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Rating: Well I’m not sure – adult, definitely.

Subtext warning: Let’s face it, this is about as subtle as a brick…but if you are under the age for reading this stuff, then don’t. It contains major sexual themes and acts of a sleazy, S/M, B/D, D/s nature, between two consenting women. If you don’t want to read it, then don’t. If you do want to read it…come on in!


Fantasy Bound

By Barker

to the Barker, April 2000

Xena was not in a good mood. They’d spent nearly the entire day seeing the sights of Salmacia – Gabrielle dragging her to nearly every shop and market stall there was – and when she’d finally convinced the bard to stop at the Adventure Bound Inn for the night, they’d found that the only room available had one small double bed to share between them. Xena knew from past experience that Gabrielle was far from a restful sleeper; now, short of sleeping on a cold stone floor, the warrior princess had no choice but to put up with a night of getting very little sleep.

Tonight, it was worse than usual. Gabrielle had been working on a fictional tale of some sort or other (she’d refused point blank to share it with Xena until it was finished), and a bard with writers’ block did not make for a comfortable night’s sleep.

"Grrhumph," Gabrielle muttered in the restless depths on unconsciousness, shuffled her legs under the blankets and rolled over, her arm hitting Xena neatly in the nose.

"Okay, that’s it…" Xena lifted the arm off her face carefully (the only thing worse than a grumpy warrior was a grumpy bard) and slipped out of bed, trying to convince herself that dammit, a warrior should be able to sleep on a cold stone floor after all. Her eyes caught the flickering of the candle almost burned out atop the writing table in the corner of the room. Curiosity slowly seeped in and Xena padded quietly to the desk. As she’d suspected, the scroll was lying open and ready, for all the world (or at least, a warrior princess) to see and inspect. Well, she certainly wasn’t a bard, but perhaps if she read this, she might just think of a way to provide Gabrielle with some suitable inspiration…

Gabrielle stirred, eyes still shut, slowly becoming aware of her surroundings. Even with her eyes closed, she could sense the flickering of a candle next to the bed, and the slight but not unpleasant chill on her body added to the realisation that the sheets had been pulled down, and she was naked. For some reason, she also knew that she was still in their room at the Adventure Bound Inn. Also, despite the unfamiliarity of her body being exposed, she knew that ultimately she was safe. Without opening her eyes, she called out softly. "Xena?"

"Yes, Gabrielle?" The voice was Xena’s, but it sounded darker, huskier…dangerous. In a good way. Shivers ran down Gabrielle’s spine.

"Where are you?" The bard asked, wanting to open her eyes but somehow rationalising that it would be better if she didn’t.

"I’m right here." It sounded as though the warrior was leaning over her, though from which angle she couldn’t tell. "I’ve been thinking about the trouble you’ve been having with your story. I think I know exactly what you need. For inspiration I mean…"

Gabrielle laughed inwardly at the thought. If Xena only knew! It was the first time she had attempted to make stuff up, and it had originally been meant as a present for Xena’s birthday. A fictional tale (well, mostly) of two women in a future time, corresponding with each other through letters, each discussing their own private fantasies and each imagining the thought of the other making them come true. It was also the first time she’d attempted erotica, and now she didn’t know if she wanted Xena to see it at all. After all, the younger character’s fantasy of submitting to a dark and powerful warrior was not altogether different from her own. All she’d really need for inspiration would be for Xena to straddle her with those powerful thighs –

The thought broke loose and burst forth into reality as Gabrielle suddenly felt the warrior’s weight on her pelvis and groin. Almost simultaneously, Xena’s hands went to the sides of the bard’s torso, steadying herself as she breathed desire onto Gabrielle’s body. "I’m no writer…" she heard the warrior say, "…but I know exactly what you need."

