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By Towandababe

The two women had walked hand in hand since leaving the glade earlier that afternoon. They both wore happy grins, in spite of the sunburn that still smarted! Argo continued to follow them, giving them a nudge when they would stop to kiss, or to stare into one another’s eyes.

"That was fun, wasn’t it? I mean, out in the open like that; not even a campsite, just a beautiful, sunlit glade. So romantic, sometimes you just amaze me, Xena. I mean, who would ever expect you to be so resourceful when it comes to romance? You, the Destroyer of Nations, the one woman thruout all of Greece who stirs fear in the hearts of men. The one woman who.."

"Gabrielle, you talk too much!" With that, Xena scooped the young blonde up in her arms and nuzzled that sweet neck, nibbled on the earlobes that were connected to the prettiest little ears this side of the Aegean Sea. She swung Gabrielle back down, set her on her feet, then grabbed that face that meant so much to her and kissed her, deep and long. Gabrielle loved to be kissed by this tall, gorgeous woman. And the tall, gorgeous woman loved to oblige!

Argo gave them another hard nudge, as if to say...’Stop this mushy stuff, I wanna get to town, be able to spend the night in a stable, eating oats out of a bucket, and talk to other’s of my kind!’

Xena and Gabrielle looked back at Argo and laughed. "You’d almost think she’s jealous", Gabrielle said.

"Naw, she just wants us to stop foolin’ around and get to town. She loves to kibitz with the other horses in the stable. I know, I’ve seen the look on her face when I stable her. I think she’s a Bard, like you, Gabrielle. She tells the other horses all about our adventures...probably makes up a lot, too, like someone else I know!"

"I do not make up my stories!" Gabrielle stood her ground, with her hands planted firmly on her hips. She jutted her jaw toward Xena and defied the Warrior to continue into this treacherous subject. If there was one thing that put Gabrielle on the defensive real quick it was Xena accusing the young scribe of embellishing their adventures when writing her scrolls. Even more certain to start a ‘discussion’ between the two women was Xena telling Gabrielle to tone down the on-stage story telling that Gabrielle frequently engaged in to replenish their supply of dinars. That discussion was always good for at least a candlemark or two of heated words, stomping around, whacking of trees with sword or staff, until the women would dissolve into laughter at the ridiculousness of the conversation. Xena would have said what she wanted to say. Gabrielle, of course, would totally ignore the Warrior’s words and do exactly as she always did, building the excitement of her tales so that her audience would be sitting on the edge of their seats until she reached the end of her story, leaving the audience crying for more! It would be at this point that Xena would try to find some place out of sight as the audience looked around for the hero of Gabrielle's stories, hoping she would not be the first person they would see. Of course, being drop dead gorgeous, dressed in leather, carrying a sword and Chakram, and being 6’ tall did not help when trying to be inconspicuous!

There was a good thing about Gabrielle’s embellished story telling...both the Warrior and the Bard would be so turned on when Gabrielle finished her performance they would barely make it to their room in the Inn before they would be tearing each other’s clothes off, kissing, biting, nibbling at one another..Xena usually carrying the Bard, while the young blonde admonished the tall, dark haired woman to hurry. When they reached whatever room the Inn had provided as part of the story telling entertainment job the entire Inn would hear the Warrior kicking open the door, then slamming it shut. Men and women in the Inn below would look at one another; each lost in their own thoughts...’Why can’t that ever happen to me?’....

"Xena, look, there’s the first sign of the town!" Gabrielle was excited. There was a Festival going on in the little town they were headed for, and a Festival meant so many things to Gabrielle. Food, shopping, throngs of people, colorful tents, other Bards to listen to, jugglers, contests, all sorts of wonderful things, while for Xena it meant only one thing...crowds of people. Crowds were something the Warrior really despised. It always seemed that in every crowd there was at least one village idiot who thought he could take out the Warrior Princess. And that, Xena knew, would result in some village being without an idiot; at least until someone else would take over that claim to fame.

"Gabrielle, I know there’s a Festival going on, but do you think we could do this just for a day? I mean I know how you love this stuff, but it makes me nuts. I’d like to get back on the road as soon as possible."

"Xena, we need to stay at least 2 or 3 days and nights so I can appear at as many ‘performances’ as possible. We need the dinars! And you said yourself that Argo wants to spend some time with the horses in the stable. Just relax, it’ll be fine, I’ll do a few scrolls, you’ll drink a few Ports, we’ll get some dinars and free food and lodging, we’ll mess around a bit, then we can leave! Piece of cake! Which reminds me, I’m really hungry, what’s in the saddle bag?"


The Warrior shook her head; she knew when she’d lost a battle long before it started. She’d be trapped in the town for at least 3 days. There was really no way out.

"You ate everything we had in there about 3 candlemarks ago. I told you to take it easy, to save some, but noooooo, you scarfed it all down. Now you’re gonna have to wait ‘til we get to town."

"Could you go kill something? Well, no, that’s no good, that means a fire and that takes time and we need to get moving."

Now Xena was certain they’d be there for what would seem like an eternity. If Gabrielle gave up food for something, that something took on a whole life of its own! She shrugged her shoulders and, grabbing the Bard’s hand, started off down the road again. She looked back at Argo, and was rewarded with what could surely pass as a horse smile. That proves it, Argo wants to go to town, Gabrielle wants to go to town, so, I guess we’re going to town!

Gabrielle squeezed Xena’s hand, smiled up at the woman occupying the center of her universe, and then began to twirl her staff with her other hand as they started down the road.

"Gabrielle, I wish you wouldn’t do that, you know you aren’t that good yet with...." BOP..the staff caught Xena on the bridge of her nose.

Gabrielle stood stock still in the middle of the road. She could not believe what just happened. She’d tried and tried many times to catch the Warrior unawares, just to show that she could. She’d never succeeded until this moment. However, the look on Xena’s face cancelled out any thought whatsoever of celebration over the fact that she had, with her staff, dealt a blow to the nose of the Destroyer of Nations. And that blow was the cause of a small stream of blood running down onto Xena’s upper lip. Gabrielle shut her eyes for a moment, hoping, wishing that when she reopened them, none of the past few moments would have happened. She scrunched her eyes shut, then opened them. Didn’t work.

"Xena, I am so sorry, oh look, let me wipe the blood off your face.." But deep down, inside, Gabrielle was feeling something beside gut wrenching remorse..she was also feeling just a tad proud of the fact that she had finally done it!

"Touch me and you die.." Xena growled at the young blonde woman looking up at her with such concern in those beautiful green eyes. Then she smiled down at her love, and gave her a big hug. "It’s nothing, I just wanted to make you feel good, so I let you connect."

"That’s not true! You didn’t ‘let’ me hit you. I caught you, admit it! Come on, be fair, admit it!" Gabrielle once again was standing with her hands planted on her hips, defiant in her posture and attitude. It was obvious that the momentary fear she’d felt when her staff first connected with Xena’s nose had gone by the wayside. Now she was angry. Very angry. And Xena knew that an angry Bard was not a good thing, especially when that Bard would be performing later that evening. If ever Xena expected the Bard’s performance to go easy on the telling of the stunning escapades of one Warrior Princess, this was not the time, or the conditions that would result in such a presentation.

