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Convention Information

Fri., Sat. & Sun. June 1-3, 2007
Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel 
2 Harmon Plaza
Secaucus, New Jersey (minutes from Manhattan)


Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Brittney Powell
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Rob Tapert
Zoe Bell
Meighan Desmond
Alexandra Tydings


New York

"The East Coast Visit of Lucy, Renee and Friends"

1 June - 3 June 2007

Report by EZRyder
Talking Xena Message Board

Saturday Report

Saturday Morning. We had another TX meet up for the Saturday only people, and it was every bit as fun as Friday's, though smaller. Unfortunetly I cant remember everyone who was there, as I was told I missed a couple of people when I was chatting with others. I do know Gracie was there, and I got another one of those great hugs, woohoo!

Tobias was there and it was really great to see her, and Gabsfan too! absinthe angel, XenaRose, XenaGabSoul, Pmb, Xenabythesea, HB, WQ, Mr EZ, gud2bdiff, NCC1701MF and hubby, Cindy from MaryDs, I believe PhantomBard, and livewithfreedom stopped by later. Hb had passed out name tags, and pretty much everyone who said they were going to show up made it. Perfect.

For those I missed, Im terribly sorry. I would have liked to at least say hello to you. For those I saw, it was excellent meeting you, or seeing you again! What a blast!

At some point that morning I saw Charles Keating in the lobby. I think he was leaving as he had some luggage with him.

After that, I saw Steven Sears in the lobby talking with the fans. As always, he was very upbeat and happy to be with us. I talked to him for a few minutes and asked if he would come back to the board. We talked for a bit, he was very nice, and at the end he said he would consider it. Then he posed for a picture with me, which came out great. Thank you for everything Steve!

After that, me and the mister went to get some food. We saw Z and Mrs Z in the restaurant and talked with them for a few moments, then sat down. The restaurant had a very limited menu that day so I just got a burger again. Still didnt know how bad the food stunk yet.

I think I went wandering around the merchandise room after that. I bought a bunch of season one X&G pics, the new small Xena pendant, more pics for the guests to sign, the 2007 Burbank con dvd, and a small, loose, 3-4 inch promotional Xena doll.

I know I missed Steve on stage again, but at some point he was sitting at a table in front of the con hall, signing autographs. I got a picture of him and got in line, chatting with friends till it was my turn. When I got there, he asked if I wanted my real name or handle used. I already have a autographed script from him with my real name, so I went for my handle. He was very nice as always. He wrote a few sentences, including 'I'll consider it', and told me I know what it means. I sure do and thank you again Steve!

I was later told Steve pretty much talked about the things he said at the Burbank con, so I didnt feel so bad missing him on stage. Steve is always a treat to watch.

Okay, I think I went wandering around more then. I know I went to Z's room at some point, and hung out with her and Mrs Z. I remember that because I missed Rob on stage because I was there, but I was fine with that. Z has Lao Ma's hairpin from the show, so cool to see it in real life, and Mrs Z was getting that tattooed on her arm. Now this Im a bit blurry on, as she might have had it done Friday actually, I cant remember the day. I do know one of our new members, pearlheartgtr, did the tattoo and she did a excellent job! It looked fantastic!

It was time for Lucy and Renee to get on stage then, and I wasnt missing that so off I went. The con hall was PACKED. Just about every seat was filled and there were a lot of people standing in the back and to the sides. It was a project just getting to my seat, lol. Once seated, and as I said in my last report I was in the center, I looked around and thought if there was a fire Im dead, as there was no way to get out of there fast. <g> It was also very hot and steamy in there. The AC couldnt handle all those people.

Renee was first on stage. She came out to a standing ovation and thunderous applause. I have to say she looks younger every time I see her. Maybe it was the long hair, but she could easily play season three Gabrielle again.

Now Ive seen Renee at 2 cons before, and she's always a lot of fun and very caring to the fans. Renee out did herself here though. She bounded out on the stage, laughing and cracking jokes with the audience. Bubbly and full of energy. It was obvious she was thrilled to be there, and we were thrilled to have her.

Since it was so difficult for a lot of us to get to the microphones, a lot of the questions were shouted out from the seats, and Lucy and Renee were asked to repeat them to the audience. I dont remember a whole lot of the questions, and some will probably be out of order, but this will all be on a con dvd soon at any rate for all to see and hear what was asked, and I cant wait to get it. <g>

Renee asked how many con virgins there were, and was surprised there was so many. She was asked about getting her hair cut..something like if she really wanted to do it, and if she had to wait to do it. She said her & Rob had been talking about her hair. That she really liked it short. In 'Between the lines' she had to wear a wig because it was still long.

She was asked if the rift changed how she played with Lucy. Renee said yes, because Hope wanted to be Gabrielle. She wanted to be the one that walked with Xena and be her mother. I believe the question was about Gabrielle though, not Hope.

