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Quotable Quotes
"All right, 'Eczema' what're you gonna do? Huh? You're gonna use your pressure points. Go on. Go ahead. Go for it. You can't touch me. Come on. Come on. You're really tough now, Warrior Princess.

-- Gabrielle taunting Xena"


30 August

Lucy Articles

Renee News

Xenaverse News

  • Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) in the trailer for Raise Your Voice, a movie starring Hilary Duff called. He plays Mr Wesson in the story of a girl from a small town (Hilary Duff), who heads to the big city of Los Angeles to spend the summer at a performing arts high school. The movie stars John Corbett, Rebecca De Mornay and Rita Wilson. | Official Site | THX to GabbyLu for the info.


28 August

Lucy TV Alerts

The X-Files
Nothing Important Happened Today, Part 1
Doggett and Reyes (Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish) continue to investigate Mulder's theories, and their quest leads to a woman (guest star Lucy Lawless) who possesses knowledge of a possible government cover-up involving Scully's (Gillian Anderson) baby. Cary Elwes guest stars.

Tue Aug 31 12:00A on TNT

The X-Files
Nothing Important Happened Today II, Part 2
Doggett's (Robert Patrick) ongoing search for clues puts his life in jeopardy; Reyes (Annabeth Gish) continues to battle the FBI while keeping an eye on Assistant Director Follmer (guest star Cary Elwes); Scully's (Gillian Anderson) baby exhibits signs of being extraordinary. Lucy Lawless guest stars.

Tue Aug 31 01:00A on TNT


27 August

Lucy Images

Renee News

  • More about Renee's role in "One Weekend a Month" | Renee is the star of this movie. The actors who play her children are the only other people on screen. "It's the story of a National Guardsman, who's a single mother of two children and gets called to go to the Iraqi war. But she's in a bind because she has no one to take care of her children. The film is a ten-minute series of phone calls. There is no script. The whole Thing is improvised." | Thanks to Sharon for the info.


26 August

The Bard's Corner





Lucy Articles

  • STARRY, starry nights: Hollywood parties are Mindy Weiss' business | Boston Herald - Boston, MA, USA (...) Of course, not everyone opts for elegant. "Xena'' star Lucy Lawless hired an Elvis impersonator to entertain the 340 guests at her wedding

Renee News

  • Renee in "One Weekend a Month" screening | Here's an opportunity to see Renee O'Connor in director Eric Escobar's short film, "One Weekend a Month." It will be shown at the Cine Latino Film Festival in San Francisco as part of the closing night screeenings on Sunday, September 19th at 7:30 pm, at the University of San Francisco Presentation Theatre, 2350 Turk Boulevard. Check their web page at http://www.cineaccion.com for ticket information. Eric will have his own web page up about the movie shortly. | Thanks to Sharon for the info.

Xenaverse News

  • Kevin Sorbo going for laughs in ABC deal | After nearly a dozen years in action-adventure land, Kevin Sorbo is ready to segue to the lighter side of television. Sorbo, star of the syndicated first-run dramas "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," has inked a deal with ABC that calls for the network to develop a comedy project for the actor, ABC confirmed. Sorbo is no stranger to the sitcom genre. Read more... | Thanks to Lisa for the info.

New eBooks

Added High Intensity (Uber) by Bel-Wah
Added Driven (Uber) by Susanne Beck, T Novan
Added Amazonia (Uber) by Ali Vali
Added Kenyan Sky (Uber) by Portia Richardson
Added Incidental Tourist (Uber) by JL Petersen


23 August

This is a funny cartoon - At Home with Lucy "Xena" Lawless with the caption "Not tonight Hon, the CONAN suit is at the cleaners" - Lucy is doing something naughty with her sword and directed at Rob's pajamas :) http://www.cartoon-artist.com/gif.Images/xena.gif
Many thx to Saul for the link

22 August

Xena Articles

New Artwork Updates

  • Updated the artists' listings to include email and Website links (not all are active yet, but they will be soon!)

