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31 August 2006

Celebrity Duets - Reviews / Report

Reviews - Outside Links

  • Perfect Pitch: Celebrity Duets - Washington Post 31 August 2006
    Lucy Lawless and Michael Bolton ("Time Love and Tenderness")
    Lucy sounds pretty good and since I'm not a regular watcher of "Battlestar Galactica," can I just note that she looks decades younger than she did on "Xena?"
  • Fox's "Duets" has victory song for Tuesday Wednesday August 30 2:52 PM ET "Celebrity Duets" carried a strong tune Tuesday, with its two-hour premiere leading Fox to a primetime victory in two key measures.
  • Fox's 'Duets' is music to our ears New York Daily News, NY
    ... The difference with "Celebrity Duets," and what makes it ... with contestants, who sang duets with two ... Lucy Lawless, former "Xena: Warrior Princess" and current ...
  • "Celebrity Duets" a painful experience The Insider Online
    If ever there was a time when TV was even slightly self-conscious about blatantly imitating itself, that time has past. The latest ...

Celebrity Duets PR - Entertainment Tonight

ET did a review of Duets - although not focused on Lucy (it was focused more on Marie Osmond), Lucy is featured.
Created by Roger

Click here to download clip

Lucy Auction Watch
  • The Lucy Starship Drawing sold on Ebay for US $1,500.99! How cool is that.

30 August 2006

Official Celebrity Duets Pictures

Fox has released two photos of Lucy - one with Michael and one with Smokey in the their official gallery

Lucy and Smokey  | Lucy and Michael

Lucy's Second Naked Eye Camera Auction

Lucy's second camera is now up on ebay! Click here - Ebay.com


Celebrity Duets Video Clips

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but Lucy was just phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenonal. What an amazing, talented woman. Go Lucy!

Episode #1 is now available for Download -video clips are now ready. Created by Roger

The video clips of Lucy singing with Michael and Smokey are HQ size (640 x 480 resolution)



Download captures from intro, first song and judging -
314 video captures


Celebrity Duets PR - TheStarScoop.com

  • FROM SWORDS TO SONGS - 30 August 2006
    Lucy Lawless - Exclusive to TheStarScoop.Com
    Lucy Lawless has returned. Back and blonde, she's armed for battle once again - with her voice. The new reality show, Celebrity Duets sees a slew of stars, including Lucy, face off in a duets competition that partners celebrities not known for singing, but who do actually have musical talent, with renowned artists. Lucy explains, "All the contestants can sing; they wouldn’t want to dishonor these singing legends by putting them with people who were just cast for their comedy value. I’m really honored to be amongst them."
    Click here to read the interview

Duets Tickets to 7 / 8 September

29 August 2006

Battlestar Galactica

You know that other show Lucy is in <g>

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Promo Photos



Backstage Lucy Pic

Sharon has posted a backstage photo of Lucy looking absolutely stunning in that white dress. Gorgeous!

Click here to see larger pic



Celebrity Duets PR - EXTRA

While all the excitement over Duets was going on, Extra had an interview with Lucy and the rest of the cast of Duets.

EXTRA - 29 August 2006

Added video clip and screencaptures from this interview



Mesh and Bev Blog - As it Happens...

We see silhouettes of singers, we see the actors in between the silhouettes. Lucy is described an action star. The next five weeks they'll face the challenge of a lifetime. The music stars have won over 100 Grammy's, over 250 number 1 hits, over 370 millions. The celebrities are paired each week…. Lucy's cut in saying "SO EXCITING"

Read more....


Boston Herald - 29 August 2006

  • Not ‘Xena’-phobic: Ex-warrior princess Lawless changes tune for ‘Duets’
    Tuesday, August 29, 2006  Lucy Lawless has always had a free-fall approach to her career. ‘‘I’m addicted to free fall,” Lawless said during a recent phone interview. ‘‘I’ve flamed out horribly a number of times in life.”  But the former warrior princess is banking that her participation in ‘‘Celebrity Duets” (premiering tonight at 8 on WFXT, Ch. 25) won’t be one of those times.
    Click here to read the rest of the article

Entertainment Weekly 30 August 2006

Great interview with EW Online about Lucy's song choices in her audition "I will Survive" and "''I'm an Old Cowhand From Rio Grande.'' (Lucy performed this song on the Rosie O'Donnell Show back in 1996 and got her chance to star as Rizzo in Grease! in 1997 because of that song).
Click here to read the interview on EW
Click here to watch the video clip of Lucy singing on Rosie

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

TV Guide Online

  • Celebrity Duets: An Inside Look
    TV Guide Online

    You've seen them dance. You've seen them lose weight. You've even seen them ice-skate. Now it's time for celebrities to grab a mike and start singing. The contestants on Fox's Celebrity Duets will have a little help from well-known recording artists such as Clint Black, Macy Gray and Chaka Khan, so we're hoping the audience will be spared the torture of another William Hung. But with Simon Cowell wearing the executive-producer hat, anything is possible. click here to read more

Okay a new poll is available - DO NOT vote for Lucy

  • TV Guide Poll - Click here

    Which Celebrity Duets contestant do you think will be the worst singer?

    Chris Jericho
    Lea Thompson
    Jai Rodriguez
    Lucy Lawless
    Hal Sparks
    Carly Patterson
    Cheech Marin
    Alfonso Ribeiro

So far 45% think it's Cheech Marin
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Premieres & Events (somewhat)

You know this is getting silly when I'm reporting on a Lucy event but she didn't show...her teapot did <vbg> The teapot is pretty but somehow I don't think I'll be starting a fan site for Lucy's Teapot...