Gabrielle could only let out a breath of surprise and arousal, briefly wondering if she was still dreaming, the fantasy of what she wanted Xena to do to her, now seeming all too real. It couldn’t actually be happening, she reasoned, even as she felt Xena’s hands slide tantalisingly over her body. For that to be the case, Xena would have to know her desires. To do that, she would have had to have read –

"You…" Gabrielle managed to slip out between gasps, "…you read my scrolls…"

"Yes, I did," the warrior admitted, in a tone that suggested she had no regrets at all about doing so. She slid her hands slowly up Gabrielle’s body, pausing briefly over her chest and brushing the nipples with minimum touch, creating maximum pleasure. "What are you going to do about it?" Without waiting for an answer, Xena grasped the sides of the bard’s head and held it down forcefully as her mouth came down roughly on Gabrielle’s own. The warrior’s tongue moved in an around the bard’s mouth, aggressively yet in an equally gentle arc, hands still holding Gabrielle’s head in place so that its movement was totally under the warrior’s control.

By the time her mouth was released, Gabrielle was panting heavily, a mixture of surprise, disbelief and pure desire. If this was the game Xena really wanted to play, she wasn’t going to be disappointed. Gabrielle began to reach around Xena’s broad shoulders towards her back…and almost immediately found that she couldn’t. It didn’t take long for the bard to realise her wrists had been bound by some sort of leather rope – itself fastened to the strong oaken bed-head – rendering her almost completely helpless.

Just like the fantasy.

Gabrielle let out another breath – both fearful and anticipatory – as she wondered just how far the warrior was going to go. She struggled briefly with her bonds that she now realised must be Xena’s whip, straining to remember in which order the events in her story had come. When she struggled, her whole body moved, and she knew that if Xena had wanted her enough to go this far, then the sight of the young bard writhing beneath her would have to turn her on even more.

"Look at you moving like that," Xena breathed, moving a little herself so that her pelvis ground into Gabrielle’s groin with pleasurable pain. "You want it bad, don’t you?"

No point in subtleties now, the bard thought. "I - want - you," she answered, breathing out the words one at a time, having to catch her breath after each one. "Please…don’t – stop – touching – me."

The warrior laughed, and it was a laugh laced with domination. "I have your whole body to choose from, don’t I? Perhaps you’d better be a little more specific…"

Gabrielle cursed herself silently. She had no problem with the written word – at least, when she didn’t have writers’ block – but verbalising this sort of stuff was a different kettle of fish. "Uh…" It was becoming difficult to keep her thoughts straight, let alone remember how to speak. "…chest…" she breathed out finally, hoping it would be enough.

"Good grief, is that the best you can do? Well, it’s not enough." Xena’s voice took on another touch of the warrior; it was beginning to sound more like that of a dominatrix. The warrior may not have been a writer, but she’d certainly understood the text…maybe a little too well. "That could mean anything, after all." Like this…" Her hands firmly on Gabrielle’s breasts, the warrior worked the movements into a frenzy, kneading and squeezing the skin and flesh, and finally narrowing her attention to the bard’s raised nipples. "…or is this what you meant?"

Sensation surged through the bard as Xena pinched the angry red flesh, squeezing them beyond pain and back into pleasure. Gabrielle couldn’t even get out "…yeah…" so she opted for a breath of affirmation, which itself was uneven and broken with excitement. Gabrielle’s body shuddered again as she tried to make contact of any other part of the warrior’s skin, attempting to entangle her legs with Xena’s.

But Xena pushed her back down, using her own legs to secure Gabrielle’s. "No. You don’t touch me until I say so. Got that?"

This time, Gabrielle managed to breathe "Uh-huh," before pleasure overtook her again. As Xena’s administrations on her nipples became harder and more insistent, Gabrielle found herself involuntarily arching her hips upwards, attempting to keep her throbbing groin somewhere on something of Xena’s that would keep giving it this indescribable ecstasy . She could feel the lower half of Xena’s leathers…yet she had the feeling that all this wetness couldn’t possibly just be her.

For a brief moment Gabrielle felt the weight lifted off her groin, then an incredible jolt of pleasure as Xena’s fingers slid easily through her wetness. She let out a brief moan as Xena withdrew her hand; she wanted it back, but didn’t get the chance to say so.

