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Convention Information

Fri., Sat. & Sun. June 1-3, 2007
Crowne Plaza Meadowlands Hotel 
2 Harmon Plaza
Secaucus, New Jersey (minutes from Manhattan)


Lucy Lawless
Renee O'Connor
Brittney Powell
Charles Keating
Steven L. Sears
Rob Tapert
Zoe Bell
Meighan Desmond
Alexandra Tydings


New York

"The East Coast Visit of Lucy, Renee and Friends"

1 June - 3 June 2007

Report by EZRyder
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Sunday Report

Sunday. I didnt have to be in the con hall till 12:15 to see Meighan, so me & Mr EZ slept in. When we got up we went down to the restaurant for breakfast, and the food was awful. The eggs were powdered, the french toast was hard, the bacon and sausage were just gross. They did have some fresh fruit and pastry that was good though, so I had that.

When we were done we walked in to the lobby, and saw HB, WQ and a few other folks. The Gold ticket charity breakfast was going on, and like for the dessert party, both sets of doors were wide open. Very cool. I looked around to find Alex, and was quite happy when I spotted her. Meighan and Brittney were in there too, going from table to table. They all looked great.

A fellow TXer, Minya, won the 50/50 drawing in there. Congratulations Minya!

Meighan came out at one point and signed a banner on top of a piano in the lobby. I got a couple of good pictures as she walked by and as she signed the banner. She smiled and waved at me.

We hung around there and watched for awhile, then I went to Z's room. Z and Mrs Z were going home that day, and I wanted to say good by. I had such a good time with them and I really hated to see them go. I stayed there for a little while talking with them, and then it was time for me to get to the con. We took a few pictures of each other, hugged good by, and then I left.

Im sorry to say I remember very little of what Meighan and Brittney said. I was focused on Alex the most. As such, I remembered a decent amount of things Alex said, but not the other two.

On to the con. They showed a Discord video and out came Meighan. She still looks very young and is so tiny. She said how she was only nineteen when she started playing Discord. She is twenty nine now.

She was asked if she got to keep her costume and she said no.

She talked about how wonderful Kevin Smith was to work with.

She said the relationship between Discord and Ares kept changing. I believe she said that he was going to be Discords father at first, but they changed that because of the flirtations, or something like that.

Meighan teased that it was just awful when she had to do certain scenes with Kevin, like sitting on his knee. Just awful, lol.

She talked about Discord getting beheaded, and said she didnt feel so bad knowing some other gods got killed off. It wasnt a personal thing.

Meighan said she no longer acts right now, and likes being behind the camara instead.

She talked about 'Married with Fishsticks' a bit and said how the cake scene was fun.

Meighan left the stage, and it was time for Alex. I was really looking forward to seeing her and couldnt wait. They played a Aphrodite video, then out came the Goddess herself.

Alex walked on to the stage to thunderous applause and a standing ovation. She looked surprised, smiled widely and waved. When the noise finally died down she asked if there was any kids under ten there. The audience laughed and said no. Alex said, "No seriously, are there any kids under ten here?" We said no and she said, wide eyed with a stunned expression on her face, "F*ckin' hell guys, what a welcome!" The audience roared its approval.

Alex was asked who's god powers she would like to have. She said that was a good question, and asked how many gods were out there. A few names were shouted out by the audience. She said there was enough war and evil out there, so she'd like to have Aphrodite's powers.

Alex was told Aphrodite was written as a Valley girl type character, and she practiced it that way for a couple of weeks. When she got on the set they told her the character wasnt like that and to try something else. Alex put on a stunned face look for us. They then told her to have fun with it. Alex said she went ahead and played Aphrodite as she practiced her.

She said when she got her costume, she thought to herself, "Oh my god, where the f*ck is the rest of it!" Lol.

Alex said Kevin Sorbo was a great director. After they filmed scenes he would go over it with her and tell her where she did good and where she could improve. She said nobody in Hollywood does that and it was great that Kevin did. It really helped.

