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Part 23

Candace burst from the dining hall at break neck speed. She dashed past Jules leaving a dust cloud that caused the Commander to spew dirt from her tongue. Gabrielle was right behind her leaving the same puff of dust.

"Thupppt. Chhhhhhthew! Ack." She wiped her face. She looked after the speeding Regents. "What the hell?" Seems that the Commander had been picking up the jargon along with the rest of the camp. Ran was standing on her crutches watching the scene with her commander. All the strong warrior could do was shake her head and shrug, upset that she didn't know why two blonde Regents were speeding like demons through the Amazon compound.

"I know what it is Ran. The question was rhetorical. Taylor and Xena are right behind the first detachment." She smiled slightly to herself and then to the warrior with her.

"Is the Lieutenant Commander with them?" She tried not to sound anxious.

Jules smiled. "No. She is traveling with the wounded. Speaking of wounded, how's your leg?" Jules pointed at the splint the brunette had on her long limb.

"Personally Commander, I think I'm ready to take this thing off and get back to work." She shook the offending limb in annoyance.

"Let it heal all the way, R. I have plenty of hard work for you when you get back to normal." She knew this warrior. Tough, solid, and ready to push herself too hard. She was right.

"All due respect Commander, I am quite ready for hard work now." She really wanted to do something. Anything.

"I am sure you are, Lieutenant. Del and Cyrene will be back this evening When they return and get settled, go see them. If they determine that you are able to have the splint removed I want you to see Candace for a physical......" She stopped to find the word Candace had used for her exercise regimen after the small Regent had taken an arrow to the leg. "...Uh....therapy program."

"I'm sorry? Candace?" Ran squinted. What could the very small woman possibly know about what a warrior needed to return to form. "I mean no disrespect Commander, but she is not a warrior. Perhaps I should work with Taylor or Xena."

"You know, Ran, it's truly amazing what you don't know. Taylor and Xena are great warriors, but Candace can kick your ass along with half the camp. She will be more than adequate in returning you to condition. You can work your skills with Xena after that."


"That was not a suggestion Lieutenant." The Commander's jade eyes bored the order into the warrior's brain.

"Yes, Commander. I'll be in the kitchen if I am needed." KP was all she could do in a seated position. She had tried to work in the childcare center, but they kids were faster than she was on crutches. She vowed to pay some of the older children back for the many pranks they had perpetrated on her during the two days she had been there. She had a new respect for the women that cared for the children of the Amazon nation. If they could teach that bunch of hellions they could control the world.

"Very well. Have a nice day." Jules nodded.

Ran grimaced. *Have a nice day? A nice day? What kind of warrior has a nice day?* "Right. Same to you, Commander."

Jules smiled then turned to go in search of Giva, leaving the stubborn warrior to ponder the changes occurring all around her.


"TAY!" Candace ran to meet her lover with a chest full of love and enthusiasm. The tall warrior caught her deftly, pulling her into a tight embrace. Candace wrapped her legs around a slender waist.

She touched her forehead to the blonde's own. "Hey, sexy girl. Miss me?"

"Desperately." She kissed the lips of her lover with passion that lit the warrior's loins.

"Mmmmm. I need to stay away more often if I get greetings like that." Blue eyes smiled at her.

Candace shook her head. "Oh no you don't. I need to keep an eye on you so those other Amazons don't get ideas."

"Ideas huh? What kind of ideas do you suppose they might have?" She wiggled her brows in a very Xena like fashion.

Candace leaned to whisper in Taylor's ear. "Ideas where they think they can get under your battle skirt."

She whispered back. "What do you think they might want to do under there?"

Candace growled loud enough for the others to hear. The passing warriors politely ignored them. "Do you want a list."

Taylor returned the Regent to the ground. "Not now. I've heard rumors about your lists."

"Really. From whom?" She frowned.

The firefighter leaned in. "Let's just say it's a verifiable source."

"Xena?" Candace spoke to the tall warrior to their side.

The Warrior Princess let her lover to the ground with several more kisses then turned to Candace and Taylor. "Hum?"

"Taylor says she has heard about my list making skills. How do you suppose she found out?" Her foot tapped the ground. Gabrielle watched in silent amusement.

Xena laughed. "I gave her a demonstration."

Candace stared at the warrior and then back to Taylor who shrugged. "You didn't."

"I did." She wiggled her eyebrows.

Candace started laughing. "You two." She hit Xena gently on the arm. Xena quickly wrapped the offending Regent in a tight hug.

"What?" Taylor put her hands out in innocence looking at Gabrielle who blushed at her. Taylor observed the redness creeping across the bard's face. She leaned down and pulled the small woman in. She whispered hotly in her ear. "Miss Gabrielle, why do you blush?"

"It's nothing." She deepened in color.

"It must be something." Taylor slyly caught an earlobe in her teeth for a split second.

Gabrielle gasped. "It is, but I'm not telling you here."

Taylor released her with grin. "I'll find out you know."

Gabrielle cleared her throat then changed the subject. "Come on and eat. We have dinner waiting in the dining hall for you two........whatever you are."

"Whatever we are? We are warriors. HUUU!" Taylor struck a pose that flexed her ample biceps.

Candace patted her lover's arm. "Yes dear. Come home and let us feed those HUUU! warrior stomachs of yours." She stopped for a minute looking around. "Where are Jan and Mel?"