Renee said how she was talking to TJ Scott, and mentioned how he always called Ngila Dickson, Dr. Ngila. Because no matter what cup size a woman went in to her fitting room with, she came out huge. <g>

Renee was asked how many costumes she had, as she pulled out a different one for the photo op. The Heart of Darkness skimpy black top one. She smiled and said Rob asked her that too, and that she had pulled it out of her closet and her boyfriend Jed had said, "Wow, where did you get that?" Renee told him on Xena, and asked if she should wear it outside. Jed said "It shows everything." Renee said "Be specific." <g>

Not soon after she told us she was going to show us a clip of Ghost Town. She told us she promised the Ghost Town PTB that nobody will film it. I hope the fandom respected that request.

The was a chair in the middle of the stage, and as the light dimmed and the clip came on, someone yelled out asking Renee to move the chair. Renee grabbed the chair and yelled back with a Jersey accent, "Moving the chair!" The audience all laughed at that one. <g>

We all cheered when we first saw her character. It reminded me a little of Janice Covington, with the hat, the gun, and the attitude. She showed a few clips and explained the story line and who was what. One was her Pa. She said the story revolves around a family that was murdered. I have to say Renee looked great as little Jack, and when she shot that gun, wow. I was very impressed and am looking forward to seeing the movie.

Renee was asked if she worked out. She said "Not really." She's very busy between motherhood and and the films she's been doing. Chasing the kids around was her excercise.

She was asked if she practiced martial arts. She said no, and that she knows thats disappointing. <g>

Renee showed us a Diamonds and Guns clip. It was hilarious! I didnt have a whole lot of interest in the movie before, but I sure do now. There is a special guest appearance from Ted Raimi in there, who was a hoot as well. The audience loudly cheered when he came on. Im really looking forward to this one. Renee thanked the Xena fans for all they had done to help with this.

She was asked what her favorite comedy was, and she said the lice/itchy one. That was 'In Sickness and in Hell'. She liked doing the chakram thing and grinned about the drool.

Renee was asked if she would play Hope differently now that she was a mother. She thought for a moment and said no. That it would have been harder but the feeling was the same.

Time for Lucy. Lucy came out to a standing ovation and thunderous applause. When it died down, HB yelled out, "Welcome to Joisey!"

Lucy smiled and said "Joisey, I love Joisey", with a Jersey accent.

Someone mentioned her concert and Lucy said how it kicked her ass, its like a stunt fight. She asked if anyone was going to be there tonight, and a large part of the audience cheered.

She was asked which comedy was her favorite, and she said Michael Hurst's name. Not sure which ep she meant though.

There were some BSG questions about her character, but since I didnt watch the show I didnt pay a whole lot of attention to the answers and just watched Lucy, which is always a treat. <g>

There was a woman in the audience who said she had a teenage daughter who was having trouble in school at one point, and watching Xena helped her. She said it was her 16th birthday, and instead of a party she wanted to come to the Xena con. We all thought that was cool, and then the mother had the daughter stand up and we all applauded. I always like seeing new generations of Xena fans.

Lucy talked about Old Ares had a Farm, and said that she was proud of it. She said where ever Kevin is he wasnt riding easy, he was rockin' hard.

Lucy talked about her parents and family a bit, and mentioned how one year for a birthday present they gave her brother a spider in a jar. One that lived in a door knob they didnt use. Someone blew it out and in to the jar it went. I think it was a hit with her brother. <g>

She talked about her mom finding art in everything, including road kill one day. How her mom went back later to scrape it up, lol. Lucy joked and said something like, "And this is where I come from."<g>

Lucy was asked what she hated most about acting. Lucy said it was asking people to give you a job. She hated wanting them to give her one too.

Lucy was asked what she thought about Xena's strength and independence, and what she thought about the way women reacted to her. Lucy said she just thought that she was lucky to have a gig. Then she said it wasnt just women, it was men too. Anybody who ever felt fear. She talked about the friendship being important too, and that drew people in as well.

The wrestling scene in Kindred Spirits was mentioned. Lucy said the producers were away that day and they did want they wanted. She said she acted like Lucy instead of Xena and it showed. She got scolded when the producers saw what she did.

Lucys tight suit that she wore for the show was mentioned, which she looked fantastic in btw, and she was asked if she worked out. Lucy said she did yoga.

Lucy was asked if it was hard to switch accents. Lucy said she had a voice coach, and it became easy in time.

Her concert was mentioned again and she said they had to work on a few things. There was a song, 'Come to me', that they werent completely happy with.

Renee came out at some point around this time, but I dont remember her being introduced. She was just there. <g>

Lucy and Renee were really playing off one another here. Joking, laughing, and teasing each other. One time, Renee was behind Lucy making faces, it was really funny. If my lack of good commentary here isnt enough to make you want the dvd, the interaction and action of the girls should. <g>

Renee was asked if Gabrielle was jealous that Akemi learned the pinch and she didnt till the end. Renee said no at first, but after the audience and Lucy said otherwise, Renee said Gabrielle was very jealous. <g>

Lucy was asked what she feared. She asked what day it was, lol. She said fear is like a curtain, you have to burst through it. Then Lucy put on a wide eyed Meg face, did a little hesitant run, then put on a burst of speed and pretended to part the curtains while running through. What a hoot! <g>

A fan said how doing the spinning Xena kick saved her from a attacker in New York. She said she had never done it before, and had only seen it on the show. When she did it on the would be attacker, he pulled his T-shirt over his head and ran. Im so glad the women was not only okay, she showed the scum a thing or two to also. Battle on!

