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31 August

Got this note from the Media Relations Coordinator at CBS...

The New Orleans production of the CBS television movie "Vampire Bats" was interrupted earlier this week when Hurricane Katrina swept into the town. The crew and cast, including star Lucy Lawless, began evacuating on Sunday to places including Houston, Dallas, and, in Lawless' case, Baton Rouge, and were safely out of harms way when the Hurricane struck. The producers of the movie hope to resume production soon.

More News Articles...

Help Noah's Wish....

With this latest tragedy we have seen many people lose their homes and some have lost their lives. We also need to remember the animals that are sufferring. I read a news report that made me heart sick yesterday. I won't repeat it because it's just too tragic. Carol Stephens sent me a note that I think is worth passing on - there is an organisation called Noah's Wish and they help animals in disaster areas. They are sending a team to the devestated areas to help care for the animals. Who are they? The following is from their web site:

Noah's Wish is a not-for-profit, animal welfare organization, with a straightforward mission. We exist to keep animals alive during disasters. That's it.

We are not involved in any other animal welfare issues. It's not that we are not concerned about all the ways animals are abused and exploited. Noah's Wish would like nothing more than to see all suffering stop. Fortunately, there are a multitude of national and local animal welfare organizations who are tackling the issues that adversely affect animals. No other organization has made the commitment though to just focus on disaster relief work for animals. That's the void we are filling.
Read more on their web site

The Red Cross and all the other US organisations that are geared for this sort of support is looking after the people and Noah's Wish is looking after the animals - please help them in their quest. To donate go to: http://www.noahswish.org/Donations.htm


Lucy Videos

Lucy Lawless on the set of Vampire Bats

Entertainment Tonight 29 August 2005
Lucy Lawless talks to ET by phone from Baton Rouge where she escaped to after orders to evacuate New Orleans halted production of Vampire Bats. Also contains footage of Lucy on the set of Vampire Bats
320 x 240 - 1.95 mb wmv format
640 x 480 - 12.1 mb wmv format

Videos contributed by Roger

Lucy Pictures

Lucy Lawless at Baton Rouge after driving 9 hours to get out of New Orleans


Sharon has posted a phone pic that Lucy sent in to reassure fans that she's okay.  Check out the full size pic on The Official Xena Fan Club Page




  • Hollywood Reporter 30 August 2005 - Frank von Zerneck, who is producing "Vampire," said it would be at least a week before his production could resume what would have been its last week of shooting. "Everyone is safe," von Zerneck said, "but now I'm dealing with things like, are the trucks flooded? Where is the equipment? Everything was boxed up and stored, but now the city is pretty much closed down."


30 August

News about Katrina and Lucy safety

Judi got the live feed from ET - Click here to view captures

The images of Lucy are from an interview Lucy did with ET about Vampire Bats. Lucy spoke to ET via phone from Baton Rouge

Lucy told ET "I turned on the television and saw Category 5," Lawless tells ET.

The actress was one of the mass swarm of people who have fled the devastating storm. She had been shooting the CBS movie "Vampire Bats" in the Big Easy when the frantic call to evacuate the city came.

"The traffic was going one-mile-per hour sometimes," Lawless says of trying to leave the city. "Then it was two-miles-per hour, then five. It took nine hours for what should have taken 50-55 minutes."

Lucy had no electrical power and was only able to communicate via telephone. With her family back home and out of harms way, she left the city with three production members and is staying in Baton Rouge, LA. But the popular star is concerned for the people who weren't as lucky as her.

"I just realized all those people in incredibly low-lying areas are in such threat," she says. "I just worry about them."

Just last week Lucy told ET how fond of the city she was. "I love this town, I love the heat" the New Zealander said. "I was afraid of coming, working in sweltering heat and swamps, but it's just been pure joy. I would move here if I could work here all of the time."


Lucy on ET tonight, Aug. 29 to thank the fans that made offers of shelter and a charter plane.

Lucy is in Baton Rouge (according to ET) and is safe. You can see a video clip of her brief chat with ET on ET Online Many thanks to LB for the ET Link

(via Sharon Delaney / Official Xena Fan Club Page)

Talked with her again this morning. Said she woke up in the wee hours to the sound of three explosions which was probably trees hitting power lines. Still lots of wind and rain but a safe place to be and they hope to go back to finish the movie.

Official Xena Fan Club

This message was posted earlier from Sharon about Lucy's progress:

Talked to Lucy yesterday afternoon and she wanted everyone to know all the cast and crew of the movie are safely out of New Orleans. They're staying with friends of the production company. It was a long, slow ride out of town, but they made it. Their thoughts are with those still in the city and the surrounding area and everyone is praying that the storm weakens. She's grateful for the offers of help that were received as they were readying the troupe to move out.