"They're with Del and Cyrene. They'll be in later this evening." Xena answered for her.

"Ah. Come on. We have to talk to you two." Green eyes met in total conspiracy.

Blue eyes met in shear terror. Whenever girls wanted to talk it was never a good thing.

"Umm, about what?" Taylor was a little more brave in certain areas than her warrior counter part.

"Not here." Gab glanced around at the women in the detachment walking past them to the compound. Most of them had lover's, wives and children with them. Krista kissed Lissa as the two walked by. Gabrielle smiled at them.

"Are we in trouble?" Xena got to the point. No use in prolonging it.

"Do you want to be?" Candace raised an eyebrow seductively.

"Depends, smarty pants." Xena turned to name calling.

"I wouldn't call it trouble. Hang on." Candace ran to a young warrior mounted on a strong white stallion and spoke a few words to her. The rider nodded respectfully then raced off quickly.

"What was that?" Gab pointed with her chin.

Candace looked very regal. "I asked her to have our dinner deliver to our hut."

"What about ours?" Xena was hungry.

"That includes yours. We are having guest for dinner, dear." She nodded at her lover.

"Are they still guest if you've........" She looked around for sharp ears. One warrior was looking at her with a curious gaze. "Nevermind."

The four of them laughed hysterically. "Watch it, Tay."

"No kidding."

"Come on girls. Let's ride." The firefighter was tired and walking wasn't going to get them to the food fast enough for her satisfaction. Taylor remounted her steed and reached a hand down to her intended. Candace grinned at her, taking the strong hand in her own. Placing her foot in the stirrup, she was aided by the firefighter's strength.

Gabrielle wasn't far behind in mounting Argo in front of her wife. Xena's arms wrapped sweetly around the small bard. "I missed you." She kissed Gabrielle's ear.

"And I you, warrior. But Xe, you have to admit it was interesting." She leaned her head on Xena's chest.

"Hoo ya! You two were" She pushed into Gabrielle from the back.

"US? You should have...." Candace looked at her. "Let's talk about this later."


The four women dismounted by the stables after the quick ride to the compound.

"You two go ahead. We need to cool the horses." Taylor made directional indications to the Co-Regents.

"Excuse me your Highness, but that is my job." A voice came from behind them.

Taylor turned to the voice. A small girl, perhaps ten years of age, smiled up at her. The white blonde hair framed the adorable tanned face of the young girl. Blue eyes shone proudly. The freckles that dotted her nose gave her a hint of her lasting childhood. She would soon enough grow into a stunning teenager.

The firefighter bowed slightly. "My apologies. What is your name?"

"I am Rainah, your Highness." The girl grinned again.

"Well Rainah, it is my honor to turn our mounts over to you. Shall we remove the tack?" Taylor was charmed by the enthusiasm of the young girl. She would love to have a daughter like her.

"Oh no, your Highness. I can do that!" She grinned with a bright smile.

Xena smiled widely at her then handed her the reigns. "But we have two horses, Rainah. Are you sure you don't need help?"

"No. My sister is here. BRIANNA!" Her vocal cords were definitely larger than her size. A smaller matching girls popped her head around the corner.

"You don't have to scream, Rain. I'm right here." She rolled her blue eyes.

"We got work to do." Rainah got a bossy attitude with her younger sister.

"We always got work to do. You don't gotta yell at me." Brianna stepped from around the barn door. "Hi."

Rainah nudged her little sister. "You have to call them your Highness, Bri."

Brianna pushed back at her sister then shyly looked to the tall imposing warriors. She couldn't talk anymore. Her face turned red as tears threatened to fall from her blue eyes.

Candace squatted down eye level with the small girl. "It's OK Brianna. You don't need to call us that here."

"Are you sure?" She small voice was shy and unsure.

"I'm positive. How old are you?" The Regent's soft voice put the little girl at ease.

"I'm six seasons." Brianna was suddenly very proud of herself.

"Six! Well, you're almost a grown-up." She opened her arms and the girl fell into them. Candace kissed the girl's cheek. "You're doing a wonderful job, Brianna. Thank you."

"You're welcome!" She beamed at the Regent.

"Carry on, Soldier!" She saluted smartly.

"I will." She saluted back then blushed.

Candace stood to her feet. "Rainah, you are well chosen for your work. I will mention it to the queen."

"You will?" She was shocked.

"Certainly. Carry on." She grinned at the youngster.

"Yes, your Highness. I will!" She took both sets of reigns and led the horses to the ring for cool down.

Taylor bent to her intended. "That was perfect, love. You are great with children."

The Regent sighed heavily then cleared her throat. "Yeah." She turned her back to the tall warrior.

Taylor frowned. She looked up at the two other women in confusion. Xena pulled Gabrielle close to her and whispered in her ear. The bard nodded in response. Gabrielle whispered to the firefighter, "We'll see you in the hut."

Taylor nodded at Gabrielle. After the two had quietly started off, Taylor stood behind her lover and rested her hands on Candace's shoulder's. Candace looked up into the distance. Tears were evident on her face.

"Hey, babe. What's wrong?"

"Nothing really. Nothing I won't get over someday." She really wasn't in the mood to get into this discussion right now.

