Many thanks to Liz for the following transcript

Wellington's Dominion newspaper 20 April 1999

Lucy to lead museum parade

Actress Lucy Lawless, star of Xena, Warrior Princess, is to lead a parade through the streets of Nelson on May 30 to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Suter Art Museum.

The museum director, Helen Telford, said the "lift-off" parade was based on the them of the museum lifting off into the next century. Participants in the parade will be challenged to travel from the centre of town to the museum without their feet touching the ground.

Those at the parade will be encouraged to fill a money pot with gold and silver coins for the Museum's Art of Money exhibition for the chance to win a spot prize and have their photograph taken with Lawless.

The Suter is NZ's third-oldest art museum. It was founded by Ameila Suter inn1899 in memory of her husband.

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