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Welcome to Lucia's monthly cartoon of The Adventures of Dori of Amphipolis..

Dori is the creation of Melissa Good. Dori is the daughter of Xena and Gabrielle. She was born in a family of two women whose undying love created this special little person.

Follow the adventures of little Doriana (meaning Gift in Greek). Through the creative efforts of Melissa Good and Lucia you will be able to witness the adventures of this bundle of energy that is Dori. Sit back and enjoy!

Lucia can be reached at lunobrega@uol.com.br
Melissa Good can be reached at merwolf@bellsouth.net

This page is dedicated to Lucia and Missy - two very creative women

11 August 2003

Amphipolitan Family

15 August 2001

Go Fly Boo 1 & Go Fly Boo 2

14 August 2001

Xena and Dori go fishing

10 July 2000

Who Needs a Pony!

16 May 2000

Birthday Party - Just Like You

16 May 2000

Birthday Party - The Presents

4 March 2000

Cute Baby

4 March 2000


3 March 2000

Based on the opening scenes of
Dark Comes The Morning

27 January 2000

Baby Bath

Baby Bath #2

12 December 1999

Welcome To Life

The First Battle

Urgh! (Dori & Ares)

Dori And Ares

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