  • Added 2 pieces back to the gallery by CN Winters

  • Added 5 new pieces by Xeares

  • Added a new piece by SharonH

  • Added a new piece by Stellar Tsang

  • Added 5 new pieces by IO Walls


Help is on the Way Benefit Pictures

Lucy Lawless signs costumes
Lucy signs the costumes on display at the Help is on the Way Benefit
The photo is the last one in the gallery


20 August


Lucy Images

Some time ago when Lucy performed at Gilda's Club benefit there was this gorgeous black and white picture of her in the Toronto Sun - November 2003. It's now available for purchase (a little pricey at $40 CND - which is roughly $42 AUD (not including postage) - this version is in colour.

To purchase go to:
Many thanks to Ann for the link

Lucy Wallpapers

Help Is on the Way X Photos

Ellen sent these through and I haveto say they are simply gorgeous. If you wish to purchase these photos contact Ellen on teddy333@cox.net 

Click on the thumbail for the slightly larger pic


19 August

Furthur to yesterday's announcement - I made an oopsie. It's Monday not Saturday when Mesh will be taking over <g> Got a little ahead of myself <g>

Xena Music Videos

Videos by Myopia

  • Added To A Few Good Friends - a very feel good video looking at Xena & Gabrielle's friends that is a real toe tapper  - NO FIN content.

  • Added I'm a Woman - another feel good video with Xena and Gabrielle and a little bit of Ares. No FIN Content

Xena DVD News

Season 6 DVD Update

  • Season 6 is now available from Panzer Anderson but if you all wait until next year you will get the complete set. It seems that the versions sold on Panzer Anderson site is not the complete version. Missing from it are interviews by Missy Good for Coming Home and Legacy. Someone made an oopsie and forgot to add them. These interviews will be on the versions sold from Amazon.com, Best Buy, Creation or elsewhere.


Xena 10th Anniversary Con

From Creation:

Two sensational stars have now joined the party of the 10th Anniversary OFFICIAL XENA CONVENTION scheduled for January 21-23, 2005 in Burbank, California!

DANIELLE CORMACK (EPHINY) and MEIGHAN DESMOND (DISCORD) bring us up to 12 guests so far and we're still working round the clock to bring you many, many
more guests!

Check out our progress so far, and pick up the best of our weekend ticket packages still available by visiting us online.

Get ready to party!


Eurotrip News

For Sydney fans:

Join The Sydney Xenaphiles next Saturday, September 21, at Hoyts Eastgardens and salivate over Madame Vandersexx... Session time and rating to be advised shortly. For more info contact Sue on suebon@iprimus.com.au

18 August

Site announcement

Holiday time is here for me and I'm going to be taking a few weeks off for some R&R. While I'm away Mesh will be looking after the sites - Cindy will be updating the artwork as usual and I will be hopefully be having a jolly good time <g> Mesh will start updating the site from Monday. So if you are a bard on TBC or TNC, if you have any news or anything else related to the sites, please email mesh@ausxip.com 



17 August

Xena Cast Star Tracks

New Movie Update - The Bourne Supremacy has Karl Urban and Martin Csokas in it.
Many thanks to Tracy for the news

The Bard's Corner

Bard Gatherings





Lucy Magazine Alert - NZ New Idea - 10 August 2004

"Saving Lives" article is typical of the generosity and dedication Lucy has towards the plight of needy children. The story shows the child that Lucy sponsors through the World Vision organisation and the impact that her sponsorship has on their family. There is 2 great pics of Lucy in her Xena days and a large beautiful casual pose of a more recent Lucy. There are also 3 pics of Even (sponsored child) and his family and home in Bangladesh. This is a 2 page spread article and shows why we are such keen fans of Lucy Lawless!