I’m done for, she’s gonna really do it tonight. I hope this Inn has some decent Port, I’m gonna need a lot of it.

"OK, whatever, let’s just get going"

"I’m not taking another step until you say, out loud, that I caught you fair and square."

"You didn’t catch me fair and square, you caught me by accident, but it doesn’t matter, let’s just get going."

"I’m not moving."

"You are moving, right now!"

"Am not."

Before this intelligent conversation could continue, Argo gave both of them a mighty shove, and when they turned to look at the horse, she once again had a look of ‘Oh get on with it’.

Xena took Gabrielle’s hand, brought it to her lips and kissed the fingers, then kissed the palm of the warm hand before her. Her eyes looked into Gabrielle’s as she ran her tongue over Gabrielle’s palm, then took each of the fingers into her mouth, gently sucking and licking. Her eyes never left Gabrielle’s; waiting and watching for the look that she knew would signal the end of this argument. She didn’t have to wait long; Gabrielle melted before Xena’s eyes. She took her free hand and ran it up over the Warrior’s leathers, past the armor, and lightly stroked the swell at the top of Xena’s chest, over the skin that gave her so much pleasure.

"Wanna find somewhere off this road we can go for a few minutes?" Xena asked as she continued to suck and lick the Bard’s fingers and hand.

"A few minutes? I want more than a few minutes. I want all of it, and I want it now!"

Xena smiled down at the green-eyed pile of quivering womanhood before her.

"Actually, we really should get moving. You do want to make that town before dark, don’t you?"

Gabrielle looked up into those blue eyes and felt a struggle taking place. This is so hard, I want this woman so bad, I can taste it, and I want to taste it..but I wanna get to that Festival, too....

"Okay, we can go, but I want you to remember that you started this and you’re gonna finish it, in the Inn, tonight, after the performance. So don’t forget, I am talkin’ a really wonderful night, candles, scented water in a bath, clean sheets, good stuff to eat, no rocks to get in the way, no bugs flying into my mouth at the wrong time, the whole leg of lamb, as it were. Oh yes, and by the way, you’d better get well fortified with Port tonight, ‘cause I’m gonna be on a roll. These town folks are gonna get their dinar’s worth tonight, oh yes indeedy do!" With that, she took her hand from Xena’s mouth, grabbed the Warrior’s hand and took off once again down the road.

Oh, if ever I wanted a quick death, this might be the night. She is gonna tell the stories and there is nothin’ I can do to tone it down. Get ready, Destroyer of Nations..You’ve bought the homestead on this one, deal with it.

Argo was happy, she finally had them both moving again. Her only hope was that they would keep walking, and not have any more interruptions...she had a bucket of oats waiting!

"Xena, how’s your sunburn? Does it hurt still?"

"Just a little tender, no biggee. How ‘bout you, wanna have some more of the aloe rubbed on you? I know I can find some off the side of the road here."

"No, we can’t afford the time, but maybe you better find some of that stuff to take to the Inn tonight..you can rub it on me after the performance."

"I wish you’d stop calling it a ‘performance’..I mean, you’re gonna do some of your scrolls, that’s hardly a ‘performance’.

‘Whatsamatter, tall, dark and gorgeous, getting worried?"

"No, short, sweet and..and.." Xena couldn’t think of the perfect word to finish the sentence. "Sexy..That’s it, short, sweet and sexy, that’s you!"

"Forget the sweet talk, my Warrior Babe..I am gonna give the performance of my life, and there is nothing that’s gonna stop me!"

Xena gave up. She knew there was nothing she could do to change the Bard’s mind about tonight.

They finally reached the outskirts of the town. It was apparent that the Festival was in full bloom. The tents were colorful, stripes, solids, all the colors of the rainbow. Families were in evidence everywhere, all kinds of families...families with children, those without, women, men, all in a Festival mood. There was laughter carrying on the wind, just as the flags and banners waved and billowed.

The two travelers and their beautiful horse entered the town square. Gabrielle swiveled her head around, trying to take in everything at once, while Xena looked for a suitable stable for Argo.

"Why don’t we try that Inn, Xena. It looks fairly clean. At least there aren’t drunken bodies cluttering up the doorway."

"Okay, you go ahead and see if they want your Bardly services tonight. But be sure to get us a nice room, so I can get some of your ‘Bardly’ services later! I’ll take Argo around to the stable, it looks decent enough."

The two women separated, Xena went around back with Argo, while Gabrielle walked into the Inn to talk to the owner.

"Got room for my horse?" Xena asked the young man tending the stalls’ occupants in the stable.

The young man had never seen anything, or anyone, like this woman standing before him. Tall, legs that seemed to go on forever, blue eyes that seemed to swallow him, cheek bones, and the leather, covering just enough to guarantee that he would have trouble getting to sleep this night..at least not until he had fantasized himself to exhaustion.

"Can you talk? Do you always stare like that? Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s not polite to stare?" Xena smiled to herself, she was ever so aware of the effect she had on most people, especially young men, and a good number of young women, too.

"Yesss..Yes Ma’am. I would be most proud to take care of you, I mean of your horse. This stall is clean, feel free to stable your horse in here, nice clean hay, a blanket.." The young boy’s imagination took over, and he soon was heavily involved in clean straw, blankets, a drop dead gorgeous woman, a...

"Look, my friend and I are staying at your Inn. This is Argo. She is very near and dear to me. If anything were to happen to her, I would not be happy. And you don’t want to see me unhappy. Get it?"

The young man snapped out of his fantasy and took Argo’s reins. "Yes Ma’am, I’ll take good care of Argo, you can count on me, she’ll be in good hands, I.."

"Fine. She gets a good brushing, a bucket of oats, and clean water. And anything else she tells you she wants!" With that said, the Warrior grabbed the saddlebag, turned on her heel and walked out of the stable. The young man stood with his jaw hanging open. This horse will tell me what she wants? Argo whinnied and shook her head. The boy jumped to and started removing Argo’s tack, all the while mumbling to himself. I don’t think anyone will believe this...a horse that tells me what she wants....and that woman, by the gods, no one should look that good!

Xena walked back to the Inn, wondering what luck Gabrielle might have had in securing a room for them for the night. She refused to think about the ‘Bardly Performance’, as Gabrielle had called it.

Entering the Inn, Xena saw Gabrielle talking animatedly with what appeared to be the Innkeeper. The Warrior walked over to the bar; never taking her eyes off the woman she loved. She then proceeded to order her first Port of the evening. She slugged it down and asked for another, telling the barkeep to ‘keep ‘em coming’. She hoped that Gabrielle was also negotiating their food and drink along with the room and dinars. This could be an expensive evening if she doesn’t. But knowing Gabrielle, I can be certain that food will definitely be a part of the deal!

