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31 December 2006

Lucy Radio Interview - Hollywood Confidential

Lucy was on Leeza Gibbons' radio show Hollywood Confidential this weekend (31 December 2006) about her upcoming concerts. There's a very interesting comment about the possibility of a Xena movie - Lucy didn't want to reveal too much but she did say there's a 50/50 chance of a movie! Lucy's song Come to Me is also played at the start of the interview. mp3 created by Roger.

Click here for the interview

Battlestar Galactica

There are 8 previews for the next nine episodes have appeared on Youtube in recent days/weeks. YOU WILL BE SPOILT! Lucy is in Preview #4

Check them out:

Season 3.5 Previews:

Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

World Vision - Five Days in Bangladesh

The site Black Advertising features Lucy in the Five Days in Bangladesh World Vision DVD - If you go to this site, select the Portfolio page, and click on the Lucy Lawless Five Days in Bangladesh picture (bottom left) it will take you to a page about the related ad campaign, which includes several Lucy pics and a video clip.
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Click here to download the video clips from that documentary


29 December 2006

New Lucy 2006 Interview - In Depth (NZ TV Show)

Video clips and screencaptures now available for download. Lucy is interviewed for the New Zealand show In Depth. Interviewer Jo Giles interviews Lucy about her one day job at Coupeland's Bakery, Lucy's charity work and delves into the life of Lucy Lawless. Lucy talks about her start in showbiz and how she was "discovered" after creating a very funny skit, her Xena days and the horse accident on the Jay Leno Show, her wardrobe malfunction. She talks about Daisy and the boys and how they got their names, her love for Rob, her miscarriage and her singing and acting work. A fascinating interview. Interview Length: 30 minutes.  Many thanks to Calli for the interview

Battlestar Galactica

  • UK Fans - Season 3 will be starting on Sky One on the 9th January 2007. You can see a promo of the show on YouTube
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news reports that BSG To Become RPG game....

  • According to the Gaming Report Web site, Margaret Weis Productions is set to release a pen-and-paper role-playing game based on the SCI FI Channel series Battlestar Galactica. Read more...

Xena Comic Strip



27 December 2006

Lucy Mention - Universal Lawsuit

  • E Online 26 December 2006 Kevin Sorbo has lost his suit against Universal. Part of the actor's lawsuit against Universal Studios, in which he claimed he was entitled to 8 percent of the grosses from the syndicated television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, or, about $5 million, has been dismissed. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Hess granted Universal's motion to have the case thrown out Thursday after ruling that there were insufficient facts to support Sorbo's claim of fraud.... Lucy Lawless also sued Universal then, claiming she was owed five percent of the take for playing reformed warlord Xena on the Hercules spin-off, which ran from 1995 to 2000. The New Zealand-born actor has since reached a settlement with the studio.

Battlestar Galactica

BSG Season 3 Episode Stills - Rapture

  • Rapture is the final Lucy (as D'anna Biers) Battlestar Galactica episode. Please note that if you see these images, you will be spoilt. Click here to view

Motivational BSG Posters

  • The following poster is just funny (and it features Lucy as D'anna). It's part of the Rapture episode stills (so if you are keeping spoiler free...don't look)
    Many thanks to LB for the link

Xena Convention News

The following is from Creation Entertainment


It is always a great pleasure to welcome the Executive Producer of Xena: Warrior Princess to The Official Xena Convention and we're happy to announce that Rob will be with us when we convene on January 12-14, 2007 at The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel (same hotel as always, just a new name). Rob, Lucy, Renee and Steven (as well as all the other great stars and production people on Xena) have made working on the Xena Conventions, fan club and merchandising a true delight for us! Truly, they are the best!

Rob joins our list of attending guests including:

Lucy Lawless, Renee O'connor, Michael Hurst, Steven L. Sears, Adrienne Wilkinson,
Robert Trebor, Jay Laga'aia, Claire Stansfield, Patrick Fabian, Jennifer Ward-Lealand,
Brittany Powell, Zoe Bell

Click here to order tickets


26 December 2006

Redesigned AUSXIP WebStore

Redesigned the AUSXIP WebStore. The store now features the following stores:

The webstore now goes off site to A percentage of sales goes to keeping AUSXIP up and running.

Lucy VCR Alert for Aussies

  • Aussies will get to see Lucy in the Veronica Mars episode "Donut Run" will be on
    Channel 10, 29 December. Many thanks to Mark Allen for the news

Lucy Articles - 2006

Xena Prop House

Ghost Town Movie Update

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Renee

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Cast & Crew

  • Added two pictures of the cast and crew from behind the scenes from Ghost Town. Check out the pics



23 December 2006

I hope everyone has a very safe holiday season. Please be careful on the roads and if you are celebrating and drinking, PLEASE don't drive.