You can order NZ New Idea from Kiwi Attic from http://kiwiattic.bizland.com/Xena/NewIdea/NI210804.htm  or email Kiwi Attic at kiwiattic@xtra.co.nz

Lucy Pictures

This photogallery page (of the Hairspray opening on July 21st) has a few pics of Lucy on it. She's only in the background (what was the photographer thinking?!) but I'd recognise that hair and dress anywhere, and hey presto, when you click on the jpegs to enlarge them, it is indeed she <g>:
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Eurotrip News

  • Reviews for the movie have started appearing in Aussie newspapers and it hasn't exactly set the critics on fire. There is a brief Lucy mention in Sunday Times review

15 August

The Bard's Corner

The Bard's Corner New Policy

After careful consideration I have decided to institute a new policy on Ausxip and The Bard's Corner/Next Chapter.

If you are bard and want your work removed from this site there will be a 7 day cooling off period.  After this 7 day period if you still want your work off this site, I will do so immediately. Please remember that  this site is frequently cached by Google and the stories can be accessed in that way even if they are removed from the site. They are still in the Google cache for approx 28 days or whenever Google does their reindexing.

Reinstatement of stories is on the condition of a good supply Krispy Kremes and milk.

Xena DVD News

Planetout.com has a look at the release of the Season 4 DVD

Xena revisited - planetout.com site
If you've been missing the less-than-subtle lesbian subtext between Xena and Gabrielle from the defunct "Xena: Warrior Princess," here's a quick fix. In celebration of the DVD release of season four, we've put together a slideshow capturing some of the most intimate moments between the dynamic duo, including the kiss ...

Xena Articles

  • there's a mention of Lucy as Xena in the article about the upcoming movie Princess Diaries 2'  ...."Xena: Warrior Princess" (Lucy Lawless) battled the forces of evil for years on television with the help of fellow female warrior Gabrielle"
    [Click here to read]



REAF Auction - Autographed Script on Ebay

Script - "Return of the Valkyrie" Hand Signed by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. Production copy #V1410 Episode 8. Written by Emily Skopov and directed by John Fawcett. Dated July 17, 2000


14 August

AUSXIP Image Library

AUSXIP Artwork

  • Updated the artists' listings to include email and Website links (not all are active yet, but they will be soon!)

  • Added 2 pieces back to the gallery by CN Winters

  • Added 5 new pieces by Xeares

  • Added a new piece by SharonH

  • Added a new piece by Stellar Tsang

The Bard's Corner

After due consideration, T Novan has decided to return his XWP fan fiction to Mary D's site.  However, he will not be reposting any uber or original fiction, including the draft version of Words Heard in Silence.

There has been some speculation that T Novan asked that his work be pulled from the web because of a discussion that occurred on a fellow author's list recently.  The dialogue on that list was not the reason - the personal emails to TN over the past weeks about TN's decision to remove 18 pages of
explicit sex scenes from the published version of Words Heard in Silence were the reason.  Some of those private comments were incredibly insulting and diminishing.

In the past six years, TN has published over 300 titles, all of which were made available to you, the readers, for free, including early drafts of works that were eventually published.  From the comments he received in recent weeks, two things appear obvious.  First, it is not beneficial for people to see raw versions of a work.  If the finish product does not contain things that the reader liked in the draft version but got edited out as the author continued to develop the work, the backlash is vicious. Second, from the comments that some people made, it appears that if a lesbian themed novel does not contain explicit sexual content, it is not worth reading.  That second message is particularly painful, as TN puts a great deal of effort into telling rich, complex stories that look at all of the dynamics of human relationships, not just what goes on in the bedroom.

As some of you know, TN has been going through a period of personal stress, with health and other issues consuming a good portion of his time and energy.  He is currently in a retreat, taking time to put some things in perspective.  Therefore, if you have any questions or comments, please direct them to me, as his publisher and partner.


