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Fri., Sat. & Sun. June 1-3, 2007
Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel 
2 Harmon Plaza
Secaucus, New Jersey (minutes from Manhattan)


Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Brittney Powell
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Rob Tapert
Zoe Bell
Meighan Desmond
Alexandra Tydings


New York

"The East Coast Visit of Lucy, Renee and Friends"

1 June - 3 June 2007

Report by EZRyder
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My con report, part 1. Friday....
I was very excited to go to another Xena con in the same year, especially one so much closer and in the same time zone. One short flight and we were there. My first impression of the hotel and con site was that it was small, and I didnt think it would have the excitement of Burbank. Was I ever wrong. This con turned out to be more fun because it was so small.

When you walked through the front doors the con hall was to the left, the bar and resturant straight ahead. A one stop con..perfect. <g>

Our first night there, Thursday, me & Mr EZ didnt see anybody in the lobby we knew. That was the one difference from Burbank, but it was okay because we were off to Medieval Times. A very cool place a couple of miles away from the hotel that puts on a 2 hour play really, from the times of ancient gods, warlords and kings. Since this is a Xena con report I wont go in to great detail, except to say it was a good time and the perfect thing to see the night before a Xena con. Heres the link.


I believe when we got back we went to the bar to have a drink, then went to bed.

Friday morning. Time for the TX Meet up. As usual, it was a blast, with a lot of new faces. I finally got to meet WQ! She was standing there with HB and I asked her what her handle was. HB told me its a person I couldnt wait to meet, and giving me all these hints, and I drew a blank. When I found it who she was finally, we had a big hug moment. Awww. <g>

So lets see, there was Me, HB, Pmb, WQ, Mr. EZ, Xena2002, CorXy, Adrummer, Blue Warrior, lizgirl, Minya, Pattyannv, Spigl, ten, Trish R, MJuingong, PhantomBard, HarleyRider, Livewithfreedom, and Xwomyn. Im sure there are a couple of people I missed and Im very sorry if I did.

HB had made up name tags for all, thank you HB, and passed them out. It was really great seeing the old dear familiar faces. I missed you guys. Happy howdys and hugs were every where. It was great seeing the new faces too, and welcoming them in to our Xena family. The meet up rocked, and fun was had by all.

After the meet up, me, Mr EZ, HB & WQ went in to the resturant to have lunch. The first guest of the day, Charles Keating, wasnt on till one so we had time. The resturant was nice and the burger I ordered was decent, so I was happy with the place. I didnt learn till later that was the only decent thing on the menu.

After that Mr EZ went back to the room and the rest of us went to pre-register. Having done that I passed out some TX business cards, checked out the merchandise room and bought a few 8x10s for the guests to sign. I wound up buying a lot more that before the weekend was out however. <g>

I went in to the con hall after that, and was pleased with my seat. I was in row 7, close to the center. The con hall was a lot smaller than Burbank, so all seats were pretty good. It was only half full, so the air conditioning was effective.

Time for Charles. He came on and said hello, and that he guesses he was supposed to start this thing going. He has that marvelous theatrical voice. He talked about his acting career somewhat, and was Carl Hutchins on Another World, among other soap characters. He was asked if he would do that character again and he said no, because that character had its time.

He recited some poetry, and with that voice of his it really came to life and was enjoyable to listen to.

He was asked if it was hard to play Zeus because of playing him after three other Zeus'. He said no, as he didnt know them, and theres not a lot of difference in playing a god. He said the troubles come when actors think they are gods.

He was asked something about his acting technique when he played Zeus dying, as it was obviously effective on Kevin Sorbo who cried. Charles said, "Good, I made the bastard cry. That'll teach you to kill your father!" Lol!

In closing, he recited one more poem with great passion. It was one his aging mother used to say, and he said she could remember it when she could remember little else. It was about how nurses and people really dont 'see' the elderly with dementia or other problems. The poem reminded those people how the elderly used to be young and had hopes and dreams, had a life and were somebody, and still are. The last line was something like, 'see not a shell but look at 'me'.' The people who were there know how powerful this was. I think it hit home for those with aging loved ones and also made people think. Charles left the stage to a standing ovation.