Upcoming Lucy Article / Magazine

Cult Times #136 December 2006 Battlestar Galactica (2000s)
Fondly remembered as Xena, Lucy Lawless is back, as Cylon D'Anna Biers. We spoke to her about occupation, resurrection… and Celebrity Duets!  Click here to order the magazine
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Ghost Town Movie Update

Interview with DJ Perry

  • Evil Dread has an interview with DJ Perry   Among other things, DJ talks about Ghost Town and working with Reneé. - Many thanks to Gabsfan for the news

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Renee

Added three more Renee pics from behind the scenes from Ghost Town

Check out the pics (more to come)


Behind The Scenes Pictures - Cast & Crew

The dynamic duo behind Ghost Town The Movie - DJ Perry and Dean Teaster


Xena Mention on After Ellen

After Ellen counts down the Top 10 Female Action Heroes. Guess who turned up as #1? You lose Xenite points if one particular warrior didn't spring to mind <g> Go and have a look see.
Many thanks to LB for the news


21 December 2006

Lucy Scans / Articles

  • SciFi Magazine February 2007 - Article about James Callis (Baltar) - article not included just the Lucy scans. Episode Stills from the episodes "A Measure of Salvation" and "Hero".

  • In Magazine has pictures from the Cracked Xmas 9 event and Lucy is featured. There's a pic of her and Alexis at the party. Check it out here
    many thanks to Anne Pizotes for the news

New Lucy World Vision Campaign

  • The following was posted on the Husk Blog
    We have the privilege of working with World Vision through Black Advertising. Lucy Lawless features as the face of World Vision's latest appeal and we encourage you to get behind this New Year campaign. Look out for adverts in The TV Guide and Women's Weekly, as well as the volunteers out and about in your local shopping mall. You won't be able to miss our banners we did showing Lucy with two orphans Pascal (9) and Rehema (3). Remember it's the season to give - why not support World Vision while you're at it!?

More Lucy Dreamgirls Premiere Pics

Two more med res pics of Lucy at the Dreamgirls premiere

Click here to view


Ghost Town Movie Update


20 December 2006

New Movie Subsite: Renee in Boogeyman 2

The movie centers on a young woman with a long-term phobia of the boogeyman, who voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears. However, much to her horror, she discovers that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action. Production is scheduled to mid January in Los Angeles.

Ghost Town Movie Update

Added six more photos of Renee as Little Jack including some of the other cast and crew.

Check out the pics (more to come tomorrow)

New Movie for Renee - Boogeyman 2

  • The BIG news today is that Renee will be in the Ghost House Pictures movie Boogeyman 2 which is the sequel to Boogeyman which Lucy was involved in)
    Check out Renee's news on her website and a picture of her getting made up.

The Darkroom Movie Update

Darkroom Movie Trailer - this was very quick but managed to snag a Lucy moment.

Click here to view larger screencapture

New Lucy Article - 2006

Sunday Star Times 20 December 2006 Lucy takes a lead role for sick children - HELPING OTHERS: Lucy Lawless is one of the biggest Hollywood celebrities to come out of Godzone but beneath the glitz and glamour is someone determined to make a real difference to the lives of others.  Read more....

TV Guide 25 December 2006 - TV's Big Year - Battlestar Galactica is featured and Lucy is also featured in two promo pics from the show. No interview - just scans

Scanned and contributed by LB


Another Lucy Christmas Message

The following is from Sharon's Official Xena Fan Club Page

  • Official Xena Fan Club Kit 12 Update
    Lucy couldn't resist the lure of the camera and the chance to send holiday greetings to the Xena fans. So she whipped out some snow globes and candles and a bit of caroling and here she is! Head on over to the Kit 12 website and check out the video. Subscription required.

New Creation Merchandise

Xena ship?