Taylor Rickard
CEO, Cavalier Press

MaryD: I will be uploading TN's classic fiction with the next update


Starship Lucy Appeal

Forwarded by Ann from the Starship Foundation about donating the Lucy Lawless Appeal and having it credited to the Lucy Appeal and also a note about Lucy signing the letters:

If you would like to donate towards the Lucy Lawless Appeal on the website click on the “Priority Equipment” drop down and that will ensure that her appeal gets the donation.  That is how we manage the donations for when we run Lucy’s Appeals.

Lucy was really happy to sign the letters – I’m sure that she would have had a sore hand when she had finished! She is a great lady to have around.  She certainly brightens up the days of the children here at the hospital when she comes to visit.

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it.

REAF Benefit Auction

Rheingold Ring - used by Lucy Lawless to make her invincible. This Ring is framed with a picture of Xena putting on the ring. The Ring was donated to Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation, all the money raised will go to local AIDS orgranization to help people in need.


13 August

To those in the path of Hurricane Charley in Florida - Missy, Denise, Phil, Cindy and the rest of the Florida based Xenites keep safe guys!

The Bard's Corner

AUSXIP Image Library

AUSXIP Print Library

  • Superheroes and the feminine mystique - Gay and Lesbian Times 22 July 2004
    Bulletproof bracelets, bionics and Farrah hair. Warrior princesses, vampire slayers and super spies. Are female superheroes the new divas?  Why do gay men love larger-than-life women? Why do lesbians love Sydney Bristow and Xena? The Gay & Lesbian Times got in touch with some comic creators and got into the minds of our favorite comics in an attempt to analyze the superhero mystique. Click here to read article Many thanks to Ann for the news

  • Kathryn Morris (Najara) article about her hit show "Cold Squad (one of my favourite shows) - the following is from the Rocky Mountain News - 12 August 2004
    ....And she developed a bit of a cult following for playing a vulnerable villain named Najari on Xena, Warrior Princess. (Obviously Morris' hairstyle and wardrobe were different).
    Read full article

Xena Xena Everywhere

Xena has become such a cult show  that references to the show and the mythical sword-weilding warrior has entered the mainstream media This section of the site is going to be about fun and how the media brings Xena to the forefront of advertising, mentions in TV shows & magazines, newspapers & song.

  • Xena reference in the article - 'Toolbelt Diva' Hopes to Inspire Handywomen
    Vally pushes her girl power doctrine every chance she can — on the show and off — transforming the home improvement term do-it-yourself into a Xena-like war cry for women. There are other female-friendly home improvement shows like Lifetime's "Merge" and WE's "She House." But none are as feminist-friendly as "Diva." Vally says "Toolbelt Diva" is much more than just another home improvement show. This one's got a message.
    Read article - Many thanks to Amy for the news


Lucy Image Library

Hairspray Opening Night After Party - 21 July 2004

REAF Benefit News

The following is from Crystal about the Help Is on the Way Programs - a note from Ken Henderson from REAF.

He said that there were plenty of programs left if anyone would still like to purchase some.  As for those of you who received some surprises when you opened your program from the mail, this is what he said:

"We had Lucy sign a stack of programs and we've had a number of orders since the benefit. I'm mailing the last of the pre-signed ones today so any orders that come in now will not have her signature. The poor girl had a stack of signing to do backstage plus all the autographs she signed after the show. I gave her a stack of 50 sign and about 40 were sold before the benefit.  We didn't advertise them as signed, I just thought that would be a nice surprise for people...."


So if you didn't order your program...no Lucy auto if you order them now but don't let that stop you. REAF is a great organisation to support. You can order your program from http://www.richmondermet.org/reaf10.1/help10.html

Tarzan News

A bit of Travis Fimmel news (Tarzan) - Travis has been signed to a new series called Rocky Point. Travis will play professional surfer Taj. "Rocky Point" revolves around Cassie Flynn (played by Chyler Leigh), a 19-year-old from Connecticut who puts off going to Princeton and moves to the North Shore of O'ahu, where she was born. Cassie finds happiness with her pro surfer boyfriend and her three best friends, but her new life is complicated by the surprise appearance of her estranged father (Billy Campbell).



