The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are the property of MCA/Universal. The story is all mine and it contains a graphic depiction of lesbian sex. If you are under 18 or this type of material offends you, then please stop reading and go rent a movie. Borrow In Love and War. It was good. *Really* good - if you like incredibly romantic movies that make you cry. But, not me, of course, I never cry at movies… <g>

For Quest…



By: Zealander

Darkbard Fantasies
July 28, 1997

"Xena." The sound came out of the darkness as a whisper.

"Mmmm.…" Xena mumbled; she was drifting, lost in the sound of the waves.

"C'mere." Tender and insistent was the earthy breath in return.

Camp for the night was a soft bed of warm sand, a cool ocean breeze and salty air to tickle the senses. Gently crashing waves provided their lullaby. A roaring fire kept them warm and negated the need for blankets. Armor and weapons were scattered about, as were the cooking utensils and the horse's saddle. Argo was grazing quietly on the bluff above the water's edge. The moon was nearly full and cast a soothing light over the two women resting so close but a million leagues apart.

The warrior silently rolled over on her side and faced the bard who was flat on her back; her greenish eyes staring straight ahead. The blue in Xena's melted at the sight. The young woman beside her, wearing only a short tunic, looked so inviting, so easy to touch; long reddish-blonde hair cascading over perfect features, her soft hands folded on her lap, her legs crossed at the ankles. Nevertheless, she resisted the gnawing urge to reach out and finger the smooth, bare skin of her thighs. Yet, the hunger was persistent. She understood her own callous wanting, her insensitivity to the bard and her body's protests, but she did not know how to avoid it or erase it. Nothing would satiate the need she felt inside except for another night of intimacy with Gabrielle: something the girl from Potiedia was apparently afraid of or not ready to give again. It drove the warrior mad with desire.

"What does she want to torture me with now?" Xena wondered to herself. Her heart was beating wildly in anticipation and hope - as it always did when Gabrielle called her name. Feeling every grain of sand underneath her shift, she steeled herself for another letdown. She used one hand to hold up her head and kept the other tucked safely at her side. Her long dark hair fell casually over one eye. She dared not breathe. She hid her intense yearning and appeared disinterested.

Gabrielle turned slightly and reached out for Xena's face. The simple journey took a lifetime and the warriors eyes never blinked from the slow, steady movement. She continued to hold her breath. An eternity later, the bard's soft fingers brushed the offending hair away and slipped to touch her behind the ear. She moved an inch or two closer…. The bard looked scared, yet oddly determined.

A soft rain had begun. Or perhaps it was a momentary mist from the waves. Confused, Xena turned her eyes suddenly to the fire for confirmation. It only flickered and jumped as before. Then, instantly the moisture in the air had disappeared. However, her skin felt damp and clammy. She took one lone breath.


"Kiss me, Xena. Now."

Xena felt her heart nearly explode. She could not remember the last time she had truly kissed the woman of her dreams. The waiting had felt like being on a cliff - one foot in the air, one on the earth and yet, never being free to choose her destiny. Finally, after weeks and months of agony she was being allowed to give what she was dying to release. She had one moment - one chance - to show her how much she loved her; how much she cared; how much she needed to explain….

Rain started to fall. The air grew thick and sweet and the softness of the droplets covered their skin like a massage of warm oil. The embers of the fire started to lick and crack. The moonlight dimmed. The crashing surf became louder. Yet, neither woman noticed anything but each other; their gaze locked. Xena reached one hand out and took Gabrielle's. She softly kissed the fingers still wrapped in a strand of her hair. Her other arm reached out and curled around her neck, her hand enmeshed in luscious blonde locks. She gently pulled her closer.

In a moment masked as infinity, they stayed apart. Staring. The very closeness holding them together like magnets. But, eventually, cautiously, they sought out the other. Before they even touched, Xena could feel the heat from Gabrielle's lips. She could even feel the softness before the embrace. She leaned in just a little closer….

Gabrielle appeared frozen in time; her eyes were already shut and her lips barely parted. She, too, did not appear to be breathing. As she leaned in only an inch more, they met. Xena's soft, sensual lips enveloped the young bards: tasting the salt on them, lost in the feel, knowing this was perfection. Seconds later, Gabrielle responded. Just as tenderly, just as delicately, she felt Xena's mouth like she had never before. Xena felt her lover's soft hands under her chin and on her cheek. The warrior dug her hand in deeper, taking in more hair and gently clasping the back of the bard's head, urging her closer. Xena stifled a much-needed breath when she felt the tip of Gabrielle's tongue meet her lips. "Oh Gods…" was all her mind could comprehend. Her body was completely lost.

Their tongues collided with the waves around them. At first slow and gentle then suddenly passionate. Xena pulled the bard up to her knees. She moved her arms, one around the bard's shoulder, the other around her waist and brought her in close. Gabrielle pulled Xena to the same position but wrapped both arms tightly around her warrior's shoulders. Their kiss had become an inferno of lust. Their passion turned wet and yielding like the rain turned the sand underneath them.