  • 4th Annual BAFTA/LA Primetime Emmy Tea Party - Inside 08/26/2006 - Park Hyatt Hotel Century City, California, United States
    Teapot went, had a great time and pictures of her presence are on the Film Magic site - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news and the laugh
Speaking of the teapot...the current price for it is: $400 USD with 17 days to go


28 August 2006

Xena Comics - Xena Annual #1



Our regular creative team of writer John Layman and artist Fabiano Neves take a one-issue break this month as we present a special one-shot story written by Keith (Batman) Champagne and artist Noah (RED SONJA) Salonga as Xena and Gabriele square off against a Strange Visitor from another planet...

click here to see larger scans of the covers

Celebrity Duets Articles

  • United Press International - 28 August 2006'
    Celebrity Duet' Lawless sang as 'Xena'
    LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28 (UPI) -- U.S. actress Lucy Lawless, who will sing competitively in the new series "Celebrity Duets," actually sang in a few episodes of "Xena: Warrior Princess."  Lawless is one of eight celebrities to be paired with superstar singers performing duets in the Fox series, starting Tuesday. The actress played a mythological Greek heroine in the 1990s TV show, "Xena," the New York Post reported

Lucy DVD News

Vampire Bats in Europe...

  • Vampire Bats is being released in Europe on 16 October 2006
     Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Croatian, Hebrew, Turkish, German, Czech, Icelandic, Bulgarian
     Languages: Castilian Spanish - 5.1; English - 5.1; French - 5.1; German - 5.1; Italian - 5.1 According to the Sony Pictures website

Two and A Half Men - Season 2

  • You can now order the Season 2 DVD set of this show which contains Lucy's episode "It was 'Mame,' Mom"

    Order from Australia | Not available in the US as yet

Celebrity Duets

Two more days to go...the countdown is on!

I've created some banners if you wish to use them. When the phone # is available I'll add the number to the banners. In the meantime, feel free to grab these and use them as you will!

There are more banners on the Celebrity Duets Site Banner page in different sizes including animated banners

More Lucy Pics


27 August 2006

Celebrity Duets Tickets

For those going to see Celebrity Duets in LA - you can now purchase full dress rehearsal tickets!

Tue August 29, 2006 10:00 AM An intimate full dress rehearsal featuring all the performers. An excellent opportunity to see the entire show up close!

Tue August 29, 2006 3:30 PM The first taping of the season!

Vampire Bats DVD To Be Released In Australia / Region 4

This DVD will only play on Region 4 DVD players or a multizone DVD player.

Its feeding time as Lucy Lawless and Timothy Bottoms take on a voracious horde of blood-seeking vampire bats in this squirm-inducing terror-ride from the producers of TV's Miami Vice and Frankenstein.

To be released 25 October 2006 - Price $37.83
Click here to pre-order

Celebrity Duets Promo Images

Celebrity Duets PR - Entertainment Weekly

  • Added scan from Entertainment Weekly 1 September 2006 - Dubious 'Duets'  Fox claims the contestants pairing with pros on it's Celebrity Duets reality competition (premiering August 29 at 8 pm) are novice singers - but a few have microphones in their career closets. See if you can match these stars up with their musical resumes.

Celebrity Duets PR - US Magazine

Celebrity Duets Promo Videos

Battlestar Galactica


Promo Images

Season 3

Season 2

Xena Prop Auction For Charity

Received the following from Barbie / Xena Prop House

You are bidding on a pair of gold painted armbands that were seen in Xena Season 1 Episode 17 "A Royal Couple Of Thieves".

Through the kindness of Julie these armbands were donated to Xena Prop House.  This auction is dedicated to our Kindred Spirit and Xena fan Martin Duggan. Mart suffers from chronic renal failure resulting in dialysis and subsequently a kidney transplant. Mart you are in our hearts and our prayers to get you through this very difficult time. Please know Mart that every Xena fan and collector that reads this auction sends you their support!

90 % of the winning bid amount goes directly to The National Kidney Foundation of Florida in honor of Mart. The remaining 10% will pay for the ebay listing fee, end of auction fee and pay pal fees. Xena Prop House will in no way financially benefit from this auction. However our spirit does benefit from helping Kidney patients get the treatment they so desperately need!

Xenaverse News - Karl Urban

  • Karl to Attend Toronto International Film Festival
    The 31st Toronto International Film Festival expects more than 500 international stars and special guests to attend this year's festival Sept. 7-16:
    Karl is on the list to attend.
  • Karl Urban to hang out with Vikings again. August 21, 2006 - Karl Urban sure loves his Viking movies. The star of the forthcoming Viking-themed Pathfinder is set to topline the sci-fi creature flick Outlander. Click here to read more Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Xenaverse News - Danielle Cormack

  • NZ Herald - 25 August 2006 Danielle Cormack brilliantly captures Katherine Mansfield's mercurial nature. The Case of Katherine Mansfield at the Herald Theatre

26 August 2006

Celebrity Duets PR Update - People Magazine

People Weekly 4 September 2006

Added scans from People Magazine - 4 September 2006. Lucy looking gorgeous in red! - Scans contributed by Beverlyz


Official Celebrity Duets Site

Lucy Designed & Autographed Teapot

The Lucy designed and autographed teapot is now available to bid on. Click here to read the press release about this item

Item Number: 116

Description: Own the tea pot decorated by Lucy Lawless
The tea pot is up for auction through Clothes Off Our Back.
Proceeds from the auction benefit the Television Academy Foundation's work with Educational Programs & Services and BAFTA's Scholarship Fund. Special Instructions: Winning bidder pays for actual cost of shipping--cost depends on shipping address. Item cannot be resold. - Many thanks to Poopyhead for the news

25 August 2006

Xena Planet - Lucy Comment
  • The Dominion 26 August 2006 - Xena thrilled with place among stars
    Kiwi actress Lucy Lawless is delighted her favourite character is to be immortalised in space. The International Astronomical Union agreed in Prague on Thursday that two distant objects would become dwarf planets - one which carries a nickname of the television warrior princess played by Lawless.
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Celebrity Duets PR Update

  • People Magazine 4 September 2006 Issue will feature Lucy as part of the Duets PR - according to People Magazine site: Queer Eye's Jai Rodriguez and Lucy Lawless pair on Celebrity Duets

    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


AUSXIP Anniversary Art & Video Contest Update

Xena DVD News for Aussies

Xena Collector's Bag - Season 1-6 (36 Discs)

Complete Xena Collection With Exclusive Bag!