"Gods, you’re wet. I haven’t even started with you, and you’re almost begging for it. I don’t know why I’m bothering, really."

"Because you want me?" Gabrielle offered hopefully. She at last opened her eyes and stared into Xena’s face. But the candle had almost burned out now, and all she could see were dark shadows and a face filled with dangerous passion. Just how seriously was Xena going to take this?

"Don’t try to second-guess me, bitch." The warrior grabbed a handful of the bard’s short blonde hair. "I’m the Warrior Princess. I can have anyone I choose. You’re an easy conquest. Anyone could take you, couldn’t they?" She plunged her fingers into Gabrielle’s folds again, brushing over her clitoris and revelling in Gabrielle’s moans. "You like to act all virginal, but you’re just a whore, aren’t you? You’d get this wet for anyone."

It was the words that set her off, got her going, aroused her…gave her so much pleasure. Someone – Xena – telling her how wet she was, only served to make her more so. Xena was right; it didn’t take much. It just had to be the right combination.

"Answer me, bitch. You’re a real slut, aren’t you? You’d come for anyone."

Gabrielle fought to get the words out. This aching pleasure was surrounding her, driving everything else out of existence. "No…no…only you…"

"Huh," the warrior muttered in the tone of disbelief. "No, I don’t believe it. I think you’d let anyone fuck you." Her ravaging of Gabrielle’s skin began to ease off. "I don’t think I want someone else’s goods."

"…please!" Gabrielle wanted to scream the word, beg for the warrior to keep touching her, squeeze her nipples – or even suck at them – and at the same time massage her clitoris to the point of the bard’s total surrender. As it was, the words only came out as a pleading whimper. "…I only want…you."

Xena sighed, kissed her forcibly again, and headed the fingers of one hand back to the wet. "This is mine. Do you understand? Whatever else you do, whoever else you’re with, this is mine." She took Gabrielle’s face in her hands once more, and stared at her with eyes blazing.

My gods, Gabrielle thought, with just a trace of fear, I’ve created a monster.

She managed to form the word "…yes…" and actually get it out between increasing waves of pleasure. She was so aroused, it seemed there was nothing else in her world except the need for Xena to bring her to orgasm.

"Yes. And that means I can use it when I want. Or not. You don’t get a choice. Roll over."

The bard blinked in confusion. Then there was a sharp grabbing of her flesh as Xena turned her over onto her stomach. It was so fast and unexpected that Gabrielle felt slightly disorientated, then the weight returned to her pelvis as she felt Xena slowly rubbing onto her skin from behind.

"Like I said," came the deep-throated voice, "I’ve hardly started on you yet."

Gabrielle felt the weight above her shift as Xena lay down on top of her, her groin gyrating slowly into the bard’s butt while reaching under her and squeezing her nipples to their extremes once again.

"Now listen, lover: I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m going to do to you. It’ll really turn me on to feel you react to that; I want to hear you, feel how wet it’s making you. But if you come before I tell you…"

The sentence trailed off. The bard had to ask. "…what will you do?"

There was a short pause and the warrior breathed a hot stream of passion onto the back of Gabrielle’s neck. She bent over so her lips were touching the bard’s ear, and whispered, while a stronger pinch of the nipples and extra grind of her hips accentuated the point even more. "If you come before I tell you…I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t recover for a month. And I won’t be gentle either; I’ll do it the way I like it. Do you know the way I like it, Gabrielle?"

The bard knew instinctively that it whatever it was would be something much rougher than she would ever be comfortable with receiving…but she also knew just as strongly that the sound of its description would drive her crazy. "Tell me…"she whispered. "Tell me how you like it…please…"

"Yes, you’d like to hear that, wouldn’t you?" The warrior softened her grinding, slowed the teasing of Gabrielle’s nipples to a gentle squeeze. "Well I like it rough, Gabrielle. Fist-fucking. Strap-ons. Things that thrust into me hard, while I’m kneeling on all fours. Do you think you’d like that? I don’t think you would."

"No…" the bard breathed. Then she found enough strength to add, "…but I really like when you tell me about it."