Xena now held Gabrielle's face in her rough hands, sending millions of tiny kisses over her cheeks, her eyes, her forehead, her ears. Gabrielle was returning each one with the same fervor and desire, her hands running up and down the warrior's strong arms. The bard felt a splash of water on her foot. The tide was coming in - more so than they anticipated. Neither woman moved.

Xena's tongue found the bards once again; this time long and powerful in it's statement. Gabrielle felt her body move to lower herself on top of Xena's warm body. She felt moist to the touch. It wasn't the rain - it was sweat. She could feel the heat rising. Gabrielle spread herself over the length of her taller lover. She heard Xena's soft moan of pleasure and felt her arms wrap around her waist. Gabrielle found her own lips on Xena's neck, kissing and gently biting, her tongue tracing the long line of muscle to her shoulder blade. Xena's head turned to the side for more, her eyes fluttering, her mouth open, but releasing no sound.

Gabrielle's lips slipped lower into the hollow of the neck she was exploring as if for the first time. She easily slid her wet body down to reach the warriors breasts. She placed one hand under the left breast, softly kneading and massaging it while reaching out with her teeth to bite and then tease with her tongue, the nipple of the right one under the now soaked thin shift. Xena let out a groan of delight and brought one leg up between the bards. Gabrielle shuddered at the intrusion. She moved her lips to the other breast. She felt Xena's hands go lower and start to raise her tunic.

Slowly, without breaking free, Xena maneuvered the young woman onto her back. Xena slid her hips between the bard's legs, feeling a familiar slick warmth mix with her own. Reaching down and pushing the tunic up around Gabrielle's waist, she took her other hand and ripped off her own wet garment. Her perfect breasts now hung free. Gabrielle's eyes grew large and she reached out deliberately to take them, both of them with rock hard nipples, into her mouth at once. She flicked her tongue across them and Xena jumped, her back arching involuntarily. The bard's mouth was relentless. Xena, holding herself up with one hand, took the other and pushed the tunic all the way up past the bard's own beautiful breasts, causing it to bunch around her neck. Xena lowered her own mouth… then ground her hips between the bard's legs.

Gabrielle let go and felt the shooting fire between her thighs. She raised her hips to meet Xena's. Both women were excited beyond imagination, their wetness intermingling, and neither willing, or able, to stop. Xena's strong arm grew tired and she let her body melt onto Gabrielle's, their breasts touching. Again, their mouths met in a mesh of deep kisses. Xena felt her lover's warm hands on her back, then lowering to cup her buttocks and hold her even closer still. Xena took a finger and trailed down Gabrielle's side, moving inwards at her hips. Her hand ducked between them and slipped between the younger woman's legs. Her fingers quickly became lost in the wet, thick hair she found. Taking two fingers, she spread her lips open and slid them inside. Xena rubbed her thumb against her own wetness, causing herself to shudder. The bard let out a loud groan, easily heard over the crashing waves surrounding them; the water licking at their feet. Her mind was going blank and she only felt, not thought, of anything. She felt the muscles in her legs grow tense and something best described as liquid fire move upward into her loins.

Xena's hand was insistent in its quest. She had three fingers tightly inside now and the thumb was pressed against Gabrielle, not herself. She left her kiss and moved her mouth to a lonely, but very taut nipple, sliding her tongue over it, nipping it, devouring it. Her hips kept a steady motion; rocking gently, her fingers matching the movement. Out of nowhere, she felt Gabrielle's hand on top of hers between their legs. Xena, so wrapped up in what she was doing didn't even realize the bard was touching her, slipping in her own fingers until they were penetratingly deep and rubbing a flat spot high inside. She felt the bard slowly pull her face back up to meet her lips and kissed her long and ardently. Never breaking, she felt Gabrielle's orgasm before the bard did. Suddenly, she felt the heart beating with hers go faster, her back to arch sharply, and her legs to go stiff. Her lips became salty from newly erupted sweat. A few moments later and with a sharp intake of breath, Xena involuntarily joined her in the release. But Xena never stopped the movement of her hand. She made Gabrielle come again - not wanting to go alone.

"Xena?" the bard lay snuggled in the tight embrace of her lover. "Mmmm?" Xena smiled; her eyes closed, her expression content. "You think maybe we oughtta move camp? Everything's getting wet." Gabrielle's eyes were closed, too. "Who cares." "Well, I thought maybe you would. The tide is still coming in." "I have you, Gabrielle. I want nothing more." "Xena, I love you." Xena opened her eyes and gazed down at her with eyes bluer than the water around them. "Yeah?" "Yes. I thought you should know." "Now, I *know* I'm not moving camp. I'm never leaving this spot." Xena grinned and kissed her lover. "But, Xena…." The bard tried to twist her way free. But, she didn't try very hard. Xena held her tighter. "I love you. Stop moving around. I'm not letting you go so easily." Gabrielle smiled at her warrior. Good. Now that she was here, she was happy to stay. Hopefully forever.


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