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7/10/00 kg

Part 24

"Well, that was interesting." Green eyes peered up into blue with raised brows.

"Indeed it was. Shall we try it again?" A dark head nodded.

"I'd have to say yes, just to see if we can make it work like that more than once." The blonde was intent.

"I'm pretty sure we can do it whenever we want." The feelings of the short warrior were definite.

"I don't think we want to do it in public." The tall blue eyed man spoke seriously.

"Now that would cause a stir for sure." The smaller one laughed lightly.

"Ah have a feelin' we could do this any tahm we like." The southern professor raised an eyebrow and rubbed her arms. The tingle of latent power was still coursing through her body. Jan reached over and placed a hand on her back.

"But, do we need to be together?" Terran glanced at Jan. She intimidated him and he wasn't all that sure why. It may be in the way she presented herself. There was one thing about the doctor that he had noted, that she had more confidence than he would ever have. Maybe that scared him.

Jan frowned at the timid way Terran spoke to her. She wasn't sure what about her made him uncomfortable, but she was determined to put the modest man at ease. She stood to move behind him. She rested her hands softly on his shoulders and gave him a light squeeze. She felt him jump at first then relax. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly. That was much better. "Good question, Ter. If I were to make my best guess, I would say yes. Well, yes for now."

"For now?" Spencer interjected as he watched the interaction of the two soulmates. They were absolutely cut of the same cloth, the only difference was their up bringing. He smiled. Jan was good.

"Ah see what you mean, mah love. If we can learn to control this....whatevah this is, perhaps we can then learn to access it when we are apart. So, does anyone have any idea as to how to describe that?"



"Colorful, for suah."

"Tingly." Terran glanced around. It was the only word he could think of. As they had all held hands the power had surrounded them like a shield. Colorful patterns had danced along the edges while the tingles of energy had flowed through them.

"It was definitely that!" Jan roughed up his hair and laughed. "Does this tingly, colorful bubble dome thing have a purpose?"

"Ah think it's just as Artemis said. We ah the defense. That must mean that they ah the offense. I am beginnin' to undahstand this. We covah their behinds while they ah kickin' someone elses. Ah love it!" Melinda laughed.

Spencer frowned at the professor. "I don't get it."

"Ah'm sorry. I was speakin' with Skye yesterday mornin' and she declared to me that the fouah of them togethah in some special combination can defeat the Gods. If they ah busy beating them then we must be busy usin' the 'dome' to covah theyah backside." Melinda grinned again.

"But why? Why can we do this? Why do we need it?" Terran had been listening. He had been there when Mel and Jan had explained to them the connection the older women had shared with the women who were now Time. It just didn't seem prudent.

"Look, Xena could use a sword long before she ever had to. That didn't mean her skills were a waste. We have this for a reason, but right now we don't know how or why we need to hone our skills. Trust me, Ter, we're gonna need this. Maybe not now and maybe not soon, but we're gonna need it."

Jan's determination sent chills through both of the men. Spencer had dealt with the power of the Gods first hand. If the other four did battle of any kind against them, it was imperative that they be there to defend them with whatever skills or gifts they might possess. Whoever had set this up had no idea what they had loosed.


"But, we didn't know this would happen." Aphrodite stood before the throne of Olympus pleading her case. "I mean, how could we?"

"Well, spoken there Aph."

"Shut up, Ares!"

"That's enough!" Zeus pummeled his fist on the arm of his mighty throne. "This whole situation has been one fiasco after another! And you, Ares, didn't help matters by selecting the most inept, power hungry, idiot in creation to steal the Glass."

"He was perfect!" Ares weakly tried his hand at his own defense.

"He was just like you. Inept." Aphrodite stuck her tongue out.

"SILENCE!" All of Olympus shuddered at the sound. Thunder and lightening shook the very foundations. Aphrodite and Ares coward away from the angry God. "When time is set straight, Eve will be born and the Twilight begins. We will not allow it."

"What do you intend to do?" Aphrodite didn't like the sound of what was about to happen.

"We will take the child by force and kill her."

"Brilliant!" Ares clapped his hands once in approval.


"That's why you want me."

"Ack. Gag me with a chainsaw!"


"You can't just up and take her Zeus. You have seen what they can do. You will never even get close to her with them protecting her." Aphrodite was in fear of what might be suggested next.

"Certainly we can kill one little mortal, Aphrodite. Maybe even your daughter." Zeus grinned with evil intent.

"You wouldn't." Her heart beat faster as her palms began to sweat. Very human reactions in light of very inhuman behavior.

"I love this!" Ares laughed deeply.

"Don't you dare Ares! Don't you fucking dare!" She beat at his chest with her fists.

He easily grabbed her wrists and held them tightly. "I'll do whatever I have to." He threw her arms aside.

The Goddess of Love turned to Zeus. "Don't do this! Don't! She's my daughter."

"I will accept the death of any of them. One is all it will take. Only one will break the chain. It is your choice." His eyes glowed hotly looking at the Goddess.

"I choose none of them." Her chin raised in defiance. She squared her shoulders to stand her ground.

"Then Ares will decide for you." Zeus waved his hand to the God of War. Ares bowed and with a sparkle was gone.

"What have you done, Zeus? What have you done?" The panic in her voice began to show the fear in her heart.

"I have done what is necessary." His arrogant air was tangible.

"They will defeat him." Her ire was raging.