Once on the side of evil, Xena has changed her ways and helping people in need and fighting for good. Join Xena and her bard friend Gabrielle over 6 seasons of non stop action, packaged with this Exclusive Warrior Princess Collector's Bag!

Xena, the wild & wonderful Warrior is Back in this Complete Collection!  Xena, the warrior princess is bent on overcoming her dark and hateful past. She must save innocents to redeem herself, in the eyes of the world and to herself. She is aided along the way by best friend Gabrielle, a struggling bard who later turns warrior herself.

Please note: The DVDs do NOT have the extras such as the commentaries.
Many thanks to Bradley for the news

Xena Planet News

Buying Land on Xena...

Speaking of Xena The Planet, someone selling an acre of land on Xena (the planet) on Ebay...what a cool gift to give all the Xena cast and crew...there own little patch of Planet Xena...check it out!


Xena Awarded "Dwarf Planet" Status

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) today downgraded the status of Pluto to that of a "dwarf planet," a designation that will also be applied to the spherical body discovered last year by California Institute of Technology planetary scientist Mike Brown and his colleagues....

The following paragraph in the article just made me laugh so much - we already knew that Gabrielle makes Xena "wobble" but it's now a scientific fact (well for Xena the Planet and her lovely moon Gabrielle)  <g>

Therefore, once the researchers figure out the distance between the moon and its parent, how fast the moon revolves its parent, and how much the moon makes Xena wobble, then they'll know how much Xena weighs.

Yeah, yeah I know, I'm easily amused....


24 August 2006

Press Release:

Lucy Designed and Autographed Teapot for Charity BAFTA/LA and the Television Academy Kick Off Primetime Emmy(R) Awards Weekend With Expanded Tea Party and Online Auction
Thursday August 24, 9:11 pm ET

Public Invited to Bid on Teapots Designed and Autographed by Gillian Anderson, "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" Cast Members, "ER" Cast Members, Jon Voight, Howie Mandel, Lisa Kudrow, Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek, Lucy Lawless and Many Other International Stars

Proceeds to Benefit Educational Outreach Programs of the Nonprofit Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts/Los Angeles

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 24, 2006 -- The British Academy of Film and Television Arts/Los Angeles (BAFTA/LA) and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences are hosting an Online Celebrity Tea Party and the public is invited! In celebration of the 2006 Primetime Emmy® nominees from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, proceeds from the first-ever Online auction of celebrity-designed teapots and luxury merchandise will benefit both the Television Academy Foundation and BAFTA/LA's nonprofit foundation. In the past, the teapots were auctioned at the annual Tea Party held in Los Angeles -- where they have been a sellout each year -- and this marks the first time that the public has been invited to bid on and win the coveted teapots -- all of which have been designed and permanently autographed by leading celebrities.



Upcoming 10th Anniversary AUSXIP Art & Video Comp!

Hi folks,

As most of you are aware AUSXIP will turn 10 in December (that's what that nifty little countdown on your left is for <g> )  which is considered ancient in the stream of time for internet sites.

In honour of this event (and the fact I haven't gone totally nuts in the process) I am announcing an art and music video competition. There's some more neat stuff that will be happening that I will announce at a later date.

We have so much talent in this fandom - talent oozes out of the Xenaverse. So put that talent to use and create some artwork and music video.

All the artwork and videos will be displayed on ausxip and then get voted on by EVERYONE who visits from 1 December to 15 December 2006. The winners of the comp will get all sorts of goodies like autographed pictures, DVDs, pictures and whatever else I can come up with.

Rules (you know there are rules):

  • You have to create the artwork / video yourself

  • No nudity or excessive violent images

  • It has to be Xena, Lucy or Renee related

  • All entries will be reviewed before they are displayed

  • You can enter as many times as you like

Entries will close 1 December 2006 and I will put up a voting page for all the art and videos (hopefully there will be heaps to choose from). The winners will be announced 15 December 2006 on AUSXIP's 10th Anniversary!

So get to it and let those creative juices flow!

Please pass this on to any other list that may be interested.



Celebrity Duets PR Update

For those going to the 29 August premiere of Celebrity Duets - Lucy has said that you should all SIT STAGE LEFT!  - Lucy Fans out in Force. Somehow I don't think the organisers know what's going to hit them! Go Lucy!


Xenaverse Goodies

Xenaversity Site Revamped!

The very cool Jamester sent me the following message about The Xenaversity site (site redesign looks AWESOME) :

Hello Fellow XENITES!!!


A lot of work has gone into a transformation that we hope that you really enjoy!! The Xenaversity of Minnesota has a NEW LOOK, a NEW VISION and a NEW DIRECTION!! We are back to our old adage... By the Fans, Of the Fans, For
the Fans!!

Check out the site here: www.xenaversity.com

Swedish Xena Fan Club

Mike conducted an interview with Atlantic Film about the Xena/Hercules DVDs that they´ve launched for the 2007 issue of my publication SLICE. A preview of the interview (in Swedish only) is available to read. Mike says "Of interest to fans abroad is the fact that the covers are all made by the guys at Atlantic using a limited number of Xenaimages that they have to get creative with for best effect. I think they´ve done an excellent job."

Click here to read the interview (in Swedish)

The following is a Xena Fanzine dedicated to Xena Merchandise. It's pretty cool :)


Anything for a Dinar? is an unofficial bi-monthly fanzine completely dedicated to Xenabilia. I love collecting Xena, and wanted to provide an ultimate guide to all the Xena merchandise out there, to share with likeminded Xena collectors!

Click here to find out more and how to order


23 August 2006

Official Celebrity Duets Promo Pictures

Just uploaded one of the most gorgeous pictures I've seen of Lucy- yesterday we had the small version, today we have the high resolution 1707 x 2560.

Many thanks to LB for the image!


