujah: missy is how I knew in the first place, I will ask

OMXena: OOOmmmmmmmmmmm

AdoresXena: the mehndi, Trell, mehndi mehndi

Tyldus: Season ender is called Ides of March.

Trellopa: Leah, hang in there, grrl

Dlk1948: thanks, T

Trellopa: Mehndi yes,

On Q Gabby: Oh I will!!

AdoresXena: Tyldus, Trellopa wants a mehndi sequel :)

JodiMnstr: Yeah Adores...The official website has a different order to the eps.

OMXena: gee..I wonder what happens then?!?!

Trellopa: Mehndi party at the January Xena con

Trbl007: esp. the painting scene :)

AdoresXena: thanks. that clears things up

OMXena: Et tu, Xena?

Tyldus: Trell: I'm not sure we could outdo that episode!

QwnLizardo: My birthday is on the Ides of March LOL woo hoo

Dlk1948: so what is the problems with The Way?

Follylujah: ty, loved BTL thanks for that. It's been a tough season in ways

Trellopa: Love that mehndi, tyl

AdoresXena: didn't Caesar die on Ides of March

Tyldus: I was amazed at the response it got. Gratified, of course.

JMAIR: is Gab going to get her wacker back? PLEASE :)

On Q Gabby: Yes Adores

QwnLizardo: yes adores

QwnLizardo: I have great Karma :)

Tyldus: JMAIR: No, Perdicus is not returning.

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Ty...BTL was great! X&G soulmates...very nice <G>

Dlk1948: I don't understand the religious isssue? Who was offended?

BladeMast: Oh booooooo!

OMXena: lol ty...you're naughty

Trellopa: Tyldus, looks like ROC is still wearing the mehndi, no?

Follylujah: yes, can gab just have an olive branch as her staff now

Trbl007: X & G soul mates! Luuuuuvvvvveeee it!!!!!!

JMAIR: LOL but I wasn't referring to that wacker :P

On Q Gabby: LOL Folly!

AdoresXena: if Gab is that pacifist, she could fight with a pillow

Tyldus: JMAIR: Ah. We'll, we shall see. There are more changes ahead for our dear Gabby.

JMAIR: I wish RenPic wouldn't of caved an pulled The Way

JodiMnstr: Gabby...the everchanging bard!

On Q Gabby: oooh...any hints Tyldus?

Dlk1948: Like what changes, T?

QwnLizardo: please TY!!!!

OMXena: new clothes?

QwnLizardo: less clothes?

Trbl007: is Gabby going to catch bad guys with a net?

JMAIR: Care to elaborate on that Ty?

Dlk1948: the horse?

On Q Gabby: less clothes

QwnLizardo: <grin>

Tyldus: Eek! Redux!

Trbl007: lol

Trellopa: Gab and the J--- together?

JodiMnstr: Eww Trell!

On Q Gabby: oh my Trell!!

Trellopa: Yikes

Dlk1948: Come on, T? Give us info

QwnLizardo: yuk

Trbl007: yikes

QwnLizardo: <shudder>

Dlk1948: Tyldus, you there?

Tyldus: HInts...? Hmmm... I gotta think about that....

Follylujah: I love the way you write gab, can't stand it when she is clueless

On Q Gabby: Cmaryalice, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

QwnLizardo: just some little ones

AdoresXena: I gotta draw that, Trell :)

OMXena: Ty..is Xena gonna perform any more HHOMK on anyone?

Trellopa: HHOMK?

On Q Gabby: be vague...we can take it! ;)

Cmaryalice: gracias senorita!

JMAIR: me either Folly , I want a equal partner for Xena

JodiMnstr: OM...you'll have to explain that

Trbl007: No one understands X & G like tyldus, imho

Trellopa: RJ is pretty good too

Tyldus: <<blush>>

Trellopa: I like RJ

JodiMnstr: HHOMK...Hot Hungry Open Mouth Kisses

OMXena: lol HHOMK= Hot Hungry Open-Mouthed Kisses

Trellopa: Yes, kisses

Tyldus: I think that the major thing about Gabrielle is that she can't be written as a sidekick.