Taylor was lost. "Candace, if it effects you this much, it's something you shouldn't have to get over at all. Tell me. Please."

"Taylor, it's something I don't want to put on you. OK?" She had determined when they had first met that her selfish desires in any area would never interfere with their happiness.

"No. It's not OK if it makes you this sad. Tell me so we can fix whatever it is." She was getting worried about the way the blonde Regent was acting. If she had done something that had hurt Candace, she would do all that she could to rectify it. She thought for a moment. "Is this about me and Xena?"

Candace smiled slightly. "No, honey. You two are the furthest thing from a problem for me."

Taylor sighed in relief. "Then what?"

"I want children, Tay." She waited for the horrible reaction she had dreamed would come.

"Okaaay. What's the problem." Taylor thought maybe Candace had some physical reason she couldn't have children and had never told her. This was a subject they had stupidly never talked about.

"OK? That's it. You mean OK?" She thought Taylor was missing the point.

"Well, yeah." She shrugged.

"You mean, OK, OK?" Candace was in total shock.

"Candace, I love you with every fiber of my being. I would love to raise children with you." Her sapphire gaze shone down on the woman with the golden hair.

"Wow. I never thought you would want kids." Her surprise was more than evident in her voice

"I never really thought about it until I fell for you. I want a family with you, Miss Candace. When the time is right, we will start one." Taylor smiled at the woman she would make her wife.

"When is that?" She was getting excited about having her own family. Their own family.

"As soon as you want." The firefighter didn't see any reason to put it off. She did realize it could be difficult if they ended up back in their own time. So many questions came to mind about it that she shook it off.

"Taylor, there are too many questions to answer before we start a family. For one, do we have them or do we adopt them?" Candace seemed to be reading her mind.

"Both? Honey? Do we need to decide right now? We have.....guests waiting." She smiled down at the Regent.

"You're right. Come on. Let's go."

The two time traveling women clasped hands and walked to join their guests.


"Giv? Are you in?" The Supreme Commander of the Amazon Nation stood outside of a blonde warrior's hut, waiting for permission to enter. "Giv?" There was no response so, disappointed, she turned to leave. As she did she was caught from behind by the belt and dragged into a warm and inviting living space. A warm body wrapped around her back. Small, but extremely deft, hands removed her scabbard, knife, and armor before she had a chance to protest. She didn't really think about protesting, she just didn't have a chance.

"Turn yourself around warrior."

The very throaty voice gave the Commander a deep shiver. She was in so much trouble. She slowly turned around to face her attacker. Giva was in a state of dress so incredible that it had more impact than any state of undress could have. Her body was draped in a long silk robe of the deepest purple. Under the robe was a matching piece of clothing with which she was unfamiliar. It was just enough to cover the private parts of the curvaceous blonde. A plunging neckline revealed an abundance of ample breasts beneath. The legs were cut high to show off well muscled legs. Jules swallowed hard. The look in her eyes revealed her emotions at that moment. Fear mixed with obvious desire. She didn't think her heart was going to survive the race it was running at the moment.

Giva smiled at her with sweet humor. She stepped to the tall broad warrior and wrapped her right arm around Jules' neck. "Are you just going to stand there?"

The Commanders hands snaked out to rest on Giva's hips. The silk felt cool under her touch. The heat of Giva's body soon penetrated the thin material, warming her hands. She took a firm grip and pulled the small tight body close to her. "No." She inclined to Giva with a grin on her face. Their lips touched lightly sending shockwaves through them both. Jules' tongue brushed Giva's full bottom lip.

Giva moaned her approval and squeezed her body closer. She slowly pressed her mound into the tall warrior's thigh. Jules reciprocated with a firm press. They had better stop this or suffer the consequences. Jules pulled back, breaking the kiss. "You look beautiful."

Giva smiled. Melinda had helped her with the outfit. Seems the professor had been right. "Thank you, Commander." The title dripped off her tongue like honey.

"Commander, hummm?" Jules pulled her tight again, gazing down at the prominent cleavage presented for her appreciation. She was definitely appreciating. "I like that."

"Oh you do? It seems to me you're liking the view more." Her blue eyes tried to catch the jade of her partner's.

Jules looked up with a slightly sheepish grin. She shrugged. "How can I help it? You.....they....... I You have nice........oh boy."

Giva giggled at the strong Commander's dilemma. "Thank you, sweetheart. Shall we eat?"

Jules tried not to choke on the thoughts she as having about eating. She hadn't noticed that there was food prepared. Meat, fruit and bread adorned a well set table. "How did you do all this with one hand?"

"I had a little help." She took Jules by the hand and led her to the table. "Sit, love."

Jules sat in the chair offered to her. Giva poured wine in the glass before her and waited for her to taste it. Her eyes grew wide. It was excellent. "This is magnificent. Where did you get it?"

"Xena brought it from Athens. I traded her for it." She motioned for Jules to put the goblet back on the table.

She complied with the soft hand on her own. The very touch gave her a charge in her belly. She cleared her throat. "What did you trade?"

"A ring. It would seem that Janice and Melinda are engaged, but Janice didn't have anything to give her. Since mother was a jeweler, I have quite a collection. Jan picked one out from my stash." She poured the goblet to an inch below the rim.