Lucy on Gay Radio

Will from Radio With a Twist just sent me the following note:

We wanted to let you guys know that Lucy is the Famous Friend on this week's Radio With A Twist. Lucy will be on the radio THIS WEEKEND - 26-27 August 2006 depending on the station. Check out the website for further details

    She's a gay icon.  A hero of sci-fi fans every-where.  And now she's singing for Simon Cowell.  Lucy Lawless talks about Xena, gay fans and her first reality show, Celebrity Duets.  Melissa can die happy.
    For more information, including how to listen, check out www.radiowithatwist.com

Celebrity Duets PR Articles

  • Headline Planet -
    “Celebrity Duets” Is No Joke; Simon Cowell Comments (Exclusive Story)
    ...“Celebrity Duets,” FOX’s new show from executive producer Simon Cowell, is banking on the fact that enough viewers truly do want to see established celebrities conquer another realm of the entertainment world. According to Cowell, the eight celebrities competing on the show—Carly Patterson, Alfonso Ribiero, Lucy Lawless, Lea Thompson, Jai Rodriguez, Chris Jericho, Hal Sparks and Cheech Marin—had to survive multiple auditions, albeit not in front of the brutally honest “Idol” judge, to prove they truly have the potential to excel vocally. Click here to read more



Celebrity Duets PR - Entertainment Tonight 22 August 2006

Lucy was interviewed on ET for Celebrity Duets along with the other cast. In addition there is footage of Lucy in a recording studio and Lucy sings for ET.

Screencaptures and Video clip are now available


Latest Lucy blog Update:

  • ...There was a heap of press the other day for myriad outlets, even CNN, which i was particularly excited about.  I guess it's part of the I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me phenomenon.  Indeed the other day, when I got another pleasant surprise on the show, I had to ask myself whether I had had a stroke.  Was I simply imagining the whole scenario?  It's all beyond my wildest dreams. Click here to read more of Lucy's blog on her site

Lucy Naked Eye Camera Photo

Edgar sent picture #12 from the Naked Eye disposable camera set to Lucy (via Sharon Delaney) and Lucy has been kind enough to comment on the picture as to why she has marshmallows on her fingers. Click here to read

The rest of the images from Lucy's camera can be found here


22 August 2006

Celebrity Duets - Where To Order Tickets

Celebrity Duets - Where to Get Tickets -

Click here to Order for tickets for Tuesday 29 August 2006

Alrighty then, for those around LA and those willing to fly down there or drive, it's time to mobilize and get tickets to support Lucy!  Many thanks to LB for the news

Celebrity Duets

Marie Osmond For Duets

  • It has just been announced that Marie Osmond is going to be joining Celebrity Duets as a judge. Click here to read


  • Orlando Sentinal - 22 August 2006
    The show will pair non-singers (Lucy Lawless, Cheech Marin) with major singers (Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson). Cowell offers little advice to the non-singers. "Shut your eyes, hold your breath and hope for the best," he says. "This is going to be tough. It's hard enough when you sing in public when you're used to singing. Most of these people on this show aren't."
    Then there's the pressure of being paired with some of the greatest singers in popular music. "That's a nightmare," Cowell says.

Celebrity Duets PR - Extra 21 August 2006 (Second appearance)

Lucy's second appearance and brief interview on EXTRA 21 August 2006.

Video clip and screencaptures now online.


Celebrity Duets PR - E! News

E! News Interview about Lucy wanting to sing with Smokey Robinson - 21 August 2006

Video clip and screencaptures now online



21 August 2006

Celebrity Duets PR - TV Guide Article

TV Guide (US) 28 August - 3 September 2006
American Idol meets Dancing With The Stars in Simon Cowell's latest brainchild

Click here to read the article


Celebrity Duets PR - Radio Interviews

Houston's The Mix with Sam Malone 21 August 2006

Lucy was on Houston's The Mix with Sam Malone this morning and an audio file of the interview is available to download. Many thanks to Katie of http://terylicious.net/  for contributing the file to AUSXIP.  Click here to download mp3 file


Xena Comics - Press Release Xena #4

Does The Warrior Princess Have What It Takes To Win Contest Of Pantheons?

August 21, 2006, Runnemede, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment released images and information today regarding XENA #4. Scheduled to ship in October, this issue continues the Warrior Princess’ legendary challenges in the “Contest Of Pantheons!” and concludes the opening storyline.

“This issue may mark the end of our opening story, but we have a lot of BIG things planned for Xena! After sending her to Hades in “Contest” it’s difficult to imagine what else we can throw at the Warrior Princess, but our team has designs of Herculean proportions,” stated Dynamite Entertainment. “John Layman and Fabiano Neves are creating the legendary (and fun) stories, so fans can rest assured that they know how to push our heroine to her limits… and beyond!”

Click here to read more

For Stargate Fans...some good news and some bad news

  • Sci Fi’s Stargate SG-1 Said to Be Axed
    People close to the production of Stargate SG-1 said Sci Fi Channel canceled the series on the eve of its 200th episode, which aired last Friday night, making the show the first cable scripted series to reach such a milestone. The announcement came in sometime before cast, crew and executives gathered to celebrate the historic airing at a Saturday-evening bash held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the series is shot. Spinoff series Stargate Atlantis -- which also airs Friday nights on Sci Fi and shares producers and production facilities with the older SG-1 -- was said to be unaffected by the cancellation. Atlantis is currently in its third season.
    Click here to read more


20 August 2006

Lucy Starship Drawing Now On Ebay

Current Bid: $100

Hand drawn by Lucy herself, this is a picture of Lucy and others in a spaceship (referring to her in role in the upcoming season of the Battlestar Galactica TV series).  It includes a handwritten message from Lucy and is signed.  All proceeds from the sale of this picture will go towards the Starship Foundation, Lucy's chosen charity in her home country of New Zealand.

Lucy Lawless is a committed Starship Foundation board trustee and she gives her time and energy freely and generously to further our cause.  Please join Lucy in being a champion for sick children by emailing your contact details to starshipfoundation@adhb.govt.nz or visit www.starship.org.nz/donation to make a donation.

click here to go to ebay

The Bard's Corner

I'm very pleased to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner. Brandi Ferdig Coming Home is Brandi's first story.