Gabrielle saw Xena enter the Inn from the corner of her eye, however she continued her discussion with the owner of the Inn. She was just about to reel him in. If nothing else, Gabrielle was a ‘World Class Negotiator’. No one ever survived a bargaining session with the Bard. She always got what she wanted, and then some.

"So, we have a deal? Meals, including drink, a clean, private room, stabling for our horse. In return, I give your Inn customers an evening of stories of adventures of Xena: Warrior Princess. And, if it goes as well as I know it will, we’ll do it again tomorrow night and maybe the night after that. You’ll make lot’s of dinars tonight, but remember, we renegotiate for the next two nights."

The Innkeeper knew he had just negotiated something that would make him a wealthy man, at least for now. Dinars didn’t stay long in his purse. But he also knew that he had been ‘dealed’ by an expert. His only hope was that this young woman with the green eyes and the long blond hair was as good a Bard as she was a dealmaker.

Gabrielle and the Innkeeper shook hands. Xena watched as the young woman walked over toward the bar, wearing a huge grin. Obviously the deal went well. Xena slugged back the last of her mug of Port and put the empty vessel back on the bar. She turned and faced Gabrielle, who obviously was feeling very good about the deal she had just made.

"We’re gettin’ food, drink, stabling and a private room, plus 200 dinars! How’s that for a good thing, eh?"

"Sounds great, let’s go eat."

"Yeah, that would be my first thought, too. Then maybe we have time to go test out that private room before tonight’s performance?" Gabrielle grinned her most lascivious grin. She ran her hands up the Warrior’s arms, while running her tongue over her lips.

Xena grabbed Gabrielle’s hands, then told the barkeep to bring her Port to their table. They walked hand in hand to a table at the side of the room, with the Warrior taking her usual place with her back to the wall. Gabrielle slid in next to her, her warm thigh pressed against Xena’s leg. She dropped her hand down into her lap, then worked it over to play with the Warrior’s leather skirt.

"Gabrielle, stop now, let’s eat, there’s plenty of time for that later." The Warrior was too late; Gabrielle had already started marching her fingers up under the Warrior’s skirt, heading toward the leg of the britches that held the treasure her hand was seeking. "Gabrielle, please, not now, you’re hungry, remember? Come on, please, oh please, oh oh okay, in for a dinar, in for two..." Her breathing was getting more rapid, as Gabrielle’s talented fingers found the perfect spot to stop..stroking, gently rubbing in little circles, feeling the juices pouring over her hand. Xena leaned back against the wall and shifted her hips slightly, allowing Gabrielle more leeway with her hand. She could feel the rough stone of the wall pressing into her back. Her breathing was becoming more rapid. The Warrior felt warmth spreading up her belly, and knew that she was just moments from possible putting on a ‘performance’ of her own. She was so proud of Gabrielle; she’d learned so well, so quickly. And then it happened. Gabrielle stopped, grabbed the Warrior’s sex in her hand and just squeezed. She leaned over and whispered into Xena’s ear. "That was just a little preview, the rest comes when the Bardly Performance is over. So be sure you pay close attention to my stories, so you’ll know when you can get the rest of this..." she squeezed Xena’s sex again; patted it and removed her hand. She brought her hand up and pretended to be stroking her own face, actually she was smearing Xena’s juice on her skin. Gabrielle was convinced that doing so was good for the skin. Xena did not mind being the source of Gabrielle’s facial lotion!

"Oh, Bard, you’ll pay for that!" But she was smiling; knowing that Gabrielle would make good on her promise. All the Warrior had to do was live through the ‘Bardly Performance’.

A serving wench came up to their table and asked for their order. She’d been watching the Warrior and the Bard since they’d entered the Inn. Envy was written all over her face. She’d watched Gabrielle sitting next to the Warrior and realized immediately what was going on. Yes, envy was definitely in the wench’s mind. I’d love to have either one of ‘em. The tall one looks dangerous, but the short blonde...

Gabrielle ordered one of everything the wench said was on the menu, while Xena asked only for some bread and cheese. And Port, lots of Port. One thing the Warrior didn’t want to lose on this night was her Port buzz.

The two women sat back after the serving wench had taken their order, each casually looking around the room. Xena made a mental note of each of the occupants, automatically categorizing them as to the level of danger they might present, given the amount of drink that was being consumed. The Inn was filling rapidly, and she smiled when she saw the Innkeeper rubbing his hands together while taking in dinars for rooms, meals, drink and of course, the Bardly Performance!

Gabrielle surveyed the room for a different reason. Which group of rowdy Festival goers might give her trouble with heckling; which group might require Xena’s services in keeping them from rushing the stage area? That had happened more than once when Gabrielle’s stories raised the hormonal level in whatever Inn she was performing at the time. She smiled to herself as she thought of the bloody noses and battered heads that were the reward from her lover to those who dared even think about touching the Bard. As often as she tried to control Xena when the Warrior would bodily eject the offending customers, she was secretly very proud of her protector..and, afterwards when they got to their room...her protector was especially innovative and imaginative. Xena called it ‘Bard Lust’, similar to Blood Lust after a battle..Gabrielle called it ‘fantastic’! She had been trying for a few moons to figure out how to work that into one of her scrolls. If she were successful, the dinars would just pour into their saddlebag. Of course, if she were successful, Xena would probably strangle her....so it became somewhat of a moot point. There was only so far even Gabrielle could push the Warrior.

The two lovers were brought out of their thoughts by the appearance of the serving wench approaching their table. The tray she was carrying looked like it held enough for a small army. Xena knew it held enough for Gabrielle, maybe...

As the wench put the various dishes on their table, Xena became aware of loud talk and laughter coming from the bar. A peddler in the robes of his trade was loudly discussing something with the barkeep and the other patrons standing at the bar. Their laughter was raucous, and seemed to be caused by some tale the peddler was sharing with everyone within earshot.

"So I’m takin’ a little nap in this beautiful glade about a half day from here, and what wakes me up but this beautiful little blonde laughing and running nekkid through the tall grass. And that’s not all, she’s being chased by the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, a tall, dark haired beauty, also nekkid, runnin’ her to the ground! Then, when she caught the little blonde, they rutted like rabbits in heat, again and again! I tell you, it was somethin’ to see! I could hardly keep from jumpin’ in and joining ‘em, but somehow, I don’t think they wanted any help! They was doin’ just fine all on their own. A coupl’a times I thought the tall one heard me, she seems to have really good hearin’, but the little blonde would pull her back down and they’d go at it again. Oh, I tell you, it was somethin’ to see!"

"Oh, Rufus, you have all the luck! Then what happened? Come on, tell us!"

The peddler was only too happy to oblige. "Well, I watched until I could hardly stand it anymore..then they finally just lay back down and musta’ gone to sleep, ‘cause I was able to tiptoe out of there and continue on my way. But I tell you, boys, it was a wonderful sight to see! And with the sun so bright and strong, betcha they both got a good case of sunburn, bein’ out there nekked and all."

Xena listened to this and groaned. Gabrielle didn’t have Xena’s acute hearing, so she missed the essence of the conversation.

"What’s the matter? Something wrong with your bread and cheese? You’re so unimaginative when it comes to food. You should really try some of this stew, but order your own, I want all of this."