"Perhaps, but by that time it will be too late." His own light sparkled leaving the Goddess alone to contemplate her dilemma. Faithful to the Gods or to her own flesh. It was a choice she didn't know how to make, but where her daughter was concerned there was no question.


Lightening and thunder raced across the compound, shaking the very earth as it went. Xena looked up from her plate with questing blue eyes. Taylor squinted. That was not a natural sound.

"What was that?" The firefighter caught Xena's gaze.

"That, my dear, was Zeus and I don't like the sound of it." She always knew that when there was trouble on the Mount it meant trouble for the mortals.

"Can't say I blame you."

There was a light knock at the door. Four heads turned in unison. "Come."

One of the posted guards popped her head in before her body. One never knew with these four. She bowed slightly. "I am sorry to disturb your meal, you, but Queen Ephiny has request a meeting with Xena and Candace concerning the rehabilitation of Rian. Something about physical therapy?"

"Ran......Ran, Oh, Taylor's little climbing buddy. Broken leg. Huge ego." Like Xena had room to talk.

"Yes, your Highness. That is her." The lanky young warrior grinned at the description of her commanding officer. Huge ego was an even bigger understatement.

"Did she say when she would like to meet with us?" Candace looked at Taylor who wasn't looking at her. She smiled.

"As soon as you are finished with your meal, I believe, your Highness." She was sorry she forgot to ask.

"Candace? You up for a consultation?" Xena winked at her.

"Sure. Tell Queen Ephiny we will be with her shortly." Candace nodded to the guard letting her know the conversation was complete.

"Very well." The guard bowed her way out.

"I'm finished anyway." The warrior patted her stomach.

"Me too. Ready?" Candace stood to her feet.

"Let me wash my hands. You two think you can handle it on your own?" Xena's grin was sly.

"Xe, don't even go there." Taylor blushed at her. She and Gabrielle had never really been alone and this was bound to be a test of one kind or another.

Candace bent to her ear in a secret whisper. "Taylor, I love you. We all love you. It's OK."

"But...." She put forth a half-hearted protest.

Candace continued with her mouth close to the firefighter's ear. "She will rock your world, Tay. Don't be afraid of it."

"I am not afraid." Two sets of eyes, one green and one vivid blue, turned on her. She had spoken out loud without meaning to.

"I should hope not." Gabrielle smiled sweetly at her. "I don't bite. Besides, who says anything will happen?"

Taylor blushed again. "Look, can we not talk about this?"

"Sure. Subject changed. Are you ready, your Highness?" Candace nodded to the woman she once called wife.

"After you." Xena motioned toward the door. "You two have fun." She winked at Taylor who shook her head. She would surely die any minute.

Candace smirked with a subtle laugh. Taylor was in so much trouble and she didn't even have a clue. Gabrielle had been desperate to get the firefighter naked since the time they had spent in the hot springs. A fire was sure to start. She waved at them and followed Xena out the door.

Candace caught up to the warrior. "What do you think?"

"I really wish I could watch them." She wagged her brows.

"Think you'll be able to concentrate if they get....," she pressed her body in close to Xena, "intimate?"

"Concentration is not the issue here." The warrior put an arm around the petite blonde.

"It's not?" Green eyes gazed up at the warrior who was looking into the distance.

"Nah. I've been in battle in the middle of having sex. No, my problem is going to be wanting to watch." A shudder ran through her body. "Hoo!"

Candace laughed at her companion. "Maybe if we hurry...."

"We can only pray!" Xena took off at a light jog toward the Queen's hut with Candace close behind.


Taylor was silent, concentrating on her plate. Her heart was pounding while her hands refused to stay dry. She looked up at Gabrielle who smiled at her. She smiled back but it looked more like a grimace. Gabrielle laughed.

The bard stood to walk behind the nervous woman. Gabrielle placed her hands on Taylor's broad shoulders. Her voice was soft as she spoke to the firefighter. "Taylor, don't worry. We don't have to do anything. Please, don't let the fact that we're alone make you feel uncomfortable. I don't want you to ever feel like that around me. OK?" She kissed the top of Taylor's head.

Taylor sighed. "I just don't think I could ever live up to her."

"Her who?"

"Her Xena."

"Ohhhh. Taylor, you are her. It's nothing you have to live up to." Gabrielle absently drew a line across the back of Taylor's neck with a single cool finger. She didn't think much of it until she felt Taylor shake under her touch. A smile crossed her face. She could have fun with this one for sure. And she was so good looking on top of that. "Did you ever think you had to live up to Xena with Candace?" She drew her finger along the nape of Taylor's neck again with sly intent.

Taylor cleared her throat. "Sometimes. I ah..." Soft lips brushed the back of her neck. "Hoo." Chills ran along her arms.

"You were saying?" Gabrielle ran the very tip of her tongue along Taylor's hair line.

"I was saaaying......I forgot." She closed her eyes against the gentle onslaught.

"How unfortunate." Gabrielle continued her assault, kissing Taylor on the apex of her neck and shoulder. Her hand ran a warm path down the firefighter's naked arm. She stopped to admire the swell of Taylor's muscled upper arm. "Very nice."

"Thank you." Her voice was getting breathless. "Auhm. Gab, this isn't a good idea."

Gabrielle entwined her hand with Taylor's. "What's not?"