Dlk1948: goodness

Follylujah: aaaaaiiiiieeeee RJ has been beating the bard up pretty badly

JMAIR: come on Ty anyone who can write BTL likes is very clever indeed :)

On Q Gabby: :::::turning on the ceiling fan::::::::

Trellopa: She is beyond sidekick now

Follylujah: well, you see her as the hero, very cool

Trbl007: Indeed, Tyldus!

Dlk1948: Gab is not a sidekick anymore

JodiMnstr: Gab is an equal partner now!

Tyldus: HHOMK... I gotta write that one down....

Dlk1948: right

OMXena: she is a line in the mehndi

Dlk1948: right

AdoresXena: she has been an equal at least since the Quest

Trellopa: Om, yes

OMXena: use it in an ep, Ty...go ahead ;)

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty! OM's creation <EG>

AdoresXena: if not earlier

Trbl007: Tyldus writes Gabrielle as a top

Trellopa: Separate but connected

QwnLizardo: Well . . . I hate to leave the presence of such amazing Xenites . . . but I must

QwnLizardo: thanks for the chat and the insights

AdoresXena: topless top with toppings?

JodiMnstr: Nighters Qwn!

QwnLizardo: nite all*

JodiMnstr: LOL Adores!

On Q Gabby: we're glad you could join us Qwn :)

Tyldus: Night, Qwm!

OMXena: Ooooo Trbl...

Trellopa: Bye Qwn

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: If you would like a chat reminder, let me know :)

QwnLizardo: :) I'll come back if I'm welcome!

On Q Gabby: We're here every sunday

Tyldus: Man, it's late. By the time the pizza got here....

Tyldus: Hmmm....

QwnLizardo: I would Gabby

QwnLizardo: thank you

AdoresXena: absolutely

Tyldus: The desires of the mind strain against the reality of the belt....

Trellopa: Tyldus, I loved Naimi, the Indian woman

OMXena: wow..thats pretty deep Ty

AdoresXena: you liked that little piece of paper she gave Gab, Trell

JodiMnstr: Go with the mind Ty <EG>

JMAIR: sweat pants Ty, with an elastic waist :)

Trellopa: LOL yes, Adores

AdoresXena: "I don't have time for this"

Tyldus: Trell: I thought she was FANTASTIC. If any of you are looking to buy me a birthday present

Tyldus: That would be it.

JodiMnstr: Say Ty: what did Naima say to Gabby when she gave her that paper?

Dlk1948: Yeah, go Jodi

JMAIR: I though she said Sweet Thing

Follylujah: ***** sweet thing

Trellopa: Gab said she didn't have time for this

Trbl007: good question

JodiMnstr: It sounded like she called her Sweet thing?

AdoresXena: "call 1-800-MEHNDI for a hot time"

Trellopa: She did say Sweet thing

On Q Gabby: <snicker>

Tyldus: I'd have to look in the script for that exact moment, but what she was sayhing

On Q Gabby: It was an order form for Mehndi inks ;)

Tyldus: was not supposed to be understood. It was supposed to be the ramblings

JodiMnstr: LOL Gabby

AdoresXena: script probably isn't on Whoosh yet, Jodi?

Trellopa: I think she was trying to get Gabby to draw the menhdi

JodiMnstr: Nope Adores

Tyldus: of someone who is mentally deficient. That was something that wasn't

Tyldus: too clear because of the cuts.

AdoresXena: she didn't seem deficient to me

Tyldus: The point being that she appeared deficient to those who didn't understand.

OMXena: really? they cut that out ENTIRELY

AdoresXena: maybe just on a different wavelength from the people around here

JMAIR: I wish they would release director cuts of the espisode on DVD

AdoresXena: right, Tyldus, exactly

Tyldus: But, in reality, she was far above the limits of language.

JodiMnstr: Ah...so is that why she looked so out of it when they were getting ready to throw her on the

JodiMnstr: pyre?

Trellopa: I didn't find her deficient or in a state of stupor

Tyldus: A completely self-actualized being.

JodiMnstr: Wow...that didn't come through at all!

On Q Gabby: Tyldus, do you lose much of your scripts due to editing in the cutting room?

Tyldus: Yep. That's why she picked at the air when Gab mentioned Xena.

Follylujah: so will there ever be a director's cut of xena with all the parts you had to cut to make 44

Trbl007: why was she going to let them kill her?

Tyldus: It wasn't meant to make sense to US. But when Gabrielle entered her world

Dlk1948: so, Tyldus, are X and G going time traveling?