The Washington Times reports

  • Stars flee Big Easy film sets
    Aug. 29, 2005 at 3:08PM
    Hurricane Katrina has shut down production on at least two Hollywood projects filming in the New Orleans area. Former "Xena: Warrior Princess" Lucy Lawless was in the Big Easy shooting "Vampire Bats" for CBS when the evacuation call came in, "Entertainment Tonight" reported Monday. "The traffic was going 1 mile per hour sometimes," she told "ET" about her ride out of town. Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank was also evacuated from her Louisiana set. She was shooting the supernatural thriller "The Reaping" in St. Francisville, "ET" said.

28 August

To those in the path of Hurricane Katrina (and who won't be reading this but getting the heck of town) - Get out of town and out of the path of Katrina!

Lucy has been filming Vampire Bats in New Orleans - let's hope she makes it out of town quickly.


The following is from Bloomberg News

New Orleans Evacuates as Hurricane Katrina Approaches (Update3)

Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- New Orleans residents were ordered to evacuate the city today as Hurricane Katrina, one of the most powerful and potentially deadly storms ever to threaten the U.S. Gulf Coast, approached land with its 175 mph winds.

Mayor Ray Nagin said only essential personnel and people unable to travel may remain in the city. Thousands already have fled southern Louisiana as the storm, which hit Florida two days ago, gained strength in the Gulf. Forecasters said the storm's eye will come ashore about 7 a.m. local time tomorrow.

Katrina was upgraded to Category 5, the most severe on the Saffir-Simpson scale of hurricane strength, this morning. Only three Category 5 storms have hit the U.S., and a direct hit would devastate New Orleans, much of which lies below sea level just 100 miles upriver from the Gulf.

Added gorgeous new wallpaper of Renee from the 2004 Xena Con by Taiko



The Bard's Corner




Swedish Xena Episode Guide

For Swedish Xena fans - Part 2 of the Swedish Xenaguide is now coming up. Originally written by Mike Eriksson and Eva Hamberg as a bookproject, it´s now released in three seperate editions in magazine format in limited edition. Part 1 came out last year and had eight chapters about the show plus season 1 & 2. Part 2 now sports season 3 & 4.

For more into about this magazine go to




27 August

Xena Vote:

Update: I just got an email from Flatrich at eXoNews - the organisers of the vote:
Just checking in from eXoNews TV_Vote with a little correction regarding your comment on Xena votes for Best TV Show of All Time. We've seen this mentioned on several fan sites, but the important thing about voting is not the exact title. We at eXoNews can figure that out, especially as there is only one Xena (so any resonable version of the show title is OK.) What voters should remember is we only count one vote per hour for the same show from the same visitor. We get voters for all shows who hammer away with ten or more votes a minute, and some Xena fans are doing that daily. eXoNews only counts the first of such votes.

Pass this along if you like and keep those votes coming in. From the looks of it, Angel is dust!

Just a reminder: If you are voting for Xena as the top show, you have to be accurate in how the show is written in the voting box. DO NOT vote as Xena: Warrior Princess or XWP or Xena. The correct way to vote is by writing Xena:  The Warrior Princess.
You can't misspell Angel but you can with the warrior princess...The place to vote is: http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/

Everyone in the path of Katrina - keep safe and dry. I see on the news the rain and the flooding is make a mess of the place again. I'm sure silly reporters will be out in the weather trying to outscoop their rivals in seeing how wet it is. 

Fearless Cindy in Seattle

You all remember how I teased Cindy about being a chicken going up the Space Needle in Seattle? Well Cindy is a chicken no more. I have video footage from the Fearless One at the Space Needle (in the daytime no less) and looking out :)  Nice one grasshopper.

Battlestar Galactica

Added Final Cut Trailer to the Battlestar Galactica section
640 x 480 version wmv format 4.8 mb
320 x 240 version wmv format 1.54 mb

Videos Contributed by Roger

A week ago there was some discussion about Lucy's character name being either Friel (Barbara Davies mentioned that Anna Friel was a British actress) or Biers.

Well it seems someone at SciFi Wire got it wrong. According to the preview for Final Cut Lucy definitely says her name is "D'anna Biers" in the signoff instead of D'anna Friel. Maybe the person at SciFi couldn't understand the Kiwi accent

Well that answers that question :)

Lost In Dino World Movie Update

The following is from the Unrealized Reality Blog on a Q & A with Bruce Campbell

  • Me: Anyway, Lucy Lawless was recently interviewed and said that she
    desperately wanted to work with you, Renee, and Ted again in a non-Xena capacity and that there was actually a project that you had all been
    approached with but were having scheduling problems. Any comments?
    Bruce: Yes. It's my turn for the breast plates. *crowd laughs* Actually,
    the project *will* happen if we can coincide our scheduling and that's
    really all I can say.

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page - Interview with Renee for Kit #10

  • If you were walking along Hollywood Blvd. Thursday, August 4, you would have seen a familiar blonde being interviewed on the sidewalk outside the Kodak Theatre complex. Yep, I did an interview with Renee for Kit 10 right there on the sidewalk. Then we went over to Graumann's Chinese Theatre and Renee was putting her hand -- and foot! -- into all the famous prints in the sidewalk.