"Huh," Xena growled again. She sat up, so that she was kneeling again on Gabrielle’s hips, but still able to reach underneath and assault the bard’s nipples. "You know, I don’t much care what you like. I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do to you, so you’ll know exactly what you’re in for. Then I’m going to start doing it, and you’ll be lying there listening, feeling me about to go inside you, knowing there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. That’s how it’s going to be, lover. You’re just coming along for the ride."

Before her brain completely lost the ability to form coherent sentences, Gabrielle managed to breathe, "…so what are you waiting for?"

The warrior’s response was immediate. "Be careful what you wish for, lover. You know what I really want to do…"

Gabrielle found she couldn’t say anything; every sound came out simply as a whimper for the pleasure to go on.

"All right…now listen carefully…"

The tugging at her nipples became torturously slow, as Xena lay her weight back down onto the bard’s back, and whispered huskily into her ear. "…the first thing I’m going to do is stop touching you. I need you to start really aching for me, I need to see that in your body. Then I’m going to reach back under you and play with your nipples..."

For Gabrielle, nothing else in the universe mattered anymore. Even her story – that piece of mere fiction that had started her restlessness and frustration in the first place – was forgotten. Now, all she knew was the touch, and the feeling, and the words.

"…I’m going to tease them," the warrior went on, obviously aware of the effect she was having. "I’m going to rub them, squeeze them, pull them until they’re hard. Of course what I’d really like to do is suck them – hell, I’m so horny I’d like to bite them off – but I’d really rather have you like this. It’s much easier for me to pinch them – I know how much that makes you wet."

Her pelvis held into the mattress, even the slightest pressure on her aching groin sent Gabrielle another jolt of pleasure, each more amazing than the last. The warrior was teasing her, all right; and what made it equally pleasurable and frustrating was that Gabrielle had no idea how long this teasing would go on.

It was as if Xena had read her mind. "I could just do this all night," she breathed roughly. "Would you like that? Would you like me to just tease you all night? Would just my squeezing your nipples make you come?"

It very nearly was. Gabrielle had to make a titanic effort to force her mouth and brain form the word. "…maybe…" she said finally. The truth was, she had to maintain incredible control not to just let go right then and there.

"Maybe, huh?" The warrior laughed, and Gabrielle felt wetness on the backs of her thighs. "Well you won’t…because I’m not stopping there. After you’re so wet you can’t stand it, I’m going to make you wait. I’m going to let you let you up a little, so you’re crouching on all fours. I’d like to be underneath you like that…forcing my tits into your mouth, making you suck me…I know you want to, don’t you? Then I’d slide down underneath your thighs and lick you; suck on you and make you even wetter. I could probably even fuck you with my tongue, you’d be so wet – but I wouldn’t. I’d move back up and shove my fingers inside you…maybe even use a strap-on so I could just pull you down on it…but of course I can’t. Not like this."

Now there was only the throbbing, the aching, the desperation…and the need for pleasure at Xena’s touch.

"…when you’re kneeling on all fours," Xena went on, "I’m going to lean forward behind you…reach up under and lean on my elbow while I pinch your nipple hard. Then with my other hand I’m going to rub your clit. I’m going to tease it until you’re so wet you’re positively dripping. I’m going to tease you until you come…"

Xena almost didn’t even have to touch her now; the words were very nearly enough. Even so, Gabrielle managed with some effort to whimper the word "…please…"

Through the darkness, faintly illuminated by the flickering candle, Gabrielle could almost see the warrior smile…

"You can beg me all you want," Xena answered dismissively. "I’ve told you what’s going to happen. Your whimpering isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference." So saying, the warrior slid her hands out from beneath the bard and Gabrielle felt the agonising lack of contact as Xena got off her and severed physical contact completely.

Desperate, Gabrielle twisted and tried to force apart the leather wrapped tightly around her wrists. Of course, it was impossible. Xena had many skills. As Gabrielle attempted to roll herself back over onto her back, she felt the pressure return as Xena pressed down on her thighs with the weight of her powerful arms.