Xena looked over at Gabrielle and at the sunburn still very evident on various parts of her body. She looked down at herself, and knew that as soon as Gabrielle got up on that stage everyone in the Inn would know... Tartarus, the whole town will know who the peddler saw in that glade. We’re gonna be the talk of the entire Festival! Maybe if I kill the peddler...naw, wouldn’t work.

"Uh, Gabrielle, I think there’s somethin’ you should know. See that peddler at the bar? Well, I think he saw us, you know, this afternoon, when we were in that field? Remember I told you a few times that I thought I heard somethin’. Well, I think he’s the somethin’ I heard."

"By the gods, what are we gonna do? I mean, I gotta get up on that stage. Oh, this is great! This is gonna make for a very interesting performance. I think I’m not so very hungry anymore."

Now Xena was really worried, anything that took Gabrielle’s appetite away...that was concern for worry.

The two women sat at their table, each lost in their own thoughts. Then Xena slapped her hand on the table, causing the Bard to jump.

"What, what is it? Does this place have bugs? Did you kill a roach?"

"No, I didn’t kill a bug! But I think we should just forget about whatever anyone saw. I mean, who cares? Just get up there and do your thing. We don’t wanna have to pay for all this food, and Argo’s stabling, or the room, either. Remember, we have lot’s of things to do up in that room!" She grinned down at her precious friend. I love this woman. No one makes me feel like Gabrielle. No one could make me feel the way I do with her. And who cares if some peddler saw us, I don’t care if the whole world sees us. This wonderful woman is mine, all mine.

Gabrielle looked into Xena’s blue eyes and felt the warmth that radiated from them. She knew Xena was right. Who cares what anyone saw, or didn’t see. Everyone should have someone like this woman to love them. But not this one, this one is all mine!

Just then the Innkeeper walked over to their table. The smile on the man’s face was huge; he could think of nothing but the piles of dinars already in his purse, and the many more that would be his by the end of the night. He had a fleeting thought of how he could possibly keep all of the dinars, and not pay Gabrielle the 200 they had agreed upon earlier. However as he approached their table and had a good look at the woman with Gabrielle the thought vanished and was replaced with a silent prayer that he never have to deal with the tall, dark haired beauty sitting at the side of his evening’s entertainment.

"Bard, we’re ready to start. I think everyone in town is here! Sure hope you’re as good as you say you are, this could be an ugly crowd if they don’t get what they want!"

His eyes shifted slightly to take in the Warrior sitting next to Gabrielle, wanting to see what kind of reaction his words would have. He was not disappointed.

"Don’t you worry about a thing. My Bard, and I emphasize ‘My Bard’, is a world class storyteller. And no one, and I mean no one, will even THINK about getting rowdy!"

Xena had one arm draped around Gabrielle’s shoulders; the other arm rested on the table, her hand around her mug of Port. The effect was one of ‘Controlled Destruction’, and was not lost for a moment on the Innkeeper. His eyes took in the long sword, still in its scabbard, resting alongside the Warrior on the bench. The round, shiny thing hanging from a loop at her waist, the long, evil looking whip, laying on top of the scabbard. By the gods, I sure hope I never have to see this woman riled up. I saw sunburn on the Bard, this one has it too. This sure doesn’t look like the woman the peddler was describing from this afternoon...’course he did say they were nekkid, oh, I think even nekkid this one could be a force to be reckoned with. I just hope everything goes well, and I still have an Inn standin’ in the morning!

Gabrielle grabbed one last piece of meat from the stew on the table, popped it into her mouth, and, still chewing, gave Xena a big sloppy kiss on the cheek before standing.

"Okay now, I’m off to earn us some dinars! Wish me luck, and don’t forget to pay real close attention so you’ll know when I’m about done!" She smiled down at the Warrior. Her eyes glistened mischievously.

Xena felt a sweet twinge between her legs, and looking up at Gabrielle, said, "Don’t worry, my Bard..I’ll pay attention to your stories. Just make sure you remember what I’ve told you time and time again. Don’t make them too exciting, too realistic!" She reached up, and hooking her fingers into the front of Gabrielle’s BGSB she pulled the young woman down to her so that she could growl into Gabrielle’s ear. "Make them too exciting and I might have to punish you. So be careful!"

Gabrielle stood and with a reddened face, looked at Xena and said, "Promises, promises, all I ever get is promises!"

With that she turned and took the Innkeeper’s arm. "Well, we can’t keep my public waiting, let’s get this show started!" They walked arm in arm to the stage area, where the Innkeeper turned to face the huge crowd that nearly overflowed his establishment.

"Ladies and gentlemen...Tonight we have special entertainment for you...Stories told and enacted by the World Class Bard...Gabrielle. You will be overjoyed at the stories you’ll hear tonight. So get another drink, sit back and...." The crowd screamed at the Innkeeper to shut up and get off the stage..He did, in a heartbeat.

Gabrielle stood and surveyed the room, deciding which of the audience she should direct certain parts of her stories toward, thereby getting the most effect. What she saw was a room packed with leering, jeering men, with some women in attendance. One particularly obnoxious individual stood and hollered toward the stage, "Hey girlie...show us your sunburn!"

Xena was about to stand and take charge of the crowd when she heard Gabrielle say, "I would like to introduce someone to you before I get started. Please let me introduce Xena: Warrior Princess..My best friend, my lover, and my sworn protector and Champion. Any questions? Good, I thought not. Now, for my first story. Have any of you heard about the Titans, and how some of them were released for a time by a virgin maiden? Well, you’re in for a treat, because I am gonna tell you alllllllll about it!"

And with that, the Bard launched into her tale of the Titans.

Xena slouched down on her bench, her back against the wall, her hand around her Port; prepared for a long, agonizing evening of listening to the woman she loved telling the world, or at least those in this Inn, all about their adventures. The serving wench observed what appeared to be the defeated attitude of the beautiful woman sitting at the table, and sidled over to slide in next to the Warrior.

"Is there anything at all I can get you? Anything you might want?" Casually moving her skirt out of the way, she pushed her naked thigh against the Warrior, and was nearly overcome with desire as she felt that cool, tanned skin against her own. "Anything, anything at all?" She ran her fingers over the leather and brass covering Xena’s upper abdomen, while looking at the Warrior with hunger in her eyes. She licked her lips, about to say something more, when she heard a low, growling voice.

"Remove your thigh before I remove it permanently, and if you want to keep your fingers on the ends of your hands get them off me. The only thing you can do for me is get me a large jug of Port and leave it here on the table. Then go take care of the rest of your customers. I’m very much spoken for, and have no interest in you or anyone else. Now go!"

The serving wench looked at the barely veiled threat in those ‘to die for’ blue eyes. She wasn’t the brightest torch in the pack, so she tried one more time. "Are you sure? I mean, what does that little blonde have that I don’t have?"

"ME!" With that, Xena gave her a shove. The wench slid off the bench and onto her ass on the floor. Fortunately Gabrielle was deeply engrossed in her story, as were the patrons of the Inn, and no one saw or heard anything. "Get me my Port. NOW!"