New Book Announcement from KG MacGregor

I have some very exciting news to share. My next novel, Just This Once, will be published in May 2006 by BELLA BOOKS. I'm absolutely thrilled to have Bella as my new publisher, and I look forward to a long and productive partnership.

Over the next couple of years, Bella also plans to publish new editions of my first four books, Shaken, Malicious Pursuit, The House on Sandstone, and the just-released Mulligan. That means the current editions are GOING OUT OF PRINT!!! If you hurry, you can snatch up one of the last few copies at Starcrossed (www.scp-inc.biz), and you might even save a few bucks. I'm holding back a few copies of each title for Orlando Bardcon in October, but once those are gone, that's all she wrote--for now, anyway. <g> If you're coming to Orlando and you'd like me to reserve something for you, please drop me a note.

Best to all,
KG http://www.kgmacgregor.com/ 

Xena Planet Update

  • Added link to The Guardian 27 August 2005 Written in the stars
    Sedna, Xena, EL61: how will my children ever learn to recite the solar system if we keep finding new planets? And how long before I tell them the horrible truth, that Xena is not just a large rock named after a warrior princess on the telly, but that some people believe it can affect their future, or even their personality?
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link.


26 August

You may have noticed the banner up the top? That was designed by Nance from The Xena Scrolls. If you have a site and would like to join in getting a message across to Universal that we want a Xena movie...grab the banner and link it to http://www.universalstudios.com/homepage/html/contact_us/contact_form.cgi?email_id=9 - That's the Universal Studios feedback form.

Let us tell TPTB at Universal we want a Xena Movie! Click on the banner and send them a message.

Vampire Bats

Xena Movie Articles

Xena Movie News is gathering pace with quite a few news/blog sites picking up the story.

  • Added link to Lesbianation 24 August 2005 Lucy Lawless wants to take Xena to the big screen. The 10th Anniversary DVD set of Xena: Warrior Princess just hit the shelves, packed full of fan favorite episodes and a variety of extra goodies. Even with all of the crazed popularity of the series still going strong, Xena can't seem to get to the big screen - no matter how much its star, Lucy Lawless, might wish it to be so. Click here to read more

  • San Francisco Examiner - 25 August 2005 Where's Xena: The Movie?
    Lucy Lawless, star of the cult favorite "Xena: Warrior Princess," says she's wanted to bring her character to the big screen for years. "I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it," the actress told SciFiwire.com. The logistics of such a project are getting in the way of making Lawless' dream a reality — she says executives from the show disagree on who owns the rights, and until those questions get answered, Xena will have to continue life in rerun Siberia.

Xena Media References


  • Houston Press 25 August 2005 Lez Hook Up A new mockumentary teaches ladies How to Pick Up Girls By Julia Ramey Published: Thursday, August 25, 2005 Alpha's next project is decidedly campy. The upcoming Chronicles of Halcyon: Pleasure Dome is a spoof that posits the burning questions "What if Xena really was a lesbian?" and "What if the warriors in Monty Python and the Holy Grail were cute Amazon butchies?"  Contributed by Barbara Davies


  • This a pretty obscure reference, but XWP is mentioned in the current edition of the US Coast Guard Reservist magazine on page 27. It mentions Jaqueline Kim, of XWP, as a USCG Lieutenant, having a romance with Rob Lowe's character on The West Wing. Contributed by: ROCLobster

Xenaverse News

Marton Csokas (Borias)

  • Marton's new movie Aeon Flux official photos have been released. Check them out at here

Auspix.net Group of sites update:
Update from Mesh

  • Added loads of magazine scans, a couple icons and a new skin to the Mariska Hargitay site under the auspix.net group of sites.


25 August

Battlestar Galactica

New Video Blog & Screencaptures - On the Set With Lucy Lawless

SciFi Com Video Blog - On the set with Lucy
Many thanks to Petra for the news!

Added screencaptures from the video blog

The Bard's Corner


Xena Movie Update

Speaking of a Xena Movie...the following is from bookdaft..


I received a great response to the free Xena comics announcement, thanks in part to MaryD's generosity in posting it on her site. Prior to today, I have enough comics to fulfill each request with at least one comic book. Steve will acquiring more comics, I'm sure, so I may have more stock on hand.

I have good news and bad news: The bad news is that I caught some sort of bug, which has hampered my enthusiasm and ability to work on this project. The good news is that I am not on call this week and can begin anytime. I will be sending out instructions based on when I received them; i.e., FIFO (First In First Out). If you sent a request to me a day or two ago, it will be later that you will hear from me.

I have an new announcement to make. When I saw Steve and picked up my pull, he had some Xena Trading Card game decks to give away. I have about 12 base decks and a number of add on packs. All are unsealed, so they may or may not be intact. These are free as well and, as before, I only ask that you contact Universal, requesting a movie. The URLs for Universal are below:




If you want one of these sets of trading cards, contact me at bookdaft@voyager.net  You can still request a free comic.