Tyldus: everything made sense.

OMXena: I thought she was on some heavy acid, man

Tyldus: Heh heh. To Naiyima, death means nothing. So dying had no meaning for her.

JodiMnstr: Boy Gab has quite an effect on the women she encounters doesn't she <G>

Trellopa: Naimi was so delicate and yet so powerful

Tyldus: Dlk: They did in that episode.

On Q Gabby: You can say that again Jodi! <eg>

Dlk1948: I mean again, Tyldus?

Tyldus: Dlk: Nope, not in the works.

Tyldus: Not yet, anyway.

JodiMnstr: Yeah, Ty...will we ever see Mel and Janice again?

Dlk1948: so how about 20th century characters?

AdoresXena: how about Priestess Callisto (since the bad Callisto may be back)

Tyldus: Jodi:I've pushed for that, but we've never managed to get that off the ground.

Trellopa: Mel and Janice would be neat to see again

AdoresXena: I'd like to see a Xena episode with the alt universe from HTLJ

OMXena: Ty..will we see Ares this season and will he gain some respect?

JodiMnstr: Keep pushing Ty...we'd love to see it!

Follylujah: aaaaiiiiiiieee, not me

AdoresXena: thanks for trying Tyldus, they're a lot of fun

Tyldus: One day, I'll tell everyone the one Time Travel episode that RJ and I wanted to do.

Follylujah: yes to mel and jan, no to alt verse

Tyldus: Can't do it yet, 'cause y'never know....

On Q Gabby: Oooh, that would be great Tyldus! :D

JMAIR: yes, Ty if you need any help we have a Pack that is up to the deed :)

JodiMnstr: That would be cool Ty!

Trellopa: Maybe you will do it, that would be great

Dlk1948: uber fic is really great and I'd love to see 20th century X

Trbl007: would be great to see Lucy and Renee in a new series together after Xena..they could be like

Trbl007: Lucy and Ethel

JMAIR: Xena and Gab driving in a convertible wearing shades :)

Trellopa: Would love to see Xe as a cowgirl

Tyldus: Maybe soup... yeah... maybe that's the ticket....

JodiMnstr: LOL Trbl

OMXena: Ty...how about Ares?

Dlk1948: Dar and Kerry

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry would be good but they belong to Missy

Tyldus: Ares will be back. Kevin's hard to get these days because of other committments.

AdoresXena: the MAD TV version of Lucy and Ethel

Tyldus: Same with Karl and Danielle.

Trellopa: Tyldus, what about Danielle?

AdoresXena: you mean Young Herc, Tyldus?

Trellopa: Adores, LOL

Dlk1948: so buy Dar and Kerry from Missy and film it

JodiMnstr: Were you able to get Danielle for the Amazon ep?

Tyldus: Getting Danielle was hard to do for a while because of her schedule.

OMXena: I hope Ares gets a little more formitable

Trellopa: Dlk, don't think that will happen

JMAIR: but Missy has to do the script :)

Tyldus: I believe she and Karl were in a move together.

Trbl007: Topless Women talk abou t their lives

Tyldus: movei, that is.

Tyldus: Rather, MOVIE.

OMXena: she and Karl moved in together?!?!

On Q Gabby: LOL

JodiMnstr: LOL OM!

Tyldus: Jeez! Just washed my hands, can't do a thing with them....

Trellopa: I've loved this season because of the use of all the women characters

On Q Gabby: Txbifm, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

AdoresXena: LOL Ty

JodiMnstr: LOL Ty!

JMAIR: see how rumors get started and you get blamed Ty??? :)

OMXena: Yeah Ty its pretty exciting being here with us, ain't it?

Trbl007: I would love to see Lucy do a Western and be the sherif!!!

On Q Gabby: OM, maybe it's US who's excited ;)

OMXena: yeah Trbl...yum

JodiMnstr: I would say that's more the case Gabby <G>

OMXena: ;) gab

On Q Gabby: :D

AdoresXena: absolutely...she already wears leather and rides a horse :)

On Q Gabby: TB OR PB, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Trellopa: I can see LL doing a Sigourney Weaver type ALien role

Tyldus: Believe it or not, I just figured out that Dar and Kerry are uber fiction creations?