"This." She dropped her head back as Gabrielle continued to kiss her neck. Her mouth was saying one thing, but her body was for sure saying another.

"This what?" She placed a soft kiss on the hollow of a very sensitive throat.

"Mmmmmm. That for one."

"You didn't like it?" She kissed again.

"No." Taylor closed her eyes with a smile. Her deep voice belied the truth.

"I can tell." She pulled back to whisper in her ear again. "Well, I swear I won't do it again."

"Uh huh. Good."

Gabrielle grasped a hand full of Taylor's thick dark hair. She pulled gently and watched the firefighter's head tilt back. Without a second thought she captured Taylor full on the mouth.

If there had been a question of desire it was now answered. The heat between Taylor's legs soared as the wetness increased. A strong hand grasped the back of the bard's head, pulling her in tighter. Their tongues clashed in passionate connection. Gabrielle's tongue ran roughly across Taylor's bottom lip, urging the firefighter to hold back nothing. She didn't.

Taylor broke the kiss and stood rapidly to her feet. She spun to face the bard and with a fluid movement pulled her around so the Gabrielle's back was to the table. Taylor leaned into and over her. One long arm cleared the table of all remaining dinnerware.

Two guards heard the commotion. They looked at each other.

"You going in?" The smaller of the two large Amazons spoke to her partner.

"Nope. If someone screams for a guard, I'll think about it. Otherwise, I really don't want to know." The larger of the two stood eyes front. Her companion followed suit. This was going to be interesting for sure.


"Xena?" Candace shook her head.

"Yeah, I know." Xena looked up at the darkening sky. This was intense.

"I can't ignore it." The small regent dropped her head and closed her eyes.

"Try. OH Myyyyyyyyyyyy!" Intense feelings ripped through her.

"I will if you will." Candace stopped in her tracks.

"OK. This is not going to work. Grab a guard."

"Right." The Regent motioned to a passing guard that she recognized as trustworthy. Actually most of the Amazon Guard was above reproach. "Kessa!"

The well-proportioned woman turned to the voice that called her name. She dipped her head when she saw who it was that had summoned her. She approached the two women. "Yes, your highness? Is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes. We were called to a meeting with Queen Ephiny, but will be unable to attend at this time. Can you give her the message that we will get back to her later this evening? Just tell her something came up."

"Very well." Kessa bowed at started off for the Queen's hut.

"What now?" Candace wasn't sure what to do at this point.

"Let's go to the hut." Xena pointed in the direction they had just come.

Candace's sense of propriety wanted to stop her, but the draw was more than she could resist. "Won't that.....never mind. Let's go."


The look on Taylor's face shocked and thrilled Gabrielle at the same time. The scent of the firefighter's tall body permeated her senses. Her heart was pounding with the anticipation.

Taylor's hands grasped the smaller woman around her tight bottom, then lifted her to the table top. Gabrielle's hands clasped around Taylor's neck. The bard pulled herself to Taylor's tall body, her legs dangling over the edge. Taylor's body settled between Gabrielle's legs as she leaned with the bard and bent over her. Her moist lips traced a pattern along the bard’s tender neck.

Gabrielle voiced her approval with a deep satisfied moan as the lips on her neck pulled at the taut muscled cords. She felt Taylor's tongue traced a slow path to her ear, then gently outlined the curve of it. A tender suction started on her earlobe causing her to squirm against the curving slope of Taylor's breasts. Her body squirmed under the attack.

"Wiggleworm." The firefighter grinned against the warm skin of the bard's neck.

Gabrielle writhed again as Taylor bit her behind the ear. "Mmmmmm. That's me." The bard loosened her grip on Taylor's shoulders as the tall woman began to move down her body.

The strong warrior moved her head down with slow agonizing movements. Gabrielle's breasts peaked over her leather top, inviting the firefighter to run her lips across the tops. The bard gasped bringing a smile to Taylor. She was getting to Gabrielle more than she thought she ever would. Of course she and Candace were, by reason and in actuality, the same person. It made sense. The tip of her tongue ran a strip along the blonde's cleavage tempting her beyond her own will power. Her hands came up swiftly, taking captive the firm globes that beckoned her touch. Despite the material blocking her way, they fit perfectly in her grasp. Small hands snaked through her hair, guiding her head to all the tender places. Her mouth couldn't find a favorite spot, so continued to traverse the soft mounds and across a strong chest.

"Taylor..mmmmm." Gabrielle whispered the name of her fantasy woman.

"Yeeees?" She continued to place kisses closer and closer to the covered pink nipples that tempted her through the soft leather.

"Let me sit up." She pushed Taylor's shoulder as the firefighter let her scoot to the edge of the table.

Taylor stood up between Gabrielle's legs and watched as the bard untied her top. Green eyes looked up at her with seduction and desire blazing within. Taylor's stomach clenched. Her heart raced in time to her heightened desire. She wanted to live through this. Gabrielle slowly presented to her beautifully shaped breasts, topped with tight pink nipples. She smiled at the sight. The bard and the singer had many things in common. She admired Gabrielle's body in the same way she admired her lover's. They were beautiful women.

Gabrielle leaned back on her hands with her head tilted, trying to catch Taylor's gaze. She watched as the firefighter viewed her naked flesh. Heat passed over her wherever the blue eyes wandered. They finally looked into her. She caught her breath at the love and desire flaming within the depths of blue. Her small hand caressed Taylor's strong cheek. A tear welled up in the firefighter's eye.