DISCLAIMER: This promotion is being conducted without the prior knowledge or consent of Rob Tapert, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Creation Entertainment, Universal Studios, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. or anyone associated with the television show, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.


24 August

New Movie (tentative) Lost In Dino World

Battlestar Galactica

Magazine Alert

  • In this week's TV Guide (US) they have an extensive article about non-lead roles in TV Shows with background info. One they profile is Melinda Clarke (The OC) and they note her role as Velaska in XWP. Many thanks to Mezzo for the news

The Bard's Corner


  • Added Payback (Complete) by Iseqween
    A few months after Season 2’s THE QUEST, an injured Gabrielle brings out a surprisingly different Warrior Princess.

Renee VCR Alerts

Alien Apocalypse is airing again on the SciFi channel for those that missed it the first time...
SciFi channel Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 7 pm.

And if you are in the mood for Bruce Campbell BEFORE AA, catch Army of Darkness at 5 pm and then if you are STILL in the mood for Bruce Campbell, watch Man with a Screaming Brain at 9 pm after AA.

You can all blame Annie The Mighty for those alerts if you don't like AA <g>

23 August

Vampire Bats

  • Added article from SciFi Wire - 22 August 2005 Lawless Batty About Vampire
    Lucy Lawless, who stars in the upcoming CBS horror movie Vampire Bats, told SCI FI Wire she's reprising her role as a bug specialist and college professor from last year's telefilm Locusts. The former Xena: Warrior Princess star played Dr. Maddy Rierdon in Locusts, which dealt with a town taken over by swarming bugs. Now, she's battling bloodthirsty bats, Lawless said in an interview.

Battlestar Galactica

Sharon has posted to the Official Xena Fan Club page that a small segment of Lucy's interview about her Battlestar Galactica role is now available to those who have subscribed to the OXFC Kit #9. The full interview will be available for Kit #10. Subscription required.


Lucy DVDs - For those in Australia

  • Sanity is having a $10 off sale and Eurotrip Uncut is on sale so you can get that for $10 off the retail price - Sanity Music / Video store (Online it's $11 and in store it's $10 off).

One Weekend A Month Update

Sharon has posted to the Official Xena Fan Club page a message from Eric Escobar about the downloadable version of One Weekend A Month:

  • I told Eric that the weblink for downloading the movie he sent me only allowed people to view it and not download it. He's working on fixing that and setting up a new place to host it. I'll post the info when I get it.


Xena Season 6 DVD News

For Aussies

  • I was out and about yesterday and popped into Big W (Woolworths) and they had Season 6 on sale for $39.95. So if you're near a Big W..pop in and get yourself a copy.

Xena Movie Articles

Xenaverse News

Bruce Campbell News

22 August

Ro has created a music video - a compliation of photos and video set to the song Sugar Sugar of Renee at the Car Wash

wmv format 8.9 mb - zipped file. You will need to unzip it before viewing


Lucy's Artwork

Lucy's artwork will be on display along with other celeb's artwork to benefit the Pediatric Epilepsy Project at UCLA in association with www. KidsArtInc.com

“Art For a Cause”
David Arquette, Matthew Broderick, Jason Bateman, Selma Blair, Courteney Cox, Laura Dern, Fred Durst, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taye Diggs, Jennifer Garner, Teri Hatcher, Ben Harper, Larry King, Kevin Kline, Lucy Lawless, Bai Ling, Virginia Madsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Don Rickles, Jason Ritter, Eric Roberts, David Schwimmer, Ryan Seacrest, Elisabeth Shue, Ringo Starr, Jonathan Silverman, Tori Spelling, Sylvester Stallone, Tiffany, Blair Underwood, Nia Vardalos,
Art works done for the Pediatric Epilepsy Project at UCLA in association with www.KidsArtInc.com

Curated by Baird Jones
Aug. 19, 2005 through Sept. 6, 2005
The Paterson Museum
2 Market St. Paterson, NJ (973-321-1260)

Vampire Bats

  • Added link to FilmStew.com 19 August 2005 CBS Loads Up on Bats. Frank Von Zerneck and Robert Sertner are producing the network's sequel to last season's Locusts.

  • E! Online has brief mention of the movie for the 15 August 2005 Movie News
    Craig Ferguson has gone Bat-ty. The Late Late Show host is set to cameo in CBS' Vampire Bats, a sequel to last year's miniseries Locusts. The telepic follows a group of scientists who link a breed of vampire bats to a series of bizarre murders. Lucy Lawless and Dylan Neal reprise their original roles in the telepic. Brett Butler and Timothy Buttons also star. Shooting has already begun in New Orleans.

