Darkbard Fantasies
August 9, 1996
The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are the property of MCA/Universal. The
story is all mine.
This is my first attempt at fanfic - boy how times have changed! This is
really not very good... for anyone who lacks courage but feels the need to
try...just go for it!
Mid-day. Sunny and warm. On the road to Athens. Xena and Gabrielle stop in a
small village, name unknown, to replenish their supplies for the rest of the
X - (matter of factly) "I'm taking Argo to the blacksmith to have that bad
shoe taken care of."
G - (looking all around to see what else the village had to offer) "Ok."
X - "Meet me at the tavern."
G - (eyes still searching. Aha! She spots a Falafel stand (!!!) and starts
walking towards it)
X - (agitated) "Gabrielle! Did you hear me?" (she, too, spots the falafel
stand and rolls her eyes)
X - "Oh no,no,no,no,no." (reaches out and pulls Gabrielle back towards her by
the arm) "You don't need to waste your time or money in there. It's only
G - (pleading, with sad eyes) "But, Xena..."
X - "No."
G - "Please?" (searching)
X - "No."
G - "You never let me have any fun. And it's not *all* junk." (pouting)
X - "No."
G - "Why not?" (pleading again, ignoring Xena's stare, looking anywhere but at
X - "No." (standing her ground, hands on hips)
G - "Yes. I'm an adult and if I want to shop, I will." (defiantly turns and
looks Xena in the eyes. Arms crossed, she takes one step in the direction of
the hut)
X - (exasperated) "Gabrielle. Promise me. You won't buy anything?"
G -(all happy and smiling, touches Xena briefly on her left arm. takes off for
the shop. "Ok." 
The Falafel guy is waiting. 'There's one born every minute, he thinks'.
X - (shakes her head. Gabrielle can always get the best of her. A very small
smile is on her lips as she leads Argo farther into the village)
Falafel Hut. Full of every item you could *never* imagine. Smells funny, too.
FG - "Hello! What can I do for you, young lady?" (spreads out his hands and he
searches her face for a sign as to what she wants or needs)
G - "Hi." (smiles, looks around wide-eyed) "I'm just looking."
The hut is filled with an unbelievable amount of merchandise - baskets,
jewelry, statues, beads, stoneware, wall hangings, maps, rocks, drums, and
scrolls just to name a few. The falafel guy watches her closely. Gabrielle
picks up a pewter necklace of a pan-flute. A small red stone is set near the
eye. 'This would be perfect for Xena', she thinks to herself, grinning.
FG - "10 Dinars!!  A real bargain. It would be beautiful on you." (he eyes her
G - "Oh, it's not for me." (She turns her head longingly toward the door.
Falafel guy sighs)
Gabrielle sadly puts the necklace down, thinking: 'Xena will never wear it. 'I
*wish* there was something I could buy for her, though'. She continues looking
around the store. She spies a curtain in the rear and a sign overhead that
reads: "Adults Only." Curious, she walks towards it. The Falafel guy nervously
tells her that maybe it isn't the place for her.
G - "I'm an adult." (confidently, pointing to the sign)
FG - "Yes, yes but I don't recommend it for you. You have much softer taste.
Here. Here is nice statue of Hercules.
G - "I *know* Hercules. (proudly) I don't need a statue of him. Besides, it
kinda looks a little like Atlas, don'tcha think? She here, the nose."
(Gabrielle turns the statue around in her hand. Sets it down. Falafel guy
frowns. Gabrielle heads towards the curtain). "I want to see what's back
The falafel guy turns away, bites his hand, and busies himself with inventory.
She opens the curtain and steps in. The backroom is poorly lit. Just a few
candles to keep it from being pitch black. It takes a few moments for
Gabrielle's eyes to adjust. A strong odor of incense tickles her nose.