"Excellent trade." Jules let the glass sit and reached to the woman beside her. She pulled her to her lap cradling her close. Her eyes search the depths of the injured woman's eyes with serious intent. "Giva, you know I never wanted to do this again."

"Do what, my love?" Giva wasn't sure what the other woman was referring to.

"Just that. Be in love. But, by the Gods, I do love you." A soft hand stroked her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into the touch. "You touch me and my entire life takes on a new meaning." She became very serious. "Giva, how do you feel about Mik?" She was still reveling in the feel of the cool hand on her cheek.

"I love her like my own. Why?" Jules had to know that she loved Mikaya almost as much as Jules herself.

"I needed to hear you tell me." Her jade eyes opened. "Giva, you know I love you right?"

The blonde shook her head. She wasn't sure where this was going.

"Will you....will you be my wife. Please?"

Giva stared at her. She had expected many things this evening but this had not been one of them. The shock of the emotion caused tears to well in her eyes. She threw her good arm around the strong neck of the Commander. "Oh, Jules!"

"Well?" Being 'not a girl', Jules didn't understand the reaction totally. Giva could either be sad, happy or confused and she didn't know which.

"Yes, you silly! Yes. Yes. Yes!" She placed kisses all over the stunned Commander's face.

"Yes? You said yes. Right? You mean yes yes? Like yes?" She was trying to make her mind accept the answer. She wasn't sure that Giva loved her like that. It was starting to sink in that she did.

"YES! I said yes." She kissed the stunned woman again.

Jules tried to stand."I have... Hang on. Stand up, babe."

The blonde struggled to her feet with the help of the strong woman beneath her. Jules stood to her shaky feet as well and stuck her hand in the pocket that lined her war vest. She pulled out a small pouch. She carefully untied the small leather sack. Tipping it over, she poured the small silver chain out into her hand. Bending to one knee she gently grasped Giva's left wrist. The small warrior did her best to comply with the request by moving her arm forward. She hissed in stinging pain.

"I'm sorry. Giv, just keep it still." She opened the clasp and placed the shining band around her slender wrist. "Thank you." Jules whispered softly against the back of her intended's hand.

Giva looked down at the woman at her hand. Tears sprang up again. She touched the top of the strong, passionate warrior's head. "No, sweet woman. Thank you." Jade eyes looked up and pierced her to the very soul. Her heart skipped a beat as her breath caught in her chest. She had loved this woman for so long. Tears spilled down her cheeks. Jules stood before her, broad shoulders pulled back in what would seem to others a protective stance, but there was only the two of them. She pulled Giva closer to her by her good hand. She wiped the tears that fell.

"Please don't cry."

"I can't help it, Jules. I never dreamed that you would want me. Not like this anyway." She looked down at the bracelet circling her wrist.

The Commander cupped the beautiful woman's chin between her thumb and forefinger. "I want you in every way there is." The double meaning was not lost on Giva. Green eyes burned with unhidden desire. "I want to live with you, sleep with you, play with you, fight with you, and love you until you can't see straight. Then I want to do it all over again. Can you handle that?"

"All but the fighting part. I'm not so sure." She backed off a little.

"But after fighting you can always," She pressed in closer, "make up."

Giva put her hand on Jules' stomach. "Aaahhh. I see how you operate." Her blue eyes made a serious point. "Listen warrior, no matter how much making up there is, I still don't want to fight that much."

"Who said much? I think just a little to make us appreciate each other." She reached her long arm to the small of Giva's back and pulled the injured woman closer. Giva started to comment, but Jules stopped her. "Yes, I appreciate you now." She kissed her lips tenderly. "Shall we eat so I can see how well you intend to cook for me." She was teasing but the small blonde was not so very amused.

A serious penetrating gaze took over her face. "Is that what you think of me?"

"See? Fighting already. No, I certainly don't think of you that way. I am fully capable of keeping you as well, my love, and I intend to do so. Giv, I love you. I plan on sharing everything with you, including cooking and doing dishes. Then again, that's what children are for." She smiled at her wife to be.

"That's a new one."

"Didn't your mother ever make you do chores?" She found it hard to believe that an Amazon mother would ever let her child get away with that.

"Of course. I just didn't thinks she was.....ohhhhh. Smart." She was beginning to understand motherhood a little better.

"Uh huh." The grin that was plastered on her face lit up the room.

"Are you ready to eat yet?" Giva motioned to the table then turned to find an interesting sight.

Jules grinned. It was not an 'I'm hungry' grin at all.

Giva sacheted up to her. With one finger she slowly began to outline the ties that held the cotton tunic in the closed and locked position. "Is that so?"

All the Commander did was raise one eyebrow at her.

"I see. So if you're not hungry for dinner, Commander, just what are you hungry for?" Giva brushed her long hair back over her shoulder, leaving her cleavage in full view of the strong leader. Jules was becoming very weak by the second.

The tall woman with eyes of jade swept the long robe off of the blonde's shoulders with one deft motion. Loving hands encircled her waist then slid slowly up the front. Giva gasped as those same hands tenderly engulfed both large breasts through the silken material. Her nipples jutted out proudly against the deep color. Jules eyed the tight nubs and moaned her approval. Her thumbs stroked across the hard, fabric covered flesh. She bent to Giva's ear. "Perfect." She whispered as she gently squeezed the hardness of them.

