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"Xena?" Gabrielle asked once again, just to be certain she wasn’t hallucinating.

"Yes, Gabrielle. It’s me!"

Although Xena could hardly believe her own situation , the look on the bard’s face forced the warrior to smile.

Gabrielle came nose to nose with the beaker.

"Xena, is it really you?" The bard stared throught the glass in complete disbelief, taking in the beaker, the warrior and everything else on the shelf in a long befuddled glance. Chemeclees joined the bard at the shelf, staring in utter amazement over her shoulder.

"Yes, it’s really me. I can’t believe it myself! But I’m sure happy to see you!"

The warrior smiled warmly and leaned closer to the glass, raising a hand as though to touch the bard’s cheek. Gabrielle grinned in return, although her relief at finding Xena did nothing to alleviate her worry. She still could not believe what she was seeing and her thoughts ran with a thousand questions.

"Xena," Gabrielle raised a finger up and touched the glass where the warrior’s hand rested, "how did this happen?"

"Homunculus!" Chemeclees breathed over the bard’s shoulder.

Gabrielle jumped in surprise, unaware that the apprentice was even there. The fact that Xena was completely naked suddenly registered in the bard’s mind.

"Chemeclees!" She turned on the boy and blocked his view, "what are you doing! Don’t look. Turn around!"

She swatted at his shoulders and turned the apprentice around. He huffed impatiently and repeated his statement.

"He’s changed her into an Homunculus!"

"What did he say?" Xena called from the beaker.

"I can’t believe he did it!" Chemeclees continued, gaining both Xena and Gabrielle’s full attention to his back. "It’s just not possible. It’s unbelievable!"

The apprentice turned back around and stared openly at Xena in the beaker, unable to resist a look at Paracelsus’s success.

"Amazing!" He breathed, hot air fogging up the glass of the laboratory jar.

Xena waved her hands trying to clear the fog.

"Stop that!" Gabrielle scowled, pulling the young man back a bit from the shelf, but soon they were both frozen in place, staring in awe at the tiny warrior in the glass jar.

"What did you call her?" The bard whispered a query, not taking her eyes from the flask.


"That’s the term Paracelsus used as well." Xena confirmed.

"What is it? How?" Gabrielle started in on her thousand questions.

"I didn’t think it was possible," Chemeclees tried to explain, "Paracelsus has been writing about it for years. I’ve been sneaking a peak at his notes about these experiments behind his back, but it seemed too improbable, like the babbling of a madman. I just figured he was old and trying to find the fountain of youth. I didn’t think he was serious. I never imagined that he could actually find it......"

"Find what?" The bard asked in a whisper.

"The secret of the Philosopher’s Stone....the power of creation....the fountain of youth. He’s found it......"

Chemeclees’s voice faded away as he pondered the possibilities of the success of Paracelsus’s experiment.

Gabrielle lost all patience with the apprentice.

"Look you!" She twirled him by the shoulders to face her, "Let’s get one thing straight. Xena is not some experiment and I don’t care about the fountain of youth. We’re getting her out of here and then you’re going to find a way to get her back to normal." The bard paused a moment, remembering with a warm feeling that the straping height of her warrior was anything but normal, "I mean back to her full size!"

"ME?" The apprentice pointed to himself, "How am I suppose to get her back to full size?"

"I don’t know and I don’t care." Gabrielle poked him in his chest with a stiff finger, "But you’re going to do it! And then we’re going to the king to turn Paracelsus in."

Gabrielle’s attention returned to Xena who was listening to the conversation intently.

"Xena. People have gone missing in this city since last Solstice. It’s obvious Paracelsus has been using the villagers for some of his experiments."

Xena appeared more than concerned.

"Gabrielle, it’s worse than that. It was the King who slipped sleeping potion into my wine at dinner. He and Paracelsus must be working together."

They all frowned at the idea of such a conspiracy involving the king.

"What do you think happened to all the others?" Gabrielle was afraid to ask, thinking of Lakme’s mother.

"Failed experiment?" Chemeclees offered flatly.

Xena nodded, not liking the apprentice’s apparent flippancy. She eyed him with speculation.

"That’s what Paracelsus said. His other experiments failed. He was hoping to succeed with me. What I don’t understand is how shrinking me gives him the secret of life?"

The warrior looked up at the apprentice with curiosity.

"You’re not shrunk. You’re Homunculus. A new life form altogether. He’s created new life. It’s the first step."

The echo of a voice in the hall caused them all to jump.

"We don’t have time for this!" Chemeclees whispered.

"Come on, Xena. Let’s get out of here."

Gabrielle lifted the beaker from the shelf carefully and brought it to a table. She turned it slowly in the air so that Xena could crawl down it’s side and slip out of the top and on to the table’s flat surface. The warrior crawled on her hands and knees out of the top of the beaker and then stood.

She spread her hands. "Now what?"

Another call down the hallway sounded as though someone was heading in their direction and getting closer.

Gabrielle looked down at herself quickly, trying to think. Where was she going to hide Xena?

"Come here." Gabrielle ordered, placing her hand palm up on the tabletop and waiting for Xena to step in. Then she lifted her hand quickly. Too quickly. Xena fell on her rump with a thud.

"Easy!" The warrior squawked.

"Sorry!" Gabrielle whispered.

The bard pulled at her amazon top at the center and slipped Xena in, down between her breasts.

Chemeclees raised his eyebrows at the location, but Gabrielle’s scowl made him look away and he decided to take a look out of the door to see if anyone was coming. The hall was still empty.

Xena slipped into the cleavage, scrunching herself down to ensure that the top of her head did not show. She peeked her head up to take a look around. Gabrielle tapped her with a finger and the warrior smiled.

"Get down now. And no smart remarks." The bard ordered.

"I’m not complaining." Xena smiled broadly and squatted down, nestled safely in the warmth and softness of Gabrielle’s breasts.

This could be fun, the warrior thought as she settled herself comfortably between the two luscious pillows and looked around. Her small hands couldn’t resist touching the milky white skin, so she ran her palms across one as she wiggled her body further into the top.

Gabrielle looked down her nose.

"Xena, what are you doing?"

Xena was rubbing her cheek against the soft, warm skin and her hands began to search for a nipple.


Her hands reached in and across and with a slight squeeze.....


The bard jumped at the pinch. Chemeclees looked at her in confusion as a slow blush spread across the bard’s face.

"Cut that out!" Gabrielle hissed into her top at the warrior.

Xena flashed her a white smile of pure innocence.

"Sorry. Couldn’t resist."

"Just settle down and keep still!"

Chemeclees and Gabrielle’s eyes met as another yell echoed through the hallway.

"Let’s get out of here!" Chemeclees urged, grabbing Gabrielle by the arm.

"Right! Let’s go."

Gabrielle looked down one more time at Xena, who was now resting comfortably within the bard’s top.

Xena crossed her arms and settled back against her own very special, private hiding place, smiling contentedly.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!"

Gabrielle rolled her eyes and they headed out the door.



Author’s Note: I started writing "What are Little Girls Made Of" long before DebtI&II. I am in no way implying that Xena is getting her karmic up and comings for making the Green Dragon small ;-)


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