"Yeah, go ahead and struggle if it makes you feel better…" It was clear that it made Xena feel something, but Gabrielle was wise enough not to verbally confirm what she knew. She didn’t want to run the risk of Xena holding out even longer. "…do you know how much feeling you move like that underneath me turns me on? You’ve got no idea, have you? No idea what I’m capable of."

Gabrielle thought she could hazard a pretty fair guess, but this was not the time to do it. All she could do now was wait desperately for Xena to make her next move.

Finally, Xena’s hands move again. The warrior traced invisible lines of sweat up the sides of Gabrielle’s legs, past her torso, then reached under again and took her nipples in an agonisingly arousing pinch. Gabrielle moaned, writhed in torment as the pink flesh was twisted and squeezed to the most incredible extremes. Each touch sent a response to every nerve in Gabrielle’s body – or perhaps more so, certain nerves in her body – each pinch making her throb and hurt and ache with pleasure, until she was certain she couldn’t possibly take any more. Then the next shot would come, even more powerful than the last. "Oh gods…" Gabrielle moaned, the ability to even register surprise that she could still talk, gone with everything else but this ecstasy of touch.

"You’re really wet now, aren’t you?" It was not a question; the warrior knew exactly how wet she was – how wet they both were. "I want to find out for myself. Get up on all fours. Arch your head back. And spread your legs for me."

Gabrielle complied. Now Xena had much better access to everything, though she remained behind the bard, pushing her groin into Gabrielle’s buttocks and pulling on her nipples with much more roughness and force.

"How long can you stay like this, I wonder?" Xena breathed huskily onto Gabrielle’s skin. "I told you I could do this for hours. How would you like it if I just did that, huh? Would you have to wait til I untied you so you could do it yourself? Tell me Gabrielle – if your hands were free right now, would you be fucking yourself?"

The bard wanted to scream that she would do anything that would bring this torture to its climax, but it was impossible for her to do anything except breathe, moan and try to keep herself up. She hoped her inability to answer wouldn’t cause the warrior to punish her more by slowing the pace again.

"I think you would," the warrior continued. "I think you would fuck yourself. One day I’m going to make you do that; tease you like this until you’re so wet you have no choice. I’m going to make you fuck yourself and I’m going to watch." There was a pause. "But not this time. I like having you tied up like this; maybe next time I’ll tie you spread-eagled, then I can do anything I want. But this time…"

Gabrielle felt a feather-light touch at the bottom of her backbone, trailing down over her butt, then suddenly there was a jolt of adrenaline as the warrior’s fingers found her wet, aching clit. "Ohhhh!" The promise of the climax beckoned, only seconds away.

But Xena was true to her word. A second or two after the build up had begun, Gabrielle felt the heat subside and the endless pleasurable ache return. "Not yet, lover. I said I was going to tease you. I want you begging for it…"

If only she could have formed words, the bard would already have done so. As it was, the exquisite agony of this frustration was tearing her thoughts between fearing what Xena would do to her if Gabrielle just surrendered and let herself come, and the desperation and total overwhelming desire to just let it happen anyway. She wondered briefly why it was that she still had a choice.

"Oh gods you feel good," the warrior whispered, a predatory growl clawing out within her words. "I love having you like this. It’s…beautiful."

It didn’t seem quite the right terminology, mused Gabrielle as a stray bardic thought slipped briefly into her mind. But she knew what the word had meant. It had meant "I’m getting off on doing this to you, and I’m getting off on knowing what it does."

The warrior’s fingers moved faster and deeper, stopping every so often to press down to the pulse of Gabrielle’s throbbing heat. Xena breathed out in primal passion, exuding a hunger that engulfed all it surrounded. "You’re getting close, aren’t you? I can feel it. I love taking a woman from behind…"

Gabrielle’s strength was weakening. Her muscles were giving out, even as she fought to clench and unclench them, increasing the pleasure and the approach of the crescendo to come. "Oh, gods! Please…please!"

She could feel the warrior nodding in approval. "I told you I could make you beg for me. I want to hear it again; beg for it – and I might just give it to you."