The blonde moaned and breathed her reply, "I'm so glad you think soooo oh my." She pushed forward giving all of her desire into the hands of the warrior.

With one tanned and callused hand, Jules' snaked a finger under one strap of Giva's teddy. She inclined to kiss her collarbone as she slid the material down the well formed shoulder. Her lips burned the skin along the blonde's neck. Giva's good hand slipped around the strong, broad shoulders, begging for more contact. She lifted her chin, offering more flesh to the mouth of the great warrior. Jules willingly obliged by devouring every inch by slow inch.

Giva pulled away and took her leader by the hand. She led her to the pallet where she slept. "Sit."

Jules followed the order without question. Giva stepped close to her, running a finger across her forehead. Jules placed a hand on the small of the blonde's back and drew her closer. The cleavage she had so admired earlier was now eye level, which meant her mouth wasn't far away. Her jade eyes gazed up at her beautiful wife to be. She leaned in and kissed the tender flesh peaking out from under the soft fabric. Her tongue played along the crevice where Giva's large breasts met. Her mouth devoured the tops while her hands slid under the bottom. She lifted the offered treasures to her hungry mouth and trapped a engorged nipple between her lips through the fabric.

Giva wrapped her arm around the chocolate brown hair of her lover, encouraging the wanton devouring of her flesh through her clothing. Shooting pangs of desire raced through her belly to her center. Wetness slipped from her folds, soaking through the thin silk that covered her sex. Her hips push forward involuntarily with the desire that filled her. Her mound touched the knee of the warrior, and the instinctive request did not go unanswered.

Jules lifted the smaller woman to straddle her lap. One hand wandered slickly along the silk of Giva's dress. She pressed down and placed her hand between quivering legs. Giva's throat loosed a deep sigh. Jules smiled against the breast at her mouth. She was frustrated with fabric that kept her from her first goal. Her other hand pulled the strap down and the silk dropped away. She pressed her mouth to the flesh, suckling as much of it into her ravenous mouth as she could. The woman on her lap pressed to her other hand. Through wet silken fabric, Jules rubbed along the swollen furrows.

"Giv, I need you. Gods, I need you!" Her mouth was anywhere and everywhere at once. She was desperate in her need to claim Giva as her very own.

A breathless grinding woman answered her. "Then take me." She pressed her sex hard into the strong hand that wanted to invade her.

Jules set the smaller woman off of her lap, to stand before her. The desire in the depths of her jade eyes brought a shiver to Giva's body.

The Commander whispered. "Forgive me." With one passionate movement, Jules ripped the silk garment from the body of the blonde. Giva's abundant breasts spilled freely into the warm air. Jules drew the outfit over Giva's shoulders and discarded the ruined fabric on the floor of the hut

Wild fire burned in Jules' eyes. Giva shivered again. She had never seen this side of her warrior and it thrilled her to the very core of her being. She had heard of such burning passion, but had never witnessed it first hand. She counted herself lucky to have a warrior whose desire was so intense it caused a tumult in her deepest psyche. She knew she was about to be conquered. Her loins throbbed in anticipation. Jules circled her naked body, searching it. Admiring it. Taking in her scent.

"You know, Giva, you now belong to me." Her voice rang hotly in the blonde's ear.

She wasn't sure what that meant but knew it was true. "Yes."

"You understand I will have you in any way I see fit?" It wasn't really so much a question as a statement of fact.

She hoped so. "Yes."

"Get on the bed."

Giva complied. She crawled up onto the bed. Leaning on one hand, she waited.

"Stay there just for a second." Jules would never let her lover suffer on her injured shoulder or hurt in anyway, but she wanted to admire the round hardness of the blonde's firm bottom for a brief, perfect moment. Small glistening hairs lined the swollen lips that protruded out from between her legs. *Perfect. And all mine!*

Jules bent behind her and kissed the perfect ass that was so sweetly shown to her. "Don't hurt yourself love. You can lay down. There will be time for all of that later."

Giva sighed and lay on her back. Jules climbed over her, still in full dress. Giva began to try and unite the cotton strips that were the fasteners of Jules' shirt, but was stopped in mid-effort.

"Uh uh." Jules placed the errant hand to the soft cotton of the bed covering. Her eyes silently devoured the naked woman below her. Jade green seared a path to soft blonde curls and back. "Oh, the things I will do to you when you're healthy. Mm mm mm."

"What will you do to me?" The throbbing between her legs was drugging her.

Jules leaned down to a soft delicate ear. She made sure the heat of her body warmed the nude skin of the other warrior, and that the scent of her body assailed Giva's nostrils. "I will take you in every way possible. Every inch of your body will know the feel of my mouth upon it and the touch of my fingers within. From the hot wetness between your legs to that small opening between...let's just say, you won't be a virgin in any part of your body any longer."

Giva shivered. "How do you know I haven't done......?"

"Because, I know." She didn't want to say she could smell it on her, but her heightened senses told her many things.

Giva wanted to scream. Jules was so close, so overpowering it was making her crazy with need. "Touch me, Jules. Take me."

