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Bards In Print is a section of The Bard's Corner of authors who started out writing Xena Fan Fiction and who have ventured out into the publishing world This section will have updates from these authors about their upcoming novels.

22 July 2007

Bards In Print News

Book Announcement from KG MacGregor --

I am happy to announce the return of Malicious Pursuit, available now from Amazon.com. This was my first stab at writing a thriller, and I learned a great deal about pacing, twists and loose ends. Thanks to all of you who wrote me about the early version. For those who purchased a previous edition, thank you and put your wallets away. You won’t find any substantive changes in this one, just a correction here and there. The synopsis and first two chapters are available at www.kgmacgregor.com .


18 June 2007

News from Mickey

I am very happy to announce two of my books will be released by PD Publishing later this year.

Rolling Thunder, the second book in my Sweetwater Saga series, is the continuing story of Jesse and Jennifer Branson, who must fight to save their young marriage and family against a threat Jennifer had thought she’d left back east. Side-by-side the women confront a number of obstacles, including unjust charges against Jesse for crimes she didn’t commit. Their love and family growing along the way.

Fast Break is the story of the unexpected meeting between Patricia Calvin, the coach of a women’s professional basketball team, and Sherry Gallagher, a recently graduated college player out to prove she can play professionally; and the season of basketball and love that follows.

As always, I want to thank my readers. Writing would not be as fun without their continual support and encouragement.



15 June 2007

In the Blood of the Greeks by MaryD

My first book is now available to buy from Amazon.com

It's called In the Blood of the Greeks and it's a pretty good read. It's the 3rd edition of the book which means there is added material/chapters and some rewrites.

The cover was done by Calli and the back features a pic by Missy Good from her travels to a Greek island..I thought it was majorly cool and just perfect for the cover.

What is the book about?

Set against the backdrop of World War II, the novel begins in a most troublesome period of human history, where subjugated by the might of Nazi Germany, two women meet under extraordinary circumstances. This is the story of Eva Muller, the daughter of a German major in command of the occupying force in Larissa, Greece in 1944. Through the intervention of the village priest she meets Zoe Lambros, a young Greek woman with vengeance in her heart and a faith in God that has been shattered by the death of her family. They develop a friendship borne out of this dark time.




13 February 2007

CL Hart to Re-Release of Facing Evil

I’m delighted to announce the re-release of Facing Evil. With a few changes, and added poetry, this newer version of Facing Evil embodies a much sleeker and more refined story. I am very appreciative and pleased with what PD Publishing has done to bring this captivating story back to life. For all those involved at PD Publishing (and a special shout out to Day), I graciously tip my hat to you. Thanks to everyone that purchased the initial release, I appreciate your patience and continuous support.

For those of you who don’t know the story, a short synopsis; A serial killer stalks the police officer that almost brought him to justice. Haunted by her failure, Detective Abby Stanfield retreats to a mountain resort where she meets Sarah Murphy, the beautiful woman in the cabin next door. What follows is a string of events that will have both women fighting for their love and their very survival.

CL Hart

28 January 2007

From KG MacGregor – The House on Sandstone

I’m happy to announce the return of The House on Sandstone, now available from Bella Books Thanks to everyone who bought the first edition. This one has only minor changes from the earlier version, but it has a cool cover by Steph. Here’s the synopsis, and please stop by to check out what else is in the works at www.kgmacgregor.com.

Twenty-five years ago, Carly Griffin left her home town of Leland, Kentucky – sure that it held nothing for her future. Now weary of living overseas for one consulting project after another, she’s glad to have two months back home to relax with her aging parents.

When she catches a glimpse of her high school friend Justine in the doorway of her elegant home, Carly is surprised by the warm, familiar feelings that the image stirs within her.

Justine Hall made different life choices, returning to Leland after college to marry and raise two children. Now divorced, she walks a fine line between sanity and hell, struggling to reconcile the sexuality she can no longer deny with the expectations of motherhood and mores in a small town. Could these two women possibly have anything in common after all these years?