Magazine Scans

Premieres and Events

20 August

Okay time to get mobilized...It seem there is a poll on and the question is: Help eXoNews find the 5 Best TV Shows of All Time! At this point Angel is #1

I think a certain Warrior Princess and not a vampire needs to be #1. Go and vote


Agency Photos

Photoshoots - 1999


Follow up to the Dangerous Prey Script Auction

Dangerous Prey Script Autographed by Renee O'Connor!

This script was auctioned on ebay to raise money for the The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - This was an Authentic Production Script from the Television Show Xena: Warrior Princess!

Besides being an Authentic Shooting Draft, it's also been Autographed by Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) and Tsianina Joelson (Varia)! Besides signing it, Renee wrote "Amazon Queen & Director". Not only did she star in the episode, but she also directed it!

Ellen has sent in this note about the script and how much money was raised:

Renee was ecstatic at receiving the check from the charity auction for the signed Dangerous Prey script. The winner of the auction sent me a check that I gave to Renee personally at the Car Wash event on 7/30 in LA and Renee was really blown away. She asked me to show it to the guy there that was in charge of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation and he practically screamed!
Renee was so thankful. Many thanks to the winning bidder, and also to all of the other bidders in the auction who helped bid the price up to $660.00!  You guys are the best!

Xena Movie Update

Free Xena Comics - Write to Universal for Xena Movie! The following is from bookdaft:

In 2000, just before the final season of Xena began, Dark Horse Comics announced they would be discontinuing the run of Xena: Warrior Princess. It would end after 14 comic books and several specials in their DHP series. Dark Horse had not wanted to drop the book. But because the license fees were so high and the sales were not up to the expected volumes, the company had no choice but to end the book.

A few months prior to the demise of the DH version of the comic book (Topps had done it before them), my comic store guy and I conceived the idea to try to promote the book by giving it away. Consequently he purchased an initial batch of the Xena comic books and was able to obtain several more orders without expending more money beyond the first order. I publicized our endeavor and he mailed the comics out.

I thought we were very successful. Although it didn't save the comic book, (the hard, economic facts are that they didn't - probably couldn't - increase the circulation), but it did make Dark Horse sit up and take notice. I think we had a pretty good response: I received upwards of 90 plus e-mail requests and I'm sure Steve mailed out at least that number of books. In some cases he may have sent more than one book.

We had such a good time that we have decided to start it up again. The purpose of this hare-brained scheme - um - promotion, is to rattle Universal's cage and let them know we would like a Xena movie, since everything seems to be moving like slow glass. It will also permit those fans who want the comic book, or are only interested in looking at the quality of the comic, of obtaining it without purchase.

So here's the deal: Contact me privately at the e-mail bookdaft[at]voyager.net and I will send you instructions for receiving your book. I cannot honor requests for a complete set, because we do not have a complete set. The idea is to provide as many people with some of these comics as possible. Steve will work on obtaining more, but the pool is somewhat limited.

In return for these freebies, Steve and I only ask that you contact Universal and let them know you want a Xena movie. Read on to how you can do this: Read More...

19 August

Xena Movie Update

  • Added article from Sci Fi Wire - 18 August 2005. Xena Movie Still In Limbo
    Interview with Lucy about the movie. Lucy Lawless, who starred in six seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess, told SCI FI Wire that a proposed Xena movie remains caught in a legal haggle. "I think a movie would be great, and I'd love to do it," Lawless said in an interivew. "I've been wanting to do it for years." But, she added: "Nobody can agree who owns the rights, and it's a big fat pain in the ass."  Click here to read more

Vampire Bats Updates

  • Added CBS News release (via Futon Critic) 17 August 2005 - Lucy Lawless ("Zena: Warrior Princess," "Tarzan") and Dylan Neal ("Dawson's Creek") reprise their roles as Dr. Maddy Rierdon and Dan Dryer from the highly-rated CBS Television Movie "Locusts" in VAMPIRE BATS, a new television movie that has begun production in New Orleans for broadcast Sunday, Oct. 30 (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Read more

18 August

Battlestar Galactica

Premieres and Other Events Images

Lucy Fanlistings

One Weekend a Month Update

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page. Message from Eric Escobar about One Weekend a Month

"Could you let folks know they can download the entire movie at DVD quality for free. My only stipulation is that no one tries to sell it to anyone else, and if it could be a sort of self-policing thing among the Xenites. I'd much rather have folks downloading and distributing the piece on a peer-to-peer basis since that is the fastest way it'll spread around. It's a sizeable file, 500MB, and can be found here at Google Video - One Weekend A Month. Happy downloading. Crazy link, but it should work." (The google video player only works with Windows.)