OMXena: Maybe Lucy can be in Quick and the Dead 2

Tyldus: Correct me if I'm wrong.

JodiMnstr: Ty: Anything you can share about Lucy and Renee...an antecdote perhaps?

AdoresXena: no, that's right Ty

BladeMast: You're right, Tyldus.

Follylujah: yeah dar and kerry are missy good uber

JodiMnstr: Spot on, Ty

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry live in Miami

KrisB613: Hey.. How bout using BLMillers and Vada's Western chronicle?

Dlk1948: Ty, you gotta read Missy's Dar and Kerry

Tyldus: One of these days. I'm gonna be able to read that girl's work....


Trellopa: They scuba dive and eat chocolate chip ice cream

JMAIR: Ty you have something to really look forward to :)

JodiMnstr: Ty...but not until after the series if over, right?

Tyldus: 'Course, by then, I'll be writing my OWN fan fiction. :)

AdoresXena: are writers for the show allowed to read fanfic?

Dlk1948: and Dar drinks chocolate milk

KrisB613: actually I think it was jes Chocolate when they were in NC

Trellopa: Tyldus, would love to read your fan fiction

Follylujah: oh very cool we wil be happy to read you fanfic

Tyldus: ADores: There's nothing preventing anyone from reading what we want.

Tyldus: I just don't do it for personal reasons.

OMXena: Ty...would it be ALT fan fic?

JodiMnstr: Rock on Ty! We'd love to see your fanfic!

AdoresXena: Tyldus, have you seen Karen Nicholas' fanfic links page?

Tyldus: Nah, you wouldn't. It would be too... too....

Trellopa: I'd read anything Tyldus wrote

On Q Gabby: too???

OMXena: too???

Tyldus: ....HHOMK

Trellopa: LOL

On Q Gabby: ROFL!!!

OMXena: OH MY!!!

AdoresXena: see, this guy learns fast :)

Dlk1948: LOL

On Q Gabby: You tease Tyldus!! :D

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo! ROFL!

OMXena: <<faint>>

On Q Gabby: ::::fanning OM::::::

Dlk1948: ROFL, Jodi?

Trbl007: lol

Trellopa: We will all have to meet at the Xena con in January, eh, Leah?

BladeMast: Notice Tyldus didn't notate the GENDER of the HHOMK's.

OMXena: Lucy's the queen of HHOMK!

JodiMnstr: ROFL=Rolling on floor Laughing

On Q Gabby: ROFL= rolling on the floor laughting

AdoresXena: Leah is still wishing they would have a con closer to home

Dlk1948: thanks

On Q Gabby: Oh yes Trell!!

Trellopa: I think Tyldus, likes to meet people at the cons

KrisB613: um... *sheepish grin* HHOMK?

AdoresXena: hot heavy openmouthed kisses

On Q Gabby: Hot

OMXena: Hot Hungry Open Mouthed Kisses

On Q Gabby: LOL

AdoresXena: or hungry, if you prefer :)

Tyldus: Trell: Actually, I do. Sometimes I can't meet everyone, though,. and that's a little

Tyldus: disappointing.

On Q Gabby: Doghvn, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

OMXena: Hungry...definitely

Trellopa: I hear you are very nice to your fans

JodiMnstr: Lucy definately has the art of HHOMK down pat <G>

AdoresXena: I think most fans are understanding about that

KrisB613: anyone here know CPR... my heart jes stopped

AdoresXena: LOL

OMXena: oh yes, trell!

On Q Gabby: Hee hee

OMXena: I mean Jodi <G>

Tyldus: Trellopa: Well, I think it's more that they're nice to ME.

Trellopa: We appreciate your writing

Dlk1948: I really need to go to bed and get some rest, but I don't know if I could sleep

Trbl007: Ty signed my Xena lunch box!!!

On Q Gabby: Kris...just keep breathing...and stay away from the Maxim pics for the next 5 minutes ;)

Trellopa: Very nice

OMXena: cool marilyn

Doghvn: Hello all, what is being conferred....Xena?

Trellopa: Leah, LOL

On Q Gabby: Yes Doghvn :)

AdoresXena: Xena and don't forget Gab :)

Trellopa: Queer Xena chat

KrisB613: <groaning> You HAD to mention those!!!

On Q Gabby: whoops!