XWP / Wonder Woman Crossover

  • Brave New World (Alt / Complete) by D
    The year is 2043. For over one hundred years, the world has been ruled by Nazi tyranny. The Japanese are an acknowledged power within the Reich, but they concede the supreme leadership of the Fuehrer. The United States, because of its choice to remain isolated during the conflict that was World War II, is now an occupied territory of the Nazi regime. It is also home to the Resistance. This is the story of their fight for freedom.

Xena Planet - Articles

  • Dominion Post 17 August 2006 - KIWI actress Lucy Lawless' career is about to go stellar. The star of Xena: Warrior Princess is expected to have a new planet named in her character's honour.

Lucy Interviews - Screencaptures


Lucy Events - Video and Screencaptures

MDA Telethon 9 September 1999


Battlestar Galactica

There's a little advert in the current issue or Starburst (#341), at the end of a BSG interview/article with Edward Olmos (no Lucy mention or pic), that says:

    Don't miss the Starburst Galactica special, packed full of cast and crew interviews. Available 6th September.  I've no idea if Lucy will be one of those interviewed though.
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

19 August 2006

New Lucy Starship Letter & Ebay Auction for Lucy's Drawing

Lucy has sent out a new letter to all Starship Foundation supporters. Big news is that Starship will be holding an Ebay auction for one of Lucy's new drawings - the auction will be held on 21 August 2006.

Click here to read the letter with a copy of the drawing. many thanks to Lucy Piper for the scans


Celebrity Duets

Celebrity Duets PR - Entertainment Tonight

Lucy talks to Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming tv reality show Celebrity Duets and also comments about the JonBennet case.

Video and Screencaptures are now available for download

Celebrity Duets PR - Extra

Lucy is featured on EXTRA as part of the lineup for the upcoming reality tv show Celebrity Duets

Video and screencaptures are now available for download


Xena DVD News - Swedish News

Swedish fans will be able to buy the Season 3 DVD on October 25. This is the box art for the Season 3 DVD boxset.

Many thanks to Mike for the scan and the news


Xenaverse News - Actor Updates

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

  • Alison Bruce has been nominated (for her role in Us) for Performance in a Short Film.
  • Kate Elliott has been nominated (for her role in The Insiders Guide To Love) for Performance by an Actress
    Joel Tobeck has been nominated (for his role in Interrogation) for Performance by a Supporting Actor

18 August 2006

Celebrity Duets

Lucy will be doing PR for Celebrity Duets with the following shows:
Many thanks to Sharon Delaney /Official Lucy Fan Club for the info

ET /  The Insider / Access Hollywood / Extra / E! News / Inside Edition / KTTV
FOX News Edge / TV Guide Channel Show / Reality Remix -- FOX Reality Channel / TV Guide Channel / FOX.com / US Weekly / People magazine / FOX All Access Radio

17 August 2006

Lucy's Camera Pictures

Here is the much anticipated Lucy Pictures from the Naked Eye Camera Benefit. Okay first some bad news. Due to an overexposed film, only 12 pictures out 27 were able to be developed.

And now here's the good news - 11 Pictures are available to download. #12 is being held back for a week or so because of something special being done to it by a certain someone <g>

Please be aware these pictures are being shown because of Edgar's generosity. Please drop Edgar a note of thanks. For those that may not know why Lucy took these pictures read on: - The Naked Eye Celebrity Benefit (the following information is from their website):

We've asked 150 celebrities & artists to shoot a disposable camera. Now we're auctioning off these cameras-before they're developed! You get the camera containing the unique mystery photos (& negatives!) from your favorite celebrity!

The money raised will go to gay and lesbian film organizations MIX NYC and The 19th NY Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival.

The winning bid for this camera was $3,350!

Click here to view the pictures

Celebrity Duets

Battlestar Galactica

IGN has an exclusive interview with Lucy and Eddie Olmos from the Comic-Con BSG Panel (other cast members are interviewed in other video clips from the con)


Click here to view online (you can download the interview if you have a paid subscription)

More Lucy Pics from the Lucy Fan Club

Sharon has updated Lucy's site with a couple new pics - the one of her and Daisy (for those that don't know, Daisy is Lucy's daughter). The other pic has Lucy pointing to a BSG image - can be considered spoilerish - a little bit.
Check them out


16 August 2006

Celebrity Duets

Battlestar Galactica

Creation Entertainment has announced the new Official Battlestar Galactica Fan Club. The first Official BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CONVENTION convened in Burbank, California in the summer of 2005.This historic summit brought together the stars of the hit SciFi series in a fun filled, jam packed weekend attended by fans from around the world.  Here is the Official BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Fan Club Kit # 1, featuring highlights from that incredible inaugural event, including on-stage footage with:TRICIA HELFER, JAMIE BAMBER, KATEE SACKHOFF and others!  This regionless DVD is approximately 1 hour and five minutes long. In addition to the exclusive three camera professionally shot and edited DVD contained herein you'll also find everything you need to "Frak The Toasters" including The Official Membership Card, Exclusive  Viper Wing Collectors Patch, and 5 Full Color Lithographs from the series.  Click here for ordering details

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Lady Savay to The Bard's Corner.

Uber Fiction

  • Added Beneath The Brambles - Chapters 1 - 40 (Alt / Unfinished)
    A brilliant, jet set, celebrity author is banished to a small town by her publisher. There she finds a beautiful Sheriff, an unknown enemy, an eclectic, if not kooky, group of people and a plot to damage or destroy all she has found worth saving in this “really small town”. She’ll need to look closely, because not everything is what it seems on the surface. She learns, sometimes, even if it’s painful, you need to dig deep to find the answers, beneath the brambles.

Judi's Xena Art


15 August 2006

Lucy Videos - TV Shows

Entertainment Tonight - 14 August 2006

Lucy was featured on Entertainment Tonight (14 August 2006) about Celebrity Duets - there is no interview just footage of Lucy from the Grammy Awards Party (8 February 2006) and promo footage for Celebrity Duets.