"Gabrielle, you are so beautiful. You both are." She leaned down for a sweet kiss.

"Thank you, Taylor." Gabrielle whispered in her ear.

"I can't do this." Taylor looked down at her in all seriousness.

Gabrielle frowned and started to reply. Taylor's fingers stopped her.

"I meant not on the table." She smiled and lifted the small woman to her. Gabrielle wrapped her legs around Taylor's waist while her arms wrapped around very strong shoulders.

Taylor walked the short distance across the Regent's hut to the curtain that closed the bed off from the remainder of the room. She moved the silk aside with her foot then stepped through, letting the material float down silently behind her. Her feet hesitated at the foot of the raised pallet. She wanted this, but refused to let her desire rush her through. She tightened her arms around the petite woman in her arms and buried her face in Gabrielle's neck. She felt the bard's arms grip her more tightly. With a smile on her face she sighed her partial relief. Her body bent as she deposited her precious bundle on the soft covers of the bed.

Gabrielle loosened her grip allowing Taylor to set her gently down. The firefighter stood powerfully over her. She shifted her body back to the headboard, waiting for the shy woman to join her.

"Come on, Tay."

"Gabrielle, don't worry. I'll get there." She smiled down into the bright green eyes that beckoned to her. Her strong hands met the ties that held her shirt closed, releasing them with ease. She shifted her shoulders and let the cotton drop to the floor. She knelt on the bed and crawled to kneel over the blonde.

Gabrielle moaned at the sight of the broad shoulders unveiled before her. Her hands rested on the tight flesh as she ran her hands across the breadth. They traveled to a perfect double handful of rounded breast. Taylor's muscles moved in time to her motions. The bard thought of the many poems she could dedicate to the rippled sinew. Her mind made comparisons between the Warrior Princess and the fighter of fires. Xena was bigger in size and thickness of muscle. Taylor's were longer and more defined. That was the only obvious difference in the two of them other than Taylor's short hair. It was the one thing that saved confusion among the Amazons.

"Anyone in there?" Taylor leaned over Gabrielle with a smile.

"Huh? Oh. Yeah, I'm in here." She giggled. "Alone." She laughed at the private joke.

"You're not as alone as you may think." The long firefighter bent to Gabrielle with the slowness of her intent. With a whisper on her lips, Taylor spoke to the bard. "You know we are all in there." Her hand touched Gabrielle's chest.

"Taylor, I feel you all the time. Each of you, but it's different than having someone share your very being. You can't begin to imagine the intimacy. I know her thoughts as well as I know my own." Thinking of Candace, Gabrielle looked behind Taylor, remembering the power of the shared souls.

Taylor's lips rested on Gabrielle's cheek. "I know, Gab. We could never replace that." The firefighter could feel the loss in the bard's heart.

"Tay, it's not that it bothers me that she's gone from me, or that I am from her. Some days it does, don't get me wrong. It's the fact that I will never have that again. No matter how close I am with her, I'll never have her in here again." She pointed to her chest and then her head.

Taylor's long body lay gently down next to Gabrielle's. Her hand stroked the soft smooth flesh of the smaller woman's stomach. Her mouth rested against Gabrielle's shoulder as she spoke. "I think I would be so lost if I were you. I have her in my arms and it would be impossible for me to lose her. I can't imagine if I had shared my body with her.....well.... I have know what I mean."

Gabrielle's hand swept tenderly along Taylor's jaw line. "I do. I get through, Tay." She turned her head and was caught in the deepest blue eyes she knew this side of Xena. Her lips curled up in a loving smile. "You have a very sweet heart, Miss Taylor. Do you know that?"

"It's only because of her, Gab. Her, you, Xe. You make me feel like I can be whole. For the first time in my life I feel complete. I always knew something was missing. Then I pulled that little spitfire down off that silly ledge and my life gained meaning. Now I am here and the four of us...... wow."

"Yeah wow. But Tay, your heart was good and sweet long before you met Candace. You are precious." Gabrielle kissed the lips so very close to her.

Taylor returned the kiss letting it grow in depth and intensity. The bard let a moan escape and it sent a sharp signal to Taylor's center. She wanted to make slow passionate love to this woman, not just have a quick encounter with her on a dining table. She was glad she had slowed her desire to a dull roar.


"XE! Wait a sec." Candace pulled on the warrior's arm. "We can't just barge in there. They need some time to be alone."

Xena hesitated as if testing the air. She let go a sigh. "Right. Well, now what?"

"Your hut?" Candace looked to her companion with questioning green eyes.

"Is that a question or a statement?" Xena smiled at the small Regent.

Candace grinned at her with white teeth and a light laugh on her lips. "Both."Her insides shook at the very thought of being alone with the tall warrior.

Xena moved her stealth body into Candace's personal space, invading her senses on purpose. "Are you afraid of me Candace?" The tall woman leaned to her with a whisper.

"You give yourself too much credit, warrior." She turned slightly away, watching the movements of the other women in the camp or pretending to.

Xena pushed the envelope of her space and leaned closer. "Let's go to my hut. I swear to keep my hands to myself." Her voice and the grin on her lips told a very different story.

"Xe, we can't." She dipped her head in thought.