She was asked if she ever improvised lines, and Alex said, mock serious, " Oh no, I never changed anything the wonderful writers wrote as that is their job." Steve Sears came up on stage and handed her some cash, and without missing a beat Alex took and pocketed the money, and sung more praises of the writers. Lol!

Claire set her up at their last con appearence together and she is looking for payback. <g>

She was asked if she walked around the set in her costume between takes and she said she wore a robe that they all had, but it was hot in the summer. It was either wear that though or walk around in her underwear.

Alex no longer acts and teaches yoga.

She is the mother of two young children.

Alex was asked what it was like working with Renee. She made a face and said it was awful. Renee was dull, cranky, not a good actress, stuff like that. <g>

She was asked was her favorite episode was. She said it was the one she was tied together with Renee. That would be 'Little Problems'. Alex was asked if her viking hat was supposed to slip down and she said no, it wasnt scripted. That she tried real hard not to laugh but if you look closely you'll see she was.

She talked about the cake scene on Hercules, in 'Stranger in a Strange world'. She said the cake was real, so they had to get it right in one take, as there was no prop cake. So she grabbed two big fistfuls of cake ready to smear Lucy, and Lucy grabbed the whole top layer. Guess who won the fight, she said. Lol. <g>

She looked over at Aphrodites picture on the banner and said she didnt look like her anymore. I disagree. Those dimples and big smile look just like her. Alex had no, or very little make up on, and looked gorgeous. Just like Dite.

Alex talked about working with a snake on Sheena. It was behind a plexi glass and went after her twice. She said there was two guys on either side with clubs to hit it if it came around the plexi glass but it didnt make Alex feel very safe.

Alex left the stage and it was time for autographs with her. I got in line with some TXers, and Mr EZ dropped in too. I must say the line went fast with Alex, we zipped right through. Alex came out from behind the partition at one point, and yelled out to us to watch Army Wives. She said it was on that night, and it was done by her friend Katherine Fugate. She then went back to sign autographs.

As the con staff wasnt telling us not take pictures at the autograph table like they usually do, I took a couple of pictures of Alex. Got my autograph, and told her I was glad she was here. Alex smiled, love that smile, and then we left the con hall.

Me & Mr EZ went back in to the merchandise room and I bought a inexpensive Tim <Meleager> autographed 8x10, and three Hercules series dolls that were priced at 45 dollars total, but I got them all for ten dollars total as it was Sunday. Cool.

Brittney came on stage soon after that, and it was obvious she was thrilled to be there. She was laughing, joking, flirting, and calling out certain people. Our Pmb was one of them. Brittney teasingly called her a Instigator. <g>

I want to say one thing before I get back to the con stuff. Ive heard people call Brittney the new Hudson, or the next Hudson, and I dont think thats a accurate comparison. Yes, Brittney and Hudson are both blonde, gorgeous, and very caring to the fans, but I think thats where it ends. Brittney and Hudson both have very different personalities, and to say one is like the other takes away their individuality. They are both superb in their own right.

Back to the con. As I said, Brittney was very bubbly and flirty. She talked a little about the Burbank 2007 con, and I think she said how much she likes doing them.

Brittney said how she had her son with her at the hotel who was supposed to stay in the room. Not sure if it was here or in Burbank. Anyway, he didnt, and went wandering around. A Xenite came across him and was talking to him, asking who and where his mommy was. She was surprised to find out it was Brittney, lol. So, they went looking for his mommy and found her. <g>

Brittney talked a little about her character, and did the eyebrow raising, and tounge in cheek flirty look when talking about Gabrielle.

Brittney auctioned off her bra here, and we all had fun with that. <g>
I was sorry to see that she only got 310 dollars versus the 1100 dollars she made in Burbank. Ah well.