Renee Fanlistings


Promos and Adverts Gallery

Behind The Scenes Gallery

17 August

The Darkroom Movie Update

Vampire Bats Movie Update

Cast Information

  • Updated Cast Information with the addition of Timothy Bottoms and Craig Ferguson to the cast of Vampire Bats



One Weekend a Month

  • Google is now offering video clips online and one of the clips is One Weekend a Month. IMO this is one of the strongest performances by Renee. You can't save the video but you can view it. Check out at - Google Video - One Weekend A Month

Lucy and Renee Coffee Talk Screencaptures

Taiko has uploaded screencaptures of Lucy and Renee from Coffee Talk #3. Check them out at




Xena Music Videos

DJWP Videos

  • I forgot to mention a few days ago that Redemption music video by DJWP doesn't need Quicktime 7 to be able to play it. You can use any ol' version of Quicktime. Many thanks to DJ for going to that extra trouble.

News about Bardcon via Carol Stephens

  • Phil has given you all the very good reasons to come to Orlando for BardCon this year.  Now let me share the very best reason to come - this will be the final year for Orlando BardCon in its present incarnation.  Due to personal commitments outside of this venue and time constraints that no longer allow us to dedicate the time necessary to make this event what you have come to expect from us, we have reached the decision to make 2005 our final year.  However, we are going all out to insure that this year's con will be one to remember and we hope you will make plans to join us and make this a gala final year.

    You can still register http://www.bardcon.com/obc2005/registration2005.htm at last year's price of $75.  After August 31, the price increases $10 on each event.   Final cut off date is September 30.

Xena Family News

15 August

Battlestar Galactica

  • The Chicago Tribune 14 August 2005  has a brief mention of Lucy's upcoming role on BSG
    - Lucy Lawless appears on Sci Fi's "Battlestar Galactica" Sept. 9. "In the episode, `Final Cut,' Lucy plays a filmmaker sent to Galactica to document life aboard the ship. And for the first time ever, the actress uses her native New Zealand accent on film," according to Sci Fi.

The Bard's Corner


Xena Music Videos

DJWP Videos

  • DJWP has redone her Redemption music video and it has some new scenes.
    mov format - Available in 26 mb and 48 mb sizes.

14 August

Battlestar Galactica

Official Images

Added three more high resolution official images from Battlestar Galactica. Many thanks to Dark Thoughts.net for the images



Added D'anna wallpaper by Xeares



Xena TV Schedule for US

Xena TV Schedule for Australia

Xena Trading Cards News

The all new Xena and Hercules: The Animated Adventures trading cards will feature 2 Autograph Cards Per Box of your favorite Xena and Hercules stars in a way you have never seen them before, ANIMATED! Autographers include Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo, Renee O'Connor, Michael Hurst, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Tydings, Josephine Davison, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Paris Jefferson, Danielle Cormack and more! Click here for more info

13 August

Battlestar Galactica

Dark Thoughts.net has released the stills of Lucy as D'anna on Battlestar Galactica. Check out the high resolution scans of Lucy
Many thanks to to Dark Thoughts.net for the images




Xenaverse News

Here's a neat poster - All enquiries about this post to be sent to mrjamester@hotmail.com

Xena: Warrior Princess 6 Seasons Episode Poster!

~ 11x17
~ full color
~ fine resolution detail
~ Made up of episode collages  created by Mr. Jamester

VIEW POSTER HERE: http://www.creativideos.com/xenaposter/

plus $5 ship/hand domestic
international email for s/h

12 August

Battlestar Galactica Update

  • The plot to Lucy's episode "Final Cut" has been revealed and also that Lucy will not be using her American accent but her kiwi one.

Xena Update

Update to the announcement that Oxygen will be showing Xena again in September. They have changed their minds and now they are now showing Xena in August.

Next Airing:
Monday, August 29, 2005 at 8am/7C
Sins of The Past

Xena heads homeward, determined to make amends for the sins of her past, but her efforts to begin life anew are challenged by the vengeful warlord Draco.

Warrior Women DVD

Well this is interesting....it seems the DVD is out. The DVD is available in English with Greek subtitles from a Greek DVD online store! It was released 17 June 2005...

Panayiota has sent me scans of the full DVD jacket and the disks...

Added a scan from Greece about the Warrior Women series to be released on DVD. Panayiota from Greece has sent me a scan of the cover of 2 DVD set and a small blurb about the set - Translated from the Greek.

Translation by MaryD
Warrior Women - Joan of Arc, Moulan, Grace O'Malley, Lozen, Boudica; 5 women in history who were warrior women, who surpassed their male counterparts in courage and valour in their day. Lucy Lawless (Xena) uncovers the lives of these women in the fantastic documentary from the Discovery Channel

I have checked with Discovery and they don't know anything about the WW DVD. They said they had no plans on releasing the doco to DVD any time soon.

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Vampire Bats Update

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Promo Pics

Fanlistings Update

Many thanks to those that have joined the Dar and Kerry Fanlisting :) The following fanlistings have been updated:

Lucy Fanlistings

Renee Fanlistings

Xenaverse News

  • Congratulations to Kevin and Sam Sorbo on the news that they are expecting a baby girl in October. Many thanks to Cassie for the news

11 August

Xena is back on Oxygen!