The wench picked herself up, straightened her skirt and with only one backward look, hurried over to the bar to fetch a jug of Port. The barkeep leaned over as the wench started to pick up the jug and said, "I think I would stay away from tall, dark and dangerous, if I were you, Missy! That is waaaaaay too much woman for you! She would wind your sundial six ways from Solstice! And besides, she’s very much spoken for. She and the Bard up there on the stage are together...and I do mean together! Tartarus, try to get between them and if the Warrior didn’t kill you, that little blonde would sure finish the job!" He leered at the wench, as she stood rubbing her ass from the fall to the floor. Giving the barkeep a dirty look, she grabbed the jug and hurried back to the Warrior’s table. Placing the jug on the table at Xena’s left hand, she looked down and with her most alluring, well, she thought it was alluring, smile, said, "If you should ever change your mind, all you have to do is whistle...you do know how to whistle, don’t you?"

"Yeah, I know how to whistle..I do it all the time when I call my horse..Now get gone!"

The wench left to see to her other customers, but the thought of having this woman make love to her would stay in her head for a long time.

Xena grabbed the jug, filled the now empty mug and deliberately set her undivided attention on her Bard up on the stage....just in time to hear Gabrielle finish the story of the Titans with something about a tall, dark, gorgeous Warrior who saved the day...yadda yadda yadda...She leaned back once again against the stone wall and proceeded to get very drunk. It was the only way she could get through a night of Gabrielle’s Bardly Performance!

The Bard had launched into another story. Xena was trying to concentrate on just which story when she heard the rumblings of another outbreak of rowdyism coming from the far side of the room. She sat straighter on the bench, focusing through the haze of the Port and the haze in the room toward the source of the disturbance. Her eyes fastened on the small group of young town punks gathered ‘round the peddler. He seemed to be telling them something that was getting their juices flowing. I don’t want anyone’s juices flowing around Gabrielle but my own. I’m gonna have to keep an eye on those punks. Maybe I’d better cut back on the Port a bit.

She sat straighter still on the bench, every sense alert for the first sign of trouble to come from the opposite side of the room. When she saw one of the punk’s climb up onto a table, she stood and began to move in that direction. Her movement wasn’t lost on the rest of the crowd, or on Gabrielle, either. She was aware of a silence that fell over the room like a shroud. Xena walked slowly but with obvious purpose toward the young man on the table. He became aware of the sudden silence in the room, and looked about to see what had changed. His eyes grew as big and round as a platter when he saw the 6-foot tall, leather and brass clad woman heading toward him. Although his intelligence would hardly cause a blip on any measurement scale, he had enough to know that he was in mortal danger of losing body parts, or even his life. Suddenly he remembered somewhere he was supposed to be, jumped down from the table and was out the door in what was probably the fastest he’d ever moved in his life.

The crowd breathed a collective sigh as the Warrior turned on her heel and headed back to the table at the opposite side of the room. Gabrielle smiled at her audience and resumed telling the tale of the time they had fought the Persians, all 400 of them! She had the audience back in the palm of her hand within moments of the aborted altercation, and Xena, having reached their table, decided this would be a good time to increase the Port buzz she’d been working on.

The evening progressed without any more problems, and when the Bard finally told her last encore story, the crowd was happy and well served. The Innkeeper rushed toward the little stage and grabbed Gabrielle’s hands, swinging her around in a happy circle.

"This was wonderful, you really are a World Class Bard! Please, tell me you’ll stay another night, and maybe another one after that! Please!"

Gabrielle extricated herself from the exuberant Innkeeper, and stepped back a bit. She smiled at the man and then proceeded to figuratively beat him into submission with her bargaining techniques. The poor man didn’t stand a chance...Gabrielle was truly a World Class Negotiator, something the Innkeeper would always remember.

"Fine, we’ll stay one more night, but these are the terms:

1] 400 dinars for tomorrow night, on top of the 200 you will give me for tonight, and give to me now!"

He did, gladly and without hesitation, counting out the 200 dinars into Gabrielle’s outstretched hands.

"2] Our room, of course, the best in the Inn.

3] Extra special care, including the finest straw and oats, for our horse, Argo.

4] New shoes for Argo

5] All of Argo’s tack should be cleaned and shined.

6] Of course, all the food and drink we should want, whenever we want it. This would include service to our room, should we so choose."

The Innkeeper was nodding his head like a bobble head toy one would see on the back of a farmer’s wagon...

"7] Let’s see, what should I make for number 7..."

Just then Xena walked up and took the 200 dinars from Gabrielle, placing it into the saddlebag.

"I think we can wait on number 7, Gabrielle, now it’s time to go to our room and get some rest." She smiled down at the young blonde, while taking her small hand in her own.

"Good night, Innkeeper. Make sure we’re not disturbed. But don’t forget we may want some food and drink brought to the room later. My Bard tends to get very ‘hungry’ after a performance such as she gave tonight!"

"Oh yes, we’re all at your service. There’s a pull cord just at the side of the bed in the room I gave you. It goes directly into the kitchen, just pull it and someone will come to your door to learn your wishes and desires."

Xena looked at the Innkeeper. Somehow I don’t think your kitchen staff could even come close to knowing our wishes and desires, you greedy little man!

"Come on, Gabrielle, it’s off to bed for you!" With that said, the Warrior picked up her precious lover and headed for the stairs. Gabrielle leaned over from her perch in Xena’s arms and said, "I probably will want something from the kitchen, I’ll let you know. Goodnight!" She snuggled into the Warrior’s embrace as they went up the stairs. As was the usual routine, Xena kicked their door open, carried her lover inside and then kicked the door shut.

All patrons still in the bar looked up the stairs as the two women vanished behind the well-kicked door. Each was, as was always the case, lost in their own thoughts. A few would go home and relive the evening with their own partner; some would search out companionship elsewhere for the night. And some would take care of things all by themselves, but all of them, regardless of their situation, had a ‘need’ that needed to be taken care of at this time. The crowd slowly began to leave the Inn, but not before promising to return the next night, and admonishing the Innkeeper to make sure to hold a space for them. The Innkeeper was beside himself with joy. He began taking ‘reserves’ as he called them, and collecting extra dinars from those wanting to be sure of a good spot the following night.

Meanwhile up in their room, Xena and Gabrielle were hard at work divesting each other of their clothing. Things were flying through the air, a tunic here, a boot there, until they were both as naked as the day they were born. They stood facing one another, each wearing nothing but a beautiful smile. Gabrielle made the first move, jumping up and wrapping her legs around the tall woman’s waist. This put her breasts close to Xena’s face, which was just fine with both of them. The Warrior leaned in and took first one then the other nipple into her mouth, sucking and pulling until they were as hard as they could get.

