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15 December 1996 - 15 December 1999

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December 1999

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31 December

Happy New Year from AXIP!Well this is the last update for the century - may all of you have a safe new year's eve and if you want to find out what happening in good ol Sydney town...tune into CNN and watch the fireworks! For those that will tune in - if you catch sight of the word "Eternity" on the Sydney Harbour Bridge there is this great story that goes with it. If you want to know - email me and I will tell it. Its a story about faith and a man who loved the idea of Eternity.

I want to take a moment in thanking everyone who has made AXIP so enjoyable to update. Your kind thoughts and wishes spur me along. Some days it's tough and then I would get an email saying how much they enjoy the show and this site - it's a tonic. I would also like to thank Judi Mair and Carol Stephens for their never ending support, the screengrabs and avi files these two have managed during the year and their friendship is beyond words that I can manage. I want to thank Lucia for creating cartoons that just make you smile and had me roaring on occasions with her wonderful cartoony   jokes (you guys will have to wait and see the one of Victor the Raptor eating Xena) I want to thank Shari for always being there when I mess things up and not waiting until I'm awake to fix the errors and for being such a dear friend.  Many thanks to Dee for her hardworking efforts with the artwork section and BL Miller for reorganising The Bard's Corner (that was one tough job let me tell you).

I would like to especially thank the bards that make up The Bard's Corner for sharing their talent.

To the many many people who send me reports from all over the world to keep AXIP well informed and up to date and the scanning of articles and pictures. Thank you to everyone who has made this site a pleasure to update. I look forward to 2000 and the rest of the season and the 6th season.

So as we go towards the new millennium may all of you be safe and may only good things come to you and yours

God bless


The Bard's Corner Updates

I would like to welcome another new addition to The Bard's Corner - Marion D. Tuttle

The following story has to be one of the funniest I have ever read. I loved this and Advocate has fast become one of my favourite authors.

Lucia's Cartoon Connection Updates


30 December

Great news for Dutch Xenites
Petra has informed me that Xena will be returning to Veronica TV after the season of McGyver (and here I thought that show was dead) is over. What isn't known is when the season ends but the main thing is that Xena will be back for Dutch fans :-)

For UK Xenites
Sky will be starting Season 5 in February (hopefully) - Many thanks to Xodiac for that news

For Aussie Xenites
Foxtel is showing repeats (again) of Season 1 and in February will show Season 2. No news about the last three episodes of Season 4 from Channel 10 - don't hold your breath for those to appear anytime soon.

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce four new additions to The Bard's Corner:
Advocate, Rsawest, RJ and Lawlsfan

29 December

Xenaverse News Update

Lucy News

The Bard's Corner

In the next fews days I will be adding a few more new bards to The Bard's Corner. Also the XIPPYs will be announced on Friday (new year's eve) and some other goodies.

27 December

The Lawless Files Updates

The Bard's Corner

26 December

Xenaverse News

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Carrie Carr to The Bard's Corner. Carrie's two stories below have fast become two of my favourite stories. The other good news about these stories is that Renaissance Alliance Publishing will be publishing these two stories very soon.

24 December

There was a rumour on the Netforum that Lucy has been in an accident. Folks that is WRONG. It's been confirmed as a false rumour by Sharon Delaney.

The Bard's Corner

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

Xenaverse News

Bad news for Dutch Fans:
They will be joining Aussie fans in not having Xena on the tv. Veronica TV which airred the show has cancelled it due to low ratings starting from January 1. Petra de Jong advised that the Dutch Xena Fan Club will probably organise a petition to get the show back on air. If you want to voice your complaint here is the email address  (Remember: BE POLITE).

The following is from Andrew of Andrew's Xenaverse Page

Andrew has some new Xena infographics up on his site that are great! Check them out

And something is quite unique to the xenaverseIt's the Xenaverse's very first all-Xena radio
station! It broadcasts on the weekends and streams right over the internet. Nothing but Xena related music plays (music clips from the show, parodies from SNL, bits and tracks from various Xena CD soundtracks, etc.). Something different and my way of giving a little
something back to the 'verse! Take a peek at it at:

23 December

Click on the what's new logo up the top to see what Little Xena and Little Gabrielle got from Santa <g>

And for those that have asked to see Xena on Victor the Velociraptor? Here they are
Xena and The Raptor

The Bard's Corner

22 December

Funny sight of the week in my office: Xena riding a Velociraptor - she looks very cool riding this dinosaur ... I'm a huge raptor fan <g> I was sent the raptor by a friend and well..Xena was looking so lonely on my monitor...see what trouble I can get into when I have too much time to play? ;-) I'll have a photo of it soon <g>

The XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

The following story had me laughing so hard - and that was before I even opened the file! Archaeobard actually sent this to me and the subject header was "nipple". I wasn't quite sure what she has dreamt up but here it's a funny fluffy piece.

21 December

The XIP News Archive

The Official Xena Magazine #3 is now available. Below are some selected transcripts.