"Why not? We are the same as them. They are the same as us. I am in love with you, Candace. I never stopped loving you. That sounds unfaithful, I know, but Gabrielle feels the same way. We have discussed you at length many times. Come on." Xena motioned to her to continue toward the Regent's hut. "I...we never thought Gabrielle would ever survive when you left. She was lost for the longest time and we didn't understand why. My mother finally told her. She was in love with you." Xena stopped and looked down at her. "Don't you understand? We both married you that day and then we both lost you. It was devastating. Now you have returned to us." Xena's hand touched Candace's cheek. "I would hate myself if I didn't try to show you how I feel for you during whatever time we have. And as you well know, it's not up to us when it's time for you to leave."

"I uh..." Green eyes gazed up at the insistent blue above her. Even as her mouth formed words she was shaken from her thoughts by an enthusiastic slap on the back.

"Hey girls! How's it hangin'?"

"Watch who you're calling 'girl', Jan." The look on the face of the Warrior Princess told the small blonde that this was an unwelcome interruption.

"Sorry, Xe. I didn't..." She started to back off when Candace stopped her with a gentle hand.

"Jan, is there something you need?" Candace's voice sounded with exasperation even though she tried to hide it.

Jan noted it and made a point to make a hasty exit. "Nothing that can't wait. How about joining the rest of us for breakfast in the morning and we can discuss it then?" She looked first to Xena and then to her counterpart.

"That sounds good." The small regent was thoughtful for a moment. "Is something wrong?"

"No. Not wrong. Just odd." The small warrior stared off remembering the earlier events. She shook it off looking back to her friends. "Look, you get back to whatever you were talking about. We'll tell you in the morning."

Candace looked at her with a grateful heart. "Great. Thanks, Jan. Really."

"Sure, Kid. See ya." Janice waved her good-bye and took off to who knew where.

"Did she just call me 'kid'? First she calls us girls and then she calls me 'kid'. I don't know if I can handle this." Candace giggled.

"That has got to be one of the sweetest sounds on earth." Xena's blue eyes looked down at the precious blonde woman with her. "Come with me. Please."

"Yes." Candace took the hand that was offered to her.


"Oh mmmmmmy Gods! Taylor!" Gabrielle ran her fingers through short dark hair.

The long firefighter suckled a tender breast with abandon. Her tongue flicked quickly back and forth atop the tight nipple in her hot mouth. Her hand stroked just along the tender wet flesh between Gabrielle's legs. She pressed in slightly, not gaining entrance but merely teasing the sweet spot with the hope of invasion. The bard pushed into her hand, her body begging for penetration. Taylor stopped her hand, resting it on golden curls. She waited, drawing out the desire just a bit more.

Gabrielle's hand stroked the firefighter’s broad back with a small hand. Her legs and hips pistoned in rhythm to her beating desire. "Mmmmmm. Taylor, please just do something. Touch me."

Taylor removed her mouth from the nipple she was worshiping with a pop. "I will. Turn over." She moved her body aside while she watched the look on the Regent's face as she gave her direction. Gabrielle smiled at her with her eyes half closed.

"What are you going to do to me?" Seductive juices dripped from her voice.

The cool firefighter replied in kind. "Things."

Gabrielle's eyes squinted with curiosity. "Things, huh? What kind of things?"

"Things that will make you squirm even more than you are right now." She whispered hotly in the blonde's ear.

"Oooo! I like the sound of that." Gabrielle shivered with delight.

"Good. Now stop talking, on your knees." The firefighter's voice became serious.

The small blonde turned her petite body onto her stomach. She felt the heat of Taylor leaning over her. "On my knees?"

"Did I stutter?" The timber of her voice took on commanding tone.

Gabrielle tried not to smile with desire at the sound of authority in the firefighter's voice. "No. You didn't." She tucked her knees under her and started to lean up on her hands.

"No. On your elbows."

"But that.."

"I know exactly what that does, Gabrielle. Just do it."

Gabrielle hesitated.

"Is there a problem?"

She thought for a second. Could she expose herself like that. Of course she could. She grinned at the little game they were playing. "No. No problem at all." She pulled her arms up and leaned her torso up on her elbows. Pulling her knees forward she became deliciously exposed. Callused hands ran roughly over her tight buttocks. Taylor grasped her firmly, spreading the muscled globes. The tight bud of her backside puckered in slightly at the touch of air.

"Knees a little further apart." Taylor ran her hand inside of the bard's thighs.

Gabrielle moved her knees for Taylor knowing that the warrior could see all of her most private parts. Wetness began to dribble from the entrance Taylor had been teasing seconds ago. She could feel the puckered bud pull in at the touch of air upon it. She knew Taylor was watching. Never had she felt so naked and so vulnerable.

"Perfect, Gabrielle." The tall blue eyed warrior bent to taste the small opening. Her tongue ran roughly over it, the pointed tip pushing into the tight ring slowly. The bard's voice groaned deeply with pleasure. Gabrielle pushed back, pleading for a deeper insertion of the strong muscle that tickled her.

Taylor pulled her thumbs in on both sides and pulled the secret hole apart even further. Her questing tongue probed the opening with abandon. It had been her desire to possess Gabrielle's perfect bottom since the moment her eyes had devoured it, this her was her chance to fulfill that fantasy.