Gabrielle arched her back while pushing into that beautiful face. Xena could feel Gabrielle’s sex against her abdomen. She could also feel the wetness that coated her skin, running down and mixing with her own excitement. She had her arms wrapped around Gabrielle; her mouth firmly latched onto one beautiful breast, and knew that they were both going to have a wonderful time tonight, fueled by the "Bard Lust" that was very much in evidence. She carried Gabrielle to the bed they would share. Without losing the delicious treat in her mouth, she put the Bard down among the pillows and blankets. While still on her knees, her own breasts being teased and squeezed in Gabrielle’s hands, she released the breast she had been sucking on. She moved to Gabrielle’s neck, kissing, biting gently, then moved to the young woman’s right earlobe, drawing it into her mouth, sucking gently. The Bard took her hands from Xena’s full breasts and reached up to grab a handful of dark hair in each hand. Using her last ounce of mindful thought, she pushed Xena’s head down toward the apex of her legs. Those legs that were at this moment wrapped around and up and over Xena’s back. Xena was happy to oblige her green-eyed lover, and dropped her head between Gabrielle’s legs. It never failed to fill Xena’s heart with love and devotion when she would see how excited, how wet, how ready Gabrielle would be when they made love. The glistening folds were dripping with desire, and the young woman’s clitoris was standing at attention. Xena took full advantage of the opportunity before her, and with just a few long strokes with her tongue she could tell that Gabrielle was ready for anything and everything that Xena had to offer. She continued licking and stroking, while sliding her right hand up between her body and the Bard’s...she slid first one, then two fingers into her lover. Gabrielle’s body reacted as it always did, the muscles clamping down on Xena’s long fingers. "More, I want more.." The Bard moaned. Xena once again obliged by sliding in another finger, and finally part of a fourth. Gabrielle’s hips raised up off the bed and drove into Xena’s hand. She moved her hips in the age-old rhythmic dance of desire, while Xena pumped her hand into Gabrielle in the same cadence. It only took a few more moments before Gabrielle exploded in a noisy but beautifully gratifying release. Xena held her tight as she rode out the waves produced in the young woman by their lovemaking. As Gabrielle gradually sank back down onto the bed, Xena began to slowly remover her fingers, but Gabrielle stopped her, holding the Warrior’s hand in place. "I want you to stay there, don’t take your hand out. I want to feel you there."

Xena settled herself on her side between the Bard’s legs, now that those legs were no longer wrapped around the Warrior’s body. She raised herself up on her left side, bracing her head with her left hand, while holding her right hand exactly as Gabrielle had asked. She watched Gabrielle’s sex continue to alternately grasp and release the trapped fingers. The feeling of this woman, the smooth, silky, wet feeling her hand was experiencing, entranced the Warrior.

"Xena, I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it feels when you make love to me. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before."

"I know, and it’s like nothing you’ll ever experience with anyone else, right? You’re all mine, Gabrielle. It’s what makes me put up with your stories, how you embarrass me in front of strangers. Yeah, it’s worth it!" She smiled up at Gabrielle as the young woman lifted her head to look down at Xena.

"Whatever do you mean, embarrass you. It was your idea to go make love in that glade...it was your fault that filthy old peddler saw us and told everyone about it tonight." The pout on Gabrielle’s face made Xena smile. She knew when she had the Bard right where she wanted her...she started to slowly slide her fingers out once more, only to again have her hand grabbed and the Bard pleading with her to leave it right where it was. "I want to go to sleep like this."

"What makes you think you’re going to sleep now? I’m not even half way through ravishing you tonight. I want you to turn over on your stomach. I’ll move my hand with you, don’t worry, you won’t lose anything!"

Gabrielle carefully turned over onto her stomach, while Xena made sure her hand stayed trapped inside her lover. Once the blonde woman was in position, Xena grabbed her around the middle with her other arm and lifted, bringing her up onto her knees while her head was still on the bed. Gabrielle looked back to see what Xena had in mind, and was rewarded with a smack to her naked backside. "Hold still, and keep your head down. I want you to get way up on your knees, but keep your head on the bed. I’m gonna take my fingers out now, but don’t worry, they’ll be back! And keep your arms away, too. Here, just keep moving your knees up. There, that’s it, that’s what I want. A totally unobstructed view! Ah, how lovely, such a beautiful little bottom. And looky there, what’s this, a new little puckered opening. Hmmm, I haven’t explored this opening in a while! And look at all that wetness running down the crack of your cute little ass. I’ll bet that would help me get into that little puckered place there!"

Gabrielle squirmed and wiggled, only to be rewarded with another spank to her bottom, this one being somewhat more serious than the last one. This one stung. She tried to hold still, but found it very difficult. She attempted to reach back with her right hand to soothe her bottom, only to receive another spank, this one even harder than the last!

"Ow, that hurt!"

"Then hold still, I want to ravish you, remember? I can’t do it justice if you’re gonna keep squirming around." Xena laughed at the Bard’s predicament, and then leaned down and tenderly kissed the reddened imprint of her hand on Gabrielle’s bottom.

"There, isn’t that all better now?"

"No, it still stings!"

"Well, guess then I’ll just have to do something to make you forget all about it." With that said, Xena stroked the Bard’s upturned cheeks, starting at the young woman’s lower back and down over those perfect globes, ending at the juncture of Gabrielle’s ass and legs. Then she would do it again, stroking, until Gabrielle sounded like a kitten purring.

The Warrior continued stroking the soft skin, intermittently kissing the offering before her. She sat back on her heels, and just lost her own self in the moment. Her love for this woman swelled, until she felt as though her heart would burst. She began to run her fingers down and then forward, touching Gabrielle’s swollen lips and clit, collecting the fluid that poured from the young woman, coating her hand and fingers with it. She ran her thumb, coated and slick, over the little puckered opening, watching it contract slightly whenever she touched it.

Gabrielle no longer thought about the position she was in, only that she was being loved and loved well. She nestled her head down among the pillows, arching her back even more, and positioned her head so that she could at least see her lover as she touched and stroked and kissed her.

"I love you, Xena. You know that, don’t you." It wasn’t a question, but a statement of fact.

"Yes, Gabrielle, I know you love me, and you know I love you. I love making love to you. You are soooooo soft and sweet."

As the Warrior talked to Gabrielle, her fingers and thumb began to search out special places, causing even more fluid to pour from the Bard. Her hand was saturated, and she knew that Gabrielle was ready. She raised up on her knees, and positioned herself behind Gabrielle. Bracing herself with her left hand on the bed, she used her left hand to reach up and under Gabrielle, squeezing her breasts, first one then the other. She took her right hand and half laying her own body on Gabrielle’s backside, slide her hand under the Bard and stroked the glistening lips and clit with her fingers. Her thumb moved back, and pressed against the puckered opening presented before her. Using some pressure with her thumb, it slowly slid into Gabrielle’s rear, causing the Bard to suck in her breath for a moment. Then the little blonde pushed back against Xena’s hand, taking the Warrior’s thumb all the way into her.

"I liiiiiikkkeee that...", the Bard moaned into the pillows. "but don’t leave me like this, please.."

"Don’t worry, my love, I have no plans on leaving you like this at all."