Available in two versions - 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 wmv format

Celebrity Duets Promos

The promos are getting cheeky - Version 4 asks if the celebrity singers THINK they can sing and answers the question with a resounding yes. Click here to download clip


Lucia's Artwork

Added revised comic strips for Little Xena and Gabrielle in English and Portuguese versons

  • 21 The New Style
  • 22 Fixing The Bangs
  • 23 Fixing The Bangs 2
  • 24 O Salto
  • 25 Who?
  • 26 Warrior Mom
  • 27 Warrior Mom 2
  • 28 Distraction
  • 29 Distraction 2
  • 30 The Egyptian Incident (In Color)

Xena Prop House

  • The August 2006 Xena Prop House newsletter is now available to download. it's now in pdf format. These newsletters are pretty cool for everyone and in particular those who collect props from Xena and Hercules. Check them out.

Xena Planet Mentions

  • Taipei Times - 15 August 2006
    Will The Warrior Princess Replace The King of Hades?
    PLANETARY SPAT: Pluto may give way to ``2003 UB313,'' fondly called Xena by its discoverer, in a debate at an astronomical conference in Prague
    Read More
  • The Guardian - 14 August 2006
    When is a planet not a planet? Judgment day looms for Pluto · Solar system Astronomers to vote on new definition · Celestial bodies may be cut to eight - or raised to 50 - Read more - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link
  • More Xena Planet News on Google News about the current debate about Planet Xena and if Pluto is really a planet

14 August 2006

Lucy RSS Feed...

There's a problem with the RSS Feed for the Lucy site so until further notice I am discontinuing the feed. If you wish to be notified when I update AUSXIP, please subscribe to the daily axip-update newsletter which is an ANNOUNCEMENT update only.

Click to subscribe via yahoogroups web site

Lucy Book Scans & Transcript


Added high resolution scans from Kabuki Reflections (a collection of artwork by David Mack). David painted Lucy and her family.



Xena Multimedia - Episode Promos

The promos are almost complete with the exception of 15 episodes (12 in Season 2 and 4 in Season 3). I don't have episode promos for those yet.

Added the following Episode promos for Season 6

  • Old Ares Had A Farm (3 versions)
  • Dangerous Prey
  • The God You Know
  • You Are There
  • Path of Vengeance
  • To Helicon and Back (3 versions)
  • Send In the Clones
  • The Last of the Centaurs
  • When Fates Collide
  • Many Happy Returns
  • Soul Possession (2 versions)
  • A Friend In Need (3 versions)

New Lucy Message...

Lucy on the ground talking to ReneeSharon has updated Lucy's site with an interesting addition - Lucy AND Sharon are downright goofy and funny (plus Lucy is wearing one of her favourite t-shirts again...) Out of all that mayhem comes the news that Lucy has given an Associated Press and TV Guide interviews about Celebrity Duets. Click here to read the latest blog entry.


13 August 2006

New Artwork

Added new artwork based on the Season 3 episode "The Debt" - Xena and Lao Ma

Dedicated to Ronin.

Xena Multimedia - Episode Promos

Added the following Season 6 Season Promos

  • Season 6 credits with wrong credits for Renee. The credits were changed for later broadcast to reflect Renee as co-starring instead of starring).
  • The Original Survivor - Season 6 Promo #1
  • The Original Survivor - Season 6 Promo #2
  • The Original Survivor - Season 6 Promo #3
  • The Last Battleground (Series Finale) #1
  • The Last Battleground (Series Finale) #2 (no announcer just Xena theme)

Added the following Episode promos for Season 6

  • Coming Home #1
  • Coming Home #2
  • The Haunting of Amphipolis
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Who's Gurkhan?
  • Legacy #1
  • Legacy #2
  • Legacy #3
  • The Abyss
  • The Rheingold
  • The Ring
  • Return of the Valkyries

Faces of the Fans Update

Hello everyone!

We are very proud to announce that, on June 19, the Canberra Xena Gang sent A$1,005.36 (one thousand and five Australian Dollars and thirty six cents) to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia, from donations received on behalf of FOF, our Faces of The Fans fun-pack!!!!! The Xenaverse so totally RO'Cs !!! Then again… who didn’t already know that?!!!!<VBG>

As for our FOF II project, we are sad to say, it’s in a hiatus right now, not only for lack of submissions, but also for circumstances beyond our control - three Gang members are moving out of Canberra, so - needless to say - the Canberra Xena Gang is a little shaken right now <sniff sniff>. We thought of doing a FOF II anyway, if we had enough submissions - a cyberspace FOF II!!! each one doing her part of the job and then putting it all together sometime in the future (oh yeah, we are still planning meet ups, if not weekly as before, at least once a month or once every two months, whichever life allows us… distance will not break up the gang!) With that said, we are not discouraging submissions! Please keep them coming and we’ll see what we can do. I personally would like to have at least a fans/convention music vid ready by the end of the year, so that we can send it to Creation and hope they show it at the con, like they did this year. After all, what are the Conventions without the fans ???!!!

So, once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you that made this possible with your submissions and orders!!! The Greater Good was once again served by the amazing power of the Xenaverse!!!!

The Canberra Xena Gang

PS: FOF 1 will always be available, so if anyone is interested in spending some fun moments reminiscing about the conventions, or taking a tour of Canberra with our very own “Xena” tour guide, or watching an episode re-enactment with X & G action figures, or taking a look at all the other FOF cool stuff, don’t be shy, just drop us a line!
Go to www.cxgang.com and get FOF'ed!!!


Mesh's Corner on AUSXIP


12 August 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Celebrity Duets Update

Promo Videos

Xena Multimedia - Episode Promos

Added the following Season 5 May Sweeps Promo

  • Twilight of the Gods promo

Added the following Episode promos for Season 5

  • Seeds of Faith
  • Eternal Bonds
  • Amphipolis Under Siege
  • Married with Fishsticks
  • Lifeblood
  • Kindred Spirits
  • Antony & Cleopatra
  • Looking Death in the Eye
  • Livia
  • Eve
  • Motherhood

UK Reminder:
Many thanks to Jan for the news

  • Just a reminder for UK fans that Veronica Mars (Donut Run) is being shown this coming Thursday (August 17th) at 20.00 on the Living Channel. (Repeated following Sunday, 20th, at 16.00)
  • Also - HTLJ - Judgement Day - is being shown on Bravo on 28th September - 03.00 in the wee small hours.