The bard groaned her approval at the sweet invasion of the firefighter's tongue. She wanted Taylor as far inside of her as she could go. Her hips pushed into the pointed muscle with no thought of propriety. "Come on Taylor. Harder!" She felt her hips spread wider and Taylor plunged sharply into the small opening. Long hands massaged her tight flesh as she rocked in time to the slow rhythmic impalement. The fullness consumed her senses as she lost track of herself. Wild moaning was all that could be heard from her throat. Sure hands traveled up her body across her stomach to brush the undersides of her swelling breasts. Hard, well-practiced fingers pulled at her nipples with unrestrained possession. She thought she would explode then and there.

"Shit, Taylor! Mmmmmmmmyeah! Oh Yeah!" Gabrielle's legs began to quiver with anticipation of the onslaught soon to come. Her breath was short in her chest as a small trickle of perspiration slid down her neck. "Don't....ssssss..tttop. GODS!"

If Taylor had been in a position to grin she would have worn a smile a mile wide. With great dexterity, she drew one hand down to the throbbing center of Gabrielle's desire. One long finger ran a path through the wetness that poured out of the bard's sex. From top to bottom her hand slid. Even as her tongue probed again a long thumb penetrated the warm depths of the small blonde's need. Gabrielle's warm walls grasped at the digit, drawing it as deeply as she could into her heat.

"Ohhhh Baby! Yes Tay! Oh yes! Oh ohhhhhhh myyy Gods!" Taylor's finger brushed several times across the tip of her pounding clitoris. The power she had been restraining was released as she slipped over the edge. It started with little tingles in her toes then a solid wall of passion thundered through her very soul starting at the bottom of her heart. Liquid heat flowed through her as her orgasm pulsed around Taylor's hidden digit.

"Ohhhhhhhh. Ah ah ah. More! Tay! Puuush! FUCK!"

The firefighter moaned her approval as Gabrielle released her passion. She pushed deeply one more time, pressing in to draw out the small blonde's pleasure. The gripping motion on her tongue was proof of their incredible connection. Her mouth drew away as her hand continued its tender assault. Gabrielle's pulsing slowed with each thrust of Taylor's hand. As she moved her body up, the firefighter withdrew her touch and knelt over the petite blonde's collapsed body. Gabrielle's breathing was labored. The grin on her face showed her satisfaction.

Taylor leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the nape of her neck. "You are beautiful." Her long frame slid down beside the now resting woman. Her long hand ran a path down the center of Gabrielle's soft damp back. She admired the muscles as they moved, bringing a smile to her lips. She drew a hand across the skin, wiping away the sheen of perspiration that clung to the fine hair that covered the bard's strong back.

"Mmmmm." Gabrielle turned over to face the blue eyes that captured her once again. "And you my sweet, sweet Taylor, are magnificent." She pulled the firefighter in for a kiss.

Taylor hesitated. "Are you sure y...." Her lips were quieted by a fierce Gabrielle.

"Yeah. I'm sure." Gabrielle giggled as Regents have tendency to do.

Taylor blushed quite sweetly. "Alrighty then."

"You do blush a great shade of pink, Tay." The bard stroked her cheek causing a deeper shade of, what would now be considered red to, flash on the tips of Taylor's ears. "After that you would think you wouldn't be so shy."

"I'm not shy." The more she denied it the brighter she turned. The smile on her face slowly turned serious as she gazed into the depths of green before her. "You do know that they.."

"Yeah, I know. Feels like home." Gabrielle smiled at the warmth that was filling her chest. Xena and Candace had such a precious connection all their own.

"I could say the same about you." Sincere sapphire eyes gazed at the golden haired Regent.

Gabrielle raised her brows. "Oh really. How so?"

"I feel......comfortable with you."

"NOW you do. It was a different story a few minutes ago." She gave Taylor a gentle nudge.

The firefighter shrugged her broad shoulders. "Yes and no. The fact that you felt so familiar made me uncomfortable. I know it sounds odd, but how do you tell someone they just feel right?

Gabrielle leaned up on her elbow. "You did it with Candace, right?"

"Yeah." Taylor stared at the ceiling, trying to figure it all out.

"Well?" Small shoulders shrugged.

"That's just it. I already have a woman I love to the depths of my soul. How can I love another, not to mention two?" She understood her feelings just not why she had them.

"Because we are one. We are all meant to be together. We're special." Gabrielle couldn't think of a better explanation.

"I always knew you were special, Gab. With that God power running through you and all, but you are the beginning. You and Xe."

"Taylor, you are Xena. Don't you get that by now. The four of us are like pieces of a puzzle that have to connect to make us see the full picture and not just glimpses. Candace is me. Not just part of me or a piece of me. We, Xena and I, have come full circle in you and Candace. We face a challenge ahead that will either let the string continue or abolish it altogether."

Taylor looked at Gabrielle with a frown pulled across her face. "How do you know?"

Familiar emerald peered at her. "I know things, Tay. I always have. I see the future in fuzzy glimpses at times, and with great clarity at others. I can feel this more than I can see it. It's coming. Soon."

Taylor tried not to smile at her thoughts. The last comment had thrown her off the seriousness of the conversation.

Gabrielle didn't miss a beat. "That's too easy."

Taylor laughed. "So am I!"

"Is that so?" Gabrielle moved her body to lay atop the long naked frame of her bed partner. She placed her chins on her hands and looked at the familiar face before her. Long arms wrapped around her. "I like that about you." Soft lips kissed at the line between the muscles of Taylor's strong chest. She scooted her body up slow inches at a time, planting delicate lips on electric skin as she went. She knelt back up over the firefighter, planting a piercing gaze into the blue intensity that blazed back at her. She bent and traced Taylor's lips with her finger followed by her tongue. The pointed muscle dipped in lightly, brushing across strong white teeth. Taylor let out a quiet moan.