The Warrior continued holding her thumb in Gabrielle while she slowly slid three fingers into the Bard’s other opening. Her left hand then abandoned Gabrielle’s breasts for a short while; to meet with the other hand so beautifully occupied. Xena circled and stroked her lover’s swollen and sensitive clitoris. Soon she had set up a definite rhythm, which Gabrielle immediately matched with deep backward thrusts of her hips. The young woman’s hands alternately clenched and opened on the bedding she had grabbed, and her head began to thrash about, first to one side then the other. Her moaning became more pronounced and louder, once again making the Warrior think about gagging her the next time they made love. No, I couldn’t do that, who cares who hears her; I love to hear her like this. She can make all the noise she wants, I love it!

By now Gabrielle had reached nearly as high as she could go. Her hips slammed into Xena’s belly, and the tall woman had all she could do to maintain her contact. They both were sweating, and the slipperiness of their skin and the juices pouring from both of them made it even harder to hang on, but hang on she did, until she was rewarded with a scream from Gabrielle and a tightening of the muscles around her thumb and fingers. The muscles pulsating, grabbing, beautiful.

Gabrielle came down slowly, while Xena continued to hold her close, kissing her skin, licking off the sweat. She had her body half-laying across Gabrielle’s hips, and was very aware of the aftershocks of Gabrielle’s orgasm. She held her beautiful Bard, whispering sweet words to her, words of love and devotion. Of amazement at how someone as sweet and good as Gabrielle could love the Destroyer of Nations.

Xena’s hair hung down over Gabrielle. Her head lay in the small of the young woman’s back, and she could feel her own tears of happiness mixing with her lover’s sweat. She knew Gabrielle was crying, she almost always did when they made love. It had alarmed her at first, but now it did nothing but make the Warrior’s heart swell even greater with love.

She slowly removed her thumb and fingers from Gabrielle, and let the young woman come down off her knees and lie down on the bed. She then scooted up alongside Gabrielle and took her in her arms, kissing every inch of skin along the way. She had been right; Gabrielle was crying and trying again to apologize for doing so.

"How many times do I have to tell you, little one, that it’s OK to cry, I cry too, I cry with love for you!"

Xena had her arm wrapped around Gabrielle, while Gabrielle had her left leg up over her lover’s body, her left arm played with Xena’s right breast, then the left. She dragged her fingers over one, then the other, teasing and tweaking, until she had the desired effect of seeing the tall woman’s nipples hard and erect. She kissed the Warrior’s shoulder, then dragged her tongue over the smooth, tanned skin.

Xena lay on her back, her left arm encircling the Bard, her right arm bent and over her eyes. She may have looked like she was asleep, but she was very aware of the Bard’s hand and mouth.

"Are you going anywhere with that, my Bard? Or are you just teasing me?" She asked, never taking her arm from her eyes.

Gabrielle looked at Xena, and then noticed the rope hanging next to the bed. She had a sudden idea, and smiled to herself when it played out in her mind.

"Xena, I let you do anything you want when we make love, right?"

"Of course you do, what choice do you have? And besides, you love it!"

"I know, but I want to do something a little different with you, will you let me?"

Xena took her arm from her eyes and lifted her head to look at her lover. "Just what did you have in mind?"

"No, you can’t ask questions, you just let me do what I want, OK? Please, come on, I let you do anything, just let me this one time, please?"

Xena looked hard at Gabrielle, trying to read what was playing out in the Bard’s mind. "All right, but watch yourself, don’t forget, I can be pretty deadly. And I sure wouldn’t want to have to put the pinch on you!"

Gabrielle was ecstatic, she was gonna be able to fulfil a dream she had had for a long time, or at least almost as long as she and Xena had been together.

"OK, you have to lay very still, and cover your eyes again with your arm. I don’t want you watching me. It’s gotta be a surprise!"

Xena still had her doubts, but she also knew there was nothing the Bard could do that she couldn’t undo, should it become necessary. And there was nothing she could think of that she hadn’t already done to other lovers in the past, but she didn’t want to discuss that with the Bard. No sense in giving the young blonde any ideas she didn’t already have.

Gabrielle bounced off the bed, looking around the room for things she felt she would need. The room was well appointed, but there was nothing the Bard could use to put her plan into effect. Except the rope. Hanging at the side of the bed.

She went to the other side of the bed, noting that Xena had her arm over her eyes, as instructed. She reached up and gave a mighty tug on the rope, causing it to come loose and coil up on the floor. She immediately jumped onto the bed and straddled Xena’s belly with a leg on either side. She leaned down and looked under Xena’s arm to be sure that her eyes were covered and closed.

"Good girl, you’re doing what you’re told. Now, I want you to turn over with your arms stretched above your head. But no peeking!"

Xena grunted consent. Gabrielle slid off the Warrior and watched as Xena flipped over and stretched her arms over her head.

Gabrielle waited until Xena was settled, then grabbed the Warrior’s wrists, slipped the rope around them and tied the rope firmly to the head of the bed. She climbed back up and straddled the Warrior’s body once again, settling onto her lover’s firm, naked buttocks. She then leaned back and looked at the knots, tugging on the rope to make sure it was very secure. She knew she only had one chance, and didn't want to blow it with sloppy knots.

"I hope you know what you’re getting in to here, Gabrielle."

"Oh yeah, I know exactly what I’m getting into!"

With that said, she slid off Xena’s rear end and started smacking and spanking the Warrior. She tore into her tall lover like a woman possessed, until the Warrior’s cheeks were a rosy red, and Xena was bucking against the ropes holding her hands, unable to even put her hands on her stinging behind.

"Gabrielle, that is enough! Stop it right this minute!"

"Isn’t this turning you on, Xena? You said spanking me always turned you on. And you know, you’ve spanked me a few times. What’s good for one is good for the other!" This last statement was followed with another smack to the Warrior’s bottom.

Gabrielle was obviously enjoying herself immensely, so much so that she didn’t hear someone knocking at the door to their room.

"Gabrielle! Someone’s banging on our door, stop this right now, I wanna go see who’s at the door."

"Oh right, Warrior Babe, like I’m gonna fall for the old ‘someone’s at the door’ routine! Sorry, but that deserves another smack!"


Gabrielle sat back and considered the tone of voice she’d just heard, and then heard another sound, one that made her heart lurch...someone was opening the door and walking into the room!

"Oh my, oh my...oh my..." The Innkeeper and the serving wench were standing in the middle of the room, each burdened down with heavy trays of food and drink. The Innkeeper looked as though he wanted to be anywhere but in this room. The serving wench wanted to be on that bed!

"We didn’t order anything, why are you here?" Gabrielle had finally found her voice. She tried to slide over and cover the naked Warrior still tied to the bed. She didn’t even seem aware of the fact that she was just as naked.

The Innkeeper was having a hard time keeping his eyes averted, looking anywhere in the room, trying to keep from looking at the two naked women. The serving wench was not having any problem at all, except that she had to remind herself to breathe every so often. She had never seen anything like the bodies of these two women. Her only wish at the moment was that the Warrior would turn over, she wanted to get the whole picture firmly implanted in her mind.