She coughs. There is a strange music coming from somewhere - very soft. Like a
chant. She didn't hear it in the other part of the store and she looks all
around for where it might originate. There are huge, dark velvet wall hangings
for room dividers. The room is full of crudely made racks and shelves. There
isn't a lot of merchandise but what there is, is nothing quite like Gabrielle
has ever seen. One of the first things she notices is a black leather
On the front are hundreds of tiny pointed metal studs. 'So, this is where Xena
buys her outfits. I've wondered...' She sees a collection of whips and various
size chains hanging on another wall. She picks up a short riding crop, turning
it over in her hand gingerly. Next, she eyes all sorts of other leather
'accessories' sitting on one of the shelves. Masks, gloves, pouches, arm-
bands, headbands and what appears to be undergarments. She picks up one such
piece and holds it up. It is triangle shaped with a string in the back. She
turns it over trying to figure out which side is which. Shakes her head and
smiles. 'Ah, now maybe Xena...' Shakes her head, 'Nah'... Then she picks up a
very small box that contains two polished metal balls. 'What the ...?' She
puts them down with distaste and confusion. On another shelf are some
saddlehorn shaped items. She makes an odd face. 'A saddlehorn?' Some are kinda
squishy, yet some are hard like old leather, wood, or metal, - they are all
sizes and different colors. She picks up an ivory one. Little nubs are carved
in it and something that reminds her of a raccoon or beaver is set in the
Above that is a shelf full of different oils and potions in fancy looking
jars. She picks up one marked 'essence of cherry'. She opens it. 'Well, it
smells like cherries'. Being brave, she sticks one finger in the jar and
brings out a small amount and puts it on her tongue. Surprised; 'it tastes
like cherries!' Yet, another shelf is full of incense. The containers are
marked with names like 'Jasmine, Sandalwood, Opium'. Moving about the room,
she spies a shelf in the back that is full of scrolls. Hundreds of them. Some
are very old and the parchment is yellow and tearing. She picks up a large one
with gold braid for a seal and unfurls it. Gabrielle is immediately engrossed.
Her eyes grow wide. It is a love story like one she has never read before. She
blushes. She has only dreamed that love could be like that. 'Xena...'
Sometimes late at night while Xena is sleeping, she lies awake watching her
and trying to sort out her own feelings. Many times, she has imagined the two
of them like the lovers in this story. A far-away look fills her eyes and a
gentle smile crosses her lips. She reads on.
FG - (questioningly) "Are you going to stay back here all day?"
G - (startled out of her trance, jumps) "Wha..?" (closes the scroll, starts to
put it back)
FG - "Ah." (eyes the scroll in her hands, dinars in *his* eyes) 'Find
something you like?"
G - (uncomfortably) "Well.."
FG - "I make you good price. (winks at her) "5 Dinars!"
G - "I don't..." (shaking her head)
FG - "But they are worth much more! Those are the 'Private Archives of the
Women of Lesbos'. Very rare.. Only copy in existence!" (he looks at her
pleading for a sale).
G - "I'm sure they are but, well, I dunno..." (Gabrielle looks down at the
scroll in her hand. She wants it bad. Surely Xena is tired of hearing *her*
stories over and over. She needs new material. And these stories...) After
all, what's a bard without something to talk about?
FG - "Fine. 4 Dinars!!" (He wants to make a sale. Been a slow day.) "They
contain the writings of the most famous of all of Sappho's women: Lady
Delirium, Lisa, DAx, Kit, Quest, and more! Surely you have heard of them?" (he
stares at her)
G - (Gabrielle hadn't heard of them but she wanted to. Badly). She looks in
her moneybag...
Gabrielle is seen walking away and waving at the falafel guy. A big smile is
on his face. "Come back any time!" He yells to her. Gabrielle turns and waves
again. She turns, then suddenly bumps right into Xena.
X - (mad) "Where have you been? I've been waiting at the tavern forever!"(Oh,
she's pissed) "Don't tell me you've been in that shop all this time?" (Xena
G - (stares at her feet) "I'm sorry Xena. It's just that he had stuff..."(she
looks back at the hut).
X - (cuts her off) "Let's go. It'll be dark soon." (she grabs Gabrielle with
one arm and leads Argo with the other.)
In no time, they are back on the road with the forest closing in on them. They
walk for a very long time not saying anything. Gabrielle is uncomfortable with
the silence.
G - (she asks softly) "Did you get Argo taken care of?" (pets Argo on the
X - (still grumpy) "Yeah."
Nothing more. Gabrielle sighs and learns to tolerate the quiet. They walk on.
Afterall, she has her thoughts to keep her company; she can't stop thinking of
the Archives and the wondrous stories they hold. If only she could find a way
or a time to tell Xena about them! If she would just listen to them she
wouldn't be so upset she'd bought them, she's sure of that!  Xena has a soft
spot. Right? Still, Gabrielle had to break the news she'd spent some of their
money. Xena would *not* be pleased. Now the guilt was setting in, just like
the darkness around her. She became fidgety and Xena, annoyed, was noticing.
