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Convention: 4 - 6 May 2001
Place: Pasadena, California, USA

Note of Thanks from Creation Entertainment

The con has come and gone and from all accounts it was wonderful. As the reports and photos start coming through I will be adding them to this section. If you have photos or a con report you wish to submit - send it to me at and I will add it.


creationcon3.jpg (102322 bytes)Guests:
Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Bruce Campbell
Ted Raimi
Hudson Leick
William Gregory Lee
Adrienne Wilkinson
Alexandra Tydings
Claire Stansfield
Robert Trebor
Karl Urban (Caeser and Cupid)
Tim Omundson (Eli)
Darien Takle (Cyrene)
Ebonie Smith (M'lila)
Melissa Good (Writer)
Robert Field (Editor with new bloopers in tow)

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