19 December 2006

Lucy's Darkroom Movie Trailer

You can now view the Darkroom Movie Trailer on the Internet Movie Database
Many thanks to William for the news

For more information about Lucy's new movie The Darkroom, visit the The Darkroom Movie Subsite


ROC Articles - 2006

Battlestar Galactica

  • There is a BSG marathon currently underway on US TV. Please check your tv guide. Many thanks to Brandi for the news

David Eick has some wonderful things to say about Lucy in Part of the exclusive interview with iF Magazine

Darkroom Movie Update

Movie Review

  • Brian Harris reviews the movie and it seems he's fallen in love with Lucy in this movie! Check out his review at
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

New Lucy Photos

  • There are a couple of new Lucy pics - Lucy autographing the couple of Juicy Lucy pictures for those lucky enough to snag one when they order them through the shopping section. Check them out

Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert Heading Back to TV

  • Variety reports that Sam Raimi is making a major small-screen push, tapping former Tribune Entertainment and Universal exec William Hamm to run the newly formed Ghost House Television banner. First scripted project for the unit is a miniseries adaptation of Dean Koontz bestseller "The Taking" that Raimi and Ghost House partner Rob Tapert will exec produce. Larry Block, who brought the idea to Ghost House, will be co-exec producer...Read more

18 December 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

Dean has sent in some more behind the scenes pictures of Renee and the cast/crew from the set of Ghost Town Movie.

Check out the first five pics (more to come tomorrow)


Lucy Articles / Scans - 2006

Rolling Out Newspaper 9 November 2006 Issue Lucy Attends An Evening of Stars. Tribute to Aretha Franklin In Association with The United Negro College Fund (According to the United Negro College Fund website , it states that this event will be broadcast on 27 and 28 January 2007)
many thanks to Anne Pizotes for the scan and the information

Lucy In Concert at the Roxy Update

Added high resolution scans of the Come to Mama Concert card that was given out at the Cracked Xmas 9 Event along with the program guide. This flyer includes Lucy's second concert for the 14th and has sold out for the concert on the 13th January. - Many thanks to LB for the scans

Click here to view

High Resolution Lucy Scans - Dreamgirls Premiere


Added 12 more high resolution scans of Lucy attending the Dreamworks Premiere


Lucy Christmas Message

  • Lucy has sent in a new Christmas message video clip to all her fans. So cool of her to do this! Thank you Lucy and Sharon. The video clip is available in wmv and mov formats. Click here to view!


17 December 2006

AUSXIP 10th Anniverary Art & Video Comp

Once again I would like to thank all those people who submitted their work for the Art & Video Competition! There was so much talent on display. The winners will be getting a choice of either a Lucy or Renee autograph plus a banner to add to their site and the runners up will also receive a banner. All the entries will remain on AUSXIP for everyone to enjoy!

Visitors to AUSXIP decided these awards and thank you all for participating!

Prizes for the winners: A choice betwen a Lucy or Renee Autographed Picture and a banner

Runners up get a banner

The Winner and runners up of the Digital Artwork is:

The Winner and runners up of the Drawings and Paintings is:

The Winners and runners up for the Video contest are:


16 December 2006

I've been asked to create a section for anniversary/birthday wishes so I'm giving in and there's one now up. Click here If you wish to leave a message

Read what others have written so far...

Art & Video Competition

  • Voting has ended and I'll be announcing the winners tomorrow. It was a great response both with the artwork/videos but with the voting!

Battlestar Galactica

The Eye of Jupiter is Lucy's second last episode. The next episode will not be shown until January and will be moving to it's new timeslot of Sunday nights.

Multimedia Updates - Video Clips

Multimedia Updates - Screencaptures

Lucy Premieres & Other Events

Lucy Attended the "Edward Scissorhands" Opening Night at Ahmanson Theatre December 13, 2006 - Los Angeles. It seems there is a lack of Lucy pics for this event. - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Click here to view

Official Lucy Site Update

New Lucy Pic on Lucy's site and news about the t-shirts and pictures. Some of the new pics will be autographed.

Click here to read the latest news and view a larger version of the pic


15 December 2006

Happy Birthday to AUSXIP - if you haven't read my very infrequent blog/ramblings go over here

AUSXIP Auction

  • Many many thanks to everyone who bid and who supported the auction. More info about the totals and other bits to come soon!

AUSXIP Art and Video Comp!

  • Wow what a great selection of art and video! The voting has closed and they will be counted shortly and the winners announced but everyone won IMO. Awesome talent!
    I'm going to keep the art and video pages up for all to enjoy

Flawless Diva Update

    LUCY LAWLESS Former XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS star LUCY LAWLESS is launching a singing career after developing her talent on the reality competition CELEBRITY DUETS. The 38-year-old star discovered her love of singing while competing on the show and has decided to hit the road. She explains, "It almost has put paid to my acting career because it was too much fun! I went and did this singing show a couple of months ago. "I sang with SMOKEY ROBINSON and DIONNE WARWICK and the most amazing people. It blew my socks off and that's all I can think about, it's like a total drug. I'm completely addicted to it!" The star has already sold out a performance at The Roxy nightclub in Los Angeles and eventually wants to take her show to New York City. She claims it took a lot of courage to create to get up on stage adding, "I'm doing a show on 13 January (07) at The Roxy. I'm going to sing! I've got balls the size of Africa!"