X - "Whadya buy?" (frowning)
G - "Huh?" (Gabrielle pretended not to hear her. She did, of course, it was
like a tomb around them)
X - "Tell me." (firmly)
G - 'Nothing, really. Just a scroll." (Gabrielle cringed, ready for Xena to
let her have it)
X - "What! (turns her head for a fleeting glance) You bought a *scroll*? Of
what? How much???" (she gave her that *look* that said, I want the whole truth
and nothing but)
G - (animated, walking with a gait. Hey, maybe her excitement would throw Xena
off her interrogation spell. A girls gotta try!) "I got something really
rare." (boasting, with a big smile) "I bought the only copy of 'The Private
Archives of the Women of Lesbos'. Only three dinars! (she lied, but Xena
didn't know Gabrielle carried a little extra 'seed' money.
X - (grumbling) "hmmmph." Xena figured she musta paid at least one more dinar
or possibly two. She knew she carried a couple extras for 'emergencies'. She's
seen her hiding them in her shirt. She hoped Gabrielle hadn't noticed her
staring when she dressed... "Let's make camp here for the night."
With Gabrielle following, Xena lead Argo off the road and walked into the
forest until she found a secluded area with a high embankment on one side and
a stream not too far away.
They both set about the task of setting up camp for the night. Gabrielle
gathered some wood and started a fire. She made sure she had extra logs on
hand so the fire would stay hot all evening. It was getting very chilly late
at night this time of year. Neither she nor Xena had any winter wraps yet.
Xena set off to unsaddle Argo, brush her down and feed her. Then she left to
get them some food. Gabrielle wondered what she'd bring back. Xena was a good
hunter but she never did the cooking. She mused what did Xena do without her
to actually cook the catch?
Meanwhile, Gabrielle set out the utensils and cleared an area off for
sleeping. She lay down their blankets close to the fire. She went off to fetch
some water down at the stream and noticed some wild blackberries growing
nearby. They'd make a great snack for later. And Xena loved them! Maybe they
would help put her in a better mood. She picked quite a few, washed them off,
and went back to the camp. Xena was there.
X - "Whatcha got wrapped in your skirt?" (she was squatted down, poking the
fire with a stick)
G - "Blackberries!" (she smiled at her and winked - like you can't stay mad at
me forever. Nah!)
X - (no, she couldn't) "I like blackberries. Give me some." (she reaches over
and puts her hand in Gabrielle's skirt. She brushed by her thigh by accident.
She blushes for just an instant).
G - (Gabrielle pulls away. Partly out of embarrassment, partly because she
doesn't want Xena to spoil her dinner. Mostly, those haphazard, fleeting
touches made Gabrielle's skin crawl and turn hot.) "What are we having for
dinner?" (she busied herself with cutting a melon)
X - (still a red tint to her beautiful face) "Quail." (she stared at the
fire) "It's all cleaned and ready."
G - (still just a little uneasy. Always wondering why Xena made her feel so
funny.) "Ok."
It was dark now and dinner was over. The fire set off a warm glow. Xena had
removed her sword and armor and was relaxing on her blanket: on her back,
knees bent, looking up at the stars.  The container of blackberries was by her
side. Gabrielle was finished cleaning up from their meal and was sitting on a
log, staring at the fire. She was daydreaming about the women in the 'archive'
story she'd read. She longed to bring out the scroll and read some more. It
was a perfect night. Perfect for anything. She glanced over at Xena and smiled
softly, her eyes with a familiar gaze. Xena smiled back, just as softly.
Gabrielle swore that sometimes Xena looked at her so gently, with what she
thought was love in her eyes. Nevertheless, Xena never said anything. Neither
did Gabrielle. But something was there between them; it was in the air, all
around them. It was indescribable yet felt like a desire or wanting - it was
as clear as the bright night sky. They were both too afraid to admit it or
heavens forbid, act on it. But they knew...
X - (very sincere) "Why don't you read me one of the stories in the
scroll? (she rolls over and sits up, removes her boots. She lay down on her
stomach, looking directly at Gabrielle.
G - (searching, still guilty over the purchase) " Are you sure...?"
X - (meaningful) "Go ahead." (softly) "Read to me."
G - "Ok. If you're sure you want me to?" (feeling a little more confidant)
X - "Read."