Gabrielle smiled at the sound. "You like that, huh?"

"Mmmmm." The fire fighters strong arms wrapped around Gabrielle pulling her down on top of her long frame. "I like you."

"Like me? Just like?" The bard giggled, teasing the warrior.

Taylor's long arms slid down guiding her large hands to Gabrielle's tight bottom. "You're all right, for a girl."

Gabrielle squinted. She pinched Taylor's side. "Who you callin' girl, Missy?"

"OW!" Taylor laughed. "Let go! Ouch, Gab! That hurts!" She was laughing in spite of the pain.

"Take it back or it'll get worse." She squeezed a touch harder for emphasis.

"Oh Yeah! Ow. Well, maybe I like it."

"You're not the pain type, Tay." She bit her shoulder hard enough to leave a mark.

"OW! Hey!" That really hurt.

"See? No. You're the tying up kind." She stopped pinching and turned thoughtful.

Taylor laughed. "I don't think so."

"Oh yeah. You are soooo the tying up kind."

Taylor pulled her close tightly, emphasizing her superior strength. "No."

"Yep. Let me up." Gabrielle made an effort to release herself from Taylor's grasp.

"You're serious!" The look on the firefighter's face was shocked and amused at the same time.

Gabrielle wormed her body out of the tight grip of the taller woman. Taylor was shocked again at shear strength of the much smaller female. All she could do was shake her head. Before she could think straight, the powerful bundle of sexual play had returned to the bed with several leather accoutrements. Said leather tools were soon wrapped securely around her wrists, followed by her ankles, with no hope of escape. She tested the bonds and quickly realized that she was well caught. She frowned at the smiling bard.

"Uh, Gab? This isn't funny." Worried looks passed across her face as she tested the bonds.

"Oh no. I never said it would be." Gabrielle tossed a fiendish grin at the trapped firefighter.

Taylor grimaced back at her. "Do you mind letting me loose now?" She held her hands out.

"Not yet. And not soon, so don't ask." She grabbed the straps that tailed off of the wrist wraps. She pulled them up over Taylor's head, fastening them securely to the frame of the pallet.

Taylor pulled at the restraints, turning her eyes to the straps around her wrists. While she was preoccupied with her hands, her legs were positioned spread eagle and tied down on the bed's legs. It was then she realized that one should never take a small blonde Regent lightly. Gabrielle then straddled her, letting the nipples of her large swinging breasts tease the firefighter's flesh. Taylor's instincts took over as she made the attempt to reach for those tempting globes. She was snapped quickly back to reality as her hands moved no more than a hair's breadth. She gazed in frustration first at her hands then back to the sweet flesh that dangled before her ocean blue eyes.


"No. Why do you ask?" Taylor tugged at her thongs.

"No reason."

The bard moved from the bed, leaving her quarry fussing with its trappings. Gabrielle smirked to herself. She moved gracefully to her clothes cupboard, searching for just the right device. Her hand wrapped around a dark piece of cloth as a knowing smile crossed her lips. This was going to be fun.


Xena gazed over at the dozing form of her former wife and let loose the deep sigh of a completed woman. They were all now as one. Strange as the connections seemed. The warrior contemplated the reasoning for the necessity of sharing sexual encounters. Her logical mind debated with the emotional mind. It was an interesting conversation.

*What better way to break down every defense and pretense? Like we have any between the four of us. There is no other time in life when all the barriers drop. But, we're close enough as it is. Not on the level of total and complete trust. Not to mention love. Right, there is that.* She continued to debate the subject in her mind knowing the answers but having fun with the many aspects of it. Candace stirred next to her. She smiled and then frowned at the strange feeling that ran through her. Her mind touched that of her soul mate and she smiled again.

"Way to go, Gab." She whispered in approval.

Candace sat up quickly out of a very sound sleep in a panic. "Taylor! She's in danger!" She started to get out of the bed they shared, when she was restrained by a gentle hand. "Xe, let go! Taylor's in danger. Can't you feel it?"

"Feel again, Cand." She grinned softly at the small sleepy, green-eyed woman.

Candace allowed Xena to lower her back to the bed. She frowned hard at the warrior. Her stubborn streak always ran rampant when she first woke up. "Xe, she's tied up somewhere. We need to go!" She sat up quickly making herself dizzy. "Woah." The regent grabbed her head.

Xena laughed in good-natured amusement.

"I'm glad you think this is so.....ohhhhmy." Green eyes opened quickly as a shot of passion trickled rapidly through her.

"See?" Xena raised her brows

"Hoo ya." Candace whispered in seeming wonder. "What are they doing?"

"It would seem that you're counter-part has seen fit to tie up your future wife." Xena turned on her side and pulled a very naked body close to her own.

"Tied up, tied up? As in "tied up"." She made little quote marks in the air.

"Fit to be." Xena flashed her white teeth at Candace.

"Hum. Interesting. We have talked about that but never....well, we just never." Candace shrugged.

"You should give it a shot." Xena ran a sly fingertip along the now seriously awakened flesh on a very sleepy body.