Tyldus: The last con here, I had to leave early 'cause I promised Pat and Jeffery we could go to

Tyldus: dinner.

Trellopa: Kris, don't you like the Maxim pics?

JodiMnstr: LOL Kris...we're just wishing that one day X&G could share a HHOMK on screen <G>

Tyldus: So I had to leave before it was over. Didn't even get to see the merchandise.

Dlk1948: no to the Maxim pix

OMXena: Ty what do you think of the Maxim pix?

On Q Gabby: I can see LL's eye staring at me on mydesktop ;)

On Q Gabby: Kwilhite1, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

AdoresXena: you're going to get Tyldus in trouble again :)

Trellopa: I love the Maxim pics

KrisB613: Trell- its jes that now ive stopped breathing too!

JodiMnstr: Maxim pics Woo Hoo!

Tyldus: On Q: Ruh ror?

On Q Gabby: :::fanning Kris:::::

Tyldus: OMX: They're very... uhm.... nice.

Dlk1948: nice?

OMXena: hehe...yeasss

Trellopa: Dlk, you don't have to buy the mag and you don't have to look at them

JodiMnstr: Ty: Gabby has the Maxim pics as her wallpaper <G>

Tyldus: Sometimes it's hard to reconcile those pictures with the woman who bounces into the office

Tyldus: saying "Ey, Stevie!"

Trbl007: lol

On Q Gabby: I've got the 2 page spread of LL as my desktop on my computer...I can just see her eye

OMXena: I bet! LOL

Dlk1948: Sure surprised me with those pix

OMXena: does she really...um...."bounce" ;)

Trellopa: LL is such a good looking woman--she is Flawless

Tyldus: I only read the articles, anyway....

On Q Gabby: well...and a bit of...er...nevermind ;)

JodiMnstr: Ty: Any idea what prompted her to agree to do them?

On Q Gabby: Ophelia, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

JodiMnstr: LOL OM!

AdoresXena: of course :)

Tyldus: Jodi: Nope. I didn't know about them until I saw the issue.

Dlk1948: Yes, Ty, why did she do the pix?

On Q Gabby: and we don't even read the articles Tyldus! ;D

JodiMnstr: Bet that was an eyeopener, eh, Ty?

OMXena: she did the pix cuz she CAN ;)

Trbl007: Indeed, OMX

JodiMnstr: Ain't that the truth, OM!

Trellopa: Jodi, maybe her exercise routine had something to do with it, feeling good about her bod

Tyldus: It has given me a new appreciation of stockings, though....

OMXena: oh my

Trbl007: And I for one am glad she did :O

On Q Gabby: WOo hoo!!

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo! That's the truth!

Follylujah: any thing you can tell us about amazon reunion, by any other name?

On Q Gabby: There we go again Jodi!

Tyldus: ....Like the ones I'm wearing now....

AdoresXena: it was very helpful for fanfic illustrators :)

JodiMnstr: Trell...you're probably right...she's in great shape!

Trbl007: lol, lol, lol

Trellopa: Love those stockings and heels and those cute buns

AdoresXena: now if they would do one with Lucy and Renee together

KrisB613: lmao

OMXena: they look lovely on you Ty

On Q Gabby: Jww, welcome to XenaChat where subtext is the only text!! Battle on Xena!

Trellopa: ROC is too shy to do Maxim

JodiMnstr: LOL OM!

AdoresXena: true

Dlk1948: good Roc

Tyldus: Theraputic stockings! I swear! Theraputic!

Trellopa: LOL

Trbl007: lol

JodiMnstr: Right Ty <G>

Tyldus: Soft... supple.... sheer... black therapy.......

Follylujah: yes it can be good therapy

On Q Gabby: Yeah...I heard that about "fishnets" Ty...LOL

Trellopa: LOL

Tyldus: <<sigh>>

Trbl007: It's theraputic to live out your fantasies

KrisB613: huh yeah right and that line up the back of em is for orientation purposes only

JodiMnstr: LOL

AdoresXena: just don't let the cocker spaniels chew holes in em

On Q Gabby: LOL!!

OMXena: OK..I gotta go to sleep. Gab..please send me a copy of the chat? Thanks!

JodiMnstr: Nighters OM!

On Q Gabby: sure OM :)

OMXena: nite Jodi

On Q Gabby: Battle on!

Tyldus: I'm comfortable with my feminine side.