Jules placed a large leg between Giva's knees. "Don't you worry. I'll touch you. I'll touch you until you can't stand it." She dipped her head and let her tongue run a trail from the tip of one hard pleading nipple to the tip of Giva's chin. She nipped at the skin then captured her lips in torrid passion. Giva couldn't help but let a moan escape her throat. Jules felt the satisfaction of her effect on the smaller blonde. Her body shifted and the leg between Giva's knees moved up then came in solid contact with a steaming center. Giva grabbed Jules by the vest for leverage and ground into her firm thigh with specific aim. Jules rocked with her undulations, grinning with wicked gratification. She pulled back from the touch causing a loud groan to escape the blonde's chest. It was almost a growl.

"Jules. Grrrrrrrraah." She pulled on her clothing.

Jules was unmovable. She bent within an inch of her lips. A heated whisper escaped her. "What, Giva?"

"Please." She pulled again.

"Please?" Her hand dipped between Giva's legs to the slick apex. She slowly explored the swollen flesh.

"GODS!" The blonde moved her hips trying to find a way to let Jules fingers touch her throbbing nerve endings.

Jules deftly avoided the quick movements. "Not yet, love."

Giva whimpered. "Please, Jules. Please." She wanted her lover to bring her over.

"Calm, love." Her head dipped again, this time to catch a heaving breast. Her mouth covered as much of the large orb as it could. With one fluid movement she moved the blondes legs apart and pushed her knees in the air. Her eyes admired the soft golden curls covered with the moisture of Giva's need. She watched the pink furrows move under her gaze.

Giva flexed under the scrutiny. Her sex wanted the touch but her own modesty tried to hide from the examining eyes of the warrior. Her legs pushed against the strong hands that held her. Jade eyes caught her in a warning glance. She ceased her movements. Jules was serious in her control.

"I will look and you will allow it. Do you understand?"

"Yes." She was going to pass out. She didn't know if it was the exposure or the domination that made her throb more. But she was loving both and she knew this was mild compared to what was possible.

Jules held her thighs for long moments watching the pink flesh grow red with desire each passing moment. One hand held the strong thin legs in place while she tenderly pulled the puffy lips apart. A small snap sounded as the moist lips broke open.

Giva sucked in breath as she was fully exposed to the gaze of her warrior. She felt the wetness that had pooled between her lips drip down to her other opening.

Jules watched the glaze flow down with appreciative eyes. She pulled a pillow from behind her and propped Giva's hips up to tilt toward her. She set Giva's feet flat on the bed leaving her center still unveiled to her. She laid her body on the bed between Giva's muscular legs. Her face glowed with the desire she had for the woman laid bare before her. She bent in pure worship to taste the gifts so freely given to her. She knew that Giva would not have succumbed to her possessiveness and harsh desire had she not freely wanted to do so. This was the nature of their relationship now. She also knew that she herself would one day be conquered in very much the same fashion. Her tongue touched the delicate puckered bud that dripped with the flowing moisture from above. She moved agonizingly up the small expanse of flesh between one goal and the other. When she dipped her tongue barely into Giva's aching passage, the blonde growled out her need.

"All of it, Jules. I want all of it!" She pushed her hips forward to greet the next touch of her lover. She was not disappointed. She was impaled on a strong willing muscle that filled her. It moved and twisted inside of her canal with a life of it's own. She put her right hand down to entwine her fingers in the brown hair on the head between her legs. "Yes! Baby, oh yessssssss. Mmmmmm!"

Jules moved her tongue from side to side then in and out with a quick thrusting motion. The rocking of her lover must mean that she was doing something very right. Her hand touched the aching ridge of her lover and Giva cried out in her passion. Jules knew it wouldn't be long before her wife to be was in another world altogether. She thrust again with her tongue, putting her body into the movement. Giva pushed back with a vengeance. The Commander pulled the hood of the protruding bundle away, searching out the sensitive tip. It was easily found. With the slick moisture from the gentle warrior's desire, she ran her finger in circles, bringing white hot pleasure to Giva's center. She moaned her approval.

"OH God! Yeah! Donstopdonstop!" The pulling tingles started in her belly then shot a searing path down her legs. Her toes flayed as she pushed into her lover's mouth. "Oh Jules." Pulsing need fired its shot to her sex sending her over the edge.

Giva's legs stiffened and Jules pushed her tongue as deeply as she could into the throbbing wetness. Pulsing grasps pulled in her tongue as Giva's orgasm probed through her body. Quivering thighs surrounded her ears filling her with satisfaction. Giva growled out in her total pleasure.

"Mmmmaah GODS! Baby! FUCK! Mm mm mm." Her hips moved with each heartbeating throb.

Jules loved the sounds of delight she heard in her lover's voice. She smiled with her tongue still implaing Giva's wetness. Her fingers slowed their assault as the pulsations slowed. She let her tongue draw the final bits of pleasure from Giva's sex by gently caressing her soft clitoris then probing into her wetness once again. She ceased her movements and pulled her body up next to the buxom blonde. She engulfed her lover in long with adoring emotion.

"Perfect. I love you, Giva, with all that I am." Her voice caught in her throat. She let the feelings wash over and through her. It was close to being overwhelming.

Giva heard the slight falter in the Commander's throat. Her eyes opened staring straight into the most loving green eyes she would ever hope to have gaze upon her. Tears rimmed those jade eyes. Jules blinked and the tears spilled onto her strong cheek. Giva's soft finger wiped one tear away.