After Brittney got off the stage, I had about a half hour before my Alex photo op. I talked with HB, Pmb, WQ, CorXy, and Adrummer for awhile, then me & WQ went to get in line for Alex upstairs. They were just finishing up Brittney's photo ops so the line for Alex wasnt big yet. It sure got long later though so Im glad we got there when we did.

The line finally starts moving and soon Im looking at Alex. I always like watching the guests posing with the Xenites, and wish we had more than a minute or two to do so. Anyway, its my turn, so I walk up to Alex and say, "How ya doing?" She smiled and said good, then we posed for the picture. When it was done I said thank you to her and started to walk away. Alex said 'Take it easy," and before my brain could register what my mouth said, I said , 'If its easy I'll take it twice." Doh. I felt stupid but Alex and the camara man laughed, so its all good I guess. <g>

Time to run back downstairs for the final convention moment. Autographs with Brittney and Meighan. The line was moving slow and I found out why when I got around the partition. Brittney was having a blast chatting with everyone, lol, and Meighan was just sitting there waiting a lot. <g>

I took some pictures there too, they are up at MaryDs, and you'll see Meighan just sitting there, lol. She didnt seem to mind though, she was a good sport.

As I came around the partiton I saw Brittney leaning over the autograph table, signing a womans..uh..breast. <g> Brittney was laughing and joking around, having a ball. I just put my camara away when I saw her lean over the table again, grab Pmbs head, and kiss it. Wow! What a picture that would have been. Lucky you Pmb!

When it was my turn I said hello to Brittney, and she giggled and said hi back. She asked if I was having a good time and I said I certainly was. I said it looked like she was having a great time too. She laughed some more and said something like that she felt kind of giddy. I grinned and said, "Brittney, you have XenaConitis. Go with it." She laughed and said she would. Gotta love that Brittney!

On to Meighan next. I had a picture of Discord scowling, and it was handed to Meighan. I said, "How are you," to Meighan, and she looked at the picture and said, "Better than that." Lol!
I said, "A good actor can make you either love or hate their character, and I absolutely hated yours. But I love 'you' of course." Meighan laughed and thanked me.

Autograph line, and con, now over.

I went in to the lobby, and saw Xwomyn, XenaRose, HB, PMB, WQ, Adrummer, CorXy, and others, and talked with them for a bit. Then I went in to the merchandise room one more time, and saw them taking it down. I went around the room one last time and bought a couple of more X&G 8x10s. I then went back to my room, found Mr EZ, dropped off my stuff and we went to the bar.

As I type this, I again feel the sadness of having to say good by that day. A Xena con is a incredible high, but when its over and you have to say good by to your friends, its a incredible low.

I saw ten, Minya, Blue Warrior, and Spigl. We talked for a bit, then Blue Warrior left. Before she did she gave me a big hug, and it was noisy too. <g> We didnt want to say goodby to each other, so it was hard.

HB, WQ, & Pmb came in and we sat around talking. I ordered a small pizza and it was gross. The cheapest frozen pizza on the market was better than that, yuck. Good thing for the booze, lol.

Minya was across the bar snapping pictures of us. <g>

Soon, it was time for HB, PMb and WQ to leave. I didnt want to say good by to them either, and it was hard too. We all hugged and promised to see each other on line soon.

Me & Mr Ez were tired and didnt stay much later. We talked some more with ten, spigl and Minya for a while, then hugged and said more good bys. Me & Mr Ez then went to our room, and started packing up some things for tomorrow. We went to bed soon after that.

Monday morning. We got up and got ready to leave. When we were packed and ready we went down to the lobby. There was no one there we knew. While Mr Ez checked out, I took one last look at the con hall and lobby. It was impossible to tell that just yesterday a Xena con went on. Sad. We got our luggage, got a cab, and left.

In closing, I want to thank all who made it such a great time. The guests did a great job and were a treat to see, but mostly it was the fans. The Xenite/TXer family. Thats what really makes the cons so wonderful, and why I'll always want to go back. The family. Thank you all for a excellent time that wont soon be forgotten.


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