Trellopa: Om Om bye Om Om

Dlk1948: Good nite you leches

OMXena: thansk Gab

Trbl007: nite OMX

Trellopa: Dlk bye

Tyldus: Is there anything wrong with me wanting my feminine side to be comfortable?

On Q Gabby: Battle on Dlk

Tyldus: Of course not....

JodiMnstr: Actually, Ty...you write women very well...I'm sure you are <G>

AdoresXena: they'll make you an honorary lesbian, Tyldus :)

Trellopa: Dlk we just appreciate a beautiful woman

AdoresXena: good point Jodi

OMXena: Nite Trell trbl

KrisB613: nope not at all...

On Q Gabby: Like you Adores :)

Trbl007: Love your feminine side, Ty :)

AdoresXena: I never got my toaster, Leah

OMXena: goodnight everyone!

On Q Gabby: Hee hee!!

Dlk1948: thanks for the compliment, T LOL

AdoresXena: night OM

Tyldus: :)

On Q Gabby: I'm sure I've got a spare around here somewhere... ;)

Trellopa: RJ and Tydus both write women well

JodiMnstr: Keep your feminine side comfortable and happy Ty!

Tyldus: Nighters, OM!

Follylujah: Ty, anything you can tell us about amazon reunion?

AdoresXena: my, you must have recruited a lot of em, Leah :)

Trellopa: Adore, we need to send you a toaster

On Q Gabby: heh heh

AdoresXena: thanks Trell...though the Lucy issue of Advocate was plenty, come to think of it

Tyldus: Folly: Nope. That's RJ's project. It's not a Xena episode, as was reported once.

AdoresXena: I need to get that scanner to send you the lastest drawings

Trellopa: She looked great on the Advocate, no?

Follylujah: We have been waiting for xena to have to deal with them post gab drag

JodiMnstr: Boy did she Trell...and it was a great article too

AdoresXena: sure did!

Trellopa: Great, I am waiting to see more drawings

AdoresXena: mostly from Return of Callisto

AdoresXena: bits from Sacrifice and Sin Trade

Trellopa: Wonderful

JodiMnstr: Yeah Folly...what about that Ty?

Tyldus: Okay, this time, I do have to go. I gotta get back to writing.

Follylujah: thanks for visiting with us

On Q Gabby: Thanks so much for joining us Tyldus!

Trbl007: what are you working on? :)

Trellopa: Thanks for being here, Tyldus

AdoresXena: thanks for staying so long, Tyldus. appreciate it

JodiMnstr: Thanks for joining us Tyldus...it was great!

BladeMast: Thank you, Tyldus!

JMAIR: bye Ty enjoy the pizza

Trellopa: Come again some time

AdoresXena: say hi to the cockers for us

Tyldus: Jodi: That will have to wait for a while... can't give anything away. You'll see what I

Tyldus: mean laer.

Trbl007: Thanks a zillion, Tyldus

Trellopa: You Thespian!

On Q Gabby: We're here every week...we'd love for you to visit again :)

AdoresXena: surprise us, Tyldus :)

JodiMnstr: Yes, Ty...feel free to drop by again on another Sunday night <G>

Trellopa: Love to RJ

On Q Gabby: May I add you to our chat reminder Tyldus?

Tyldus: Thanks. If I'm online and you see me, send me an e-mail and I'll see if

Tyldus: I can join in again.

Trbl007: very cool

On Q Gabby: Will do Tyldus :)

KrisB613: thanks Ty....

Tyldus: But for now... I must got write the persons of which we have been speaking....

Tyldus: On Q: Yes, add me.

Follylujah: yippeeee!!!

On Q Gabby: ooohhh!!!!

Trellopa: Write On

JodiMnstr: Please do Tyldus! Battle on!

On Q Gabby: Great! Battle on Tyldus!

AdoresXena: maybe you won't be swamped as much next time :)

Tyldus: <<turning to the typewriter, he takes a deep breath and repeats...>>

Tyldus: HHOKM, HHOKM...

Trellopa: LOL

AdoresXena: LOL

JodiMnstr: Woo Hoo!

JMAIR: tease

On Q Gabby: woo hoo!!!!

Follylujah: hhhaaaaa, yes, think gab, xena, HHOKM

AdoresXena: night everyone

Trbl007: YES!!!!!