Speaking of Auctions, Ellen has some beautiful pieces up for aucton to raise money for the Trevor Project...

One is a personal used set script belonging to Alexandra Tydings signed by everyone in the episode, including Lucy, Renee, Kevin Smith, even Rob Tapert. It includes Alex's notes and everything, including a brief conversation with Kevin Smith. It's really something else. Check it out:

This ends on Sat. around 9pm PST, so there's not much time.

The second item is a very rare Season 2 Press Kit signed by Lucy and Renee. Special for sure! Here it is:

This ends on Sun. around 11pm PST.

Both auctions come with photos of those who signed and the photos appear in the auctions.

A portion of both auctions will go to support a charity - The Trevor Project - in memory of my friend Aleida Santiago who recently passed away from cancer.

I've also listed 5 different Costume Cards from the Beauty & Brawn set (two C3's, C7, DC4 and DC7) and 6 different hand drawn Sketch cards from the Arts and Images set (2 Bolson's, 1 Corroney, 1 Czop, 1 Miller and 1 Martineck). These are all really nice cards, so be sure and take a peek.

Xena Convention Update

Hey Convention Virgins!

If it’s your first Xena Convention you should defenitely join us for our XENA CONVENTION VIRGIN WORKSHOP on Friday Jan. 12th, 11am to noon in the Burbank Hilton hotel lobby!

Basically it’s just gonna be a get-together of people who’ve never been to a Xena Convention before and I will try my best to answer all questions you might have. Questions about the schedule, guests, you can ask me where the bathrooms are,….anything! Just ask!

Most Virgins don’t know anybody at their first Convention and it can be hard for some to just start mingling and get to know the others. Xena Fans are an incredibly wonderful and friendly bunch of people and nobody should have trouble meeting new friends but I always thought it would be nice for Convention Virgins to have someone who they can turn to and ask questions.

If you have any questions, you can either ask them during the workshop or if you’re too shy to ask them in person (which is totally okay!) email them to me at

Now I’m not the allmighty, all-knowing Covention Goddess (although really I wish I was! LOL ) but I have been to a couple and think I know a thing or to about what happens at such an event.

I’m looking forward to meeting lots of new fans and new friends and can’t wait to see the excitement on your faces!


14 December 2006

Lucy On Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 14 December 2006

Lucy is interviewed about Battlestar Galactica, Duets and her other projects including her upcoming concerts.

If you are keeping BSG spoiler free - there are some spoilers.

Added video clips and 330 screencaptures

New Lucy Pic - An Evening of Stars. Tribute to Aretha Franklin In Association with The United Negro College Fund

Check out this GORGEOUS new pic of Lucy from the The Evening of Stars tribute to Aretha Franklin which was back on 8 September 2006 when Lucy was doing Duets

Click here to view
many thanks to Anne Pizotes for the link!

Memories....10 years ago today I sat down to check my VCR was taping the right show for a friend...thank goodness for defective VCR skills <vbg>

Birthday Wishes from everyone at the Talking Xena Message Board!

Many many thanks to EZ and Tobias (Tobias created the card) for their birthday wishes!

Cool montage :)


More Lucy Pics

More Lucy pictures - two at the Cracked Xmas9 event - click here to view

The site has alot of boys in their underpants so if you want don't want to see the boys in their daks, I suggest just downloading the Lucy pics
Lucy Pic #1 | Lucy Pic #2

There's a couple of very high res pictures of Lucy from the Maxim party
15 April 2006

Click here to view


Lucy in Concert Update

Saturday Night Tickets up for sale. Teresa is selling her Saturday night ticket (standing room only) - face value (and Teresa will pick up the postage charges). If anyone is interested please called her on

Premieres and Events - Dreamgirls Premiere

Added high resolution scans of Lucy at the Dreamgirls premiere.
Many thanks to LB for the images

Click here to view



13 December 2006

Auction Note:

The first items from the auction have ended. Thank you to those who bid on them and to those who won. Please read the FAQ on how to pay for these items.