Lucy was asked to do the Xena yell. She said something like, "Oh, that old war cry. You do it Renee." Renee did and did a pretty good job. Lucy then did the sheeeeyaaaa. Later on Lucy was talking about something Xena related, cant remember what exactly, but she did a bit of the war cry then. Awesome.

They were talking about the scene where Xena threw the rock in the water. Lucy moved her arm like she was throwing the stone, and began saying goofy things about the rippling water in a Xena voice. Most entertaining, lol.

The subject of FIN came up. I forgot what was said, but boo's were heard all through the audience at the mention of it. The question was asked if Lucy and Renee could change anything, would they. They both pretty much said no, and that they feel Xena came full circle.

Lucy was asked if there was anything she regretted about Xena. She thought for a moment and said, "I'm sure I regretted having my head chopped off." <g>

It was asked if Lucy & Renee would like to see the subtext become maintext if there is a movie. I dont remember the exact responses. I believe Renee asked if we would like it, and I yelled out yes with many others. <g> Lucy said something like the show wasnt like that, but there is plenty of fan fiction with that theme out there for those who like it. I think Lucy thought that maintext was about sex. She has openly acknowledged that X&G are a couple in the past, and Im sure has no problem with that. I can understand not wanting the sex to be shown, though I wouldnt mind seeing a kiss or two anyway. <g>

Lucy and Renee left the stage soon after that to a standing ovation and wild cheering. The con was over for another day.

I think I wandered around the merchandise room for a few moments, then went to find Mr. EZ. I think we walked around for awhile, talking to people, then got some food. It wasnt that great.

We went to our room at some point, then went to the bar. HB, WQ, PMB, Z and Mrs Z, pearlheartgtr and a friend who's name I didnt catch, PhantomBard, and Adrummer all sat with/around us. What a blast that was! Me & HB were in rare form, laughing and getting silly, as was a lot of the table. We all had a good time partying together, and it was one of those nights you wish didnt end. Z bought out Lao Ma's hairpin, and it was very cool to actually see and hold it. Very nice prop!

Around 11 or so the Lucy concert goers came in, and that was the end of getting drinks at the bar. They only had one bartender on for a packed bar. I think at some point they might have got him some help, but the service was terrible and almost impossible to get a drink.

Tobias came in with the Lucy concert goers, and PMB, Z, and myself went out in to the lobby to have a mini mod meet up. We wanted a bit of privacy, plus you had to scream to be heard in the bar, lol. How very cool to be able and sit and talk face to face! I enjoyed that very much, and wish we could do it more often. Thanks guys!

After we were sitting out there a hour or so, someone came out and told us Brittney was in the bar. Meeting was adjourned and in to the bar we went. <g>

We walked in the bar, and saw Brittney standing over by the bar, talking and laughing with the fans. I grabbed my camara and snapped a few pictures. I got over closer to Brittney and saw she had started posing with the fans for pictures. A big difference from the last con where she thought she'd get in trouble with Creation and wouldnt let me take a picture of her. Brittney was no longer a shy con virgin, knew the score with the pictures and Creation, and was truly one of us now. <g>

Brittney gave us back every bit of the love and adoration that was shown to her. It was obvious she was having a great time, and she really enjoyed being with the fans. I wanted to get a picture with her but was kind of shy to ask. Xenarose stepped up and asked Brittney if she would pose with me.

Brittney smiled and said sure. So, I got to put my arm around her, woohoo, and gave Xenarose the camara. The batteries were dying in it, and by the time we got the people moved out of the way to take the shot, the battery didnt work. I frantically grabbed the camara and smacked it or something, gave it back to Xenarose, reposed with Brittney and Xenarose snapped the picture. It came out great. I am forever grateful to you, Xenarose, for getting me in the picture and then taking it. Thank you!

Brittney was very giggly and happy. She asked me if I was going to the breakfast tomorrow. I told her no, as for the first time I didnt have a gold ticket. Brittney said she was sorry I couldnt go, and I said I was too, lol. She then laughed and purposely swayed a bit, and said she would be like that tomorrow after the long night here. <g>

Other adoring fans were waiting to get Brittneys attention, so I said goodby to her as she turned to them. I hope you had a blast Brittney!

It was getting late then and I was starting to get tired. So was Mr. EZ. Some of the people from our table had scattered or left, probably because they couldnt get a drink anyway, lol, and I wanted to be at least half awake for the next day, the final day of the con. So, we left.

It was around 1am when we got to the room. We put our stuff away and went to bed. I looked forward to seeing Alex the next day, and the whole con experience. Lights out.

The final report coming soon..:)


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