Some fun stuff...


11 August 2006

Lucy Camera Update

Edgar just informed me that the camera has arrived and was taken to the photo shop guy who has removed the casing intact (Lucy autographed the casing).

Next step will be processing the film - that will take a day or so (it's not at a 1 hour place...that film is way too valuable).

Lucy's pictures should be up Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned.

On another note - I've been getting quite a few emails for Edgar which I have passed on. Let's just say Edgar is overwhelmed by all the thanks <g>

I'm not sorry for Edgar's discomfort <g>


Xena Multimedia - Episode Promos

Added the following season premiere promos

  • The Legend Is Reborn - Season 5 Promo #1
  • The Legend Is Reborn - Season 5 Promo #2

Added the following dailies from Season 5

  • Chakram - Xena talking to Joxer about his love for Gabrielle
  • Chakram - Joxer talking to Xena about his love for Gabrielle

Added the following Episode promos for Season 5

  • Fallen Angel
  • Chakram
  • Succession
  • Animal Attraction
  • Them Bone, Them Bones
  • Purity
  • Back in the Bottle
  • Little Problems
  • Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire
  • Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire End Credits
  • Punch Lines
  • God Fearing Child

Lucy DVD News

Veronica Mars Season 2 DVD is now available to pre-order
(released 22 August 2006). The DVD contains Lucy's episode
Episode 11: Donut Run

Click here to order from Amazon.com


10 August 2006

I just received the following message from Jennifer Mamula - I don't have any other news so based on this news Lynka has passed away. I'm so terribly saddened and my condolences to her partner Kathy, their families and friends.

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Linda Osborne AKA Lynka. She succumbed to cancer Tues. August 8, 2006. She leaves behind her partner of over 25 years, Kathy. Lynka loved the Xenaverse so much she started a web page for the writers of fan fiction and other enthusiasts of the show. That webpage, Amazon Trails, was her "baby" for many years. Her health had been deteriorating for some time, but Linda never gave up or stopped fighting. She exemplified the warrior she believed was in every woman.

Lynka's final message on her site reads:

Hello Great Xena Fans!

It is with great sadness that Kathy and I announce that Amazontrails will be closing. We have enjoyed our wild ride with the Warrior Princess and Her Bard. What a time we have had. We began our site as a way to share our stories with the world. Then we gave a home to the poets and artists of the Xenaverse. We wish to personally thank alwayslooking, wishes, and tim for being some of the first to grace our pages with your beautiful work. And we would like to thank all the others who gave their work to us and helped to create a home. As you have probably seen, we had just started to remodel the old pages. But as things go, things change.

As many of you know, I have Breast Cancer. Almost two years ago, it spread to my lung and I had spots on my spine. Then last January, a tumor destroyed two vertebrate in my back. I had to have the vertebrate replaced and now have a cage and some metal rods in my back. I spent some time learning to walk again. Now we found out that the cancer has spread through my bones and my liver. Because of this Kathy and I have decided to dedicate our energies fighting this disease.

We have decided to start an organization: Hope Lives On. We will be selling some items to help raise money for our cause. The main purpose of the organization will be to help woman with breast cancer take care of their pets. As you all know, Kathy and I love animals. After getting our four lovely dogs, I got sick again and was out of work. Thankfully, some friends brought over some dog food and helped us feed our babies. We hope to do the same for women so that no one will have to give up their child dog or cat because they can't afford to feed them. My long term plan is to create a nation-wide network of pet carekeepers to help watch over women's animals while they are in the hospital or unable to care for them herself. We will also be sponsering some runners for the Komen Race for the Cure, walkers for the Walk for Hope, as well as other worthwhile causes as we come across them.

We have decided to focus all of our energies in this direction for now. So while Amazontrails will be closing - Hope Lives On is just beginning. We would love your support as we begin our journey down this new trail.

Please visit us at: hopeliveson.com

We will be selling on Ebay as: hope-lives-on
(hopeliveson is not us so please include the dashes)

If you would like to contact us: linda@hopeliveson.com

If need be, please download any story you would like to keep. If you are a webmistress and are interested in hosting our stories, please contact me.
The site should be open for the next three months. Please bookmark our new site as it is currently under construction but will be opening new pages steadily.


Linda and Kathy

Celebrity Duets Update

Promo Videos

Added Promo #1 Features Lucy singing as part of the promo wmv format - 1.5 mb zipped Contributed by Roger

Added Promo #2 Features Lucy as part of the lineup wmv format - 2.2 mb zipped Contributed by Julie


Battlestar Galactica

New SciFi magazine features BSG:

Battlestar Galactica 3.0

Battlestar Galactica won both a Peabody and an American Film Institute Award—and now it's on course to win over mainstream America. May have some Lucy info

For more info go to http://www.scifi.com/scifimag/ 

Battlestar Galactica Special - The Story So Far...

Catch Up With the Battlestar Story

Watch a refresher before season three of Battlestar Galactica begins Friday, Oct. 6, at 9/8C. SCI FI is presenting a story-recap special called Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far. The one-hour show is narrated by Laura Roslin (Mary McDonnell), the Secretary of Education turned President turned resistance leader on Cylon-occupied New Caprica. Learn about humanity's costly struggle to survive against its deadliest enemy.

The special will be available on SCI FI Pulse during the entire month of September, and it will air at various times and on numerous NBC Universal channels.
Read more for the dates and times
Many thanks to Jenn from XWPOnline for the news

9 August 2006

In Memory of Dr Susan Barnes

  • Nomad (aka Chris) has created a site in Memory of Dr Susan Barnes.
    Susan was active on many different online groups, and to pull folks together, I thought a virtual memorial service of sorts might be one way we could remember her, share memories of good times, pictures from Cons, other stuff, whatever you feel like. Please pay it a visit.