Oxygen has announced that Xena will be back in September for those in the US that have this cable channel! -
Many thanks to EZ for the news


New Fanlisting - Heat - The Dar and Kerry Fanlisting

Dar and Kerry

The Dar and Kerry fanlisting is for those who love the characters of Dar Roberts and Kerry Stuart from the novels of Melissa Good. If you are fan, you can join. It's free.


  • You've seen the pictures, read the reports...now see the video! Ro has a video of Renee about to spray the paparazzi with water.

Check it out at http://www.rockyro.com/


Car Wash Wallpapers



10 August

Battlestar Galactica

  • Lucy's episode "Final Cut" which is the 8th episode of Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica will now be screened 9th September instead of 2nd September. There will be one week's break from episode 7 to episode 8.
    Many thanks to Linda Crist for the updated info


Magazines - 1997

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - Car Wash

  • The Las Vegas Business Press 9 August 2005 has an article about Fan geeks who attend conventions and such. There is a quote about Lucy and Renee from a fan:
    "I'm betting Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless come awfully close (to the Rothery level of convention stardom)," says English of the two Xena stars, "because they definitely share a great respect for the fans and make an effort to really make conventions special." O'Connor even wore a wedding outfit from the series while posing for photos with Xenaphiles. - Click here to read the entire article

Xenaverse News

  • Television New Zealand has given the green light to a new 12 part local drama set in Ponsonby in Auckland.  Rude Awakenings is the story of two families thrust into unwelcome intimacy through their tenant/ landlord relationship in neighbouring Ponsonby villas. Rude Awakenings, written by Garth Maxwell and playwright Stephanie Johnson, is to be made by Michele Fantl and Garth Maxwell, through MF Films, with Chloe Smith as Executive Producer.  Smith was the New Zealand producer of Hercules and Xena and Maxwell directed more than 20 episodes of the shows.  Rude Awakenings will be casting shortly, and is expected to go to air next year - Many thanks to Barbara for the news
  • A big-budget Hollywood sci-fi film featuring aliens and Vikings is to be shot in New Zealand – and it is likely to star Kiwi actor Karl Urban. Outlander, set during the time of the Vikings, is the only Hollywood production – other than Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones – known to be filmed in New Zealand in the next 12 months. Urban confirmed Outlander in an interview about his next film Doom, based on the popular sci-fi computer game. Doom is to be released in October.
    Click here to read more
    Many thanks to MET for the news

9 August

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - Car Wash

Submerged Art Gallery Event

Vampire Bats


8 August

Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation - Car Wash

More Renee pictures from the Car Wash

Added Tammy's pictures

People on dial-up, please note that these photos are large as well, so they might take some time to download.

Alien Apocalypse Trading Cards

7 August

Renee DVD News

Alien Apocalypse DVD News

Anchor Bay has released news about the Alien Apocalypse DVD. It will be in stores on the 4th October 2005 with a price of $14.98 (US$)

The extras are:

Audio Commentary with Actor Bruce Campbell and Writer/Director Josh Becker.
Behind-The-Scenes Gallery
Storyboard Gallery
Bruce Campbell Bio
Also on DVD Cross-Promo Trailers: The Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Man With The Screaming Brain Dead & Breakfast Lightning Bug

Double Dare Competition (for Kiwis Only)

Lucy and Zoe BellWIN: Telecom NZ Film Festival Tickets!

We're giving away double passes to Double Dare in Napier and Broken Flowers in Hamilton, Palmerston North and Christchurch!  Double Dare follows veteran stunt woman Jeannie Epper and newcomer Zoe Bell, a New Zealander who hopes to parlay her experience doubling for Lucy Lawless on Xena: Warrior Princess into big-screen success.

We are giving away three double passes to the following screening of Double Dare:
Sunday, August 21, 8pm, Century Cinema, Napier  To win a double passes to Double Dare simply email us your name, address, phone number, and the answer to the following question: Who did Zoe Bell double for on Kill Bill?
Click here to enter contest

Vampire Bats

  • Updated cast list for Vampire Bats - Many thanks to Deb Abbott for the update


Magazines - 2000

Images Galleries

Misc Lucy Images


Added new members to the following Lucy fanlistings:

6 August


Added three high resolution scans to the Lucy Agency Photo Gallery




Magazines 2002

  • Correction to the article scan and translation from Telepiu - it seems I already had the article on AUSXIP under the name of  Telefilm. Many thanks to Maria for alerting me to it. Maria translated the article back in 2002.

Magazines 1997

Upcoming Lucy Interview

The following information is from The Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • Sharon Delaney has conducted an interview with Lucy for Kit #10. The interview will be available to Kit #10 subscribers only. Lucy talked about Battlestar Galactica and what she's been up to. A short video clip from the interview will be available for Kit #9 subscribers.

The following is from the Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • For those who have subscribed to the Official Xena Fan Club Kit #9, Sharon has posted a report, pictures and a short video of Renee from the Car Wash.