Gabrielle goes over to her bag and pulls out the ancient scroll. She opens it
and finds a long story entitled 'Captive' by a Lesbo named '3cats'. It is a
story of two women captured and tortured by Barbarians, who realize their
intense love for each other can never break them, even in adversity. She read
the story slowly and with much emotion. That was easy because Gabrielle
thought it all reminded her of Xena. Xena lay very still and stared at
Gabrielle in awe and wonder by the feeling and animation being brought to life
by her voice. She was a wonderful Bard and she never tired, (well almost
never!), of listening to her. Gabrielle had been up walking around and moving
her body for effect while reading the scroll. But now, she was near the end of
the story and her voice had gotten soft. She was again sitting on the log
while reading of the two women's lovemaking after being freed from tyranny.
She wasn't quite finished, though...
X - (mid-sentence) "Gabrielle. C'mere." (there was a firm, gentleness to her
G - (looks at her and puts down the scroll and walks toward Xena)
Xena takes her by the hand and motions for her to sit down. Gabrielle moves
towards her and sits facing her. She feels almost light-headed. And she
*knows* why. The air is very thick and heavy. It's quiet, but off in the
distance she hears Argo whinny. She is not afraid but her heart is racing and
she wonders if Xena can feel the heat from her skin. Xena reaches out and
touches Gabrielle's face. Her hands are very rough and callused, yet they move
with such gentleness that it startles Gabrielle. Xena is staring at her with
such intensity in those gorgeous blue eyes. Gabrielle moves slightly and can
hardly breathe. Xena is only inches from her face. She dare not blink!
X - "I love you, Gabrielle."
Xena parts her lips and ever so gently touches them to Gabrielle's. Her one
hand is under her chin and the other has reached around her back and pulled
her closer. It was such a brief moment in time and they part. Gabrielle is on
fire! Oh, how she has longed for this moment. She looks up at Xena with such
love and desire that a tear slowly falls down her cheek. Xena reaches up to
wipe it away but instead she pulls Gabrielle close to her again and kisses her
with great passion. This time the moment seems to last forever. Xena's lips
are burning! - or is it Gabrielle's? Together they become one with the kiss
and their bodies meld and entangle. Xena, holding Gabrielle tightly, kisses
her between her breasts, then moves upwards to a spot on the side of her neck.
One hand is running through Gabrielle's hair, the other strokes her left
breast. Gabrielle moans and grabs Xena by her thick hair hair and arches her
back. Xena gasps for breath. Gabrielle pulls down a strap on Xena's dress and
kisses her shoulder. She runs her hands up and down Xena's powerful, muscular
arms. Xena's strong hands start tugging at Gabrielle's shirt. She wants to
simply rip it off! Gabrielle understands and pushes Xena back and with Xena
watching, she slowly takes it off. Xena groans in delight and reaches out to
touch her. Gabrielle bends forward and kisses her then pulls away. She stands
and takes off her skirt and undergarments. Xena has such a look in her eyes;
they almost glow from the heat. Such hunger! Such desire!
Gabrielle takes Xena by the hand and pulls her to stand next to her. She
reaches around her to untie the laces on her tunic then down near Xena's
thighs, pulls the leather dress up over her head, and tosses it backwards. She
gets down on her knees and pulls Xena's underclothes down to her ankles; all
the while looking up at her with such lust. Xena kicks the garment away.
Gabrielle stays where she is, kissing, touching, and caressing Xena's smooth,
hard legs. She reaches up as far as she can. Xena takes her by the arms and
pulls her close. They hold each other so close, their lips embraced, this time
their tongues entwine, wet, and hot. Xena's hands are touching Gabrielle in
every place. She grabs her breasts, her nipples; she bends down to kiss them
and playfully nips them to Gabrielle's delight. Gabrielle runs her soft hands
up and down Xena's smooth, sinewy back then down her sides, then puts a hand
on the inside of her left thigh and moves upwards. She can feel the heat
rising in Xena. Xena throws her head back and moans. Xena then reaches down
and does the same to Gabrielle. She is open to her touch. She is wet. Xena has
never felt ecstasy like this before. Finally, they are lovers!
Gabrielle moves to lie Xena down on the blankets. Gabrielle lay next to her
running her fingers and her tongue over every part of this woman she can find.
Xena's body quivers. Gabrielle shudders as Xena takes a hand and gently
touches her between her legs. Xena lets a smile shine through as Gabrielle
stops to look at her as if to say 'yes, continue'. Xena rolls over on top of
Gabrielle and lets her hand explore the unspoiled, wet reaches within. She
kisses and tongues her smooth white breasts. Her other hand tenderly stroking
her face, her lips then locked with Gabrielle's. Gabrielle stops to catch her
breath. Her breathing is becoming very labored as Xena continues to caress her
with a steady rhythm. Gabrielle feels a burning, a flame, like nothing she has
ever felt before rise inside of her. She cannot control what is happening.