Lucy Articles - Battlestar Galactica

Added scans from The Official Battlestar Galactica Magazine #6 Reach For the Battlestars


Added scan/transcript from Out Magazine August 2006 Something For The Ladies. The lesbian icons of the sci-fi world range from an ancient Greek warrior princess to a space-traveling Borg. Read on for the rundown. Includes scans of the interview with Jamie Bamber (Apollo from BSG) and has a brief mention of Lucy.

Celebrity Duets Update

Sharon has updated the Lucy site with another Lucy podcast which was recorded in early July. Lucy explains why she chose to be on a reality tv show even though she has stated in the past that she hates shows like that. It seems the opportunity to be mentored by someone like Smokey Robinson was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Lucy has always said that you should regret the things you didn't do and not the things you have done. So Lucy doesn't want to be an 80 year old and regret not singing with Smokey! Onya Lucy!

The phone bill be higher in August/September as calls from Oz to the US to support Lucy will be running hot at my place! My Telco will be happy with me <g>
You can download the podcast here

8 August 2006

Sad news. The following news was posted on the merwolfpack list by Lida:

For the elders of the Xenaverse, I thought some of you might remember Dr. Susan Barnes (aka Alaska). She died very unexpectedly yesterday. As she had no family other than her beloved boxers, please keep her friends in your thoughts and prayers as we process the news. A memorial page will be put up for friends to share their thoughts and memories of Susan and I'll send it along as soon as I know what it is.

Celebrity Duets Update

Fox is running a promo for the upcoming Celebrity Duets Reality show that features Lucy. You can download the promo from Lucy's site
Click here to view

More on Celebrity Duets

Grindhouse News - Lucy in Fake Trailer

It looks like Lucy will be involved in the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's "Grindhouse but not in the movie. It appears she will appear in the fake trailers between the movies according to the following blog

Robert Rodriquez's official site has the movie posters from both films
Click here to view


7 August 2006

Lucia's Artwork

Little Xena and Little Gabrielle Comic Strips

Great news for Portuguese Xenites - Lucia has translated her Little Xena and Gabrielle strips into the Portuguese language! Lucia has also revised her Little Xena and Gabrielle English comics strips.

Added 20 revised Little Xena and Little Gabrielle comics strips in English and Portuguese

Lucy Artwork

Xena Comics - Dynamite Entertainment

  • The new Xena comic from Dynamite Entertainment has been released. The artwork is gorgeous. Brandi scanned in the limited edition cover and it's now available in the Xena Comic #1 Gallery

6 August 2006

Lucy's Camera on Ebay

Well that was exciting - Lucy's disposable camera has gone for $3,350.00! The winning bidder was Edgar1183.

Thanks to Edgar's enormous generosity, Lucy's photos will be online here at AUSXIP as soon as they are developed and we can see Lucy the Photographer pics. 

I reckon that's VERY generous and on behalf of everyone, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Edgar.

If you would like forward your thanks to Edgar, please email ausxip@gmail.com  and I will forward them on.

Battlestar Galactica



5 August 2006

Lucy Articles

Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Mention

  • There's a BSG on-set report in this blog, with a Lucy mention - Caution - it does contains a spoiler (especially for those that haven't seen Season 2
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Lucy Artwork

4 August 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Official Renee Fan Club Page

  • Renee has been travelling and is now back working on her movie "Diamonds and Guns". There's a new message from Renee on her site
    Click here to read

Comic-Con Video

3 August 2006

Celebrity Duets

SciFi Party Screencaptures

Added 51 screencaptures from the SciFi Party video clip


Battlestar Galactica

Lucy Lawless On Location for BSG - In Canada

Lucy was on location for BSG in Canada and took a pic with her phone to send back to the fan club site.

Click here to view larger image

AUSXIP Fan Artwork Update

Claudia Barrios


2 August 2006

Comic-Con Pictures

Wire Images has more pics of Lucy from the Comic-Con BSG Panel. Click here to view
(do a search for Lucy Lawless)


Lucy News - "Celebrity Duets" Is Confirmed

Sharon has updated Lucy's site with a video from Comic-Con (the SciFi Party) - Click here to download

Also confirmed was Lucy's involvement in the new reality show Celebrity Duets which was mentioned by TDS Internet Services News on 27 July 2006. The show will have professional singers partnered with celebrities outside the music industry to perform duets in front of a live studio audience. Reality TV has never met Lucy/Xena fans yet so I hope they are ready for the onslaught <g> It will start 29 August 2006.

Here's some articles (while not mentioning Lucy) about the show:

Lucia Nobrega Art

Redesigned Lucia's site
Added new gallery - Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine on Voyager)
Little Janeway and Seven of Nine - revised version



1 August 2006

Comic-Con Video

Added video clips of Lucy from the BSG panel - these clips are not the full panel but Lucy's introduction and the part where Lucy talks about the Cylons. Video clips were created by Chalis Romero.

Click here to download clips


Lucy's Hairstyle...

TheHairStyler.com shows you how you can get your hair to be like Lucy's (gee that reminds me when everyone wanted to have Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle many many many moons ago). That reminds me - is it just me or does Lucy's hairstyle on BSG as Cylon #3 remind you of a young Farrah Fawcett?

Lucy Lawless Hairstyles
By becoming a member with TheHairStyler.com, you too can create all the stunning Lucy Lawless hairstyles seen here. We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density!
Requires registration
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Xena Comics Update

There's an indepth look at the new Xena comic from Dynamite Entertainment on the newsarama site by John Layman who is part of the team who wrote the first Xena comic. Included in the commentary is artwork from the first Xena comic

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Xenaverse News

Gina Torres News....Gina to Attend NanoCon 3 December 2006

  • The first NanoCon has been scheduled for December 3, 2006 and the guest of honor is Gina Torres. Torres is known for her many roles from both television ("Firefly," "Xena," "Cleopatra 2525," "Alias," "The Shield") and films (Serenity, Matrix Revolutions). Click here to read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news



Click here for July 2006 Xena Lucy Lawless & Renee O'Connor Updates

Click here for more Archived News



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