12 August

Ausxip Artwork

Judi's Creations

The Bard's Corner



Help Is On the Way Benefit

and a note from Cindy:

A note for everyone who attended the REAF Benefit:

I'm sure with all the cameras and videos rolling that evening some of you may have captured me in a shot with Lucy (I've already seen a few surfacing <G>), or perhaps even images of the now famous phone chat with Nan.

If any of you do have copies (especially video of the phone call!), would you please contact me directly at forevaxena@ausxip.com?  Thanks in advance!


Lucy Image Library


11 August


As per T. Novan' s request I have removed TN's fiction off the site. The stories that are in collaboration with other bards, remain but WHIS has also been removed.

The Bard's Corner



Help is On the Way

For those who ordered a REAF Programme - you're getting a nice surprise. Lucy has autographed the Tribute Advert that fans have donated/contributed towards. This advert was taken by in the Official REAF Program paying tribute to Lucy Lawless by her fans. The design was by Corxy and the money for the full page advert was by numerous fans. Creation graciously allowed us to use the Lucy photo from the New Mexico Photoshoot.

Lucy REAF Images

Lucy Magazine Alert

Many thanks to Ruthann for the following news:

  • The August 2004 issue of Girlfriends has an interview with Lucy and Renee

10 August


Lucy Wallpapers

REAF Auction Updates

Miss Amphipolis  - has been sold for $860.00
Roman Noblewoman - has been sold for $2,175.00
Xena Valkerie Costume - has been sold for $1,804.69

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Update

Added a new section to GPB page - Fan Activities


Since so many of us are planning to take over Seattle next May <g>, we're looking to get a sort of "host hotel" where all Xenites could converge. If you are planning to attend and would like to make reservations to stay in a group location, please join my new group at http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/llseattle/  to begin organization.

Also, if you are a Seattle-area resident and can recommend some possibilities in the hotel department, please let me know :O)

As the info is gathered and processed, I will be posting it here with all the details!


REAF Auctions

Lucy pup as "VELMA".....Custom made...white beanie pup with black maker hair, wearing black skirt, black shoes,cig holder, necklace. Painted lips, and toenails. The Beanie pup was signed by Lucy Lawless on the butt 8/2/2004

This custom made Beanie Pup was donated to Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation, all the money raised will go to local AIDS orgranization to help people in need.



Ausxip Artwork Update

The Bard's Corner


I've been waiting for this story to surface :) Driven is a must read folks - written by Sue Beck & T. Novan (two of the best bards in the Xenaverse). This story is complete (though it took over three years to write) and will be posted in four large parts over the succeeding days. 


Original Fiction

9 August


Eurotrip Update

  • Eurotrip opens in cinemas in Sydney (and around Australia) - 12 August.

Lucy Articles

  • Added Q&A from Northwest Herald - 8 August 2004 - Q&A on what Lucy is up to and her future movie update

  • Another blog entry about Lucy's appearance at the TV Critics awards
    PARTY ANIMALS - 7/20/04 3:31:48 PM
    NIGHT LAUGHS: Talk about an impressive date - the TV critic from the
    Toronto Star brought Lucy Lawless to the annual TV critic's awards
    ceremony. Scribe Rob Salem, voted the biggest party animal here, had Princess Xena at his side. But Xena fans wouldn't have recognized her. She's much slimmer now and her hair is blond. It was not a romantic date. She and Rob are just friends. Lawless is married to TV producer Robert Tapert. http://tbo.com/weblogs/weblogwalttv.shtml

8 August


I was watching an SG-1 Marathon on TV1 (cable channel) last night and taping it when I got a nice surprise.