Premieres and Events - Dreamgirls Premiere

Here are some more sites that feature Lucy at the premiere of Dreamgirls - Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links (and smasheroonies , I'm told, is the technical term for THUD) <vbg>

Xena Playstation Game Update


Gabrielle has been captured by the forces of evil and only Xena can rescue her from a dreadful fate. Play as Xena the Warrior Princess and brave a Magical Citadel filled with monsters, villains and traps. Use all of Xena's might, courage and wits to complete this epic adventure. Use Xena's amazing combat and acrobatic skills to defeat all evil forces in your path Battle through nine thrilling game levels filled with enemies, puzzles and traps Harness the power of Xena's weaponry, including her magical Chakram.

The site has screencaptures from the game. Click here to view
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

12 December 2006

Congratulations to Katherine Fugate on the birth of her baby girl Madeleine!  Mum and bub are doing just fine! Majorly cool news :)  Love, happiness and joy to a wonderful lady. Madeleine is our newest member of the Xenaverse! Welcome to the world Madeleine.

Premieres and Events - Dreamgirls Premiere

Lucy Lawless Attends "Dreamgirls" Los Angeles Premiere
Wilshire Theatre Beverly Hills, California USA
11 December 2006

Click here to view medium resolution images

Sharon has posted on Lucy's site that there is a funny story associated with Lucy and Marissa attending this event - seems Renee ran into them. Funny story to be added to Renee's site shortly.

Upcoming Lucy Article

New Renee Pictures

Renee has two gorgeous pictures up for sale - both images are from her new movie Ghost Town

Click here to order from her shopping page



11 December 2006

Renee's Artwork on Ebay

Rangitoto Island, New Zealand

10% of the final sale price will support Habitat for Humanity International

This is an oil painting I made of a familiar view of Rangitoto Island, just off the coast of Auckand, New Zealand. This is the first of several landscape projects I am enjoying working on right now. I am VERY fond of this one, because I find it so calm and tranquil. It is on canvas, and it has been framed to bring out its earth tones. The dimensions are 37 in X 30.5 in.. I will continue to keep the copyright under ROC Productions. Hope you enjoy it too! renee

Starting Bid: $1,500

Click here to bid on it


Last days for the AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Auction! This auction will end on December 15!

There are heaps of goodies on there!


10 December 2006

Battlestar Galactica

Episode 9: The Passage - Video Clips

Episode 9: The Passage - Screencaptures

Dinah Shore Weekend Update

The Dinah Shore Weekend organisers have updated their site with news of when Lucy will be performing.

"Pure WHITE Party" @ The Hotel Zoso Grand Ballroom
The tradition of the 2nd largest party of our weekend with over 3000 beautiful women all clad in WHITE... in the Hottest space in Palm Springs Hotel Zoso In the heart of downtown Palm Springs 150 S. Indian Canyon Drive Special LIVE Performance by: "LUCY LAWLESS" singing her hits from her new CD
- Special Live performance @ Midnight by Lucy Lawless

If you wish to purchase tickets to see Lucy, it will be for Friday at the White Diamonds Party 8 PM - Lucy is to sing at midnight.

The Pure White Party ticket is Included in Weekend “Girl Pass” or you can pay $60 @ the door - No Separate Advance ticket for this event. To order your ticket go to:  - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the update.

Please note you have to be over 21 years old to attend this event


9 December 2006

AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Charity Auction

Final 4 items and that's it. The following items were donated by Dean Teaster, Director and producer of Renee's new movie Ghost Town The Movie.

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Items

Starship Children's Health

  • StarshipItem073: Ghost Town Hooded Sweat Shirt
    Hooded Sweat Shirt. Ultra Cotton heavyweight. Embrodery around letters and "The Movie" in embrodery. Size XL. Sand Color Donated by Ghost Town Director & Producer Dean Teaster Starting Bid: $15
  • StarshipItem074: Ghost Town The Movie Cap
    Hat 100% Cotton with high embrodery "Ghost Town "The Movie" on front with "Grand Opening 2007 on side. Bill is suede. Donated by Ghost Town Director & Producer Dean Teaster Starting Bid: $10

Cracked Xmas 9 - The Trevor Project Event

  • Press Release Source: The Trevor Project
    The Trevor Project Raises $365,000 at Cracked Xmas 9
    Friday December 8, 5:07 pm ET
    Organization's Ninth Annual Holiday Fundraiser Honors Roseanne Barr and HBO
    LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Trevor Project, the non-profit organization that operates the nation's only around-the-clock suicide prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth, today announced that it raised $365,000 at its ninth annual Cracked Xmas event... Read more
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Lucy on Late Late Show Ticket Information