The Bard's Corner

A special treat is coming up for those that love the work of Wishes (Judy). Her book of Poetry - Stone Pillars - will be coming out very soon. With permission to do so from the author, and in cooperation with Sword and Staff, RAP, Inc. will be donating $2 from the sale of each book to Breast Cancer Research.  Stone Pillars is a  book of poems with diverse subjects - warriors, heroes, friends and enemies... too many to cover.  These are emotionally charged writings that touch the soul. 

From personal experience, Judy has always moved me with her writing - a very talented writer.

To Order

I am very pleased to announce the additon of two new bards -  Kamouraskan and Roo to The Bard's Corner

20 December

The Bard's Corner Updates

Added new segment to The Bard's Corner - Stories in Print.

Xena Live! Information Section

XIP News Archive

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

17 December

Where has gone to?

I've just spoken to Dan Ma from - the site is down for a short time until he moves server. He will be back soon.

Season 5 Episode Information

The Bard's Corner Updates

 XIP News Archive

Lucia's Cartoon Connection

16 December

NEW SECTION: Lucia's Cartoon Connection

The Bard's Corner Updates

I'm pleased to announce two new additions to The Bard's Corner - WildBard and Taleweaver

15 December

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Yep folks it's been 3 years since AXIP was started. I can't believe it and frankly when I look back on all the updates - I scare myself. Here are some stats to ponder:

1996 - Number of Bards on TBC = 8
1999 - Number of Bards on TBC = 221

1996 - Number of Stories on TBC = 8
1999 - Number of Stories on TBC = I have NO clue. I stopped counting when it hit 1000

They multiply faster than tribbles!!!

1996 - Number of Montages - 1 (Solstice Carol)
1999 - Number of Montages - 134

Most popular section: The Bard's Corner and Xenaverse News Section

Logos by Lucia...that wonderfully talented artist! Click here to see what happened when Gabrielle ate too much cake!

AXIP has joined the web ring for Xenites Against Drink Driving.

The Bard's Corner Updates

Xena Fan Fiction CD Offer!!!

If you are looking for a way to turn your non web friends on to fan fiction or just want to store some great stories for reading on cold and lonely nights, I have the perfect offer for you. This fan fiction CD is meant to be volume I of many as permission is granted. Included will be over 100 stories... a music video... 2 mp3 formatted audio stories read by WordWarior and lots of graphics. This is a not for profit venture and more info can be found here:

14 December

AXIP has joined the Xenites/Hercules Against Drunk Driving Web Ring. If you wish to join

The Bards's Corner Updates

I am very pleased to announce one of my favourite bards has joined The Bard's Corner - LJ Maas. Exceptional storytelling.

13 December

I want to take a moment to remember someone who touched my life and who passed away on Friday. I didn't know her well - we were starting to form a friendship. Her name was Maria Poulos and she was killed on Friday by a drunk driver. Maria was a xenite. A very special xenite. She belonged to the Gabrielle and Joxer Romantic Society Mailing List where she made many friends and was well loved. I met her for lunch and we formed a friendship but through the actions of one drunk man she was killed. She left behind a loving family - her brother Chris and her mum and dad.

The GJRS list moderator, Nancy, has created a beautiful memorium to Maria that I would like to pass on. It's a beautiful way to say goodbye.

Maria left me with the image of a woman with the courage of her convictions and the trait of treating others with respect - no matter whether they were Joxer fans, Subtext fans or any other kind of Xenite fan.

Death is not the end...for we live on in the memory of others...I think Maria touched alot of people.

May you rest in peace Maria. Please remember if you drink PLEASE DON'T DRIVE. I implore you to do the right thing and don't put yourself in danger or others by doing this stupid act. One death from this stupid act is one too many.


I am dedicating today's update to Maria -- a friendship borne out of a love for a show and a tragic waste of a life that held so much promise.


The Bard's Corner

Xena Live! Reviews

XIP News Archive

12 December

I said I had something very special coming soon and this is it. Through the combined talents of Melissa Good and Lucia da Ascenção de Nóbrega I am happy to announce that

The Adventures of Dori of Amphipolis comic stip is now online :-)

I have to say this is the funniest comic strip I've seen and Lucia has outdone herself! I wonder if I can give a XIPPY to a comic strip? Oh heck why not :-)

This comic strip will be done monthly based on the character of Doriana - (Dori for short) who is the daughter of Xena and Gabrielle in Melissa Good's stories started with Circle of Life.

11 December

The Bard's Corner

I am very pleased to announce a new addition - Cat - to The Bard's Corner

Today's update has the end of a series which for many people has become one their favourites. Raising Melosa has reached 100 parts. That is an achievement. T. Novan has written such a beautiful series detailing the life of Xena and Gabrielle and their children. But wait there's more! Today also marks the start of a new series by T. Novan called Legends Legacy. So in effect Raising Melosa #100 is also Legends Legacy #1. Similar with the RM series Legends Legacy will have it's own section.