"My strong warrior." She kissed the other tear away. Her voice whispered in gentle understanding. "Don't cry."

"I can't help it. I wish I could tell you what is in my heart right this moment. I know how tough most people think I am, but...I can't explain it."

"Sweetheart, you are tough. You are a warrior beyond compare, in my eyes. You lead these women with your strength. Part of that wonderful strength is in your heart." She touched her chest with her hand. "I love you, Jules. I have for a very long time. Why do you think I haven't seen anyone else in years?"

"Years?" Jules frowned.

"Yeah. Years. I have been watching you for three years, at least. I think maybe I've only been in love with you for one, but I was this close to giving up." She held her fingers a small distance apart.

"Gods. I'm so glad you didn't. You know it wasn't you right? I just couldn't get over losing my wife. It wasn't about you. Why did you wait? I mean, look at you! You are beautiful, strong, sexy......," She moved to her for a soft kiss, "...brave, talented....did I mention sexy?" She kissed her again.

"You did, but you can say it all you want." She grinned while trying to kiss the strong Commander.

"Sexy." Jules said it again to make sure Giva understood her.

Giva smiled at her lover then returned to the subject at hand. "I waited because I couldn't do anything else. Everyone else paled in comparison. I'm not the only one who waited, ya know. You have a bevy of babes waiting on you. I just happen to be the lucky one." Her arms pulled the still fully clothed warrior closer.

"For me? You're kidding?"

"Honey, the modesty is one of your most endearing qualities, that and your shoulders."

"My shoulders?"

"Please, Jules. You have to know how attractive you are."

"Well, sort of."

"Sort of? Look at you. Good Gods! Those eyes are enough to send a girl reeling. Girls giggle and swoon after you like teenagers. I swear some of the younger ones get in trouble just to have you reprimand them. They never said as much to me because they knew how I felt about you, but I heard rumors." She smiled and ran a finger along the frowning Commander.

"You know, the same women get discipline all the time. Are you saying it's intentional?"

"Not always. They just want your attention."

"Well, with this," she touched Giva's bracelet, "that should cease."

"HA! Are you out of your mind? It'll make it worse." She rolled her eyes.

"Do you really think so?" Her innocence in the matter was showing.

"I know women. They always want what they can't have. As long as I have your heart though, I won't worry about it. You watch though. It'll get rough."

"Huh! I'll watch." She changed the subject. "You know I had to ask permission for your hand don't you?"

"Who on earth would you ask? Better yet, why?"

"I asked your cousin then I had to ask Queen Ephiny. Protocol is the reason. I'm the Commander of the Amazon Nation." She puffed herself up in mock seriousness. "It's imperative that I have a proper wife."

"Proper? ME? Oh man, that's rich."

"But you are Giv. You have proven yourself worthy in battle more times than we would like to count. You have given your time and energy to the growth and defense of the nation. On top of that, you're loyal to the queen and her court. All in all, you're perfect for me and them."

Giva blushed at the words. "I guess, but is that the only reason? I'm proper?"

Jules grinned. "No. And to be honest, after that," she wiggled her brows, "proper is in question at best."

"IS that so? Well, Commander, let's see how proper you are. Off with the shirt."

"Oh ho! What is this? My proper wife taking advantage of me? What will the neighbors say?"

"That you're one lucky leader. Now off, before I rip it off."

"Rip it off. Got it."

Jules removed her shirt and then her wife to be showed her just how proper she really was.


The content couple met their soulmates in the hut. Xena nudged Gabrielle, pointing with her chin.

"What do you think?"

"Oh yeah!" Gabrielle smiled at the two women.

"Oh yeah?" Candace returned smile.

"Oh yeah!" Xena laughed.

Taylor wasn't catching on. "What does that mean, babe?"

Candace turned to her lover. "It can mean anything you want, Tay. It could mean. Look at the hot, sexy babes. It could mean, they, meaning we, are so in love it's sickening. OR it could mean they want to see us naked. See? It's up to you."

"Ah. You guys are strange." She laughed.

"Right. And you are so normal. How's the food?"

"We waited for you, but it looks great." Gabrielle motioned to the spread.

"Quail, cheese," Taylor picked up an apple, "bread and fruit. I am all over dinner."

"That's my line." Gabrielle placed a soft hand on Taylor's back. Her hand tingled at the contact. She frowned at the reaction she felt run through her fingers.

"Did you feel that?" Green eyes looked up at the firefighter.

Blue heaven smiled down at her. "Hoo ya! What was it?"

"I'm not sure." She touched her again this time the tingle caused the hair on her arm to stand. Gabrielle frowned slightly. "Whoa. Xe, check this out." She touched the firefighter again with the same results.

Xena looked to Candace who shrugged. "Maybe it all the tension building up."

Xena grinned at the blonde regent who smiled back with a quip on her tongue. "Now there's an interesting thought. Sexual tension causing this? Maybe we should let them release it and....ya know. See what happens."

"This isn't about that, you two." Gabrielle was still watching the hairs on her arm react to her touch with Taylor. "Xe, come here."

The tall warrior stood next to her wife. "What?"

The bard reached a hand to touch her. There was nothing but the familiar warmth of her skin. Gabrielle frowned again. This was a mystery she was determined to figure out. "Candace?"