  • This site is providing free tickets for the taping of the Late Late Show and has details about dress and parking etc. Click here for tickets
    *VERY IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ* Minimum age is strictly enforced - Minimum age is 17. Photo ID Required - Everyone must have a photo ID. NO EXCEPTIONS! Arrival time is strictly enforced - Everyone must arrive NO LATER than 4:00 pm. Dress Code in Effect - Upscale attire (No white tops, t-shirts, shorts or hats) TAPING LOCATION: CBS Television City Stage 58 7800 Beverly Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90036 If for ANY reason parking capacity has been filled by the time you arrive, you should try and park in the nearby ALTERNATIVE parking garage at THE GROVE. The address for this parking garage is: 189 The Grove Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90036 * the entrance for this parking garage is between 3rd Street an Read more... -many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


8 December 2006

AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Charity Auction

Okay I was wrong - there is some more items for the auction <g> and something quite unexepected and cool. Dean Teaster, the director and producer of Ghost Town has donated some Ghost Town Merchandise for the auction. I'll be getting pics of the items tomorrow so I can add them to the auction site. Stay tuned!

Renee Ghost Town Pictures

Just an update on the ROC pics from Ghost Town which are now up on the auction.

The pictures are not 8 x 10 but 11 x 13.

I can't alter the auction description now but please know that the size has changed.

If you wish to bid on these go to:

Pic #1 | Pic #2 Pic #3  | Pic #4

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Items

Ghost Town Movie Update

Added more
Behind the Scenes pics of Renee courtesy of Dean Teaster and Tammy Teaster who took the photos.



Cracked Xmas 9 Event

Added 19 high resolution scans from the Cracked Xmas 9 Event.

Many thanks to Geoffrey Hill for the images

Click here to view the images


Battlestar Galactica


7 December 2006

AUSXIP Birthday Wishes...

I received a very nice AUSXIP birthday card today from Nance at the Xena Scrolls!

Click on the image for the larger size!


AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Charity Auction

Okay these are the final items to be posted to the auction - there are 146 items. Happy Bidding!

Starship Children's Health

  • StarshipItem071: The Ring Production Script | Starting Bid: $15
    An actual real production script (From Renaissance studios in LA)All pages in are white because they are the first draft shooting scripts (all white version...the colored versions come next). Sometimes these are very interesting because things can change a lot from the first draft to the final product. Donated by Ellen
  • StarshipItem072 A Day In The Life and Hooves & Harlots Scripts as sold by Creation Entertainment | Starting Bid: $15 These 2 scripts are Creation scripts (copied with the black binder).  They are hard to find scripts these days. Please note the cover of A Day In The Life script is marked up and dirty.
    Donated by Ellen

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Items

  • AlissaburnItem70: Soul Possession Production Script Autographed by Ted Raimi
    Starting Bid: $20
    | An actual real production script (From someone who worked at Renaissance studios in LA). All pages in both scripts are white because they are the first draft shooting scripts (all white version...the colored versions come next). Sometimes these are very interesting because things can change a lot from the first draft to the final product. - Donated by Ellen

The Trevor Project

Official Renee Site Update

  • Renee has updated her site with news on Diamonds and Guns news and some new photos in the shopping area and also Renee has started on three new oil paintings: One is of Xena and Gabby facing Bethell's Beach, one of Xena on her horse, coming through a mountain range.  And the last one is a sillouette of Xena and Gabs, walking through the Smoky mountains.
    Click here to read Renee's new blog entry

Official Lucy Site Update

New Shopping Items are now available:

  • Lucy Signature Tshirt - $25
  • "Do Something Scary...The Payoff is AWESOME!" T-shirt - $25
  • Gold Hands On Hips Picture - Bikini shot #1 - $6
  • Gold Arm Up Picture - Bikini shot #2 - $6
  • Brown Shirt Picture (from the Australian Woman's Weekly Photoshoot) $6
  • Blue Dress Picture (from the Comic Con Sci Fi Party) $6

Dinah Shore Weekend

6 DECEMBER 2006 Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week(tm) Presents the Greatest Women's Week on Earth - Now in Its 17th Year

Superstar Entertainment Confirmed: Lucy Lawless, Carmen Electra, Michelle Balan, Ce Ce Peniston, Kristine W. and More

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Dec. 6 /U.S. Newswire/ -- It's the largest Lesbian gathering in the world, and on March 28 to April 1, 2007, Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week offers five days and nights of the BIGGEST and BEST events in the beautiful desert setting of Palm Springs - raising the bar once again - for the women of the world! 
Read more
many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


6 December 2006

Lucy Articles - 2006

Cracked Xmas 9 Event

  • No pictures were allowed to be taken except by press but this person managed to take a pic of Lucy on stage - The blog entry is located here
    many thanks to Barbara Davies for the link

Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club T-shirts

The following was posted on the Lucy List by Sharon

  • I popped up pics of the two new signature and saying shirts on Lucy's
    home page at - Make sure you go to the poll in this group and vote what size you would like. I'm about to place the shirts order

AUSXIP Auction Update

Some more goodies have just come in - donated by Ellen

Starship Children's Health

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Items

5 December 2006

Upcoming Lucy Event - NBC Grease Special - 7 January 2007

Former Grease Stars and Other Special Guests to Be Part of NBC's "You're The One That I Want"

Grease veterans (of stage and screen) Jeff Conaway, Adrian Zmed, Marilu Henner, Lucy Lawless and Barry Bostwick as well as Hairspray's Marissa Jaret Winokur and Rent's Jai Rodriguez will be special guests on NBC's "You're The One That I Want."

The NBC show, which will cast the two lead roles in the Broadway revival of Grease, debuts on the broadcast network Jan. 7, 2007, at 8 PM (ET).

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The NBC official website for the show can be found at

For more information, pictures, video clips and reports about Lucy in Grease! Check out the Lucy Lawless Grease! Subsite

AUSXIP Auction Update

A very special addition to the auction is Lucy's Legacy Noblewoman Outfit

Roman Noblewoman - Autographed Legacy Costume
Xena's Roman Noble Costume, a very regal looking costume, a long dress over a long skirt with gold sandals and lots of jewelery. From the sixth season episode Legacy.. This costume was worn by Lucy Lawless, noted on the costume.

The skirt is autographed by Lucy Lawless and donated by a very generous fan through Xena Prop House.

Opening Bid: $1,000 | Click here to bid on this item

The Greater Good Band & Mama's Nutballs Bands are available to benefit The Trevor Project. The following is from Ann & Jackie:

Hey there!!

A few years ago we offered a purple band (like Lance Armstrongs "Livestrong" band) that would identify fellow xenites/lucites/rocites etc! Well Jackie being the amazing woman that she is , has ordered 2 different bands, one is the same "For the Greater Good" and the other is "Mama's Nutball"
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Lucia's Artwork - Xena and Gabrielle


The Bard's Corner


  • First Solstice, Second Thoughts... (Complete/Alt) by Iseqween
    Their experiences early on in DREAMWORKER and CRADLE OF HOPE inspire Xena and Gabrielle to appreciate what they might miss without the other’s eye for a good bargain.  


Cracked Xmas 9 Event

I received a note from LB saying a friend had attened the Cracked Xmas 9 Event and sent in the following

Lucy sang "Lets Give Them Somethin To Talk About", but asked first if there were any lesbians in the house and everyone lost their mind screaming then she burst into song

Also on the TMZ website there is a reference to Lucy from the event:

....Pyfrom, who introduced a musical performance by Lucy Lawless, received endless cheers and catcalls from the predominantly gay audience, which made the 20-year-old actor visibly uncomfortable. Click here to read more

Ghost Town Movie Update

  • Press Release Source: Collective Development Incorporated
    Dean Teaster's New Movie 'Ghost Town' Starring Mountain Men from Deliverance
    Monday December 4, 6:45 pm ET
    LANSING, Mich., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Dean Teaster's movie "Ghost Town"
    has just finished principal photography. The film will star Herbert
    "Cowboy" Coward and Bill McKinney. This film brings Deliverance mountain
    men back to screen for the first time since Deliverance in 1972...Ghost Town "The Movie" was written by Dean Teaster and DJ Perry as an Appalachian tale of folklore..
    read more


4 December 2006

Battlestar Galactica

New Interview at iF Magazine

Exclusive Interview: IF Magazine: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA PRODUCER DAVID EICK LOVES LUCY, LAWLESS THAT IS- PART 3 Producer talks about some of his favorite characters on the show. Many contain spoilers

  • iF:  You guys really wrote her character gonzo in season2…the quote “God loves me” right before her head gets caved in by a rock.