Xena continues to feel her in every way, exploring even deeper and with more
purpose. Gabrielle moves with her then suddenly moves her hips up as if to
take in more of Xena and she screams in ecstasy! 'Oh, Xena', she moans, tears
of joy streaming down her face. Xena looks down at her and with one hand
brushes Gabrielle's hair away and kisses her so long and gentle. Tears fall on
Gabrielle's face, for Xena is crying, too.
Gabrielle kisses away the tears and moves so that Xena is beside her.
Gabrielle bends forward and takes both of Xena's breasts in her hands. She
kisses them and flicks her tongue between - fast then slow. Xena throws her
head back as if to give Gabrielle more room. Gabrielle climbs on top of her
and kisses her hard on the lips. Xena is surprised yet responds just the same.
Gabrielle runs her hands firmly up and down Xena's body and moves her hips in
a steady, slow pattern while moving her tongue downwards. Exploring. Xena's
chest and stomach muscles twitch and Gabrielle delights in their smoothness
and strength. She massages her breasts and notices how hard and firm they are
- rising and falling with each short breath. Gabrielle moves down further.
Xena gasps and makes a soft high pitched noise when Gabrielle reaches that
area just below her stomach and above her thick dark hair line. Gabrielle
looks up at her and smiles. Xena, writhing with fire, tries vainly to smile
back. She takes one hand and oh, so gently, urges her on down. Gabrielle
hungrily obliges her, kissing her all the way. Her face now buried between
Xena's legs she slowly starts kissing her and running her tongue up the inside
of her thighs. Gabrielle can feel Xena's wetness and the urgentness in her
caress. Gabrielle slips her tongue inside. Xena moans so loudly that even Argo
replies! Gabrielle continues to explore the depths within and slowly brings
one hand up to join her, her other hand has her fingers tightly intertwined
with Xena's. She slips a finger inside Xena while still kissing and tasting
her. This must be ambrosia, Gabrielle thinks. Nothing could possibly ever
taste as wonderful as her Xena. Oh beautiful Xena! Xena is thrusting about and
Gabrielle is moving her fingers and tongue in the same sort of rhythmic
pattern as Xena did.
Sometimes slow and easy, others fast and hard. Xena groans with delight.
Gabrielle can feel Xena growing hot and urgent beneath her. Her breath becomes
more shallow. Her body moving faster. Gabrielle knows she is about to explode
just as she did. Gabrielle feels that maybe she will again too, just over the
intense feeling Xena is having! She feels herself becoming wet and hot again.
Gods, how she loves her so! Xena is no longer in control of anything and
Gabrielle can feel her rising inside. She can feel the heat coming through her
chest and tiny droplets of water building. Her nipples are rock-hard, her legs
tense. Xena makes not a sound as she starts to explode under her touch.
What seems like an eternity passes by and Xena lets out a blood curdling
'YIYIYIYIYI!!'  Gabrielle laughs. Xena looks at her startled. Gabrielle slowly
moves up to lie next to her. Their arms and legs intertwined and the sweat of
their bodies mixing.
G - "I thought that was your battle cry?" (kissing her neck)
X - (breathless) "Was... more...(gulps for air) intense...(mumbles) battle."
G - (smiles sweetly at Xena and reaches out to kiss her. Xena's lips meet hers
then pull away - she can't finish the embrace. She lies back, still trying to
catch her breath. That was nothing like she had ever felt in her life!)
X - (waiting) "Where...(slowly) did you learn to do *that*?" (forces a small,
mischievous smile)
G - (a shy smile crosses her lips, she looks down at their legs wrapped
around each other, then kisses her neck) "While you were out brushing Argo, I
got bored and read another one of the 'Archive' stories; two women trapped in
a cave."
X - "Gabrielle." (a very small frown - like she was only sad she'd missed out)
G - "I'm sorry. I promise to read the rest of them only with you." (she gives
Xena a big 'I do' kiss)
X - "Well, don't be. I forgive you." (passionately kisses Gabrielle) "So, what
else did you learn while I was away?" (playfully touching Gabrielle's breast
and smiling)
G - "Well, there was this other thing..."
X - "Yeah?" (all alert)
Gabrielle reaches over for her bag. Pulls out....
X - "What's that!" (Xena exclaims, eyes wide)
G - "Let me show you...."
A heavy fog rolls in and everything fades to black. A barely audible Xena is
heard sighing deeply:
"Verrry nice..."

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