Just then Xena gave a mighty pull and the rope disintegrated, freeing her wrists. She removed the leftover pieces of rope, then swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood next to her blonde lover. She put an arm around the shorter woman’s shoulders, drawing the young woman close to her, and growled at the Innkeeper and the serving wench.

"Are you both insane? Why would you come into our room and disturb our privacy? Do you have a death wish? Well, if you do, it’s about to come true!"

"A thousand pardons, please, Warrior Princess, but we heard the bell ringing like mad in the kitchen downstairs and we thought you wanted food! We would never have entered if we had any idea that......"

"The bell? The bell in the kitchen? How in the name of the gods could you have thought we would have rung that bell when..." Xena stopped her ranting and looked down at the Bard, then over to where the bell rope had been.

"Gabrielle, where did you get the rope that you tied...oh no, you ripped out the service bell rope!" Xena reached over with her free hand and picked up what was left of the bell rope from the bed. She held it in front Gabrielle’s face, forcing the young woman to look at it.

"I guess I did do that, didn’t I! Well, I’m really sorry but I forgot that it was connected to the kitchen. Hey, but now that this stuff is all here, let’s eat!"

Xena shook her head, then told the Innkeeper and wench to put the trays down on the table in the corner. As soon as they did, she walked them to the door, giving the wench a shove out the door. The Innkeeper left just as quickly, then Xena closed and bolted the door. She turned and looked at the Bard, who was still standing in the exact same place. She began to slowly walk toward the young blonde, looking as menacing as possible.

Gabrielle stood her ground, wanting to run; knowing there was no where to run, and even if there was somewhere to run, she knew that Xena would catch her. Of that there was absolutely no doubt.

"I’m sorry, I really am. I had no idea, I was just so excited about being able to play out my scheme..I’ve thought about it so often, and now, heck, I didn’t even get to put it in motion."

"You mean tying me down and spanking me wasn’t it? What was it then? Tell me?"

"No, I mean tying you, yes, but spanking you, no, I mean that just sort of seemed like a good idea at the time, I mean, your beautiful butt was just sitting there, asking for it!"

Xena smiled at Gabrielle. It was hard to stay angry with her for any reason. "I doubt if my butt was asking for anything, much less that! Come here, kiss me, and let’s go back to bed."

The Bard practically leaped into Xena’s arms, happy to be off the proverbial hook once again.

As they lay in each other’s arms on the wide, comfortable bed, Gabrielle started once again to run her fingers over her lover’s skin. "You have the softest skin, so smooth, I love this little scar over your right breast, I love to kiss it. And I love your neck, your shoulders, your belly." Each section of body that the young woman named was carefully kissed, tongued and stroked. Xena felt herself relax and enter into that joyous place that Gabrielle always took her. The Bard continued down the tall, muscular body, stopping to admire, to taste, and to kiss, then moving down again. Soon she arrived at the place she knew to be the ultimate source of pleasure.

Xena automatically separated her legs, allowing the blonde to crawl between her thighs. Gabrielle’s lips kissed the inside of the Warrior’s thighs, moving toward her center, then backing away. The teasing movements were not lost on Xena. She reached down and grabbed Gabrielle’s head, holding it for a second and then pushing her willingly into her soaked center.

"I want you, I want you, Gabrielle, I want you." Xena’s breathing was becoming erratic, her hips began to move, and Gabrielle found she had to hang onto the tall woman’s hips with one arm while separating the folds of moist, tender skin with the other hand. Xena’s hands continued to be buried in Gabrielle’s blonde hair, holding her close to her joyous task. The young woman was enjoying herself, watching the reaction her tongue and fingers were having on the dark haired woman beneath her.

Xena was starting to make little noises, little noises that Gabrielle knew meant she was getting very close to release. When they first made love, Xena was quiet, never making a sound, a skill she perfected when she had her army surrounding her tent. It wouldn’t have been appropriate for her men to hear her screaming out in the throes of passion. But since being with Gabrielle she had begun to make ‘little noises’, as Gabrielle called them. Of course, Gabrielle was a screamer. But then, Gabrielle had never had an army to think about!

The young blonde continued licking and sucking, actually at times making wet, sloppy noises herself as she moved Xena toward her orgasm. She loved making love to this woman. She loved how she looked, sounded, tasted, how she smelled. There was nothing about the Warrior that Gabrielle didn’t like.

"Gabrielle, I’m almost there, keep doing what you’re doing, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop..." The Warrior started thrusting her hips upwards, seeking penetration.

Gabrielle moved her hand so that she could stroke the woman’s clitoris with her thumb while circling Xena’s opening with her fingers. Xena’s hips continued to thrust upward, and Gabrielle plunged two, then three fingers into the Warrior. Xena’s ‘little noises’ became more noticeable, somewhat louder, and more urgent.

"Oh, you feel so good, so good, does this feel good to you? Does it? Tell me, Warrior, or I’ll stop, you don’t want me to stop, do you?"

Xena thrashed about on the bed, causing Gabrielle to lurch right along with her. Every time the tall woman’s hips bucked Gabrielle moved with her, straining to hang on until the very end.

"Come to me, Warrior Woman! Come to the woman who loves you."

That did it. Xena flew over the top, her muscles grasping Gabrielle’s fingers, holding them into her body with tenacity. Gabrielle continued to stroke the Warrior’s clitoris with her thumb, but slower, softer, allowing her to come down gradually, softly.

Gabrielle crawled up her lover’s long body, kissing and licking as she went, until she reached Xena’s face. The Warrior wrapped her arms around her beloved, and pulled her close, kissing her face, her nose, her eyes, her lips.

"Gabrielle, you’re such a good lover. I love you, oh, how I love you."

"I had a good teacher!" She smiled down at the beautiful woman beneath her, leaning in to kiss her sensuous mouth. "Do you taste yourself on my face? Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever tasted? Speaking of tasting, how ‘bout a little something off those trays the Innkeeper and that serving wench brought up for us?"

"That reminds me, I still need to pay you back for your ‘rope trick’. Hmmm, I wonder what would be a fitting punishment? I mean, it should be worth a pretty big punishment. After all, you treated the Innkeeper and that wench to a real eye full! Let’s see now..."

"Xena, you wouldn’t dare! It was an accident! I mean, I forgot the stupid rope rang a bell in the kitchen I just thought maybe this was a sort of kinky type Inn. We’ve stayed in other Inn’s that have chains and leather and stuff. How was I to know?"

"That’s not the point, but I think I’ll let this one pass for now. After all, we need to stay here another night, so I might as well wait until I see what you get into tomorrow night! And that reminds me, what kind of a deal did you strike for tomorrow night?"

"Oh, just about double what we got for tonight...new shoes for Argo, clean tack, 400 dinars, the usual food and drink. You know, my World Class Negotiations!"

"Well, I guess we can stick it out for another night. And just think, tomorrow night I get to drink Port ‘til I’m stupid, listen to you tell people amazing tales that I can hardly recognize, then carry you up the stairs, kick open the door and ravish you again! ‘Bard Lust’...I love it!"



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