    EICK: People don’t know this about Lucy, but she has an incredibly perverse sense of humor and she is extremely well read. There are all sorts of kinky references in her own mind when she approaches something like that. She reads a lot of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Religious novels and she is very informed by spiritual writing and she has a great deal of intellectual curiosity as a human being.
    Read more of the interview

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - Cracked Xmas 9
3 December 2006

More Lucy Pictures

Added high resolution images from this event. Many thanks to LB for the images


More pictures of Lucy from this event can be found here:
Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the links

Lucy Premieres & Other Events - AXE Lab Party at Playboy Mansion
2 December 2006

Lucy attended the AXE Lab Party at the Playboy Mansion
December 2, 2006 - Beverly Hills, California United States

Click here to view picture


Lucy Premieres & Other Events - Cracked Xmas 9
3 December 2006

Lucy Attended the Cracked Xmas 9 Event on 3 December 2006

The Trevor Project - Cracked Xmas 9
Mistletoe, Mischief & Myrrh
An irreverent evening of Music and Mayhem benefiting The Trevor Project

Click here to view images

More Pictures can be found at the following sites


While the auction was being organised, Mesh was taking care of the second part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations - this time the art and video contest! There has been a whole heap of entries and below you find them! Wow - talk about talent!

To vote send an email to



All videos are linked from under their titles. Click the title and you will be taken to either the video itself on Youtube, where you can watch it, or you will be asked to download the file to your computer before you can watch them.

These are all somewhat bandwidth-heavy files

You have until the 15th December!

Party on!



3 December 2006

New Lucy Articles

Battlestar Galactica

Eye of Jupiter LogLine and Synopsis

  • TV Guide Online has released a logline and the mini synopsis for the episode. Beware spoilers.

Get Tickets to See The Eye of Jupiter in a Theatre!

  • TV Guide is offering people the opportunity to get tickets for screenings of BSG ep 3/10 The Eye Of Jupiter - Exclusive opportunity for TV Guide readers. Be one of the first to see the mid-season finale of SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica. Watch the episode on the big screen before it airs FREE at your local Landmark Theatre. Click here to find your nearest theatre - many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news

Auction Update

New Item sure to interest the many writers in this fandom:

  • Katherine Fugate, writer and producer is offering her services to read your script. Katherine is a well known writer of the much loved Xena episode "When Fates Collide". Katherine is also the producer and writer for the new series "Army Wives" soon to be seen on Lifetime. Katherine will read your script and give feedback. This is a great opportunity for writers to get feedback from a gifted writer.
    Click here to go to the auction site

New Lucy Official Fan Club T-Shirts...

  • There will be a new Lucy signature t-shirt ""Do Something Scary . . . The Payback Is Awesome" -  If you are a member of the Official Lucy Lawless Fan Club List, you have the opportunity to let Sharon know which sizes you prefer for the t-shirts. Click here to vote

Lucy Records Single...

  • As reported in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly as a rumour "She's rumoured to be back in New Zealand to record an album with ex-OMC singer Pauly Fuemana of How Bizarre fame." - Lucy has confirmed that she has sung a song with Pauly Fuermana as a favour and they have turned it into a single. Lucy is donating her percentage to Starship. Click here to read Lucy's message

Renee is #1 on Lesbianation Poll!

Renee is still number one on the Women We Love poll, and Lucy is still at number 3. And now the votes are for Most Loved of 2006, with Lucy in the number 2 spot on the poll after Renee.

>From Lesbianation's poll -

Former Xena star Renee O'Connor topped our list again - establishing her as the longest reigning queen of the Women We Love Top Ten so far! Following up in the #2 spot was The L Word's gorgeous Rachel Shelley, closely tailed by Lucy Lawless from Xena and Battlestar Galactica at #3. Rounding out the top five were Emmy winning Law & Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay at #4 - a huge move up from #9 in the previous list - and CSI's Louise Lombard at #5. - many thanks to MET for the news


2 December 2006

AUSXIP's 10th Anniversary Charity Auction has begun!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that AUSXIP's 10th Anniversary Charity Auction has started.

Currently there is 46 items up for bidding (out of a total of 134 items). Over the coming days I'll be adding all the items. There's a lot of goodies there!

The main auction site with faq and other info

The FAQ is located here

The full auction catalogue is available here

And the auction site to bid for these items is located here:
If you need to register to bid you can do so by going here:

If you have registered before at a previous AUSXIP Auction, you don't need to re-register.

Remember all monies raised will go directly to Starship Children's Health & The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation (with a special auction for The Trevor Project)

Happy bidding everyone!

Party on!


1 December 2006


The catalogue of all the items up for auction is now online.


Thank you to all who entered the video and art competition. Mesh has been organising that while I've been working on the auction. We've received quite a few entries and voting will commence shortly.

AUSXIP Auction Update

AUSXIP Renee O'Connor Update

  • The Renee site has been redesigned thanks to Mesh's wonderful and talented efforts! Check it out here

New Lucy subsite: Justice League: New Frontier Animated Movie

Press Release

About The Movie

The movie is based on the story by Darwyn Cooke. You can purchase the comics from



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