  • Added TV1 Advert for Xena - funny advert which starts off as advertising the Athens Olympics and then says "there is one woman that ...Can kick all their butts" and Xena comes on <g>

Music Videos

  • Added video by Myopia - My Immortal - This is a really such a moving music video - it's about loss and love. There is minimal FIN content. Beautiful work.


Lucy Articles

  • Brief mention of Lucy in The Globe & Mail about tall Athletes and Tall Actors
    In film, it's not only gamine types landing in the pages of People and InStyle, but six footers like Kill Bill's Uma Thurman. Famke Janssen, the brunette hottie in X-Men, is also gifted in the height department, at 5 foot 11. And Lucy Lawless, better known as Xena the Warrior Princess, remains a demanding presence at 5 foot 10 1/2 inches.
    Read full article

  • Celebrity Skin Magazine - July 2004 - Issue #130 - short blurb and scans of Lucy as Xena from various episodes. *I have chosen not to post two of the pics in the article because of the nudity (from episodes FIN - Xena's robe removed by the evil Yodoshi & Many Happy Returns - Gab and Xena about to jump into the pond*

Help is On the Way






7 August


Help is On the Way




Jessica Michallet Romero


Eurotrip Reviews


6 August


An update on the Starship letters - Lucy is individually signing these letters (way to go Lucy!) and adding little snippets like "Gidday" or in Wendy Woody's case "Love your Name". So if you get a letter from Starship; it's from Lucy. If you would like to donate to the Starship Lucy Lawless Appeal you can do so by going to https://www.starship.org.nz/Donation?Action=New  - every dollar they raise helps the children.

Help is On the Way


  • Corbis now has a couple of images of Lucy from the event - do a search for Lucy Lawless and it's on the second page of images.

  • Added more pics from Cindy of Lucy arriving, meeting and greeting the fans plus that famous cell phone chat with Nan.

The following is from Sharon Delaney

The REAF benefit was fantastic!  The entertainers were fabulous!  And Lucy knocked the socks off the room!!  <G>  She surprised the heck out of many people in that audience who had no clue what she looked like in real life and that she could sing so well.  Hi five, girl, you done good!

The Xena fans were out in force supporting Lucy and REAF and she sends her thanks to all who made the trip, who bought programs online and made donations to the charity and helped pay for the ad in the program booklet.  She feels so much better when you folks are in the house and thinking about her sending good vibes from far away <G>

Xena Fan Club Kit #8 Update (From Sharon Delaney)

  • It's been crazy here with the calendars and the video material for kit 8.  I've found more bloopers, found the originally filmed scenes with Lucy for the end of "Intimate Stranger" that were reshot with Hudson playing Xena and other surprises that I'll start listing as soon as we settle on what's going into the DVD.  Yep, we're switching to DVD.
    Source: Sharon Delaney


5 August


Help is On the Way


  • Added a report by DJWP which looks at how the event went and how fans behaved during the benefit and afterwards


The Bard's Corner

  • The Growing has won an award - Missy's Graham Crackers and Milk Award - Congratulations to Sue Beck and Okasha


Xenaverse News

Danielle Cormack's new movie

Danielle will be in the upcoming movie Without A Paddle, which stars Seth Green ("Oz" of Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby Doo, Scream), with Burt Reynolds. At least that's what the IMDB says.

Three young guys go into the Oregon wilderness in search of lost treasure. They take a canoe upriver and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Hunted by two backwoods farmers, they encounter death-defying rapids, tree-hugging hippie chicks and a crazy old mountain man played by Burt Reynolds.
Release Date:  August 18th, 2004 (wide).
MPAA Rating:   PG-13 for drug content, sexual material, language, crude humor and some violence.
Distributor:   Paramount Pictures

For more info go to: http://www.withoutapaddlemovie.com/

Many thanks to MET for the news

4 August

Reports are coming in -

his is cool - a look at Behind the Scenes of Help is the On The Way with DrummerLiz - a drummer for the the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band which also played in the Benefit.