"I think I should let you give it a shot and let me go back to sleep." Candace laid her blonde head back on the soft down of her pillow.

"There's a thought. I'll tie myself up and just wait for you to wake up. Get the rope." She gave Candace a gentle prod.

"Uh. Stop it, Xe." An errant hand flicked out to swing at the warrior.

Xena deftly avoided the blindly swung appendage. She smiled at the halfhearted effort of her bed companion. "I have a better idea. Come on." Xena tugged at Candace's arm to get her attention.

She yanked her arm back and turned over with a huff. "I am not going anywhere. I am sleeping." Her huffing informed the Warrior Princess of her serious intent to remain in bed to perchance slumber.

"I am going to go help Gabrielle. You can stay in bed if you want." She threw her covers aside and all but leapt out of the bed.

"You're what?" Candace sat up to dizziness again. "I really need to stop that."

"Wanna go?" Xena's wiggling brows gave away her nature.

Candace smiled at her enthusiasm. "Could be.....different." She started to contemplate all of the fascinating things she could do with a tied up Taylor and a naked Gabrielle.

Xena waited until she saw the sparks begin to fly in bright green eyes. She smiled again.

"Hoo ya, Xe! Last one there is a rotten egg!" Candace jumped up to find her clothes.

And the race was on!


Janice stood at the window of the roomy hut she shared with her southern lover. Her eyes caught the movements of two figures racing across the compound. One was very tall and long in the legs. A mane of hair the color of midnight shimmered behind her. The other figure, though much shorter, kept pace quite well with her lengthy companion. Her golden hair sent flashes of moonlight into the deepening night. Jan's brows furrowed. She shook her head and turned to her partner, who was lounging in their bed curled up with a good scroll.

"Mel, I gotta know." She waited for the response that didn't come. "Mel? YO, MEL!

Melinda had heard her the first time, but wished to avoid the conversation altogether. She placed her scroll on her lap, looking slowly up at her lover. "You needn't yell, Jan. Ah'm raght herah."

"Well, then why didn't ya answer me?" She thought she should be used to that by now.

"Ah was readin'. You know how Ah get when Ah get into a good, juicy story." She sighed heavily at what was to come.

"Really? Whatcha readin'?"

"Articles on Amazon Law in Conjunction with Huntin' Rituals." She tried not to laugh at her own pathetic excuse for ignoring Janice.

"Sounds like a fuckin' blast, Belle. Anyway, I want to know something." She turned her head back to the window.

"You ah a doctah. Don't you know enough already?" Melinda covered her mouth as if to stifle a yawn that was really a laugh.

"Haha, Mel. I want to know what's going on with those four." She pointed with her chin towards the spot she had last seen two of the four of whom she spoke.

Mel kept her face straight. "Goin' on? Is somethin' goin' on?"

"You are a horrid liar, Belle. Spill it." Hands on hips gave her lover a hint as to her serious desire to understand what she didn't really want to know.

"I don't think you want to know as badly as you think you want to know." The professor picked up her scroll and tried to begin to read again. She was interrupted by strange logic.

"Well, I think I do think I want to know what I think I want to know....I think." Janice frowned and went over the sentence again then nodded. Close enough.



"Oh fahne. They ah sleepin' togethah."

"Fuckin' son of a bitch! Shit! Damn! Fuck! Shit! I didn't want to fuckin' know that!" She stomped around in circles holding her blonde head.

"Jan, I love you endlessly, but that mouth. I sweah!" The southern professor raised her ire at her lover. She could understand Jan's passion, but wouldn't tolerate her vulgar out burst.

"Sorry, Mel. But......they...Why?" She was almost in tears. She really didn't want to know.

"Because they can?" Melinda shrugged.

"Oh, nice answer. No, really. Have you talked to them about it?" Janice strode to the bed and sat on the edge.

"Ah don't need to. Nor would Ah want to. Theiah business in none of mahn. Jan, you'ah actin' as if you had no idea about any of this. You knew good and well."

"I had an idea, yeah. But, geez. All of them? I just don't get it." She stood to her feet again to begin pacing.

"Doctah, If you could do the wild thang with Miss Warrior Princess Her Royalself, wouldn't you?" One eyebrow raised.

Jan envisioned the thought of what Melinda had suggested. The very tips of her ears turned red.

"Well, maybe. But why, Mel? Why are they....ya know? Why? What purpose does it serve other than the obvious?" She was circling the room again throwing her hands up as she went.

"If Ah had ta guess Ah'd say it has to do with what Ahtemis said. They ah one. Mah guess is that they ah totally one and incomplete without the othahs."

"But do they have to do......that?"

"What would you have them do?"

"Well, not that!"

"Janice, deah. Theah is a reason for what is takin' place between the fouah women we call friends. Leave it at that and let them deal with it." She held her arms out to her lover, motioning for the doctor to join her.

Jan walked to the bed and scooted up next to her intended. "I guess you're right." With her head resting on Mel's shoulder she thought for several moments. A sly grin crossed her face. "It kinda makes me horny."

Mel looked up from her scroll again. She grinned with her lover. "What does?"

"Them. Well, thinking about them."

"So, first you'ah disgusted, now you'ah horny. Lord Janice, make up youah mahnd."

Jan leaned into her companion and placed a kiss on her neck. A slow hand trailed a path up Mel's lengthy leg. "I have, Belle. Oh I have."


To be continued! Hoo YAH!


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