The Spanish Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce that the Xenacentro group have begun to translate some of the TBC fanfic into Spanish. These will be added to the site as soon as the group completes them.

5 August

Fanlistings - New Fanlisting.

Proud Warrior - Official Xena Physical Fanlisting

This fanlisting is for those that appreciate the sexy, beautiful, intelligent and powerful  Warrior Princess.

You're welcome to join anytime. Fanlisting is free. You can use one of these banners and code on your site to link back to us if you like (Please read the rules before you do so) If you don't have a site, just go ahead an join and add your name, country and if you wish your email address (SPAM protected)

The car wash raised $2000 (and washed 400 cars) with $1000 (after expenses were taken out) going to the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Many thanks to Marilyn and Michelle for the info!

Starship Auction

No New Series for Lucy at WB for 2005 Season

  • Quite some time ago there was news that the WB were developing a show for Lucy. According to Futoncritic, the untitled Lucy Lawless project has been dropped from development for the 2004-2005 season.

4 August

XenaMedia - Interviews

XenaMedia - Articles

1995 Magazines

2000 Magazines

Xena DVD Update

More info about the Panzer 10th Anniversary DVD problem...

It seems quite a few people are having problems -  here are some of the issues:

  • Note: For anyone ordering from Davis-Panzer, those guys have been having glitches in their on-line ordering for at least a year. I had major problems when I ordered Xena's season 5&6. I had to call those guys every week for about 2 months to get them to fix it. Best to order from Amazon.com. No problems with those guys Many thanks to Kathy for the info

  • Julie has some advice about how to deal with Panzer:
    If you are overcharged, make certain you write down the name of the person you spoke to, the time and include this in any emails you send to the company.


3 August

New Burn Foundation Car Wash Pictures of Renee

More photos by Annie are now online. Check out Annie's Burn Foundation Car Wash Pictures of Renee.

People on dial-up, please note that these photos are large as well, so they might take some time to download.


Xena DVD Alert

The following comes from Kathleen for those who ordered the 10th Anniversary DVD set from Davis Panzer Anderson

I got my credit card invoice today and noticed Davis-Panzer-Anderson (the Legendary Journey's Xena Store) had overcharged me $30 for my 10th Anniversary XWP Collection order. My online receipt said $39.99 and instead they charged me $69.99 for the DVD set. I called them up and the sales gal said there was a "glitch" in the online ordering and many people had been overcharged for the DVD set and they were 'trying' to fix the problem. Frankly I believe if I hadn't said anything and
hadn't asked for a $30 credit I'd be out of my money. For those that ordered through Davis-Panzer Anderson, check your credit/debit card invoice!!!

Many thanks to Kathleen for the alert

Xena Comics

More about Planet Xena

Xena Videos

Celebrity Deathmatch - Lucy Lawless & Callista Flockhart (from Ally McBeal) in a one side fight.
Very funny video - February 1999
Video contributed by: Sally Park


Renee, the fans and and the Car Wash

  • Ro has added photos of Renee from the car wash Check them out at: ROCKY RO'S WORLD

2 August

Renee, the fans and and the Car Wash

Annie's Photos are now online. Check out Annie's Burn Foundation Car Wash Pictures of Renee.

People on dial-up, please note that these photos are large as well, so they might take some time to download.

Added a Burn Carwash report by Marilyn, with Annie and Chieko to the site to the "events" section.

Michelle's Photos are now online. These are just gorgeous pictures of Renee having a great time.

Check out Michelle's fantastic photos- 69 photos of Renee washing cars and enjoying herself.Renee O'Connor







1 August

Renee, the fans and and the Car Wash

First pictures are in from Marilyn Edwards :) Check them out at
Photos By ME - More pics from Marilyn will be up shortly!



News just in from the Car Wash. Michelle took photos and the photos will be up shortly.

Everyone who went had a great time. It seems a good number of those that went pitched in and worked hard all day along with Renee. They grabbed a towel and started drying or washing cars! Michelle reports there were at least 500 cars that were there to be washed!

The Xenaverse in action :)

Vampire Bats

  • According to the New Orleans Film Review, Vampire Bats is currently in pre-production and will begin filming in New Orleans on 8 August 2005. For those interested in auditioning for the movie there is another audition that will be held on 2 August at The Boot, 1039 Broadway New Orleans, LA 70118 Phone: 504.866.9008  Please bring a non returnable self-photograph with your
    Name, Address, 2 Contact Phone Numbers, Height, Weight, Age, Sex, Race, Date of Birth, and your Measurements. If you are thinking about going to the audition there is a blog entry that you should read before you do and go prepared. Many thanks to Barbara for the news

Lucy Image Galleries


More news articles about Planet Xena New Zealand Herald and Guardian Unlimited

Xena Articles

Xenaverse News

  • For Bruce Campbell Fans - his new movie Sky High is now out in cinemas in the US. The film also stars Lynda Carter.
    Many thanks to Cassie for the news

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