XIP News Archive

Added new section to The XIP News Archive - A Xena Live! Review Section. If you are going to see this show and would like to review it for AXIP - please email me on 

10 December

The Bard's Corner Updates

The following information is from the Renaissance Alliance Publishing web site. They have the following stories going into print:

Darkness Before the Dawn
True Colours
Destiny's Crossing (Destiny's Bridge/Faith's
Roman Holiday

Breaking Away (With Faltering Steps/Making

(With Faltering Steps / Making Strides by Tonya Muir has been renamed Breaking Away)
For every book sold $2 will be donated to the Cancer Research. I can't think of a better reason to get this book (and the story is fantastic as well <g>)

The Agent/Dancing With Shadows
Tales of Emoria: Past Echoes
Stone Pillars: A Book of Poetry

To order any of these books to go:

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures

8 December

XIP News Archive Updates

Magazine Alert: Lucy is in the US Rolling Stone "The Party 2000 Millenium Special" - December 30 1999 Issue. There is a pull out cover with small cut out style pictures of around 100 standout personalities of the past century. Lucy is next to Latoya Jackson.
Updated Lucy Media Alerts Many thanks to Michelle LeBoo for that alert

Season 5 Reviews

The Bard's Corner Updates

7 December

William King made a super cool animated gif for those that want a banner to link to my site!

Season 5 Review

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP News Archive

The ROC File Updates

The ROC File is no longer the Official page for the GabChat mailing list as I have handed moderator responsibilities to Paul Hilling. If you wish to subscribe to GabChat please send a message to

XIP Artwork Updates
(Updated by Dee)

5 December

XIP News Archive

Magazine Alert:
People Magazine - December 13, 1999
Has a picture of Lucy, Rob and Julius and a small blurb.
Updated Lucy Media Alerts

Xenaverse News Update

Why isn't Lucy or Renee going to the convention in Pasadena? The following is from Sharon Delaney:

Because of Lucy's pregnancy, a lot of the eps they've been making are Xena-lite. Now that she's back, they're doing as many Xena-heavy eps as possible. The production company tried very hard to schedule a Gab-lite ep during the time of the convention so Renee would be free to come, but they just couldn't make it work and still be able to accomplish all they need to to finish the season.

Official Xena Fan Club
Creation Ent.

The Bard's Corner Updates

4 December

I have been asked if I will be doing a page for Cleopatra 2525...the short answer is no. If you wish to keep updated with the latest news and rumours concerning this show may I suggest you visit Whoosh at - I will not be doing any news items for Jack of All Trades either. This is a Xena site and I don't plan on diversifying into other shows by Renaissance Pictures.

Season 5 Episode Information Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

I think this is the first time this has happened to me...a French Xenite has translated my poetry into French! Cool - check it out!

I am pleased to announce a new additon to The Bard's Corner - Heather.

3 December

This is a late connection has been rather erratic at times this week and today it just gave up but I'm online again. So if you sent me any mail - please be patient...I have to wade through tons of email.

AXIP got reviewed again...a nice little review and the reviewer doesn't think there is much Xena news for the Xenaverse News each day...LOL! Okay here is the URL check it out!
It's at SF

The Lawless Files Updates

Season 5 Rumours Section

The ROC File Updates

The XIP News Archive

The Bard's Corner Updates

Message from Sword 'n' Quill about Desert Storm

"I really appreciate all the feedback I've been getting on this piece, but what I said wasn't a pity cry. At all. :)"

Sword & Staff Notice

Help Out This Holiday Season

I am in possession of approximately 50 letters addressed to "Santa Claus" that I picked up at the post office today. I've read through them, and what is most surprising is that while some of the letters were written by children, far more than I would have expected are written by adults who cannot afford to provide toys and clothing for their children this holiday season. I was expecting to see requests for toys and games, but I was surprised at the types of items being requested: clothing, bed sheets, coats, shoes, and other essential items.

So, what I am asking is, does anyone want to adopt a child or a family this holiday season? If you would like to buy a toy or clothing for a child and then mail it to their home, please contact me at and I will send you a name and address as well as what was asked for in the letter to Santa.

If you are unable to participate by sending a gift but would still like to make a difference in the lives of some very needy children this year, please feel free to send a check payable to Children At Heart and help provide food and other necessary articles for orphaned and abandoned children in several Russian orphanages. 100% of your donation will be spent on the children. No administrative fees will be deducted the agency.

If you'd like to participate, you can mail your donation for Children At Heart to me at:

Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002

Once again, my thanks to all of you for your generosity.

All the best,




2 December

I think every Xenite has had this wish since meet Lucy Lawless. Well one enterprising fan did just that. Sharon Stone went to Wellington and met Lucy outside the Annual NZ TV Awards. Below is her report and pics!

The Bard's Corner Updates

I would like to announce two new bards to The Bard's Corner:
Mark Allen and D. M. Robertson.

Xena and Gabrielle's Little Adventures Updates

The XIP Artwork Page
(Updated by Dee)

1 December

The Bard's Corner Updates

The following stories will only be up on TBC until January 7, 2000.

The XIP News Archive

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