The short signer approached her. The charge in the air practically crackled. "Whoa!" Candace stepped back. Green eyes full of wonder looked at Gabrielle. "What the hell?"

"Exactly. Tay, touch Xena." Gabrielle directed the firefighter.

Taylor's hand didn't even get within inches of the warrior before a glow filled the space between them.

"Did this happen when you two..." Candace motioned with her hand to indicate what they had done.

"When we two what?" Xena was teasing her.

"You know. Now stop it!" Candace tried not to think of the two tall warriors having a grand sexual adventure, but it wasn't working.

"No, it didn't happen when we fucked like banshees." Xena's face was dead pan.

"Ahhhh! Your mouth Xena!" Gabrielle put her hands to her head.

"Oh I see. Do it just don't talk about it." She wiggled her brows.

"Xena! Lord!" Candace turned her back to the tall woman staring down at her.

The tall warrior grinned evilly. Taylor laughed. She had said the same thing to the warrior not so long ago. "Xe, you have to admit this is weird."

"You're right. But, do we need to figure this all out now? I'm starving." The tall warrior started to the table.

"Get a plate full." Gabrielle followed her.

Gabrielle picked up a dinner plate and placed a chunk of cheese next to her bundle of grapes. "OK. We know that this wasn't happening before the battle with Creighton. What has changed?"

Candace smiled. She was getting it. "Gab?"


"Big red truck." She raised her brows.


" You do remember, don't you?" She raised her eyebrows and nodded her head, prodding the bard's memory.

"Remember?" A smile lit up her face when the memories flooded her mind. "Oh. OHHh." She scrunched up her face. "Do you really think that's it?"

Xena pulled a chair up to the table food in hand. Taylor was close behind. "So you think it was that?"

"Well, think about it. We haven't been together as a group since before the battle, right?" Candace waved a piece of meat in the air.

Three heads bobbed in agreement. "OK. We then had these intense encounters where we felt what the others were experiencing."

"So far so good. But what's different? We had those before, plus what happened at the hot springs that time."

"Not where we were totally intimate someone who was not" The signer looked innocent.

"We swapped wives." Xena grinned again.

"No we didn't." Candace kneed her under the table.

"Yeah we did." Gabrielle agreed with Xena.

"But, it's not like that." Candace threw up her hands.

"No, but that's the blunt way of looking at it." Gabrielle shrugged.

"Know what I think?" Taylor had been quiet up until then.

Three heads turned.

"I think as soon as Gabrielle and each others company, this whole energy thing we got goin' on is going to be outta control."

"Junior, are you saying you want to sleep with my wife?" Xena gave her a stern look.

Taylor didn't back down at the teasing this time. "Don't you want to sleep with mine?"

"I have. Even before you." She leaned her chin in her hand.

"Smart ass." She nudged Xena with her shoulder. "You know what I'm saying. There is a connection here that is being built one thread at a time. Me to Candace. You to Gabrielle and Candace. These two little hotties to each other. You and I. What's left?"

"You want we should leave you two alone?" Candace winked at her lover.

Taylor returned the wink. "Not until I'm done eating."

"OK. Here it is in a nutshell. We have this energy raging through us, but you're saying there is a short in the connection." Candace was getting to what Taylor was talking about.

"Exactly. At least that's what I think. I'm not sure we will know fully unless it happens." The firefighter shrugged one shoulder.

"There is a very good chance though, isn't there?" Candace looked at her lover who looked at her and then at Gabrielle. Taylor didn't know how to answer.

Gabrielle peaked up at the tall dark haired woman. "Yes." Three heads turned again. The bard met three pairs of eyes one at a time. "Let's be honest here. We all know how we feel. Just because we haven't talked about it all doesn't make it non-existent. I'm in love with all of you. I want a chance to make love to each of you. That includes Taylor if she'll have me."

Gabrielle's total honesty cleared the air for all of them. Taylor stood to her feet and put out her hand to the bard. Gabrielle took it then stood as well. The firefighter drew her in. "Gabrielle, there is no doubt that because I love you, I would be honored to make love to you. There is no 'if'." She bent and placed sweet lips on her.

Xena and Candace watched the interaction with interest. Green eyes met blue in understanding. Xena pointed with her chin asking if Candace wanted to leave. Candace shook her head. Taylor and Gabrielle would continue with them in the room if they wanted.

"Wow. Great kiss, Tay." Gabrielle's hand caressed the bold cheek.

"I had a great trainer." She smiled at Candace.

Candace returned the sweet smile. "Wasn't me. You had it going on before I ever had the pleasure."

"Well, then I will say you helped me to perfect it." Taylor looked back to the woman in her arms. She bent to whisper so that only Gabrielle could hear her. "When the time is right, I'll have you up one side and down the other, Gabrielle. Let there be no question about my desire for you."

Gabrielle's hair was already standing on end so she blushed as well. "Good." She dipped her head to gain her composure. "Shall we finish dinner?"

"Let's finish something before I go crazy." Xena had watched the two women with great interest. Her desire was flowing at the thought of watching Taylor and Gabrielle taking pleasure with each other. She shook her head to clear her thoughts. She could only pray that she was there when it happened.

"You already are, sweetheart. You already are." Candace patted the tall woman on her back. Tingles of hot energy passed between them. They both shook their head.

This was getting really fascinating.


To be continued! Hoo ya!

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