JodiMnstr: Actually it's HHOMK...

On Q Gabby: Wow!! This was great!

JodiMnstr: <G>

JodiMnstr: Very cool!

AdoresXena: gotta go draw some HHOMK of my own for Trell

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry, are you still here?

JodiMnstr: You go Adores!

On Q Gabby: I can't believe he came to our chat!

Trellopa: Adores, smmooch to you, hon

JodiMnstr: Wow that was great wasn't it Gabby!

Trbl007: Adores, where can I find your drawings?

On Q Gabby: I'm amazed!

Trellopa: Glad Pey got Tyldus to come to our chat

On Q Gabby: and thrilled

JodiMnstr: He is very cool

AdoresXena: in Trell's apartment, til I get a scanner :)

On Q Gabby: He certainly showed up quickly...and stayed late

Trbl007: lol

JodiMnstr: Trell..Pey and OM and I kinda ganged up on him <G>

Trellopa: Leah, can i get a copy of the chat?

AdoresXena: yeah. we haven't had many chats over 60 minutes in a while

On Q Gabby: Oh yes...

JodiMnstr: Yes, Gabby I'd love one too!

On Q Gabby: No we haven't

Trellopa: Great Jodi

Trbl007: Tyldus was in private room Lawless

On Q Gabby: sure Jodi!

AdoresXena: Carp (sp?) wants a log too, Leah

AdoresXena: thanks

On Q Gabby: And he left to come here? how did you all do it?

JodiMnstr: Yep Trbl... I think they were probably mad that we stole him away <G>

Trbl007: yes, he left to come here. OMX sent him a thing to click on

Trellopa: Leah, Pey and Jodi and Om got him to come over

On Q Gabby: I may just send the chat log to everyone :)

JodiMnstr: That would be cool Gabby! <G>

On Q Gabby: Jodi, were there lots of folks in the Lawless chat?

Trbl007: I would love the log, On Q

On Q Gabby: Sure Trbl007

Trellopa: Leah, he wants to be on our list,that is nice

JodiMnstr: About 17...I think many of them followed to here though <G>

On Q Gabby: Oh I know it

Trbl007: OMX kept giving him directions to get here, and he kept trying and saying

JMAIR: well night all ;)

Trbl007: he couldn't find the community room so she sent him the thing to click on

On Q Gabby: Battle on Jmair

JodiMnstr: Night JMAIR

Trellopa: Leah, send him an online newsletter so he can just click on Xena chat to get here

On Q Gabby: If there is anyone who would like to be on our chat reminder list, just let me know!

JodiMnstr: Well, folks...gotta run. It was great tonight! <G>

On Q Gabby: I'm going to Trell :)

Trellopa: Dar and Kerry left :(

On Q Gabby: I'm off to bed myself...so cool!!! Battle on Xenites!

JodiMnstr: Nighters!

Trbl007: Thanks everyone. Love the On Q reminders! Very well done. thanks

Trellopa: Leah, wait

Trellopa: Watch your mailbox

On Q Gabby: Ok , Trell :)

On Q Gabby: I will :)

Trellopa: The car is coming to you

Trellopa: Did you make the beer?

On Q Gabby: really!! You are the best!

On Q Gabby: Yes I did...for Derby :)

Trellopa: She is making beer for Derby week

On Q Gabby: It is fermenting as we speak :)

AdoresXena: what kind of ingredients?

Trellopa: Adores, I await anxiously for your drawings

On Q Gabby: Grain, water and hops :)

On Q Gabby: Just a hobby :)

Trellopa: Shoot, I should have told Tyldus about the Devi exhibit here in DC

AdoresXena: thanks. I have an older computer with only 16M RAM

AdoresXena: which is the minimum for the scanner I want

On Q Gabby: Send him an e-mail Trell :)

AdoresXena: is that going to cause problems?

AdoresXena: yes, email me in a day or two if I forget

Trellopa: Ok, kids gotta hit the hay

Trellopa: Work in the am

AdoresXena: I am looking at the 1200 dpi ones for about 90 bucks. every last one on the shelf

On Q Gabby: Me too Trell, Adores :)

Trellopa: Xena and Gabrielle On

On Q Gabby: Battle on!

AdoresXena: looked like it had been opened and returned, so I felt doubtful


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