I think I went wandering around the merchandise room after that or some where, and when I got back to the con hall Zoe was already on stage. I dont remember much of what she said except that she 'was full of snot', lol.

She talked about some of the stunts she did in her new movie, and enjoyed them. How she burned her stomach a little laying on the car, dont remember the reason why, and had to tell the crew not to worry about her as she was a stunt woman.

Zoe talked about Quentin Tarantino, and how great he was. How she was amazed he wanted her to play herself in his movie. She said she was a stunt woman, not a actress. When she read the script she thought it would be a small part, but as she kept flipping the pages she kept seeing Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. She couldnt believe it.

She said she really got in to her stunts, and when she did fight scenes, like on Xena, she would make all these fierce fighting faces. Zoe demonstrated some and they were quite amusing. She couldnt do it here, because the camara was on her face this time. Thats about all I remember.

Steven Sears came on after that but I had left. I wandered around some more and ran in to Z, <Uber Xe>, and her partner Mrs Z. What excellent people, I was very happy to meet them.

At some point I went back to the con hall to get Zoe and Charles autograph.

PMB asked Charles in the autograph line what happened to Hera when he gave her the kiss. Did he kill her or did she just get put somewhere. He thought for a moment and said he didnt really remember the scene.We described it for him, how he kissed Hera and spun around till she was gone. He thought for a moment again, shook his head and said he didnt know.

Another thing he didnt know, was that Kevin Smith had died. I read where one of the TXers, pattyannv I believe, was talking to him and he asked her where that big strapping lad was. He was talking about Kevin. That must have been very sad for him to find out he died.

Anyway, after the autograph line was done the con was over for the day for me. The gold ticket people had a cocktail hour. For the first time I didnt have a gold ticket, got perferred, and was bummed I couldnt attend. The plus was, unlike Burbank, the room they had it in was right next to the bar/resturant area, and they left both big doors open and we could all see in. Very cool. They chase you away in Burbank. <g>

So I looked in for a few moments, then went wandering around. Another great thing about this small venue, because it was so small everybody was right in the same area. Theres only 2 hallways in the whole place really, with the exception of the short, little, off to the side elevator one, and from the con hall to the resturant it makes a L shape. So, I ran in to TXers, found Mr EZ, and I think we went to the bar.

I remember a short time after I walked out to check the hall to see who was around, and saw that the gold party event was done. The room was empty except for a few people, and the staff was cleaning up. So I went in to check out things, and was surprised to see Charles Keating still there. He was posing with someone for a picture, and when it was taken I asked him if he'd mind if I took a picture. He said not at all, and asked me if I'd like to get in it. Absolutely! So I handed my camara to a fellow Xenite and he took the picture. I thanked Charles, who is a absolute sweetheart, and happily went back to the bar and told my friends what happened.

Now is where things get a little blurry. <g> I rememember that HB, WQ, PMB, and Adrummer were in the bar, and me & Mr EZ sat with them. Because the bar is seperate from the resturant, and small, all the Xenites were together which was great, and everyone was very friendly and chatty. There is nothing like a Xena con high, and we all had it. <g>

So we were all sitting there having a good time, and Charles walked in with a few young ladies. He sat at a table in the corner of the bar and we pretty much left him alone. He stayed for awhile then went to the resturant. I know Z and Mrs Z showed up at some point, and we went walking around the hotel grounds a few times. It was a hot, steamy night, and the hotel had some water front scenery, so we went and sat on the benches by it. Those two are a absolute blast and I had a lot of fun with them.

I remember we went back in the bar and had more cocktails. Mr EZ was having a great time talking to everybody and I was glad to see him enjoying himself so much. HB & WQ left at some point, they went to HBs house. After saying our good bys we partied a little more, then me & Mr EZ got something to eat. We hung around for a little while longer, then went back to our room around 10:30. It was to be a late night tomorrow, as we were having a mini mod meet up after Tobias got back from Lucy's concert. So, I wanted to get a decent nights sleep. Which we did. I was very much looking forward to Saturday, as not only were Lucy and Renee going to be on stage, we were going to have another meet up and lots of fun planned with other TXers. Lights out.

Part 2 coming soon.


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