Lucy Lawless and Cindy/Forevaxena

Cindy just reported in and she's in 100% Lucy haze mode! To say she's over the moon and on a natural high would be an understatement.

She sent me the first photo of her and Lucy together :)

Click on the image to get the larger scan (A BIG thank you goes to Sharon Delaney who took the snap)

Added Cindy's report of the spectacular night

REAF Costumes Up On Ebay - they are open for bids for 6 days!

  • Miss Amphipolis Costume
    The costume is Xena's gold lame' beauty contest outfit from the Miss Amphipolis episode.This costume was worn by Lucy Lawless, noted on the costume.

  • Roman Noblewoman - Legacy Costume
    Xena's Roman Noble Costume, a very regal looking costume, a long dress over a long skirt with gold sandals and lots of jewelery. From the sixth season episode Legacy.. This costume was worn by Lucy Lawless, noted on the costume.
    Certificate of Authenticity – Registered # 6615 from Studio USA.
    The costume is sold "AS IS"..... The costume has a donor value of $2000-$3000

  • Xena Valkerie Costume
    Valkyrie Costume - Includes Costume, hat, necklace, boots and arm piece and personal note from XENA. This costume was worn by Lucy Lawless, noted on the costume.
    Certificate of Authenticity – Registered # 6603 from Studio USA.
    The costume is sold "AS IS"..... The costume has a donor value of $2000-$3000

Xena Articles

The Ebook Corner


3 August


Today over across the Pacific, Lucy is going to be performing at the Help Is on the Way Benefit!
Break a leg Lucy! To all those that will be going to see Lucy, have fun! I'm sure we will hear all about it once everyone returns home.

TV alert for Aussies

7 August 2004 - After several false starts, I can confirm that Channel 9 will be FINALLY showing the Lucy Lawless episode of The Bernie Mac Show "Keep it On The Short Grass" at 3:30 AM this 7 August 2004 (Saturday morning)  Many thanks to Mark "The Video God"

TV alerts for Americans

31 August 2004 - Repeat of Nothing Important Happened Today - Season 9 X-Files

Starship Foundation

I received a letter from Lucy today <g> Actually it was from the Starship Foundation on their new appeal. If you would like to donate to their latest appeal. Lucy describes the lives of a couple of young boys that is indeed tragic.

Judi's Creations

Xena Meet Up in Toronto (Canada) - from Ria

Your Toronto, Ont.  Xena Meetup is happening -- please join Xena Fans on Monday, Aug 2 at 7PM.  We hope to see you there.

Here are the details:

What:  International Xena Meetup Day
When:  Monday, Aug 2 at 7PM
Who:   Xena Fans and friends
Where: Frog and Firkin
4854 Yonge Street   (across Sheppard Subway)
Toronto, Ont.   M2N 5N2
(416)  225 - 3764


2 August

Amber went on a Kiwi trip and she sent me a link to her pictures :) Check it out at


The legacy of Xena lives on in this 63-card series that features a Lucy Lawless Autograph ArtiFax Card and a Renee O’Connor Autograph ArtiFax Card (drawn by Virginia Hay).  Additionally, there’s 1 hand-drawn sketch card in every box, with artists like Warren Martineck and John Czop contributing the sketches!  Inserts include a 9-card “Original Portrait Art Set” created exclusively by Renee O’Connor! To compliment your series the Art & Images Of Xena Warrior Princess Trading Card Album is available, complete with 12 plastic sheets, plus a bonus promo card and an exclusive autograph card signed by Allison Wall as “Minya”. 6 cards per pack $4.20 each USD. 20 packs per box. (Caut: 4)
 A division of Rittenhouse Hobby. Check back to see when the Promo Card will be available.
Many thanks to Arianne for passing this along.

