Xena - Voyeur Princess
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 and her now ex-wife Caite. 
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The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are the property of MCA/Universal. The
story is all ours and contains a graphic depiction of lesbian sex. If you
don't like or appreciate that type of thing then please, find something else
to do. 
Gabrielle grows restless; She has set up camp for the night and Xena has left
to scout out the area, promising to return with some food. Gabrielle soon
becomes bored with laying out the bedding and keeping the fire supplied with
wood. She decides to head down to the stream for a bath while she awaits
Xena's return.

   Throwing a blanket on the ground, Gabrielle slowly slips out of her
clothes, lays them aside, and steps in. The water is clear, warm, and
inviting, as Gabrielle sinks into its depths. She lets the water run over her
body and closes her eyes to the remaining sun. As she cleanses her body,
running her hands and fingers along her skin, she starts to imagine Xena's
hands touching her, moving to soothe her, to excite her. She trembles and
opens her eyes suddenly, surprised at her thoughts. She shakes her head, tries
to push the thought away, and continues her bath.

   Xena gallops through the woods heading back towards camp, pulls up on
Argo's reins, swings her legs back and dismounts. The fire Gabrielle left is
starting to dwindle, so Xena crouches down and throws on a few more branches,
wondering where Gabrielle has ventured off. Xena stands and walks over to
Argo, untying the rabbits she has caught for their dinner. She lays them by
the fire and goes to search for her young companion.

    Xena walks slowly, but deliberately down the heavily wooded path leading
to the stream. She wonders if there are any fish worth catching there. Still
contemplating the hunt, she stops short of the clearing. Gabrielle is lying on
her blanket, still wet from her bath. Xena silently watches her friend.

Gabrielle is on her back, slowly drying herself with a soft cloth. She rubs it
over the soft skin of her arms, down over her breasts, letting out a soft moan
as her nipples harden under her touch. Her body is alive; her mind occupied
with thoughts of Xena's desired caress. She moves her hands lower to dry her
stomach, her thighs, and her legs. As she moves back up to dry the soft mound
between her legs, her body arches forward, begging for release. A feeling so
new to her; she can't stop touching herself. She runs the cloth between her
legs again. Her breath catches, her heart pounds, she whispers "XENA" as a
sudden fire spreads through her loins. She lay there gasping for air.

   Xena stares in disbelief, not believing her eyes. She dares not move, not
   What seems like an eternity passes. Gabrielle regains herself, tosses the
cloth aside, smiles and lays back for the warm evening air to calm her. As
leaves and twigs crackle under Xena's feet, she moves forward. She walks to
where Gabrielle is lying, bends down, and quietly sits beside her. Gabrielle
blushes and turns her head away. Xena, not sure what to say, looks down
longingly at her friend. She notices an ugly bruise on Gabrielle's upper thigh
and bends over Gabrielle's lap to touch the spot. Gabrielle shudders. Xena
asks, "When did this happen?" Gabrielle, barely able to respond stutters,
"I..um..it..." Not paying attention to the words, Xena leans across her for a
closer look, Gabrielle's womanly scent alerting her senses. Without thought or
hesitation, Xena lowers her face, feeling Gabrielle's soft down against her
lips. Gabrielle is still wet, her legs part, she runs her fingers through
Xena's hair and whispers, "yes." Xena's tongue touches the folds of the young
amazon causing her to shudder and her hips to lurch. Xena is now lying on her
stomach; her face buried deep between Gabrielle's legs. She slowly kisses her
mound, her tonguing darting in and out, occasionally sending soft kisses down
the inside of her thighs. Xena leisurely runs her hot tongue inside Gabrielle,
lingering on that magic place that was growing more swollen with each touch.
Gabrielle's breath was growing short and her skin hot with sweat, her hands
touching Xena's face, her shoulders, her arms, her thick dark hair flowing
over her. Xena's rough, firm hands, were all over Gabrielle; up and down her
legs, her thighs, her smooth torso, her breasts, kneading her hardening
nipples.  Xena's mouth growing more intense with each stroke. She was like a
woman obsessed with a hunger that had never been fulfilled - the sweetness
inside Gabrielle the nectar to satisfy the craving. Gabrielle, wanting this
moment to last forever was losing her grip, her body longing to betray her.
Xena slowed her tongue and Gabrielle exploded under her. Xena languishing the

   As the sun bent down in the sky and turned to a radiant red and orange
sunset, Xena looks up and smiles, "I've been watching you - I never knew..."
Gabrielle takes Xena's face in both hands, pulls her towards her and kisses
her matter of factly. She draws back, looks deep into Xena's blue eyes------"I
never knew, either..."
The End

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