Note from Zealander

I have been asked to let you all know that Zealander will no longer be writing any fanfic. This is a sad occasion for the Xenaverse as Zealander is a very talented writer. I know that readers of Zealander's fan fiction will miss her and personally I can say I will miss her work.

She wishes to thank everyone for reading "the ramblings of my heart for the last couple of years"

On behalf of all the readers of The Bard's Corner, and in the xenaverse, I would like to say THANK YOU and hope you will come back.

If you would like to let Zealander know how much she will be missed please email her at  - I'm not sure for how long Zealander will be on this account but come on folks show her we care!

I will be adding a few more stories that Zealander has sent me.



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