Upcoming Magazines

The next edition of Non-Sport Update Volume 15 No. 5 October/November:
Articles and Features: Read about fall releases-The Art & Images of Xena Warrior Princess among others. Free Promos: The Art & Images of Xena Warrior Princess, Star Wars Heritage, The Munsters 40th Anniversary, and Smallville Season 3.



1 August

For those who want to submit their artwork - Cindy has gone to SF to see Lucy so no artwork updates will be added until Cindy comes back from SF.

Xena DVD News

  • Regon 4 Season 4, Season 5 and Season 6 have now been released this week. These DO NOT have the interviews and extras that Region 1 releases have. They are just the episodes.

Region 1 Season 5 DVD is available for pre-order  from Amazon.com for $55.99. The DVD set will be released on 19 October 2004.
The extras for the boxset are


Xena Season 5 DVD Content

Disc# 1
FALLEN ANGEL (Audio Commentary/Video Commentary - Eric Gruendemann, RJ Stewart) (Interviews - Hudson Leick, Jane Holland, RJ Stewart)
CHAKRAM (Interviews - -Doug Lefler, Chris Manheim, Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor)
Photo Gallery
Credits Crawl

Disc# 2
ANIMAL ATTRACTION (Interviews - Rick Jacobson, Chris Manheim, Donald Duncan)
THEM BONES, THEM BONES (Interviews - Eric Gruendemann, Donald Duncan, Rob Field)

Disc# 3
BACK IN THE BOTTLE (Interviews - Rick Jacobson, Jane Holland, John Cavill)
SEEDS OF FAITH (Audio Commentary/Video Commentary - Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor) (Interviews - Hudson Leick, Robert Tapert, Donald Duncan)

Disc# 4
LYRE, LYRE, HEARTS ON FIRE (Interviews - Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor, Ted Raimi, Adam Armus & Kay Foster)
GOD FEARING CHILD (Interviews - Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor, Phillip Sgriccia, Donald Duncan)

Disc# 5
ETERNAL BONDS (Interviews - Chris Manheim)
MARRIED WITH FISHSTICKS (Interviews - Rob Tapert, Eric Gruendemann, Donald Duncan, Jane Holland)

Disc# 6
LIFEBLOOD (Interviews - Rob Tapert, Michael Hurst, RJ Stewart, Jane Holland)
ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Audio Commentary/Video Commentary - Renee O'Connor, Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst) (Interviews - Josephine Davison, RJ Stewart, Donald Duncan)

LIVIA (Interviews - Adrienne Wilkinson, William Gregory Lee, Rick Jacobson, Chris Manheim)
EVE (Interviews - William Gregory Lee, Adrienne Wilkinson, RJ Stewart, Chris Manheim)

Disc# 8
MOTHERHOOD (Audio Commentary/Video Commentary - Rob Tapert & Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor) (Interviews - Josephine Davison, Rick Jacobson, Adrienne Wilkinson, Rob Field, William Gregory Lee)
Gabrielle Wardrobe - Renee O'Connor costume fitting (Approx. 5 min.)
Bringing Monsters to Life at K.N.B. EFX Group - Special Effects make up house K.N.B. EFX Group takes the viewer on a ride through monsters, blood and makeup exposing the secrets behind creating some of the most memorable TV monsters and make up effects moments. (approx. 10min)

Disc #9
100th episode B-Roll - See behind the scenes raw footage of all the cast and crew while shooting Seeds of Faith, the monumental 100th Xena episode. (Approx. 30 min.)
Alternate Cuts - Director's and Editor's cuts of the episodes; Motherhood and Animal Attraction (approx. 30 min.)

Disc# 10
Mythology (Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, etc...)

The Bard's Corner



Xenaverse News

  • The Xenaversity's BIG Xena the Silent Western Sale is about to end!! Final day of sale will be July 31st, 2004. Cost is only $15 (includes domestic ship/hand). Get a new western perspective on Xena & Gab and donate money toward charity!!

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