The bard’s panting changed on its outer breath, becoming one single word. "Please…please…please…"

"Please what?" Xena growled viciously. "Want me to get inside you? Or do you just want me to stop and play with your tits? Tell me what you want, or I might just stop right here."

"No…!" The words were involuntary now; Gabrielle spoke automatically, without thought, and with only the one feeling of that aching pleasure. "…please…I…can’t…please…"

For one terrifying moment she thought Xena was going to lose patience, and in frustration stop altogether. But she chanced to open her eyes in one final gesture of pleading…and saw beneath the shadows not domination but something just a little different. "Xena…? This..isn’t…a…game…anymore. Is…it…?"

The warrior smiled. It was still predatory but there was something else. Something…slightly softer. But only very slightly. "This has got me so horny, and so wet. You don’t know how much I want to do to you. But this is for you, lover. Are you ready to come?"

"Yeah…oh yeah…" Inside her brain, she was really screaming, "Yesssss!!!"

Xena slowed her hand a little, still squeezing Gabrielle’s nipple with the fingers of the other hand, still maintaining the force she knew would have the most effect. "Then do it; come for me. Show me how much you have…do it now!"

Almost on command, Gabrielle felt the wave break through her, making everything pleasure, and that pleasure all she knew. Her body arched and shuddered involuntarily as the orgasm tore its course further through every part of her, more intensely than she had ever imagined. There were no words, no feelings…just joy.

As she came down, Gabrielle became aware of her wrists being unbound and the warmth of someone soft and familiar enveloping her in a gentle, peaceful hug.

"How do you feel?" Gone was the dominator, all traces of the predatory warrior returned to the realms of fantasy where they belonged. This was Xena, friend and companion, lover and champion, holding her in a soft squishy cuddle as they basked in the afterglow of pleasure and raging peace.

"I’m…I’m…" Gabrielle was still in recovery mode, and words were still a little hard to form. "…I’m…just wonderful."

She heard Xena sigh in positive response, and settled back into the snuggle.

A few minutes later, still wrapped around her mate, Xena found herself musing on a thought that had struck her at the beginning of all this, when she had first found the bard’s seemingly finished scroll and read the story through to its conclusion. "Gabrielle? I’ve got a question…"

"Mmm?" Gabrielle’s lips vibrated gently against her arm, and Xena shivered, though not at all in a bad way. But she had to ask this question before she could give in to any left over reactions. Otherwise, it would drive her nuts.

"Well, when you went to bed you said you were having writers’ block. But from what I could see, that story was pretty much…shall we say, inclusive of more than enough detail to make it complete. So what in Tartarus did you still have writers’ block about??"

There was a short pause then Xena heard Gabrielle clear her throat somewhat sheepishly. "Well um…you see it was originally going to be your birthday present…but then I thought it was getting too raunchy…then I thought maybe it wasn’t after all…" she paused again. "…but I couldn’t give it to you without a title."

Xena propped herself up on one elbow and looked at Gabrielle with an incredulous expression. "…are you telling me that I’ve spent the last three nights putting up with your tossing and turning and keeping me awake, all because you couldn’t think of what to call your story?!"

Gabrielle glanced at her, grinning helplessly. "Well ah…yeah. But don’t you think it was worth it?"

"Rassen frassen…" Xena muttered under her breath. It always got her miffed when Gabrielle had a point. "Well okay. So after all this…did I give you enough inspiration?"

A short sigh escaped Gabrielle’s lips, and Xena could see that she had a smile on her face. "We-ell…" the bard said thoughtfully, "I was going to call it Adventurer Bound, given the name of the tavern and all. But after what’s just happened, I’ve got a better title in mind."


"It’s called, Woman Of My Fantasy, Part I."

Xena raised an eyebrow. "Part I?"

Gabrielle grinned, this time a little more like Xena. "Every good fantasy needs a sequel." Without warning, the bard rolled them over and pinned Xena playfully to the bed. "Wanna wrestle…? I believe it’s your turn next…"


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